11 Beautiful Small Towns In Wisconsin You Must Visit

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Are you looking for the most beautiful small towns in Wisconsin? We introduce you to the best towns that are charming, quaint and simply worthy of being explored in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is known for its cheese, natural beauty, charming small towns and the thriving big cities. There’s nothing like a fantastic getaway to one of the pretty small towns that have plenty to offer to its visitors. From outdoor recreational activities to authentic cuisines, small towns prove to be perfect escapes from the bustling cities.

Whether you are looking for a quick weekend getaway, a long relaxing holiday or a romantic trip, you will find a small town in Wisconsin that would certainly match up to your expectations. Here are the most beautiful small towns in Wisconsin that are well worthy of your visit.

Beautiful Small Towns In Wisconsin

1. Ephraim

Ephraim - Beautiful small towns in Wisconsin
Ephraim – Beautiful small towns in Wisconsin

One of the best things to do in Door County is to take a trip to Ephraim. Built in 1853 by the Norwegian Moravians, this small town is a center of well preserved heritage and has as many as 30 historic sites to explore.

The most popular and cultural attractions in Ephraim include the Anderson Barn History Center, Pioneer Schoolhouse Museum, Lutheran Church, Ephraim Moravian Church and more historic buildings. An easy access to all these sites is provided by the Ephraim Historical Foundation.

But that’s not all in this historic small town. You can also visit the Peninsula State Park which is one of the finest state parks in Wisconsin. There are many opportunities of enjoyable recreational activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, paddleboarding, nature trekking and more in the Peninsula State Park.

Where to stay in Ephraim : Eagle Harbor Inn

2. Baraboo

Devil’s lake
Devil’s Lake

The beautiful town of Baraboo sits along the Baraboo River in central Wisconsin. Stepping into the town transports visitors into a Normal Rockwell painting, as you stroll down the main street that feels like it’s straight out of the Saturday Evening Post.

While visiting Baraboo one might enjoy exploring nearby Devil’s lake. The lake itself is restricted for non-motorized traffic, but you can take a tour on the first electric-powered pontoon boat. Or, for the more adventurous there’s the Devil’s Lake Climbing guide, offering trips from beginner to expert climber.

For anyone looking for a little more relaxing activities, there is the nearby Fairfield Golf Course. Make sure that you visit the Circus World Museum, located at the former winter home of the famous Ringling Bros Circus. Finally, you can always grab your day pack and enjoy a scenic hike in Devil’s Lake State Park.

In the evening the Wisconsin Opry offers an evening of music and food for all ages. Before the show, they offer hayrides, a petting zoo, lawn games, and more. Once inside you will enjoy the audience participation with the sing-along songs and country music. Other local restaurants to explore include the Log Cabin Restaurant, Pizza Ranch, Baraboo Burger, and Driftless Glen Distillery.

Where To Stay In Baraboo : Best Western Baraboo Inn

By Catalin Geangos Of Travel Trained

3. Fish Creek

Peninsula State Park
Peninsula State Park

Fish Creek is a picturesque town located in Door County, Wisconsin. Its beauty is evident no matter what season you are visiting. From the cherry blossoms in late spring, to its lush green landscape against Lake Michigan in summer, to the vibrant fall colors in October, and even its wintry landscape is a sight to behold.

Fish Creek also has a wonderful selection of quaint family-owned shops, fantastic restaurants, and lovely bed & breakfasts that are all within walking distance of each other. Edgewood Orchard Galleries on the outskirts of town is also worth visiting. The gallery itself is a beautiful barn and is surrounded by an enchanting outdoor sculpture garden.

The highlight of Fish Creek, though, is Peninsula State Park. This stunning park is 3,776 acres and is home to many fun outdoor activities, from hiking to biking to kayaking, golfing, and more. During summer you can camp here, or, for a more luxurious experience, you can rent one of the coolest cabins in Door County, close to Peninsula State Park.

Where To Stay In Fish Creek : Homestead Suites

By Lindsey Puls of Have Clothes, Will Travel

4. Mineral Point

Mineral Point - Beautiful small towns in Wisconsin
Mineral Point – Beautiful small towns in Wisconsin

Located in Iowa County, about 50 miles southwest of Madison, Mineral Point is one of those small towns in Wisconsin that is known for its blend of artsy vibes and historic charm. Throughout the town, you will see historic buildings and limestone houses.

Once a Cornish influenced mining town in the 19th century, Mineral Point attracts visitors for it’s well preserved historic center and the vibrant downtown street that’s lined up with cute galleries, shops, restaurants and cafes. To know about the intriguing history about this charming small town, make a visit to the Mineral Point Railroad Depot Museum and Pendarvis Historic Site.

Make sure to stop at the Red Rooster cafe located in the downtown area. This cafe serves delicious pasties and Figgy Hobbin.

Where to stay in Mineral Point : Commerce Street Brewery Hotel

5. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva shore
Lake Geneva shore

In southeastern Wisconsin, there lies a beautiful resort city of Lake Geneva on Geneva Lake. It is just a short drive from Milwaukee, WI. It is one of the charming destinations that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Lake Geneva is one of the beautiful places to visit in Wisconsin as it offers various adventures, activities, and bright markets for shopping all year-round. Combining water and lake, Lake Geneva is popular for a lot of activities for all. You can also enjoy the outdoor activities and theater with the kids.

Unlike other destinations, Lake Geneva does not ask you to spend a heavy amount to explore. One of the most unique and gorgeous destinations in Lake Geneva is the 26-mile long Lake Geneva Shore Path. It lies right around the lake and offers breathtaking views of the lake and the beautiful homes by the side as well.

Another activity to enjoy includes visiting the Geneva Lake Museum, taking a cruise on the lake and sightseeing, and visiting Big Foot Beach State Park. Also, grab regional food and stay at the best resort. If you wonder where to stay in Lake Geneva, going to Fontana Village Inn would be great.

Where To Stay In Lake Geneva : Fontana Village Inn

By Paulina Of Paulina on the Road

6. Spring Green

Taliesin, Spring Green
Taliesin, Spring Green

Spring Green attracts tourists for mainly its two world famous attractions, Taliesin and The House on the Rock. The Taliesin is Frank Lloyd Wright’s summer home, studio and architecture built over 800 acre estate. It is also known to be one of his most iconic works and is worth seeing.

House on the Rock is one of its kind museum that showcases unusual collections and galleries. Walking through this exhibit is itself an experience that uncovers many exotic and unique variety of items that you must have not seen anywhere else. Located at an elevation of 218 feet in the House on the Rock is the Infinity room which has breathtaking panoramic views of the valley below.

For a close to nature experience, visit the Tower Hill State Park that offer hiking trails, campgrounds, picnic areas and scenic views of the river.

Where to stay in Spring Green : Spring Valley Inn

7. Cedarburg

Cedarburg Park
Cedarburg Park

Just a few miles north from Milwaukee, Cedarburg is one of those quaint suburb towns that you would certainly want to visit. Known for beautiful art galleries, studios, antique stores, museums and wineries, this tiny town is packed with so much to see.

Any time of the year is the best time to visit this town. There is always a merry time in Cedarburg as it is host to many local festivals such as the Strawberry Festival in June, Wine & Harvest Festival in September, Oktoberfest in October, Christmas Festival in December and Winter Festival in February. During these festivals, locals and tourists get many opportunities to enjoy food, music, and culture every weekend in Cedarburg.

If you are looking for a holiday to celebrate the Christmas season, there is no better small town other than Cedarburg that does it the best. Some of the best attractions that you would love visiting in Cedarburg are Cedarburg Covered Bridge, Cedar Creek Winery, Cedarburg Art Museum (a haven for art lovers), Wittenberg Woolen Mill (well reserved ancient wool mill now converted into a restaurant and winery) and the Cedar Creek Settlement.

Where to stay in Cedarburg : Washington House Inn

8. Bayfield

Bayfield Harbor
Bayfield Harbor

Bayfield is definitely one of the most special small towns in Wisconsin. Located on the shores of Lake Superior, Bayfield is a getaway to the scenic Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, a chain of 22 Apostle islands. The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is well known for the best kayaking in the world. Visitors also enjoy boating, cruising and exploring sea caves around the gorgeous Lake Superior.

Take a ferry ride to the largest island of the Apostle Islands, Madeline Island. This island offers many hiking and biking trails for adventure seekers and if you are a history buff, you would love visiting the Madeline Island Museum and the St. Joseph Mission Cemetery.

Pick some blueberries, strawberries and other fresh fruits from local orchards and farms in Bayfield. A Garden Expo and Bayfield Garden Tour is hosted annually in the month of May in downtown Bayfield to celebrate the onset of Spring. Moreover, enjoy the annual events check out Apple Festival held in October or the Annual Race Week Regatta held in July.

Where To Stay In Bayfield : Lucy’s Place

9. Cashton

Cashton - Beautiful small towns in Wisconsin
Cashton – Beautiful small towns in Wisconsin

Cashton is a beautiful small town just two hours north of Madison and only a few minutes from La Crosse this is home to Wisconsin’s largest and most welcoming Amish community. If you have ever wanted to visit the Amish on your travels, Cashton Wisconsin in the place to do it.

The Cashton Wisconsin Amish are a welcoming community with lots of wonderful stores to visit, some even inside Amish homes. The Amish in Wisconsin aren’t nearly as touristy as Amish communities in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, or Northern Indiana – making Cashton a truly relaxing gem! Driving around the area you will pass many buggies. The rolling hillside is picturesque and there are nearby bike trails and multiple small towns.

The best thing to do in Cashton is simply to shop! Most places to stay will have a printed directory of Amish businesses – definitely come hungry for Cinnamon Roles and Pie! Visitors can stay in nearby La Crosse, or at one of a number of Bed and Breakfast establishments.

Where to stay near Cashton : The Charmant Hotel, La Crosse

By Cate Michelle Of Sacred Wanderings

10. New Glarus

New Glarus is a picturesque small town in Wisconsin. Known for having Swiss styled architectures, surroundings and authentic Swiss dining, there’s really no other place like New Glarus in Wisconsin.

Visiting this charming small town would be like visiting a part of Switzerland without leaving the States. The architectures around the town is totally admirable, but apart from that, there is alot to do in New Glarus.

Make sure you visit the Swiss Historical Village that showcases the history of the early Swiss settlers in New Glarus. Try the authentic Swiss cuisine at Glarner Stube and New Glarus Hotel Restaurant. Visit the New Glarus Brewing Company to taste Wisconsin’s finest beers.

For outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hiking or just to relax on some lush greenness make a visit to New Glarus Woods State Park.

Where to stay in New Glarus : Chalet Landhaus

11. Elkhart Lake

Elkhart Lake is that perfect relaxing getaway, especially when you are looking for one of those small towns in Wisconsin that feels like a resort community. For a wellness retreat, book a spa with the Aspira Spa in Osthoff Resort, which is best known for its calming and healing spa services.

If you are looking for outdoor and adventure activities in Elkhart Lake, hike the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and go for kayaking, fishing, paddleboarding or boating on the lake. Enjoy a fun time at the fireman’s park and beach for a Mediterranean like feel near the crystal clear water of Elkhart lake.

To see the panoramic views of the stunning Elkart lake, dine Lola’s on the Lake. A hearty and delicious meal while admiring the beauty of the lake is one of the most memorable things to do in Elkhart Lake.

Where to stay in Elkhart Lake : Osthoff Resort

As you can see there are so many beautiful small towns in Wisconsin that are totally worth visiting. It’s always great to explore your own small towns as you get to taste the authentic cuisines, breathe in some fresh air at the country side, get close to the nature, enjoy relaxing time and have refreshing fun through outdoor recreational activities. There really is something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a fabulous getaway to one of these small towns in Wisconsin.

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