12 Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota For Couples

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One of the most wonderful cities in Florida, Sarasota is also incredibly romantic. Let’s discover the most romantic things to do in Sarasota for couples.

Sarasota is a musical and creative city in Florida. This amazing vacation spot is known for its gorgeous beaches, delightful river walks and variety of shops and restaurants. Sarasota is not only a destination for globetrotters and regular tourists but it can also be a homely paradise for lovebirds as well. If you are wondering how? Head to the below list of the fun and romantic things that you can enjoy doing with your beloved while being in Sarasota.

Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota For Couples

1. Swoon Over Exotic Birds At Sarasota Jungle Gardens

Sarasota Jungle Gardens - Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota
Sarasota Jungle Gardens – Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota

Visiting the Sarasota Jungle Gardens is an exciting and enduring experience to share with your partner, especially if you are both animal lovers. The quaint environment among nature is dense and deep that it would offer you an unforgettable time in the city. The collection of exotic birds and animals that you are going to find here is amazing. The most popular attraction here is flamingos. There is nothing more romantic than the sight of flamingos majestically treading through the water while you and your partner gasp at their beauties. If you both are nature lovers then the botanical collection of the place is perfect for a date day out amidst nature.

Different exhibits organized from time to time are what you would love to explore and don’t forget to buy some souvenirs from the gift shops, the flamingo corner and the Reptile World.

2. Be Adventurous At Myakka River State Park

Myakka River State Park - Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota
Myakka River State Park – Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota

If your nature expedition thirst doesn’t get quenched by the Sarasota Jungle Parks then the next spot that can offer you more adventurous and memorable moments would be Myakka River State Park. The park is spread over approximately 37000 acres and has scenic views and many other activities that you can partake in along with your partner. The Myakka River State Park is also one of the largest and oldest parks in Florida.

Bicycling together, bird watching, boat tours, fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing are some of the activities that you would love to do with your partner. You can also go on an Ebike safari in the park which is another popular activity here. If you are planning a romantic camping getaway then this is the perfect place for that too. There are 90 campsites throughout the park and you can pick your favorite one according to your preferences.

The amenities available here are top notch so you don’t have to worry about any obstacles that you can overthink while you plan on visiting the site. All you need to do is to show up and enjoy your time in the natural surroundings.

3. Chill Out In Mixon Fruit Farms

Are you and your partner among the foodie travelers? Then, Sarasota’s Mixon Fruit Farms could be heaven for you to explore. It is the site most visited by tourists, hence reaching there is as easy as you can expect. There are regular tram tours that are organized for the groups who visit the farm.

You would witness thousands of trees with citrus fruits hanging fresh from the tree branches. We are sure the site of it would be mouth-watering for both of you. Compensation of which would be done by the homemade citrus ice cream offered by the officials of the farm who would be there for the hospitality. For adventures on the farm, you can go for alligator viewing while you enjoy your ice cream and other fresh citrus fruits.

4. Spend Some Quality Time At Lido Key Beach

Lido Key Beach - Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota
Lido Key Beach – Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota

There is nothing more romantic than some private and quiet quality time with your partner. For the same, the Lido Key Beach would be the perfect place for you to lie down on the white sandy beaches and listen to romantic melodies while being with your partner. It is the best romantic things to do in Sarasota for couples. The clear blue skies along with salty sea waves in front of you naturally combing the beach sand would be perfect for your romantic setting.

Either you can lie down in the sun for some basking or organize a little picnic with a bottle of wine or champagne accompanied by some snacks. Whatever you choose, this is going to be the best experience that you are going to love.

5. Catch A Meal At Snook Haven Restaurant

No romantic trip is complete without a touch of delicious food. And while you are visiting Sarasota, Snook Haven restaurant would be a perfect place for you to have some delicious meals or simply a snack. It is also a great place to enjoy the best foods of Florida. There is a variety of food items both vegan and non-vegan available on the menu. So, you are already choosing from the best of the best. The most famous items here are Catfish sandwiches, smoked wings, brisket and homemade chips.

The restaurant has lovely outdoor seating with views overlooking a river. Plus you can also go on a boat tour of the river from there.

6. Take A Romantic Stroll Around Bradenton Riverwalk

Sunset At Bradenton Riverwalk - Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota

An open space with a salty breeze coming from the sea, under the evening sky when stars have just started to open their eyes. The perfect twilight moment when the sunset sky meets the silver shimmer of the moon. And your path is guarded by tall palm trees planted in white sand. If you have been daydreaming to spend this type of evening with your partner then Bradenton Riverwalk would be the perfect place to manifest that dream of yours into reality.

Bradenton is just an hour’s distance from Sarasota by train. You can reach this heaven and spend some quiet time with your partner while you explore the place. It is going to be magical for you.

7. Spend An Evening In The Sarasota Opera House

A luxurious evening where you can enjoy the most appealing performances at the historical Opera House. If you are the type of couple who prefer to do Netflix and chill together, then you need to take that game to the next level while you book tickets for a romantic show at the Sarasota Opera House.

There are three seating levels with an Orchestral pipe organ for live surround sound. You won’t be able to beat that experience. Check the event calendar about the variety of plays organized here and book the tickets to surprise your partner with a vivid experience.

8. Catch A Live Performance At The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

If you don’t find any events at the Sarasota Opera house aligning with your romantic plans, there is another architectural heaven suited for your romantic times in the city. Van Wezel Performing Arts is the place where you can reach in your tuxedos and gowns and enjoy a perfect show with other audiences.

The list of the shows here is also available on their website. You can check the calendar for your favorite story-telling experience with your partner and book your seats for the same. The range of music bands performing at the hall, along with plays, theatrical as well as comic performances are some of the highlights of the events that you can choose from.

9. Shop And Eat At St. Armands Circle

A romantic trip with some shopping where you can buy gifts for each other is like the icing on the cake. St. Armands Circle in Sarasota is your ultimate shopping destination. Apparels, shoes, boutiques, restaurants, gift shops, toy shops and much more are always available here to tame your shopaholic cravings. But if you are not planning to buy something and are more frugal, then too it is a well-lit place to spend your evenings at. It is a great place for spending some fun and quality time with your loved one.

10. Get Artsy At Village of the Arts

Maybe, it is the art that played cupid between you and your partner and brought you closer than ever. If this is the synopsis of your love story then Village of the Arts in Sarasota will be like re-living your romance altogether. It is a place with cottages from the 1920s and 1930s filled with arts that you can purchase and make a part of your life.

No matter what form of art plays a part in your love story. It can be music, dining, crafts, fine arts or anything else. You are going to love the cosy creative environment that this place offers. The splash of colors all around you in the village of arts can bring more colors to your love.

11. Make New Friends At Southeastern Guide Dogs

Are your partner and you dog lovers? And you call yourself parents to some gorgeous fluffy babies that have made your living estate a cheerful place. Then this is the place that you are going to love. Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc is a non-profit Organization located 20 miles north of Sarasota. The objective of the organization is to transform lives by creating a partnership between dogs and people. It has a training facility that breeds, raises and trains dogs that would be perfect for performing their duties as guide dogs.

The trainers here are very hospitable and you would find a variety of breeds to pet here. Don’t be surprised if you or your partner falls in love with one or two and wants to take these super pets home.

12. Fill Your Day With Art At The John And Ringling Museum of Art

Ringling Museum of Art - Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota
Ringling Museum of Art – Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota

It is the most famous thing about Sarasota and you gotta have it on your goals list when you visit the place. The museum, the palace, the art galleries and the architecture, everything is beautiful beyond words. It was established by the Ringling family who is also famous for their circus rings in the city.

The pink walls, inside and outside the establishment as well as the paintings and the colorful tiled flooring at the Ca’ d’Zan Museum make the perfect place for clicking some Insta-worthy pictures which would not only be mesmerizing to your eyes while you visit the place but also would offer you a great time spent among awe-inspiring art pieces present there.

With so many romantic things to do in Sarasota for couples, we can say that this city is an ideal destination for couples getaway in Florida.

Romantic Stay In Sarasota

Here are some of the best Sarasota hotels and resorts for couples;

Lido Beach Resort - Romantic Stay In Sarasota
Lido Beach Resort – Romantic Stay In Sarasota

Sarasota is an incredible destination in Florida for couples. We are sure you will enjoy Sarasota as much as we did.

What is your favorite activity in this lovely cultural city of Florida?

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