The Ultimate 2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary

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If you are looking for an itinerary that will help you navigate your upcoming 2 days in Lucerne, you are in the right place! This 2 days in Lucerne itinerary will help you hit all the must see attractions while experiencing the history and culture on the way.

Lucerne is a small city in central Switzerland and is one of the best places where one can simply escape. Filled with scenic views and picturesque landscapes, it is difficult to define the natural beauty of Lucerne in words. People love it because of its medieval architecture along with snow-capped mountains and the lovely Lake Lucerne. But if you think, there is so much that you can’t fit into your short trip, here is a 2 days in Lucerne itinerary that will help you get around and make your trip as effortless as possible. We are sure you would feel like a return from paradise after these two magical days.

2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary

Day 1 – Visit The Highlights And Explore The Old Town

Morning – Afternoon : Chapel Bridge, Jesuit Church, Spreuer Bridge, Lion Monument

To make sure that you can witness the beauty of Lucerne in the most effective manner, the first day of your itinerary follows an elaborate path towards the old town of Lucerne. You would be able to witness a lot of things as they are all a few minutes away from each other. There is also a fun eTukTuk city tour that helps you touch down all of these attractions in a quicker time. Alternatively if you prefer a guided exploration at your own pace, you can always opt for a walking tour with a local guide.

Kapellbrucke – Chapel Bridge

Chapel Bridge - 2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary
Chapel Bridge – 2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary

The first on the list for your 2 days in Lucerne would be Chapel Bridge which is a wooden bridge on the river Reuss. It is a significant landmark in Lucerne. The build of the bridge is something that you will admire and enjoy spending some time on. The beautiful and serene surroundings makes the Chapel Bridge more captivating. The bridge has a wooden covered roof over it that is painted with gorgeous colorful paintings, which provides a unique feature to the bridge. This is delightfully the most picturesque spot in Lucerne. You can easily spend up to 10 minutes to an hour on this bridge but you won’t be able to have enough of what this magnificent piece holds.

If you are staying close to the bridge, we recommend you to come here during the sunrise or sunset hours to view this wonderful sight. The Chapel remains open always and there is no fee for walking over it.

For an epic experience of chocolate, cheese and Swiss wine tasting, check out this fun activity around the Chapel Bridge and the water tower.

Jesuit Church

Jesuit Church - 2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary
Jesuit Church – 2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary

Your next stop is the first baroque-style church in the entire Switzerland. The Jesuit Church might look like just another plain church from the outside but you would be surprised once you enter the church and see the beauty inside. The high walls of the church and the arched roof are covered with golden details that give it a somber look. The aisle at the end of the church will catch your eye as it is gilded with gold. Interestingly, the Jesuit Church dates back to the 17th century and has a very well preserved interior that will take you back in time.

The Jesuit Church is located at a 4 minutes walking distance from the Chapel Bridge.

Opening Hours : The church opens at 9:30 AM on Mondays and Thursdays. For the rest of the days of the week, the church opens from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Spreuer Bridge

Spreuer Bridge - 2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary
Spreuer Bridge – 2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary

Spreuer bridge is the second magnificent bridge that you would come across in Lucerne. It is located at a 7 minutes walking distance from Jesuit Church. The structure of the bridge is slightly different to that of Chapel bridge but the landscape surely becomes more beautiful here. And thus, it makes it a must-stop for whoever visits Lucerne. It is also comparatively shorter than the Chapel bridge but the lighting inside the bridge makes it even more beautiful to see at night. You will find equally interesting paintings at Spreuer Bridge as well.

Likewise the Chapel Bridge, Spreuer Bridge also remains for 24 hours and is free to walk on.

 For lunch, we recommend you head towards Wirtshaus Taube Luzern restaurant. This is a lovely restaurant with outdoor seating boasting excellent views of the river and serving delicious food. It is just a 3 minutes walk from the Spreuer Bridge. 

The Lion Monument

The Lion Monument - 2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary
The Lion Monument – 2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary

A 12-15 minutes walk from the Spreuer Bridge will lead you to the iconic Lion Monument. No part of Switzerland has remained untouched by the history and making of this land. The Lion monument in Lucerne is also an evidence of the same. It is one of the most significant monuments in Switzerland and thus a must visit place in your Lucerne itinerary. As you visit the Lion monument you will see a sleeping lion carved into a sandstone quarry. However, there is a deeper meaning to this carving and hence it is of historical significance.

The monument has been dedicated to all the Swiss soldiers who devoted their lives during the French revolution. This has a special mention in the literature as Mark Twain described the rock as “The Saddest And Most Moving Rock In The World”. The sight of the resting lion with a lovely pond in the front of it and greenness surrounding it will leave an enticing impact on you.

This Lion Monument is always open for visitors and there are no entrance fees for it.

Evening : Stroll Through The Lucerne Old Town

The old town of Lucerne is located at the north of River Reuss and this is your last spot on your first day of exploring Lucerne. The old buildings, on the backdrop of the river Reuss and evening landscapes, make this place spell-binding.

The cobbled streets, the high wooden buildings and renaissance designed fountains in the main public area would make you fall in love with this place. You can cycle around or take a walk on the streets. You will admire the fountain of banneret in the center of the city. The artistic frescoes on the buildings around the Korn market will also catch your attention with their intrinsic detailing. Or you would simply love the Swiss chocolates and food that is available here.

DAY 2 : Swiss Museum of Transport, Lake Lucerne Cruise / Excursion To Mount Pilatus, Mount Titlis Or Mount Rigi

On the Day 2 of your 2 days in Lucerne itinerary, you have many options. You can enjoy as per your preferences or simply relax at your will. The soothing aura of this small, natural place would offer you everything that you require on your holiday.

If you want to stay active in Lucerne and soak in its beauty, you can visit the Swiss Museum of Transport and end your day with a Lake Lucerne boat tour. Alternatively, if you are up for an adventurous excursion, you can plan your day towards Mount Pilatus, Mount Rigi or Mount Titlis.

Morning – Afternoon : Swiss Museum of Transport, Lake Lucerne Cruise

Swiss Museum of Transport / Verkehrshaus

If you are a fun-loving person and love to explore places like museums, exhibitions, amusement parks or theme parks then your morning of the second day here would be filled with energetic and eclectic activities. As you pass through the river promenade, you will find the Swiss Museum of Transport which was built almost 60 years ago.

It prides itself in displaying trains, automobiles, ships and aircraft along with some advanced communication technology. It is one of the most famous museums in Switzerland. The entire area around the museum is covered with theme parks, exhibitions and amusement parks so you can spend your day here. Whether you are on a trip with kids or are traveling solo, the Swiss Museum of Transport should not be overlooked on your 2 days in Lucerne.

Make sure you get your full day pass for Swiss Museum of Transport here in advance. It will be inclusive of the entrance, Swiss chocolate adventure experience, media world, Filmtheatre and planetarium.

Opening Hours : The Swiss Museum of Transport remains open 10 AM to 6 PM everyday.

Lake Lucerne Cruise

If you are in Lucerne and skip taking Lake Lucerne Cruise, you would be missing a lot that you can’t even imagine. A cruise tour on your 2 days in Lucerne cannot be simply passed off. The marvelous views of the alpine landscapes and the mountainous region from the Lake Lucerne cruise would be an enthralling sight to behold. The experience would be unforgettable for you.

Below are a few options for cruise, yacht and boat tour on Lake Lucerne from which you can choose as per your preference.

  • 1-Hour Cruise on a Panoramic Yacht – Relax on the upper deck or find a comfortable spot in the restaurant or the main deck to marvel over the lovely views of various attractions of Lucerne. You can also get yourselves drinks and snacks at the bar while enjoying those panoramic views.
  • Lucerne Walking and Boat Tour : This 3 hour tour starts with a walk over the Chapel bridge, then takes you through the streets of Old town leading you to a boat tour on Lake Lucerne. It also takes you to the lift up to the Lucerne Castle which is also an amazing experience to have. It would be all inclusive of the small group walking tour, lift tickets, boat tour and a preferable Swiss cheese tasting with wine.

Evening : Spend Some Time At Lake Lucerne Promenade

On your way back from a fun trip, you can’t resist but spend some time at the Lake Lucerne Promenade. It is a place with benches, gorgeous flowers and quaint landscapes. You would love to spend a few hours here. During winters, the breathtaking landscape of the snow-capped mountains will allure you. While during summers, you would love the smell of fresh flowers and a cool breeze. While walking through the promenade, you would wish to have some more time to spend there.

An Alternative Plan For Day 2 – Mount Pilatus / Mount Rigi /Mount Titlis

If you are not a boat tour or museum kind of person or simply like land over water rides. Then Lucerne is no short of landscapes and mountain tops to explore. Lucerne is surrounded by three different kinds of mountain peaks and they are Mount Pilatus, Mount Rigi or Mount Titlis. You can plan on hiking any of them or simply enjoy the plain areas at the bottom of it. During winters you would love the snow mountains when snow shines like crystals during sunrise or afternoons. And during summers, you would enjoy the mind-blowing green French pasture-like landscapes to go through. The fresh breeze and flowers will guide your way.

Weggis is another place where you can relax in a quiet environment. You can reach there by boat or simply drive your way to Weggis. Green fields and water running down the river would give you a natural escape.

Below are some highly recommended and best selling round trip tours to these mountains;

  • Mount Pilatus Half Day Tour – This tour takes you on the most popular and scenic routes to Mount Pilatus. You will be riding the world’s steepest cogwheel railway, getting on a panoramic gondola, dining at a restaurant on top of Mount Pilatus and cruising back to Lucerne. This tour is like a one in a lifetime experience. If you haven’t been on it already, you must set your plan according to it right now. Yes, it’s worth an excursion from Lucerne.
  • Mount Titlis Half Day Tour – Marvel over a fascinating glacier world, visit an ice cave and discover many expansive scenic locations from a chair lift. You will also get to pass over Europe’s highest suspension bridge. If you are looking for a winter friendly excursion from Lucerne, this one would be an experience worth having.
  • Mount Rigi Full Day Tour – Rigi is known to be the Queen of the Mountains. Your day will start with a scenic boat ride towards Vitznau. Then you will be heading to the Rigi train journey amidst the incredible views. You can also opt for a hike or just relax while soaking in the beautiful natural landscapes. Your descent would be by a cable car to Weggis.

General Information On Lucerne

Where To Stay For 2 Days In Lucerne

The best place to stay in Lucerne without any doubt is the Old Town (Altstadt). Staying in this historic part of the city gives you access to convenient stores, attractions for sightseeing and delicious cuisines. Plus you would be close to the cultural hotspots in Lucerne. Waking up to the views of Chapel Bridge and River Reuss is something that will get your day rolling. The lovely atmosphere and the charm of Old Town is such that you would want to go for walks by the bridge or the river during any time of the day. Below are some of our best finds for accommodations in Old Town Lucerne (Altstadt).

Budget : Barabas Luzern is the best affordable hotel in Old Town. It is located at a 3 minute walking distance from the Chapel Bridge. The rooms are pretty basic, clean and comfortable. There are options for family rooms as well as dormitory room beds available in the hotel. Click here to check the rates and availability in Barabas Luzern.

Mid-Range – The Tourist City & River Hotel is a centrally located hotel in Old Town. It is one of the best hotels to stay in Lucerne. Guests at this hotel are showered by the adorable and absolute best views of the river, Mount Pilatus and Mount Titlis. The hotel offers a range of comfortable rooms including family rooms. You will enjoy the delicious and rich buffet breakfast served in the restaurant. Click here to check the rates and availability in the Tourist City & River Hotel.

Luxury : Luxury knows no bounds at the gorgeous Hotel Schweizerhof located in the heart of the Old Town Lucerne. This historic hotel has catered to many celebrities and VIPs in the city. The exteriors of the hotel are extravagant and the rooms are very beautifully decorated. The hotel also offers facilities like sauna, spa, fitness center, outdoor garden, sundeck, shuttle services and much more. The elegant and spacious rooms boast panoramic views of Lake Lucerne and the mountain ranges. Click here to check the rates and availability in Hotel Schweizerhof.

How To Get Around In Lucerne?

All the major attractions are located at a very walkable distance in Old Town Lucerne. The sights that are located outside the Old Town can be reached through buses. When you check in to a hotel in Lucerne, you will receive a Visitor card which will allow you to have free access to the public transport system (bus, railways and boat) within the city.

Alternatively, Uber cabs and local taxis are also available to take you around the city.

Is 2 Days In Lucerne Enough?

As you have seen, there are plenty of things to do in Lucerne. Many of the attractions are located at a close proximity to each other. So, 2 days would be just enough to explore Lucerne. But, if you are keen on going for excursions to Mount Pilatus or Mount Rigi, you should add a few more days to your Lucerne itinerary.

Best Time To Visit Lucerne

Lucerne is a popular tourist destination in Switzerland. It is visited almost all year round by tourists from all over the world. If you are looking for a particular time when the city will be a more delightful and pleasant treat for you, then you must come here between the months of April and September. For some winter fun, January is the best month for skiing activity in Lucerne.

We hope you enjoy your 2 days in Lucerne itinerary as much as we did. This city is loved by tourists. Let us know if you have any questions or share with us about your favorite place in Lucerne in the comments section below.

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