10 Top Things To Do In Bimini, Bahamas

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Located at just 50 miles from the Miami beach, Bimini is an ideal holiday destination for those seeking a quick tropical getaway on a Caribbean island. Take a look at some of the unmissable and most enjoyable things to do in Bimini, Bahamas.

Bimini is a chain of islands that are the closest Bahamian islands to the United States. Featuring white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters, stunning sea shores, cool nightlife, casinos, delicious food, a significant history and fun adventure sports, Bimini has something for everyone.

Bimini is also famously known for being an inspirational respite for personalities including Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Buffet and Martin Luther King Jr. If you have ever wondered about the existence of the lost city of Atlantis or the Fountain of Youth, Bimini islands is the place where you can actually come close to these mysteries.

Things To Do In Bimini, Bahamas

Bimini comprises of three main islands – North Bimini, South Bimini and East Bimini. North Bimini is a lively island with busy beaches and tourist attractions while South Bimini has quieter and laid back vibes. East Bimini has not much to offer, so you would be probably staying in North Bimini or South Bimini. Here are the best things to do in Bimini that you shouldn’t be missing out during your stay.

Things To Do In Bimini

1. Visit The Dolphin House

The charming Dolphin House is a unique artistic structure built by a local historian Ashley Saunders. A fondness for dolphins which he developed after swimming with them inspired him to create a house from recycled seashore materials. It’s even more intriguing to see the entire structure and to know that he has been working on it since 1993. The walls of the house is decorated with seashells, conch shells, dolphin mosaics, sea glass, corals, bottle scraps, coins and many more recyclable sea scraps.

The Dolphin House is a wonderful and distinct structure of art. You just cannot miss visiting it. Ashley Saunders also takes you on a tour of the house telling engaging historic tales on Bimini. There’s also a gift shop in the Dolphin House from where you can get yourselves a memorable souvenir.

Click here to book your tickets for the tour of the Dolphin House. This tour is also inclusive of a snorkel adventure along the fascinating Bimini Road.

2. See The Fountain Of Youth

There is a popular legend that is narrative about the existence of the Fountain of Youth in Bimini. The water of the fountain is said to have magical powers that restores youth in a person who drinks it or bathes in it. This tale dates back to about a thousand years ago and in present times the locals refer to a well as the Fountain of Youth. It is surrounded by lush greenery.

The fabled well was carved out of a limestone rock, thousands of years ago. You can also take a sip of the water from the well. People do feel rejuvenation from the water of the well. Some consider it as a myth too. The well is located along the airport road in South Bimini. It’s quite interesting to visit the Fountain of Youth.

3. Relax & Unwind Yourself At The Honeymoon Harbour Beach

You are in a Caribbean tropical haven, so immerse yourselves in the scenic beauty of the pristine beaches of Bimini. One of the best ones is the Honeymoon Harbour on Gun Cay which is easily accessible through a boat ride from the shores. Spot and feed the tiny stingrays in the sea, go for snorkeling, walk along the sea shore or just lounge at the white sand beach.

If stingrays do excite you, Bimini Undersea organizes a Stingray Encounter tour to help you learn about them and feed them. Don’t be scared of those friendly stingrays as they are used frequent visits from tourists. This activity is really enjoyable and one of the fun things to do in Bimini.

4. Stroll Around The Alice Town

Take a walk on the streets of the quaint Alice town. Most of the locals live in the town and you will find many stores, restaurants, hotels cafes and bars line up along the street known as the Kings Highway. The other side of the street has endless beaches, piers and walkways. It’s quite fun to dine in at one of the restaurants while watching the sea shores on the other side.

Sapona Wreckage - Things to do in Bimini, Bahamas
Sapona Wreckage – Things to do in Bimini, Bahamas

5. Explore The Sapona Wreckage

Sapona was a concrete ship that had been damaged during a hurricane in Bimini during the 1920s. This ship has an intriguing history according to which it was commissioned to be used as a troop transport in WWI. It also served for many purposes for a few years until a hurricane destroyed it. The shipwreck now rests at about 15 feet of water atop a reef, a few miles off Bennetts Harbour in South Bimini. A part of the shipwreck can be seen on water.

This shipwreck site has become a popular diving and snorkeling destination in Bimini. It’s a hub of vibrant marine life and corals, and with such a fascinating history the shipwreck attracts divers to explore it upto 20 feet into the crystal clear water. This experience is one of the most memorable things to do in Bimini.

Click here to check out “Be Your Own Captain Adventure in Bahamas” for an amazing snorkeling experience around the the Sapona Wreckage.

6. Snorkel To See The Bimini Road (One Of The Unique Things To Do In Bimini)

The Bimini Road also referred to as the lost city of Atlantis, is a mysterious rock formation 15 feet underwater near North Bimini island. This rectangular rock formation is about a half a mile long. It’s composed of limestone blocks and resembles to a road, wall or pier. Many believe that it’s a part of the remains of the sunken city of Atlantis.

Snorkeling along the Bimini road takes you closest to the ancient structure. Also you could see the exotic and vibrant marine life that lives around it. It’s definitely the best snorkeling spot in Bimini island. This activity is one of the most interesting and unique things to do in Bimini.

7. Trek The Bimini Nature Trail

The Bimini Nature Trail is a mile long trek on the South Bimini. Throughout this eco-friendly trail, visitors get a chance to know about the variety of flora and fauna that are a part of the island. There are many signs along the tail to introduce you to the rare, exotic and common plants and animals in Bimini.

Guided tours led by professional are a great way to experience the historic sightings and identify the species throughout the trail. The historic sightings include an old Conch House and a pirate’s well. The Bimini Nature Trail trek is one of the most incredible things to do in Bimini for nature lovers.

8. Indulge In Water Sports At Resorts World Bimini

Water activities are the best way to explore the turquoise blue waters of Bimini island while embarking on a thrilling adventure. Get on jet ski, glass bottom kayak, banana boat or a paddle boat and get on to the paradisaical sea. The Resorts World Bimini is the place that offers variety of water activities for it’s visitors. You could also rent a water bike to paddle along the shores of the sea water. Relaxing on a floating ocean water hammock is also a fun way of floating over the clear sea and enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean island.

9. Party At Resorts World Bimini’s Luna Beach Club

If you are looking for visiting a beach with beachfront fine dining (serving a variety of delicious food), music, entertainment and all the party vibes, make way to the Luna beach club at the Resorts World Bimini. Lounge in a private cabana, get sporty on the shores, stay entertained by live performances and have hearty meals. The Luna beach club can be a bit splurgy as it’s all about living a luxury lifestyle at the beach.

The Luna beach club also hosts ultimate full moon night parties every month. The epic party scenes are all about live music, bonfire, fire dancers, food and drinks. The Luna beach club is one of the best party destinations in the Caribbean island.

10. Have A Meal At CJ’s Deli

Craving for some authentic Caribbean cuisine. Stop by CJ’s Deli at the Radio beach in Alice town. This little shack is a favorite among locals and has a lovely view of the white sand beaches. CJ’s Deli serves a variety of food including conch fritters, sausages, bacon, grilled lobster, hamburgers, club sandwiches, fries and much more.

General Information On Bimini Islands

Where To Stay In Bimini

Hilton at Resorts World Bimini features modern and stylish rooms with gorgeous marina views. The hotel offers a rooftop infinity pool overlooking the ocean, a boutique casino, cool spot for well equipped water activities, restaurants, bars, indoor play area, fitness club, spa and a private beach. The infinity pool is perfect for watching sunset over the ocean in Bimini. The hotel has luxury suites too, for the ones looking for a more splurge worthy stay in Bimini. Click here to book a stay or check it’s availability.

Don’t Forget Your Bimini Trip Essentials

Beach Slippers : For comfort walking on the beach. Here’s a light weight and pretty beach slipper.

Dive Shoes : If you would be going for diving or snorkeling into the sea, you would need to bring good diving boots with you.

Comfortable walking shoes for trekking : For a fun and convenient trek on the Bimini Nature Trail. This one from Salomon Ellipse are waterproof, durable, easy on foot and come with a warranty.

Sunscreen : A good SPF 30+ sunscreen is an essential to keep your skin moisturized and protected throughout the day. Do keep a lip balm too!

Picnic Blanket : A sand proof and quick drying picnic blanket is a must for any beach trip.

Portable Charger or Power Bank : To keep your phones and tablets charged throughout the day. The Anker Powercore portable chargers are the best when it comes to reliability and fast charging.

Sun Hat : Bring a stylish and protective sun hat with good coverage. Check out this sun hat from Coolibar that’s travel friendly, packable and looks good too.

Sun Glasses : Light weight aviator sun glasses to protect your eyes from the UV rays.

Dry Bags : To store your valuable items. This dry bag from Freegrace comes with a waterproof phone case and a waist pouch.

Underwater Camera : To capture stills of all the underwater action and marine life if you are going for diving or snorkeling. This one from Akaso is a great budget friendly option for underwater action camera.

Bimini’s Currency

The local currency of Bimini is the Bahamian Dollar (BSD) which is equivalent to the United States Dollars (USD).

Best Time To Visit Bimini Islands

The best time to visit the Bimini islands is from December till April. The climate is warm and tropical during these months.

The Bimini islands are a popular day trip destination if you are coming from Miami. But be assured that you can easily spend 3 days or up to a week in this paradisaical island. Explore at your own pace and make sure you enjoy all the many things to do in Bimini for a memorable vacation.

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