15 Best Orthopedic Shoes For Men – For Ultimate Comfort

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Looking for a great pair of orthopedic shoes for men? You have come to the right place. Here are our favourite picks of orthopedic shoes for men that come in various styles and look trendy too.

An effective way to de-stress or minimize the pain caused due to an underlying foot condition is to wear correct type of orthopedic shoes. These shoes stabilise and aligns the feet while providing protection from any kind of shocking impact on the legs and knees. The most important features in an orthopedic shoes are firm heel counter, wide toe box, well cushioned insoles with arch support and a substantial outsole that provide good traction to prevent you from slipping or falling.

Orthopedic shoes can be worn in general too, even if you are not having any foot condition or have been prescribed one by your doctor. If you have a standing job for long hours or looking forward to traveling, you can get yourselves a good pair of orthopedic shoes to keep your feet happy throughout the time. These shoes have been proven to avoid any kind of long lasting damage that can be caused by wearing regular or poorly fitted shoes for long hours. Plus, its very essential to keep your feet pain free to maintain your overall health.

orthopedic shoes for men

Below is a selection of the best orthopedic shoes for men – which are all approved by medical professionals. They not only provide you amazing support and comfort but look stylish too. Yes, you do not need to compromise on style.

Orthopedic Shoes For Men

1. OrthoComfoot Loafers

These slip-on loafers by OrthoComfoot are easy to put on and look stylish too. They are fantastically designed to give complete support to your feet. The insoles provide comforting arch support, unbeatable cushioning for shock absorption. The cushioned memory foam also eases foot pain and helps in relieving pressure on the heels.

The strategically placed metatarsal pad on the footbed promotes soothing support to the feet. Being super lightweight and versatile, these loafers can be worn on any occasion or outing for long hours.

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2. Orthofeet Sneakers

Orthofeet are renowned globally for being among the best orthopedic shoes that provide fabulous comfort and are very stylish. Superior cushioning, lightweight sole, ergonomic design, added depth, extra toe room and foam padding make it extremely suitable for orthotic needs. These shoes also feature a unique therapeutic design that relieves pain, alleviate stress on the joints, promotes stability and eases walking.

With the exceptional level of comfort you get from these sneakers, you will love pairing them up with different outfits.

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3. Gravity Defyer Running Shoes

Grafity Defyer has a great range of very reliable orthopedic shoes for men. Features like fantastic arch support, rolling forefoot design, ultralight multi density outsole and insole enhances stabilisation and absorbs shock effectively. The design of the shoes protects against mid foot trauma and hyperflexion injuries.

To add more to it, these shoes come with a free pair of podiatrist-grade CorrectiveFit orthotic insoles that is effective in correcting body alignment and helps with plantar fasciitis.

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4. New Balance Training Shoes

You can never go wrong with a pair of shoes from New Balance. Designed as a blend of supportive technology and athletic style, these training shoes help in maintaining stability of the foot on each and every step. The cushioning EVA foamed insole provides fantastic comfort and shock absorption. These stylish and sturdy shoes boasts resilient outsoles that stand up to regular wear and tear.

The New Balance shoes come in sizes comprising of different widths, regular, wide and extra wide, from which you can conveniently choose your perfect fit.

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5. Vionic Boots

When the weather cools down or while you are planning a winter getaway, you look forward to putting on a pair of great looking boots. Vionic brings together style and comfort with these good looking boots. Features like excellent arch support, low sturdy heals and a roomy toe box, allow your feet to be free from any stress or pain for long hours.

These boots have also attained APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance. You will find them to be the most comfortable and supportive boots.

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6. Vionic Sneakers

The lightweight and airy Vionic sneakers are your answer for a trendy style that is great for summers or late spring. These come with podiatrist-designed footbed, that provides your feet with ultimate level of comfort and support. You can put them on for any occasion, casual outing or trip. The durable rubber outsole gives great traction with the tread pattern.

Having attained the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance, these sneakers are worthy of all the praises.

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7. Vionic Walking Shoes

Endlessly stylish and extremely comfortable, these walking shoes are not only smart looking. They are innovatively designed biomechanically to deliver three zone comfort. A superior forefoot cushioning, deep heel cup and impressive arch support midsole enhance stability while allowing the shoes to fit in your foot’s natural curves smoothly.

These are the best orthopedic shoes for men that can be worn on any occasion. You can use them as a pair of terrific everyday shoes or pack them for an upcoming trip. You do not need to stress more about your foot’s discomfort with these shoes. They come in many different colors and styles too.

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8. Vionic Boat Shoes

Vionic is a highly recommended brand by podiatrists. The boat shoes are definitely our favourite pick from the range of orthopedic shoes for men by Vionic. They look stylish, are highly comfortable and feel downright luxurious. The podiatrist-designed footbed ensure maximum support and stability throughout the time you wear them.

Vionic shoes have also attained APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance.

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9. Denacare Shoes

To provide maximum comfort to swollen feet, Denacare shoes come with characteristics like wide width and extra depth for soothing space for the feet. The adjustable hook and loop fastener makes it easier to put them on and adjust accordingly. The inner material of the shoes are stretchable, lightweight and breathable.

The firm heel counter gives extra support and stability for more efficient walking. The EVA molded midsole and cushioning makes these shoes shock proof, skid free and highly durable.

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10. Orthofeet Formal Shoes

These formal shoes from Orthofeet look trendy and elegant. Boasting the signature therapeutic design, the shoes provide all day feet protection and ticks all necessary features for a perfect pair of orthopedic shoes for men. These features include superior cushioning, great arch support, lightweight sole, good width and roomy toe box.

You get guaranteed comfort in these really good looking shoes. The 100% money back guarantee which allows you a 60 day wear test, comes from Orthofeet itself.

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11. Orthofeet Sandals

If you are looking for a cool pair of sandals that fits the bill for the most comforting orthopedic shoes, you should definitely check out the sandals from Orthofeet. They are downright relaxing and feel pain relieving on foot. With multilayer cushioning, anatomical arch support, contoured heel seat and anti odour material, these sandals feel no less than luxury when you wear them.

You can easily wear them all day for outdoor activities or long walks. Walking in these sandals is a very pleasurable experience.

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12. Megnya Orthopedic Flip Flops

For a great summer look on beach trips, pool parties or outdoor walks, you should certainly have a sturdy and supportive flip flops that gets you going, while keeping your feet on rest. The Megnya orthopedic flip flops are a popular choice for many. They are suitable for any kind of foot or leg issues.

The biomechanically designed footbed embraces your arches and supports your feet for the entire time you wear them. The outsole is made of high quality rubber that make the flip flops shock absorbing.

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13. Vionic Kiwi Slide Sandal

If you are looking for a highly comfortable sandal, the Vionic Slide Sandal will perfectly fit your bill. These come with specially designed Eva footbed and Three-Zone Comfort system that effortlessly stabilizes and align your feet. The hook and loop closure allow you to adjust them for versatile fitting. The rubber outsole provides traction keeps it skid free while walking.

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14. Walk-Hero Slippers

Perfect for amazing all day foot care and comfort, these slippers from Walk-Hero can be worn for long walks, outdoor hustle or as relaxing house slippers. The biomechanically designed footbed provide contoured arch support and deep heal cup that aligns the feet to ease any foot pain or stress. These slippers not only look good but they embrace the archs of your feet naturally to give you maximum comfort.

The high quality rubber outsole provides excellent traction and anti slip protection. Walk-Hero slippers come with 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is an easy return policy, in case you are not satisfied.

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15. Orthofeet Leather Slippers

Orthofeet’s signature support guarantees will be the comfiest slippers you have ever had. These pair of slippers are specially designed with innovative pain relief technology. The heel cushioning, soft padded interior, wide toe box and incredible arch support deliver ultimate comfort to your feet. Plus the adjustable strap make it easier for you to secure your foot for a perfect fit.

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We are sure you have made your choice out of these great looking orthopedic shoes for men. Whichever suits you the best, one thing we do guarantee you is the all day comfort you get after putting them on.

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