15 Best Orthopedic Shoes For Women – Comfortable & Supportive

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Looking for a comfortable pair of orthopedic shoes for women? You have come to the right place. Here’s an ultimate guide to the best orthopedic shoes for women that look good and feel easy on feet.

Orthopedic shoes are designed to provide maximum support to leg, foot and ankle. An ideal pair of orthopedic shoes usually has feet-healthy features such as firm sole for support, well cushioned shock absorbing soles, extra toe space, a firm heel and arch support. These shoes are specially designed for people having foot issues or conditions, They can also be worn as a preventive measure by others. If you know that you will be on your feet for longer hours, for travel or work, if possible you should consider wearing orthopedic shoes.

Its often said that, these shoes do not look good and are not suitable to be worn on occasions. This is not true in todays time. Orthopedic shoes come in good designs and styles too. Wearing comfortable orthopedic shoes can prevent any kind of long lasting damage that can be caused by wearing heels and tight shoes. Plus, its a key to maintaining good overall health.

orthopedic shoes for women

Below are the best orthopedic shoes for women that offer all day support and comfort.

Orthopedic Shoes For Women

1. Gravity Defyer Shoes

If you are looking for pain relieving shoes, you should go for these ones from Gravity Defyer. Made from proven and effective VersoShock pain relief technology, these shoes provide utmost pain relieving support to ankles, knees, feet and back. For diabetic neuropathy and sensitive feet, the seamless interior beneficially prevents irritation. Proper cushioning also makes it shock absorbing.

These shoes also have removable insoles and toe box with extra depth to accommodate your foot well. The shoe comes in standard, wide and extra wide sizes, so you can choose the right space for your feet.

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2. Walk-Hero Mule Sneakers

If you are looking for mule sneakers that look trendy and provide amazing foot comfort, the walk-hero mule sneakers would be a perfect choice for you. The shoes are designed with biomechanically contoured arch support and deep heel cup that embraces the arches of your feet naturally, providing you maximum comfort. The deep heel cup makes it suitable for people having plantar fasciitis.

The non slip insoles and cushioning stabilises your feet, offers traction and absorbs any shock impact while walking. The insoles can be conveniently removed when needed. The forefoot cushioning reduces foot pressure and relaxes the toes. These shoes are perfect for long walks, travels, shopping sprees and long time standing work. Walk-hero mule sneakers come with 100% satisfaction guarantee, a money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with it.

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3. New Balance Running Shoes

Designed with New Balance’s signature fresh foam cushioning technique, these shoes come with ultra heel for backfoot comfort design and Ortholite sockliner for underfoot comfort. The shoe provides proper stretch and support in strategic areas of the foot, which reduces shock that is transferred to the leg and body.

They are also breathable and lightweight, that keeps foot fresh and dry. They allow plenty of freedom of movement with mesh in front of the shoe. The shoes come in sizes comprising for different width, regular, narrow, wide and extra wide, from which you can conveniently choose a suitable pair for yourself.

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4. Git-Up Ergonomic Shoes

These shoes from Git-Up are made specially for those who stay on feet for longer hours during work. With proper cushioned insoles, air cushioned outsole to absorb shock, comforting arch support, wide round toe room and adjustable straps, these shoes provide breathable support for longer hours.

These are the best orthopedic shoes for women who work for long hours, walking or standing. They maybe nurses, caretakers, retail workers, supermarket workers, front desk support and others.

These high quality durable shoes come with 100% satisfaction guarantee for convenient exchange or return if you do not find them suitable for you.

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5. Meghnya Sandals

These casual slide in sandals offer both comfort and style. The lightweight and flexible EVA midsole reduces stress on feet, ankles and knees while walking. The sandals have a contoured cushiony footbed with lots of arch support. It naturally cradles the curves of your feet. These are simply one of the most sober orthopedic shoes for women.

The design of these slide sandals never goes out of fashion and is perfect for any occasions or long walks.

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6. STQ Loafers

These ultra lightweight loafers aims in providing comfortable and pleasant walking all day long. They also have a good stretch and wide round toe area to give your feet excellent freedom and comfort. This allows them to easily accommodate wider feet or bunions.

The high quality rubber outsole offers traction and grip that makes it shock resistant. The arch support is plenty and the platform helps relief pressure on the heels. These loafers are perfect for long time standing work, athletic activities, workouts, traveling and casual outings.

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7. Vionic Sandals

Certified with American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal. Vionic has a range of sandals that are specially designed for providing utmost protection, care and comfort to feet. These sandals are stylish too. The supportive design of the sandals have three-zone comfort with plenty of arch support for a difference you can feel.

The microfiber-covered EVA footbed is shock absorbing and reduces pain on feet, ankles and knees. The durable rubber outsole provides traction on a variety of surfaces while walking. These pretty sandals come in regular and wide sizes.

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8. Everhealth Sandals

The adjustable straps on these sandals help to keep your foot in place and promotes proper foot alignment. The EVA footbed is designed to have fantastic arch support and foot pressure distribution. The outer sole is made of rubber that makes it skid free and provides traction while walking.

These podiatrist recommended sandals are effective in helping treat heel pain and multiple foot problems. They are perfect choice for long walks, travel and any non closed toe activities.

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9. Viakix Women Hiking Sandals

Explore any adventurous trail with these hiking sandals that gives maximum support and comfort that you would need. These sandals are perfect for walking or climbing through hike trails. Well equipped with cushioned EVA foam midsoles, and lightweight outsoles, they offer safety, comfort and abundant arch support for your feet.

These stylish sandals are water resistant and can be worn during beach or water activities too. The straps are adjustable to fit the feet with ease. Also, the superior heels holds the feet in place. These sandals come with a satisfaction guarantee, which means, if you do not find them suitable for you, they can be returned without any hassle.

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10. Vionic Rest Skylar Sandals

The adjustable straps on these sandals ensure that your foot is in place. They are easy to put on, look trendy and hugs the curves of your feet naturally. The EVA footbed is contoured and has arch support.

Walk in style with pain free and stress free feet in these sandals. They are also certified with American Podiatric Medical Association Seal. The appearance of the sandals comes in four different designs which can go with any casual wear.

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11. Everhealth Flip Flops

These podiatrists recommended classic flip flops guarantee proper foot alignment, comfortable arch support, while being effective in helping to treat heel pain or any foot problems. You will be glad to wear these flip flops because they are lightweight and durable. The straps are water resistant with ultrasoft quick drying lining, so you can go from the beach to the street sides with comfort.

The flip flops come with EVA midsole and plenty of arch support on the footbed, which ensures good foot care while walking. These flip flops by Everhealth are an ideal choice for long walks, sightseeings, travel and everyday wear.

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12. Git-Up House Slippers

For the perfect house slippers that have cushioned memory foam that snuggles your feet for a custom fit and has durable rubber sole with anti-skid texture at the bottom, you can never go wrong with Git-Up house slippers. With flexible hook and loop design, you can easily adjust it to the width of your feet.

These are perfect for extra comfort and care of your feet at home. They also come with 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is a money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with them.

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13. Clarks Breeze Sea Flip Flop

Walk with grace in these flip flops in amazing comfort. These ultra light flip flops have features like EVA midsole for supreme shock absorption and unbeatable cushioning that makes you feel like you are walking on air. The adjustable straps allow you to custom fit in your feet into the flip flops.

The flip flops also keep your foot pain free with extreme support and care. They also come in a variety of colours that are sure to brighten up any look.

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14. Vionic Ankle Strap Boots

To make a great fashion statement with comfort, check out these stylish ankle strap booties from Vionic. Certified with American Podiatric Medical Association Seal, these are the perfect booties that practically go with everything and enhances your overall appearance.

The podiatrist-designed footbed has lots of arch support and foot support that helps relieve pressure from the heels, so you can walk and stand in comfort all day long, even while wearing heels.

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15. Vionic Knee High Boots

These comfortable pair of high heeled boots has biomechanical orthotic footbed that accommodate your feet with alleviation. It also helps relieve pressure under the arch and heel. The durable rubber outsole ensures that the boots are skid free. The easy-to-pull-on silhouette, and a durable rubber outsole boasts the versatility of the boots.

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We are sure you would have found the perfect pair of orthopedic shoes for women, that is suitable for you. If you have any suggestions or questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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