10 Top Things To Do In Mauston, Wisconsin

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Discover the best things to do in Mauston, Wisconsin

The US consists of so many states that even a US citizen may not visit even 25% of these states during his life. There are so many states and regions in the US that need to be addressed due to being less populated and lesser known to most citizens. Mauston, Wisconsin, is such an area that is often underestimated. However, the region has so many interesting places to see, and things to do that are worth visiting.

If you are traveling to this area and need inspiration on things to do in Mauston, Wisconsin, here is a guide.

About Mauston, Wisconsin

Mauston is a city in Wisconsin with a population of about 4500. The city is approximately 70 miles northwest of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. Mauston was once known as “Maugh Town,” named after its founder, Milton M. Maughs. The history of the old town is well-preserved in the Boorman House, which is located down Union Street. It is a beautiful city with stunning landscapes and natural resources like the Wisconsin River, Decorah Lake, and Lemonweir River. 

Surrounded by nature, you’ll have endless outdoor activities and abundant wildlife to experience. The region is also rich in agriculture, with apple orchards, cranberry bogs, and dairy farms.

Things To Do In Mauston, Wisconsin

Here are a few of the best places to visit and activities in Mauston, Wisconsin.

1. Cast A Line At Decorah Lake

Decorah Lake - Things To Do In Mauston
Decorah Lake – Things To Do In Mauston

Decorah Lake is the perfect place to be, whether traveling solo or with your family. It’s the ideal way to relax while taking a stroll by the lake, fishing, or simply savoring the beauty of the surroundings. It is one of the area’s smaller lakes, spanning 314 acres and 15 feet deep. A public boat landing provides access to Decorah Lake and a public park within 1000 feet of the water.

The surrounding area is vital for protecting the region’s rich biodiversity, as it is a habitat for various flora and fauna. Decorah Lake is a popular spot to catch a variety of fish, as it is home to northern pike, largemouth bass, walleye, and panfish.

2. Go Camping At Juneau County Castle Rock Park

Juneau County Castle Rock Park is in a picturesque woodland area near Castle Rock Lake in Mauston. Castle Rock Lake spans a wide area of 16,000 acres. The park spans 160 acres and features 330 camping sites, with 200 having electrical hookups. Any type of camping unit is welcome at Juneau County Castle Rock Park. Every campsite has a fire ring and picnic table. The park offers various activities, including swimming, boating, canoeing, fishing, and water skiing. 

Additional facilities are available for those who want a relaxing and comfortable time at Juneau County Castle Rock Park.

3. Ride A Pony At Red Ridge Ranch Riding Stable

Red Ridge Ranch Riding Stable - Things To Do In Mauston
Red Ridge Ranch Riding Stable – Things To Do In Mauston

The Red Ridge Ranch Riding Stable offers a 1-hour trail ride covering 250 acres of stunning woodlands, green pastures, and effortlessly flowing rivers. The riding stable is open to anyone, whether a beginner or an advanced rider. The ranch riding stable is open 365 days and located approximately 3.5 miles east of central Mauston. The stable takes pride in bringing forward healthy and well-trained horses capable of providing a safe ride for the entire family.

It offers a variety of related activities, including pony rides, guided trail rides, sleigh and wagon rides, and camping adventures.

4. Visit The Boorman House

The Boorman House is a Victorian-style mansion believed to have been built in 1876. It is situated on North Union Street and has a collection of artifacts, research materials, and other significant documents. The mansion was built by an England native, Benjamin Boorman. Boorman built it for himself and his first wife, Elizabeth Boorman. Today, the place houses the headquarters of the Juneau County Historical Society, which was formed in 1963. This old mansion features a grand staircase, a drawing room, and a widow’s roof walk. 

The ownership of the mansion went from one to another ever since the passing away of Benjamin Boorman. Finally, in 1987, the Juneau County Historical Society acquired it from Edward W. Pierce and transformed the building into a historical museum.

5. Shop For Cheese At The Carr Valley Cheese Retail Store

Shopping for cheese at Carr Valley Cheese has been a tradition for over a hundred years. Founded in 1902, the Cook family owns the famous cheese retail store. The store sells a wide range of premium handmade aged cheddars. It specializes in cheese production and has won many awards for its high-quality cheese products.

Located in central Wisconsin, Carr Valley Cheese is renowned as the state’s traditional cheese factory that makes cheese in the old-fashioned way. The factory produces over 50 varieties of cheese made using milk from cows, sheep, and goats. It has eight retail stores in the state, of which two are in Mauston.

6. Enjoy Sports At The Woodside Sports Complex

The Woodside Sports Complex is among the Midwest region’s best multi-sports and largest all-turf facilities. Three facilities in Wisconsin offer a variety of turf fields and sporting facilities. These are the Mauston Sports Complex in Mauston, Dells Dome, and Dells Sports Complex in Wisconsin Dells.

The Woodside Sports Complex was opened in 2013 and spans a wide area of 245 acres. It has eight synthetic turf baseball and softball fields and a full concession location. The Old Towne Hotel is located nearby, making it the perfect place to stay if you are an athlete or traveling with a team. The sports arena also hosts various sporting tournaments, clinics, camps, and other activities for different age groups.

7. Enjoy Leisure Time At Riverside Park

A walk in Riverside Park along Lake Decora is the perfect way to relax in the morning or afternoon. The 3.5-acre park close to the Mauston City Hall offers a large area of green spaces, picnic spots, and benches to rest on. It offers three locations for shelter; one near the playground, the other in the middle, and another near the boat launch area. Visitors can have a great time going on a boat ride or fishing directly from the fishing pier.

8. Go Kayaking Along The Lemonweir River

The Lemonweir River, a Wisconsin River tributary, is a paradise for water enthusiasts. A paddle along the Lemonweir River is a must-try for those who love water adventures. The river starts in Monroe County and flows through New Lisbon and Mauston before finally flowing into the Wisconsin River. Riverside Park has public parking, restrooms, and a boar landing for river access.

9. Go On A Tubing Excursion With Sandy Shores Tubing

Going on a tubing excursion is the best way to enjoy the tranquil waters, sandy shores, and stunning scenery of the area. Tube excursion packages are inclusive of professional tubes and tube ties. US Coast Guard-approved life jackets and free shuttle service. The 3-mile self-guided float lasts between 2 to 3 hours or even more, based on how much time you spend. Be prepared to catch a glimpse of the Highway 82 Bridge with picturesque views of the Cliff House Rock.

10. Hike A Trail At Mile Bluff/Kiwanis Park

Mile Bluff/Kiwanis Park has ample space and offers a golf course, hiking trails, and a sledding hill in the winter season. The 20.5-acre park is located in the southern part of the Hess Memorial Hospital, surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The park has many activities and rides for children, including swings, a basketball hoop, picnic tables, and grills. It is an uphill climb, but it is worth the effort due to the stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Ensure you are well-equipped with the right hiking gear, especially a flashlight and spare batteries. Outlighter reviews the best flashlights for all kinds of adventure.

Other Things To Do In Mauston, Wisconsin

Here are a few other things to do in Mauston, Wisconsin.

  • Experience the countryside at the Old Century Farmhouse
  • Play airsports at Action Sports Wisconsin
  • Go to the annual Juneau County Fair
  • Witness the beauty of artworks at Oh! Arts
  • Become a volunteer at the Outdoors Forever Club

Mauston, Wisconsin, is often underrated. However, there are so many interesting places to visit and exciting things to do in this part of Wisconsin. The region is renowned for its beautiful landscapes and lush greenery. Pristine lakes and lush green parks are only a few attractions in Mauston, Wisconsin. Mauston is an area anyone can enjoy visiting, whether alone or with family or friends. It should be given more prominence in Wisconsin as it has many unique places and tourist attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Top Things To Do In Mauston, Wisconsin?

Kayaking, fishing, pony riding, boat riding, hiking, and going on tube excursions are some of the top things to do in Mauston, Wisconsin.

What Are The Best Places To Visit With Kids In Mauston, Wisconsin?

The best places to visit with kids in Mauston, Wisconsin, are Decorah Lake, Red Ridge Ranch Riding Stable, Sandy Shores Tubing, Children’s Museum of La Crosse, and Noah’s Ark Waterpark.

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