25 Top Things To Do In Switzerland – Bucket List

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Get ready to soak in the best of Switzerland. Here are the ultimate bucket list worthy things to do in Switzerland.

Nestled amongst the most gorgeous and picturesque Alps is Switzerland, a country that is like a dream come true for it’s visitors. It’s no secret that Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Packed with amazing landscapes, the country offers adventure spots, leisurely getaways and scenic journeys, making it an ideal travel destination for everyone. Preparing a bucket list of things to do in Switzerland is a fun and great way to explore the best while ticking off the experiences you are having.

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So if you are looking for travel inspiration for your own Switzerland travel bucket list, read on to learn about the must visit places, activities and things to do in Switzerland.

The Great Switzerland Bucket List – 25 Best Things To Do In Switzerland.

1. Visit Jungfraujoch, Top Of Europe

An excursion to Jungfraujoch Top of Europe is most likely on everyone’s Switzerland bucket list. Indeed, this day trip from Interlaken, Lucerne, or Zurich is a big hit, having all the ingredients to make up for a memorable journey.

The ride on the Jungfraubahn is one of the most epic railway journeys you can have in Switzerland. As the train climbs, white glaciers replace the green meadows until you reach Jungfraujoch Top of Europe, the highest train station in the old continent. At an altitude of 3,454 meters (11,332 ft), it can be chilly even in Summer. Therefore, no matter if it’s hot down in the valley, don’t forget to bring warm clothes: a fleece, a thick jacket – better if water and windproof – gloves, and a hat.

Jungfraujoch - Things To Do In Switzerland
Jungfraujoch – Things To Do In Switzerland

A visit to the Sphinx Observation Deck is a must. You’ll get a 360° view of one of the most beautiful sceneries in the Alps from the terrace. The panorama stretches from the valley to the snow-capped peaks and, further away, to the mighty Aletsch glacier. The views are jaw-dropping, and it’s easy to understand why the Jungfrau region is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Back from the Sphinx Observatory, you can visit the Ice Palace and have lunch at the panoramic restaurant. And on the way back, if you fancy it, you can hop off the train and have a short hike. The tour to the Jungfraujoch is pricey, but it’s one of the best things to do in Switzerland.

By Simon Falvo from Wild About Travel

2. Visit The Magnificent Rhine Falls

Visiting the Rhine Falls, the biggest waterfall in Europe, should definitely be on your Switzerland bucket list. The falls is a perfect day trip destination from Zurich, which is only 47 km away. Experiencing the sheer power of water cascading down 23 m across a width of 150 m, is already an exhilarating experience. Standing on a viewing platform so close you can touch the water, or riding in a boat that takes you to a rock in the middle of the falls, adds to the magic of a visit to the Rhine Falls.

With a big and a small castle on either side of the falls, an element of history and culture is added to the nature experience. Visitors can choose to view the falls from the Laufen Castle southern bank, the Schlössli Wörth northern bank, or both.

Rhine Falls - Things to do in Switzerland
Rhine Falls – Things to do in Switzerland

The viewing platforms from where to get up close and personal with the cascading water is on the Laufen Castle side, while the boat rides depart from Schlössli Wörth. The best solution to experience the falls from all angles, is to do the circular hike that takes you to both sides. An entrance fee is charged to Schloss Laufen and the viewing platforms, while the northern bank is free to access.

Reaching the Rhine Falls is easy by car, train, bus, or organized tour. You can book online a tour to Rhine Falls from Zurich here. If you’d like to stay near the falls, the medieval town of Schaffhausen is a good choice.

By Linda from Travel Tyrol

3. Take A Day Trip To Mount Pilatus

One of the best excursions to take from Lucerne in Switzerland is the Golden Round trip to Mt Pilatus. Although Lucerne is surrounded by many beautiful mountains it is Pilatus that dominates the landscape. At 2132 meters high its summit is often shrouded in clouds. Local folklore tells tales of dragons and other mythical creatures inhabiting the mountain.

To visit the mountain catch a boat across the lake to Alpnachstad. The boat trip takes about an hour after which you transfer to a cog railway which will take you up the mountain. The cog railway at Pilatus is the steepest in the world as was built in 1889. The views are magnificent along the way. With some very steep sections this trip is not for those with a fear of heights!

At the top disembark and explore the mountain. There are hikes to take but if you prefer a more relaxing trip I recommend enjoying the views and having a bite to eat in one of the restaurants or cafes. Now to descend the mountain first take the aerial cableway before changing at Frakmuntegg for the gondola to Kriens. From Kriens take the bus back to Lucerne. Phew what a day – one mountain climbed and a total of 5 different types of transportation used!

Mt Pilatus - Things to do in Switzerland

Don’t forget your camera, a jacket (even in summer the mountain can be chilly) and plan to spend the day to complete this trip.

You can book a guided tour in advance that includes all transfers (cable car ride, cogwheel train, cruise) from Lucerne and a meal voucher.

By Tracy from Tracy’s Travel In Time

4. Explore Lucerne’s Old Town and Chapel Bridge

If you’re heading to Switzerland, one of the things that should definitely be on your bucket list is exploring the Old Town of Lucerne. Situated beside the River Reuss, Lucerne’s Old Town is a charming jumble of cobbled streets and medieval squares lined with attractive buildings. Many of the buildings feature oriel windows and brightly painted facades and are home to shops, boutiques and cafes. The Old Town is a fantastic place to purchase Swiss souvenirs or relax at an outdoor cafe.

Spanning the river from the Old Town to the right bank is the most famous sight in Lucerne, the Chapel Bridge. Strolling across the bridge is one of the most popular things to do in Lucerne.

Chapel Bridge Lucerne’s Old Town
Chapel Bridge, Lucerne’s Old Town

Dating back to the 1333, this medieval wooden footbridge is picture-perfect year round but especially so in the summer months when it is lined with flower boxes overflowing with colorful blooms. A fire in 1993 destroyed much of the Chapel Bridge (thankfully it was rebuilt) but you can still view the 17th century pictorial panels under the eaves. Beside the bridge stands an octagonal-roofed tower called the Water Tower. The tower was built around 1300 as part of the city’s fortifications and has been used as a prison, amongst other things. Despite its name, it has never been used to store water!

Have your camera ready when you visit Lucerne’s Old Town so you can reflect on your bucket list visit when you return home.

Click here to book online guided walking tour of Chapel Bridge and Old Town.

By Carolyn of Holidays to Switzerland

5. Eat Swiss Chocolate

One of the best things to do in Switzerland (if not THE best) is to try Swiss chocolate. Switzerland is known worldwide for its amazing chocolate. Even the companies Lindt and Toblerone originated in Switzerland! There are many different places to buy Swiss chocolate, but try to stick to more local options. Steer clear of the chocolate shops that seem touristic, because their chocolate won’t be as good and will often cost a lot more.

One of the best places to try Switzerland’s finest chocolate is Max Chocolatier, which has storefronts in Zurich and Lucerne. This chocolate shop sells wonderful luxury truffles that are absolutely decadent. You’ll never look at chocolate the same way again, guaranteed.

Swiss Chocolate - Things to do in Switzerland
Swiss Chocolate – Things to do in Switzerland

Zurich in particular is also often referred to as Switzerland’s chocolate capital, so what better place to try Swiss chocolate than in the city of Zurich itself? If you’re feeling up for it, you can also opt to take a chocolate-making class and learn how the chocolate masters do it! You could also check out this amazing chocolate tasting tour from excellent chocolatiers in Zurich.

By Krystianna from Volumes & Voyages

6. Hike The Eiger Trail

The Eiger Trail is a UNESCO World Heritage – listed hiking trail nestled at the base of the incredible Swiss Alps, and a must-visit on your Switzerland Bucket List. Visitors to the Eiger Trail will be greeted with incredible views of the lush Grindelwald valley and the snow-capped Jungfraujoch mountain, known as “the Top of Europe”. The trail is 6 kilometres long, and takes 2-3 hours to complete depending on your speed. Since hiking is a must-do activity in Switzerland, the Eiger trail is a great place to start!

Eiger Trail Hike - Things To Do In Switzerland
Eiger Trail Hike – Things To Do In Switzerland

The Eiger Trail hike is of easy difficulty, and can be a fun activity for an active family or beginner adult hikers. The trail runs between two train stations, Alpiglen and Eigergletscher, that are already a good distance into the mountains. While you’re hiking, you’re bound to see plenty of waterfalls and friendly Swiss cows. The highest point of the trail is at Kleine Scheidegg, a scenic train station and tiny resort village that’s the perfect place to find a Swiss souvenir, and to have a rest and lunch break.

By Erika from Erica’s Travelventures

7. Go On A Scenic Ride On Golden Pass Train Line

Switzerland has some of the most scenic train rides in the world and the Golden Pass Train Line is one of the best of them! This line runs between Lucerne and Montreux and brings you face to face with Switzerland’s most scenic sites – all from the comfort of a wonderful train!

The Golden Pass Train Line takes you through several lakes, mountains and cities in a span of about 5 hours. There are 3 distinct sections of this line where trains need to be changed. If you take this line from Lucerne to Montreux (you can do the trip in either direction), the first section is from Lucerne to Interlaken. One of the prettiest sections of this line, this route takes you through the beautiful Swiss countryside and the stunning lakes of Lucerne, Sarnen, Lungern and Brienz.

Golden pass train Switzerland Route
Golden pass train Switzerland Route

The second section is from Interlaken to Zweisemmen and takes you through Lake Thun and several beautiful towns. The third section from Zweisemmen to Montreux is the most spectacular of all as you move into the French-speaking section of Switzerland. Tickets for the 3 sections of this train line can be bought at any of the train stations or on the SBB app. The Swiss Pass or Eurail Pass is also valid across this train line.

By Smita from My Faulty Compass

8. Explore Zurich’s Historic Center, Altstadt

Zurich’s historic Altstadt – or old town – is a gorgeous section of the city with cobblestone streets, charming architecture, and a number of significant religious buildings (most notably the Fraumünster, Grossmünster, and Peterskirche) situated in the center. The Old Town has been incredibly well preserved and the quaint, curb-side cafes allow you to soak up the atmosphere and the views while enjoying a hot coffee and a slice of cake.

One of the best ways to discover Zurich’s historic center for the first time is to take a walking tour (often free or donation-based). This allows you to see the highlights of the area while also learning more about their history and significance.

Zurich Historical Tour - Things To Do In Switzerland

Whether you’re taking a walking tour or exploring the city at your own pace, you’ll want to make sure you visit the Zürich Hauptbahnhof (train station), the chic and exclusive Bahnhofstrasse shopping street, the historic road Augustinergasse, the Augustinerkirche church in Munzplatz, Lindenhof hill and Quailbrucke Bridge where you can view the city as well as the aforementioned churches.

This historic area is also adorned with Christmas market stalls in the winter months so is the perfect place to come to enjoy the festive season and pick up some special gifts and souvenirs.

By Chrysoula from Travel Passionate

9. Hike The Hardergrat Trail in Interlaken

The Hardergrat Trail is a truly incredible ridge-hike, high above the beautiful town of Interlaken in Switzerland. This narrow ridge trail is one of the toughest day-hikes in Europe due to its dangerous narrow ridge, long-distance, and tough incline.

The Hardergrat trail begins near the town of Brienz and follows the ridge parallel to the Brienzersee (Brienz Lake) to Harder Kulm Station. It takes most hikers a minimum of six hours to complete the entire ridge with many parts that are very, very steep drop-offs. This hike is definitely recommended for experienced hikers only and to be avoided on wet days due to the steep cliffs, which can be unforgiving and there have been a number of tragic incidents on this route. The Hardergrat hiking trail has almost 2000m of incline and is 20km in length.

Hike The Hardergrat Trail
Hike The Hardergrat Trail – Things to do in Switzerland

The best way to complete this trail is to catch the train to Brienzergrat from Brienz and then trek the entire route across the narrow ridge to Harder Kulm where you will then take the train down from Harder Kulm Station to Interlaken. The best route is to get the early train (it’s also half price) at Brienz and then work your way to Harder-Kulm Station and make sure you catch the last train down.

Alternatively, if you are a hiking guru, you can hike up to Brienzer Rothorn, all the way along the ridge to Harder Kulm Station and then down to Interlaken for a total of almost 30-kilometers and 3000m+ of incline throughout the day.

By Jackson Groves from Journey Era

10. Take The Gornergrat Train (a mountain rack railway) To The Peak Of The Gornergrat

The Matterhorn is an iconic symbol of Switzerland. The most popular city to visit to view the pointed peak is Zermatt in the Southwest region of the country. Even from this city, though, the Matterhorn is still quite a distance to hike with many mountains in between. The easiest and quickest way to catch more up-close glimpses of the Matterhorn is to take the train to the peak of Gornergrat. The train takes 33 minutes and costs 118 CHF (~126 USD) round trip. It’s possible to take the train one way and hike the other if you have the time and energy for it.


Either way, you will be privileged with incredible views of the surrounding mountainous area as the Matterhorn inches closer. The train itself is very comfortable and has windows that open so your photos and videos can be crystal clear. Once at the top, there are various viewpoints of snow-capped mountain ranges, a glacier, lakes, and, of course, the Matterhorn in a complete 360-degree view. There is also a restaurant and shop for you to take a break after hiking around the area.

The best spot for views of the Matterhorn without having to walk too far is at Riffelsee Lake. The lake makes for great photos when it isn’t too windy, and you can get awesome photos of the Matterhorn reflecting on the water.

Click here to book online a skip the line round-trip train ticket from Zermatt up to Gornergrat.

By Ashley Brown from The Bratpacker Gals

11. Explore Bern, Switzerland’s Capital City

Founded in 1191, the old town of Bern, Switzerland’s capital, is an absolutely stunning town chock full of medieval architecture. Bern is well worth a wander and is easily accessible by train from other parts of Switzerland. As you wander further into the city, you walk deeper and deeper back in history. Explore the botanical gardens, learn the history of the Bern bears, and wait for the famous clock to chime in the city center.

Switzerland’s capital is also an incredible place for photography. From cityscapes to stunning natural wonders, Bern has it all.


Be sure to visit:

  • The Old Town
  • The Einstein Museum and the Historical Museum of Bern
  • Einstein Haus
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Rosengarten
  • Clock Tower

Bern is a city to be wandered by foot. Put on your comfy travel shoes and explore to your heart’s content. You’ll find plenty of places to eat and for all diets, even vegan!

Bern is a great place to walk around at your own pace, or if you prefer organised fun you can book a guided walking tour with a local expert.

By Alysa Tarrant from Voyaging Herbivore

12. Take The Gelmer Funicular Ride In Bern

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Switzerland, you need to add the Gelmerbahn funicular and Gelmersee lake to your itinerary. The Gelmerbahn funicular is located in the Swiss Alps and is one of the steepest funiculars (mountain railways) in the world. The gradient at some points is at 106%!!! Yes- it’s as terrifying and exhilarating as it sounds!

You can ride the funicular up the side of a mountain (literally) to visit the breathtaking Gelmersee lake. The color of the water is as turquoise as it looks. If you take the funicular up, you can then spend the rest of the day hiking back down the mountains or around the lake. There are several route options and the paths are fairly well marked.


There are no facilities or cafe up at Gelmersee Lake, so remember to take food and water with you. Alternatively, take the funicular back down again- and don’t forget to visit the incredible suspension bridge near the ticket office, for one of the best views in Switzerland!

By Kathryn from Wandering Bird

13. Hike The Scenic Five Lakes Trail In Zermatt

Seeing the iconic Matterhorn mountain is a must-do when in Switzerland and some of the best views of it can be enjoyed on the Five Lakes hike in Zermatt.

After taking a funicular, then a gondola up to the trailhead, you will be greeted with stunning views of the Matterhorn across the valley. There are several more incredible vantage points for admiring the mountain on this hike, including seeing it reflected in three of the five small mountain lakes along the trail.

Five Lakes hike in Zermatt
Five Lakes hike in Zermatt

This easy hike is worth taking your time on not only to savour the scenery, but to sample some offerings at the mountain restaurants along the route. If you prefer to bring your own food, the lakes and alpine meadows make photogenic places for a picnic. Even if you only have a short visit to Zermatt, this hike is well worth the time because it showcases some of the town’s most beautiful scenery.

By Rhonda Krause from Travel Yes Please

14. Ride The Delightful Glacier Express

Linking between the alpine resort towns of Zermatt and Saint Moritz is quite possibly Switzerland’s most scenic train route known as the Glacier Express. Dubbed the Slowest Fast Train in the World the Glacier Express is a high-speed train but with the mountainous terrain it travels through the journey takes roughly 7-8 hours to complete. One of the more exciting scenes along the way include the crossing at Landwasser Viaduct, a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, but the entire journey is just ridiculously scenic and, in the winter months, the surroundings are completely blanketed in thick snow. Also, The Glacier Express is included on Interrail/Eurail Passes although advance reservations are necessary for the journey.

Landwasser Viaduct, Glacier Express
Landwasser Viaduct

The best start would be from Zermatt which is found beneath the backdrop of the famous peak of the Matterhorn. And while there is the option to disembark at Chur halfway, much of the better scenes are found on the 2nd half of the route so it’s best to continue through to Saint Moritz. And both these alpine resorts are unforgettable attractions in themselves.

By Allan Wilson from It’s Sometimes Sunny in Bangor

15. Visit Vevey – Charley Chaplin’s Town

They say Switzerland is a heaven on earth. Every town in the country, be it small or big is worth visiting. If you want to avoid the crowded cities and head to a small place for chilling out, Vevey is the answer. Not many people know that the last 25 years of Charlie Chaplin in Switzerland were spent in this little town called Vevey.

Located along the lake Geneve, Vevey oozes charms of Charlie Chaplin. Many of the shops and cafes pay tribute to the legend. There is a chocolate shop which makes chocolates in the shape of his shoes, and conducts workshops. A showroom sells bowler hat, cane, etc while another café has a name he was known for in French, Le Charlot.

Charlie ChaplinVevey

The tree lined promenade along the lake Genève, where Chaplin used to go for evening strolls with his wife, offers mountain views. It has his bronze statue and behind it is the popular Alimentarium Food Museum. There is Chaplin’s World, a must visit, which showcases the personal life and movie life of Chaplin. There are other museums also to visit. You can take a boat tour on the lake or take a funicular to Mont Pèlerin.

By Nisha and Vasu from Lemonicks

16. Go Hot Air Ballooning Over The Alps

The town of Château d’Oex has been called the hot air ballooning capital of the world. If you’ve ever dreamed of gliding over the tops of majestic snow-covered mountains in a basket hanging from a balloon, this is the place to do it. It’s a small town in the canton of Vaud, on the opposite side of Lake Geneva from Geneva itself.

Every year in January, Château d’Oex plays host to the International Hot-Air Balloon Festival, which lasts for nine days. Up to 100 balloon enthusiasts congregate in a field on the edge of the town, fill up their balloons with air heated by propane, and soar up into the skies.

Hot air balloon Château d'Oex

The best time to arrange a flight is obviously during the festival, but if you can’t make it here in January, a company called Ballons Château d’Oex does offer flights throughout the year. Their standard flight takes about one hour and costs SwF 390. Switzerland’s Alpine scenery is always spectacular, but when viewed from above its truly breathtaking, especially in the winter when everything is blanketed in snow.

By Wendy Werneth from The Nomadic Vegan

17. Wander Around Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is the largest body of freshwater, shared by Switzerland and France – where it is known as Lake Léman. Lake Geneva is definitely not the most picturesque lake in Switzerland but it is surrounded by the beautiful Jura mountains in France and from some places, it is possible to see the summit of Mont Blanc in the French Alps. The city of Geneva, on the shores of the lake, is the most convenient place to explore Lake Geneva and it is a city also great for sightseeing, very easy to reach by train from the main Swiss cities and major towns.

geneva lake
Lake Geneva

You may want to come to Lake Geneva for its outdoor and water activities like cycling or hiking around the lake, or boating whilst the most active visitors will prefer kayaking, windsurf, or water skiing. Swimming in the lake is also possible and the best time to do so is between June and September.

By Elisa from France Bucket List

18. Go Paragliding In Lauterbrunnen

Many travelers to Lauterbrunnen snap a picture of the iconic U-shaped valley from the ground and continue on their way, unaware that the best views of the valley come from above. Lauterbrunnen is world-renowned for paragliding, an activity ideal for both adrenaline junkies and timid adventurers alike. Strapped to a harness and an experienced guide, participants simply step off a ledge on the mountainside (it isn’t as scary as it sounds), the wind catches the sail and they’re off gliding through the valley. From this height, participants are treated to a closer, more intimate view of the valley walls, numerous waterfalls that aren’t visible from the ground and it’s a seriously fun time.

Paragliding - Things to do in Switzerland
Paragliding in Lauterbrunnen

Tours typically last 20 minutes and end on the valley floor, a short walk from the cable car that goes back up to mountainside towns like Murren and Gimmelwald. To make a whole afternoon out of it, stay at the Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald and hike to the launch point via the North Face hiking trail. Remember to wear comfortable clothing, don’t bring anything valuable and buy the GoPro footage afterwards!

By Mikaela from Voyageur Tripper

19. Visit The Olympic Museum In Lausanne

In a country blessed with snow topped mountain ranges, verdant hillsides and idyllic lakes of crystal clear water why would there be any reason to spend a few hours enjoying an indoor museum? Perhaps the only reason would be to celebrate the inspirational achievements of the Olympics movement and the thousands of athletes that have been fortunate to compete at the Games over the last century.

The Museum itself boasts a stunning elevated location on the northern shore of Lake Geneva in Ouchy, east of central Lausanne. Excitement grows as you walk through the gardens, past its works of art and statues celebrating sporting success and approach the iconic rings above the entrance.

Olympic museum
Olympic Museum, Lausanne – Things To Do In Switzerland

Access to the museum costs CHF 18 and CHF 10 for adults and children respectively. Starting with the ancient Greeks and the foundation of the modern Games by Pierre de Coubertin the huge number of impressive exhibits include an Olympic flag from 1914 and torches from each Games dating back to Berlin 1936.

From there the Museum turns to stories of individual athletes with emotional multi-media footage and donated sporting attire and equipment helping bring their achievements to life. No matter your country of birth you’ll find your favorite here. Even non sports fans can’t fail to be impressed and enthralled by a visit to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

By Paul from The Two That Do

20. Visit The Charming Ticino In Ascona

Located in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, Ascona is one of Switzerland’s less discovered destinations. This town along the northern shore of Lake Maggiore is a popular destination with travelers from the German-speaking parts of Switzerland who come here to enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate and scenic views.

Ascona sits near the Italian border and it boasts a colorful old town with a prominent clock tower, small stores, and gelato shops along the cobblestone streets. If you come here for the first time, you might think that you have just stepped into Italy. And while Ascona is still not as well-known among foreign travelers as Zermatt, Geneva or Lucerne, there are many reasons why it deserves a spot in your Switzerland itinerary.


Unlike touristy destinations along nearby Lake Lugano, Ascona offers a more tranquil atmosphere and authentic experience while the surrounding scenery here can easily rival that south of the border.

By Daria Bachmann from The Discovery Nut

21. Take a Hike in Grindelwald

If you close your eyes and think about Switzerland, what do you see? The Swiss Alps, right? Well then, you should know that hiking is one of the top things you should do while in Switzerland, and Grindelwald is one of the best places to do it. Trust me, I’ve been living in Switzerland for two years now, and I haven’t found a better place yet. This tiny village is located right next to the Eiger peak, one of the highest peaks in the Bernese Alps. Its siblings, Jungfrau and Mönch also live nearby, so this gingerbread village truly looks like it’s a hiker’s wonderland.

But don’t get discouraged by these massive peaks. You can go hiking in Grindelwald regardless of your fitness level, as there are plenty of trails. You can use this website to choose the perfect hike for your level. And to start dreaming of your amazing vacation!


What you’ll get if you decide to do this? You’ll see the most beautiful and Swiss landscapes you can ever imagine! You’ll see so much green your eyes will hurt, you’ll see Swiss cows that seem like they’re in a chocolate commercial and you can even see what feels like a million waterfalls if you choose your hiking trail to lead you to Zweilütschinen. I’m telling you, it doesn’t get any Swisser than that!

You can book online a leisure day trip to Grindelwald here.

By Cristina from Honest Travel Stories

22. Tour the Gruyeres Village

You simply can’t visit Switzerland without going to Gruyeres. You’ll associate the name of the town with the well known Gruyere Cheese but there is so much more to Gruyere than just the cheese. Do take the interesting self-guided interactive tour of La Maison Du Gruyere to see where and how Gruyere cheese is made. Then walk up the hill to the very picturesque medieval village of Gruyere with its cobblestone streets, cafes, and souvenir shops.

Behind the village and set on the top of the hill overlooking the surrounding farmland is the 13th century Gruyere Castle. Wander through the castle and check out the interesting medieval artifacts, art collections, frescoes, stained glass windows and old fashioned maze garden.

Medieval Gruyere Castle

If you’ve got time take a look through the strange HR Giger Museum showcasing science fiction art. HR Giger had won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for the film “Aliens.” Surprisingly. there is also a small Tibet Museum up by the castle. Enjoy some of the local food specialties like cheese fondue and meringues with the very addictive La Gruyere Double Cream.

By Maureen from So Many Places So Little Time

23. Schilthorn-Piz Gloria Summit

Ascending the summit of Schilthorn-Piz Gloria is an absolute must-do activity for any Switzerland Bucket List. Located near the city of Interlaken, Schilthorn summit is most well known for it’s appearance in James Bond 007 “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” filmed back in 1969, and it still look exactly the same today. Even if you’re not much of a James Bond fan, Schilthorn-Piz Gloria is still well worth a visit.

The summit of Schilthorn-Piz Gloria offers breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of three of Switzerland’s highest peaks: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, along with 200 other summits that make up the Swiss Alps. There are several activities available for the adventurous at heart, or you can simply marvel at the spectacular views.

After admiring the majestic summits of the Swiss Alps, you can choose to wander along one of the many hiking trails, tackle the adventurous Via Ferrata (mountain climbing), or have lunch at the rotating 360°-Restaurant Piz Gloria. You could even pre-book a champagne James Bond Brunch experience (served daily until 14:00 hrs). There is also a James Bond Hall of Fame exhibit. It has a massive cinema that shows action scenes from the popular Bond movie from on top of the summit.


How To Reach Schilthorn Summit : To reach summit of Schilthorn-Piz Gloria (2970 m / 9744 ft), you can catch a bus from Interlaken to the aerial cableway station at Stechelberg. Alternatively, you can also drive to Stechelberg, the roads are generally open year-round. There is plenty of (paid) parking available at Stechelberg.

From Stechelberg, you’ll then take three cable cars: Stechelberg – Gimmelwald – Mürren – Birg – Schilthorn. The aerial cableway departs every 30 minutes and takes approximately 32 minutes to reach the summit. But you will probably want to stop off along the way and admire the beautiful rolling green pastures and the sound of cow bells from the beautiful mountain towns of Gimmelwald or Mürren.

On your way back down, be sure to allow enough time to check out the spine-tingling Skyline Walk and Thrill walk located at Birg cable-way station. The Thrill walk will take you along a 200-metre cliff-side pathway with terrifying cable bridges, while the Skyline Walk allows you to stand on top of a platform with glass floors and sheer drop-offs.

Tickets to reach the summit via cable way cost approximately CHF 108.00 for adults and CHF 54.00 for children. You can book the tickets online here.

By Amanda from Bucket List Seekers

24. Go Paragliding In Verbier

Verbier in Switzerland is best known for its winter sports and activities. However, this beautiful Swiss Alps town has just as much to do in the summer months. The Alps are lush and green throughout most of the summer and filled with happy cows and fresh air.

One of the best ways to experience the swiss alps in the summer is by going paragliding. Paragliding is quite popular in Verbier and easy to access by taking a ski lift up to one of the meeting spots. A tandem flight is the best option for beginners. This involves being strapped to a pilot who will manage the flight.

Verbier Paragliding

The views from the air are jaw dropping. The para gliders are built for comfort with an actual seat which can be accessed during the flight. It is also fitted with a go pro camera so the flight experience in all its glory is captured. And the gentle landing returns visitors to the town of Verbier Switzerland.

By Amanda O’Brien from The Boutique Adventurer

25. Visiting Neuchâtel Lake and City

Lake Neuchâtel is only an hour by train from Geneva in French-Speaking Switzerland, or Romandy. Located at the edge of Switzerland’s green Jura mountains, the area of Neuchâtel offers world-class museums, stunning hiking, and is dotted with picturesque villages. For the active traveler, a series of bike trails allow for biking all the way around the lake. The lake itself is one of the deepest in Europe and is a haven for scuba divers. Pebble beaches dot the lake, with many public beaches available, for those who enjoy swimming or spending a day in the sun.

Lake Neuchâtel

In the city of Neuchâtel itself, you can tour Neuchâtel castle, both the government seat of the Canton of Neuchâtel and an incredible historic castle overlooking the lake. The art museum and natural history museum offer great options for families with kids. A new park along the river, very near the train station, makes for a wonderful stroll by the water. Neuchâtel makes a fabulous day trip from Geneva or a weekend all its own!

By Cate Michelle from Sacred Wanderings

There you have it, the very best things to do in Switzerland! We hope you’ve enjoyed this Switzerland bucket list and come up with some travel inspiration for your trip! If you think we have missed something, let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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