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The 11 Best Things To Do In Madison With kids

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Planning a trip to Madison with kids? We assure you that there is no dull moment to spend in this wonderful city in Wisconsin. Read on to know about the best things to do in Madison for an enjoyable family time.

When in Wisconsin, do not miss out on a chance to visit Madison. There are many places in the capital city surrounded by lakes on both sides that can be enjoyed by everyone. You can indulge in outdoor activities, bike over numerous biking trails, dine in at wonderful eateries or plan a picnic on one of many parks of Madison. Below is the list of a few things to do in Madison with kids and have a fun time. No matter the age or interests of your kid, you are going to find something interesting in this city.

Things To Do In Madison With Kids

1. Spend A Day At Henry Vilas Zoo

Henry Vilas Zoo - Things To Do In Madison With Kids
Henry Vilas Zoo – Things To Do In Madison With Kids

No kid in the world doesn’t like animals. They do find them very fascinating. Though they can have their favorite ones like aquatic animals, reptiles, cute mammals or simply dogs. The Henry Vilas Zoo is the perfect place for them to explore and get acquainted with the wild side of the planet. Henry Vilas Zoo is a 28 acre wildlife facility that’s home to more than 650 animals and over 115 species.

Meeting these animals that come from all around the globe, in the most natural setting is one of the best things to do in Madison with kids. There are tigers, rhinoceros, and various types of birds and there is an aquarium as well with fishes and dolphins to interact with.

African Penguins and Lions along with Polar bears and baby Orangutans will melt the heart of your kids. Entry to the zoo is free. All you need to do is to plan a field trip here.

2. Watch A Show At Children’s Theater Of Madison

There are field trips for animal-loving kids and sports-loving kids. But what about the kids who are in love with musicals, stage, theatre, performances, lights, plays and story-telling? If you are planning to visit Madison then you need not worry about it. Children’s Theater of Madison is the perfect place for such interests.

The objective of the theatre is to create vibrant experiences for the kids who are interested in performing arts. You may be visiting Madison for a day or two but an hour performance by the kids of the state can be fondly enjoyed by your kid and yourself.

Exploring all the childhood stories with the creativity of stage production and new musicals would be a phenomenal experience for your children.

3. Let Them Explore At Madison Children’s Museum

An entire museum dedicated to the interests and exploration from the eyes of children. Where else would you find it, unless you are visiting Madison? Madison Children’s Museum is the perfect place for any kid with different interests or for children who are still figuring out their favorite hobbies. A visit to this museum is one of the most fun things to do in Madison with kids.

Unlike any other museums where you can just look at the preserved objects and know about them, it is an interactive place specifically designed to keep children and their interests in mind. It contains exhibits including art, sciences, history, culture, health and civic engagement.

With so many options, there is no way your children can get bored here. Various workshops are organized by the team of the museum. The kids are motivated to create, invent and discover more. You can check their website for more information regarding various events and workshops that are organized here.

4. Get Sporty At The Urban Air Adventure Park

The Urban Air Adventure Park is an indoor adventure park. It is a great place to spend some amazing time with your kids in Madison. This amusement center is known for attractions like indoor skydiving, aerial rope courses, climbing walls, tumble tracks and other exciting gaming zones. The fun activities are guaranteed fun for kids, specially preteens and teens.

5. Visit The Overture Center For The Arts

Visiting Overture Center would be the perfect treat for kids who are involved in performing arts, specifically Ballet. As well as phenomenal performances by the artists on the classics like Pretty Woman in a musical as well as Mean Girls, it is going to be a treat not only for your teenagers but for yourself.

The stage is not the only beautiful thing about this place, there is a gallery beside the theatre which is a perfect place to know more about the art and the artists. You will also find the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art in the same centre. If the performing arts don’t interest your kid, then fine arts can be another way to churn their creative juices on your trip to Madison.

6. Take A Walk At The Historic State Street

What about just a stroll around the neighborhood with the kids? Can that be possible in Madison? Yes, absolutely. There is even a perfect place for the same with the name Historic State Street. You don’t need to worry about the name. But it is as iconic as you can imagine it to be. The street has many shops, on each side. That includes some of the art shops, souvenirs, boutiques and other shops which the kids would love to explore. The street also serves as a great opportunity to spend a wholesome time with your kid.

Considering the scenic view of the street, no matter the season, spending some time at the historic state street would be a fun time to remember.

7. Spend A Fun Time Fishing In The Rivers Of Wisconsin

There is nothing like bonding with your children on a fishing trip. If you are a few of those people who are aware of the art of fishing and pride yourself in catching the biggest fish in the sea, literally, then you need to have this experience with your kids. Madison Flying Fish Co. is the best way to spend some time with your kids. With the help of these services, you can go as deep into the sea as possible and catch a fish or two.

Imagine having a picture on your wall with your kids catching fish or holding the fish that they have caught. These are going to be golden moments for you.

8. Attend A Wisconsin Football Game

Attend A Football Game - Things To Do In Madison With Kids

If your kids love football more than any other sports then there is nothing like the Wisconsin Football game to spend some time at. The game is generally preferred to be watched on television over the weekend. You can plan a game night for your children and the entire family to watch it.

However, attending the game by yourself in the arena with your family has a different ring to it. And that you can do while you are visiting Madison, as your favorite team Badgers is participating in the game.

So, book your tickets, get your faces painted and get to the stadium to have a fun time.

9. Have Homemade Ice Cream At Babcock Hall Dairy Store

Every kid loves ice cream time. They can hate eating their greens but they can never hate the deal that if they finish their greens, they can have their favorite flavor of ice cream. If you have been worried about the added flavors and preservatives in the ice creams, you need not worry anymore because you are going to have the best organic Ice cream experience while you are staying in Madison.

Treat your kids with the organic homemade ice cream at Babcock Hall Dairy Store. The taste is the same and better. Ice creams are not the only tasty things on the menu here. There are cheese and other café items that you can try here. It is run by the Madison Agricultural Department. So, you don’t have to worry about the authentication of the ingredients used. All you need to do is to enjoy this time with your kids.

10. See Plane Sites At The Pat O’ Malley’s Jet Room

Pat O’ Malley Jet Room is a restaurant with a variety of food on its menu and it’s extremely delicious and mouth-watering. What is in it for your kids? The plain site of airplanes landing and taking off through the glass screen.

It could be a fun place for a lunch outing where your kids can simply gasp, squeak and scream at the planes with their favourite food on the table while you too can enjoy your meal.

11. A Pizza Outing At Ian’s Pizza

Everyone craves a pizza one or the other time. And kids love it. If it comes to them, they can have different types of pizzas for all their meals. Because everyone loves cheat days while they are on vacation, you can enjoy a pizza day with your kids at Madison’s Ian’s pizza. As they specialize in the same, it is the tastiest pizza that you are going to find in the entire city. The toppings and sizes of the pizza vary drastically, so you have a lot of options to choose from.

There are many outlets of Ian’s pizza in the city. You can just hop into the nearest outlet and give your taste buds a delicious surprise.

If you were wondering what to do in Madison with kids, hopefully you have got some ideas now. With all these fun things to do in Madison with kids, it will be easy to keep them entertained.

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