17 Best Gift Ideas for Men Who Love To Travel

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Finding a perfect gift for men who travel a lot can be a really difficult task. You will have to get something for them that is of use when they are on the move or is really compact and easy for them to carry. To help you decide a perfect gift, I have been able to curate an ultimate list of gift ideas for men who love to travel that would prove to be very useful to them and would definitely make them more cheery.

Best Gift Ideas For Men Who Love To Travel

1. Bagsmart Cable Organizer Case

A good cable organizer case saves your cables cords, earphones and other wiring stuff from getting entangled. You can also pack memory cards, hard drives and other electronic accessories into the organizer. The Bagsmart Cable Organizer case ensures that your cable cords and electronics are securely packed. It is made of water repellent nylon, keeping all your electronic stuff safe from water spills or a rainy weather.

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2. Passport Holder

A passport holder personalized with the travelers name, color and charm of your choice would be a great idea for an ideal gift. Owning a personalized passport holder is an amazing feeling and does make a difference while you travel. You don’t have to go through your entire bags each time for finding your travel documents.

You can carry your passport, cards, travel documents and few currency notes in the passport holder. This ensures that you get a quick access to all these essential things when needed. I would suggest you to have that small airplane charm on the personalized passport holder. It’s a perfect charm for a traveler.

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3. Anker PowerCore Power Bank

You really need to keep your cellphone batteries charged while you are traveling. Cellphones play a major role in keeping us connected to the world and also help us creating beautiful memories. The Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank offers high speed charging and is a very reliable battery charger. It’s narrow and slim design makes it easily portable.

With a fully charged Anker PowerCore power bank you would be able to charge your iphones or android phones for almost five times to six times.

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4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

A Noise Cancelling Headphone is really handy when you are on a long haul flights. It saves you from all the extra noise while you are reading or just want to take a relaxing nap. Bose QuietComfort 35 serve the best practice of noise cancellation.

You can adjust the level of noise cancellation between three settings using the Action switch or Bose Connect App. They are highly comfortable and they don’t make your ears irritated or itchy after using them for long hours.

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5. Travel Journal

A travel journal is a really fun gift for travelers. It makes exploring a city or the place you are traveling to more enjoyable. One of my favorite travel journals is this unique world scratch map travel journal. This journal contains scratch maps, pages to document travel memories and compartments to store tickets, boarding passes and other necessary travel papers.

This essential travel accessory also comes handy in recording, planning and writing about the worldly adventures to help you make the most out of your trip. You can also keep a record of things you did, restaurants you had food at, landmarks you visited and other fun stuff.

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6. Traveler Key Chain

Trade in your old school friendship bracelets for these adorable key chains by VagaBond that will be an interesting addition to his collection of travel memories. Get travel rings engraved with the names of the countries he has already visited or look forward to visiting, add it on to the key chain, and there you go with a unique gift for him that he will love.

He would love carrying it on his journeys too. These personalized traveler key chains are a perfect way of expressing your endearments for your loved one.

Vagabond Traveler Keychain - best gift ideas for men
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7. Aeris Travel Pillow Set

A good travel pillow is an essential to help you sleep better while you are traveling. If you have a good sleep during your journeys only then you will enjoy your destination in a better way.

Travel pillows are all about providing comfort to your neck and shoulder while you are taking a nap on your seat. Aeris Travel Pillow Set comes with a very comfortable neck pillow, earplugs, sleep mask and a carry bag. The neck pillow gets easily compressed which makes it easier to be carried along.

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8. Scratch Off World Map Wall Poster

A scratch off world map wall poster is a creative way of recording places you have visited. Imagine when you come back home after traveling and get to scratch off the destination you have visited too, this might be a really rejoicing moment. It’s also a beautiful wall decoration and for travel lovers this is a great way to discover new destinations.

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9. Travel Money Belt

Carrying money, passport and cards in a travel money belt is the best way to protect your hard earned money and essentials while traveling. The travel money belt from Peak Gear is slim, comfortable, lightweight and easy to conceal under your clothes. It’s multi pocket zippered system ensures that all your essentials are packed in an organized manner. This belt also comes with a theft insurance policy and recovery service for stolen items. The travel belt is water resistant so you won’t need to worry if you are caught between rains.

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10. Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

An ideal backpack is the most basic and essential gear that a traveler needs. Osprey Farpoint 40 is highly durable, spacious and a light weight backpack. The shoulder straps are very well padded and the backpack feels light and easy to carry even if it’s fully filled up. The front loading feature of this backpack makes packing or finding things when needed from the backpack uncomplicated. It also has a laptop compartment which is a plus for those who manage work while they travel.

This backpack comes with an All Mighty Guarantee, where Osprey ensures you to get any issues with your backpack fixed or replace any of their products no matter when you purchased it (1974 or yesterday).

*Size : This backpack comes in 2 sizes S/M and M/L. S/M is for people under 5’6″ while M/L is for people above 5’6″

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11. Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura is a book for every person who loves to travel. It takes you to the places that are less traveled and majorly off beaten destinations. You will be inspired to travel to amazing off beaten destinations and even get to know more about little known facts behind many places. It encourages to explore places rather than traveling just to tick off popular spots.

After reading this book, you will be left with amusement that there is so much to see in the world. Travelers you gift it to will find this book highly encouraging and they might probably plan their next travel destination based on it.

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12. Joto Waterproof Cellphone Case

My cellphone once fell into a swimming pool when I was on a trip. I felt really lost as I didn’t know where to get it repaired from. Had to go days without it and was only connected to my family through my tablet. Since then, I have been very careful with my cellphone and make sure that I put it in a waterproof cellphone case. I got the Joto waterproof cellphone case and would highly recommend it.

The best thing about it is you can use your cellphone underwater too since the cover of the case is touch screen friendly. You can also carry some cash or credit cards in this cellphone case. It is priced at just about $5 in Amazon, which is really light on pocket too!

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13. Hammock

Hammocks are very comforting for travelers who love camping, going on picnics or visiting islands. This Hammock from Wise Owl Outfitters is really easy to set up, spacious, durable and very relaxing too. It even fits two people. It’s really light weight and easy to pack. Hammocks are really loved by travelers who seek comfort and this one is perfect in that aspect.

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14. DJI Spark Drone

Drones have enabled travelers to capture images with wonderful perspectives. I highly recommend the DJI Spark Drone which is an extremely portable and efficient drone. This mini drone captures good quality pictures and videos. It makes a great gift for a traveler new to drone flying. It’s small size and amazing quality is what makes it a must have drone for travels.

Note:  If you are looking for a high and professional quality of captures you should go for DJI Mavic Pro.

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15. GoPro Hero7

GoPro Hero7 digital action camera is a gear which is on every traveler’s wish list. It’s probably the best camera for capturing adventurous activities with high resolution quality.

The waterproof feature of GoPro Hero7 makes it even more perfect for getting stunning shots underwater or on any adventure water sport. It also has a voice control feature where you can send voice commands like, “GoPro take a picture” or “GoPro start recording”.

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16. Anker Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to music is a good way of rewinding or relaxing while you are on a trip. Whether you are in your hotel room, hostel room or sunbathing on a beach; you can just put on some music on a mini portable bluetooth speaker.

You may also think of watching a movie or catching up on a webseries and are not in the mood of putting headphones on. A mini portable bluetooth speaker can come handy then too.

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17. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Clean drinking water is not easily accessible everywhere. There may be times when you may have to drink water from taps or any other fresh sources. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle comes to use at such places. You just need to feel it with water and rest assured you would be sipping safe and clean water.

The filter inside the bottle removes bacteria and viruses from the water. It’s a light weight, refillable and easy to use filter bottle. It’s definitely a must have for campers, trekkers and travelers.

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I am sure you will be able to find the perfect gifts for the lovely people in your life from from this list of best gift ideas for men. If you have any queries or suggestions you can share it in the comment box below. I would be happy to assist you!

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