11 Amazing Things To Do In Grand Rapids In Winter

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Discover some of the most fun and unmissable things to do in Grand Rapids in winter.

If you are looking forward to celebrating zealous winter holidays or vacations instead of watching snowflakes and cozying up at home by the fireplace, then you must consider visiting Grand Rapids. This place in Michigan state offers an energetic winter vacation experience. The league of winter sports, the lit winter festivals, the snow-filled parks, sports leagues, music and food, there is something for everyone at Grand Rapids.

Things To Do In Grand Rapids In Winter
Things To Do In Grand Rapids In Winter

Before booking your tickets, check on the below list of the things that you can plan to do while being in Grand Rapids in winter.

Best Things To Do In Grand Rapids In Winter

1. Enjoying Cross-Country Skiing

One of the best ways to enjoy the winters or snow anywhere is to play in snow. If you are more of a sports enthusiast, skiing would be the sport that you would either be in love with or would love to start with. Grand Rapids is the best place to do the same. Cross Country Skiing in Grand Rapids is the perfect way for anyone to start skiing and get the hang of it. Cannonsburg ski area is one of the best spots for skiing. It is located just 15 minutes northeast from downtown Grand Rapids.

Now, once you get rid of the fear of skiing at once, you can think of the equipment to arrange for it. In the city, Bill and Paul’s Sporthaus is the best place to rent some equipment for the same. There is a nominal fixed rent for a day for one entire set. You can also explore their clothing department to make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the sports.

2. Visit Frederik Meijer Gardens And Sculpture Water Park In Winters

The Frederik Meijer Gardens is one of the best places to visit in Grand Rapids in winter. A place straight out of a movie scene that not only welcomes you throughout the year but changes colors in all the seasons and becomes more beautiful month by month. No, we are not talking about the wonders of the world but a small park in Grand Rapids. Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park is as beautiful and as magnificent as its name. It contains an entire world in itself. A gorgeous combination of a botanical garden, greenhouses, art museum, outdoor sculpture park and much more. Sponsored by the horticulture society of the city, the park offers tours the entire year.

Special tram tours are available from December through March for 45 minutes each. A guide is available for these tours, making you familiar with every aspect of this wonderland. It is recommended to click a lot of pictures here and the space would let you play with snowballs and make snow-man sculptures.

3. Celebrate The World Of Winter Festival

Imagine yourself in the giant Ice world. You may be wondering about Alice in Wonderland or the world of Roald Dahl. However, if you are planning to visit Grand Rapids during winter then all that imagination might come true. The Ice Fest that gets conducted every year in the city could be defined as the most amazing event of the year. This World of Winter Festival is also known for being the largest winter festival in the Midwest.

There are over 50 sculptures that get placed in the field. These sculptures can take the shape of an alien to that of a rabbit. The entire fest is filled with fun rides, light shows and small shops full of eateries and drinks. Fire, ice, music, dance, culture, colors and a lot of fun could be the words that define the winter festival. But the experience of the fest is way more than words and can offer you a sweet ride of frolic time during winter.

This event takes place in Downtown Grand Rapids in the months of January and February.

4. Be A Part Of Grand Rapids Winter Sports

If you are planning to visit Grand Rapids during February, then you better plan it around the Winter Sports. This is the event when the whole town comes together to celebrate and participate in all the winter sports that this winter haven offers. From Skiing, Fat Tire Biking, Hiking to Snowshoeing, Ice Fishing Tubing, Sledding and much more. There is always so much to explore and have fun at this event.

Once heavy snow gets settled in Grand Rapids the entire town gets ready to participate and have competitive fun in these sports. You can see the families, children, adults and teenagers having fun together which makes the most enticing part of this time of the year in the city.

5. Have Fun At Cannonsburg

Cannonsburg is an entire area dedicated to fun and adventure at Grand Rapids. It is a small downhill ski resort where you can participate in activities like tubing, snowshoeing and beginner-level skiing. Being located outside the city, here one can stop and have fun throughout an entire day. This makes it a favourite place for many travelers and tourists. As per the Cannonsburg website, the seasonal passes are available to be bought now.

You can also enjoy drinks and mouth-watering snacks from the nearby restaurants and eateries that take care of your grumbling tummy so that you can concentrate on having as much fun as possible.

6. Spend A Day At Snowmobile Trails

If skiing and snowshoeing have become too boring for you, then you must take your adventures to a whole new level called Snowmobile riding. Grand Rapids is the perfect place for that if you are looking forward to this kind of adrenaline-fueled adventure. Many companies in Grand Rapids offer snowmobiling like Michigan Snowmobile & ORV Association, Village MotorSports, Pere Marquette Snowmobile Club, and many more. You can contact any of these clubs to train you on snowmobiling and get you on the trails finally.

Grand Rapids also offer a lot of trails surrounding the area. Some of them are Grand Rapids “through town” trails, Avenue of Pine Trails, Bushwhacker Trails, Clearwater and Suomi Trails and many others.

7. Attend A Grand Rapids Griffins Pro Hockey Game

For all the sports junkies who hate to miss their favorite sports leagues, Grand Rapids has a surprise for you. If you are visiting the city, you need to attend the Grand Rapids Griffins Pro Hockey Game, it becomes a must. The Pro Hockey Game that is played today marked the return of professional hockey to Grand Rapids a long time ago but today it simply stands for the love of the sports cheerleaders. If you count yourself as one, check the tickets, pick your team and head to the arena to check out live Hockey sports and the zeal of it.

8. Enjoy Ice Skating At Rosa Parks Circle

There are no second thoughts about the fact that Ice Skating is a fun activity. At Rosa Parks Circle, ice skating is one of the most fun things to do in Grand Rapids in winter. Ice skating with some people makes it more enjoyable and memorable than simply fun. Rosa Parks Circle at the Grand Rapids becomes the main center for locals to get together and enjoy this simple yet fun sport. It would be a unique experience for anyone visiting the city to join in the fun at the Circle. To add to the experience, colorful lights are surrounding the area which not only makes it lit but an exciting ride altogether.

9. Attend A Concert At 20 Monroe Live

Winters at Grand Rapids is the season for festivities and therefore people from around the country and the world head over to the city to enjoy this grand celebration. The music bands and artists do not get left behind during the festive season. The 20 Monroe Hall becomes the main center for these artists and bands to string the chords to some new music that you are going to love. With a capacity of over 2000 seats, this contemporary hall becomes the beating heart of the city with its music and the audience vibing to the beats.

10. Dine In At One Twenty Three

The menu of this place is hailed by tourists and travelers who love to visit the city often. One Twenty Three provides a range of snacks with cocktails that are going to make you fall in love with this place. You will often hear regionals and tourists regard this place as “My favourite restaurant.” The menu here includes grilled sandwiches, chic regional dishes, burgers and other industrial options. It is one of the busiest restaurants in the town and it remains open throughout the week. The dine-in, take home and driveway services are flawless. Now it is on you to decide how you are going to taste the delectable food served here.

11. Spend A Cozy Time In Field & Fire Cafe

Having food at the Field & Fire Cafe could be a unique and memorable experience for you. The establishment is a chic store where you can place your order and the chef makes delicious food with organic ingredients without making the slightest compromise to the promise that it would delight your taste buds.

But that is not the only experience that you are going to get at the cafe. The place provides an outside tent in the field which is warm, cozy and has a fire where the food would be served to you. These tents are covered with translucent sheets, so if it’s snowing outside then you are going to love this experience. You can also watch a movie and catch up on a sport here.

So, these were all the best things to do in Grand Rapids in winter. If you are looking for a very convenient and comfortable stay in the city, scroll down to find out the most amazing places to stay in Grand Rapids.

Where To Stay In Grand Rapids

There are a range of accommodations available in Grand Rapids. Below are our best picks and most recommended stays in Grand Rapids;

Budget (< $80) : Baymont by Wyndham offers a comforting and cozy stay for travelers on budget. Facilities like heated rooms, family rooms, fitness center, parking space and free WiFi are available for guests at the hotel.

Luxury : If you are looking for a dreamy vacation in Grand Rapids, you must head to the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. This historic hotel is modern, luxurious and elegant in all possible ways. It is a riverside hotel located downtown which makes it also very convenient for explorations. Plus the skywalk from the hotel connects you to places like the Gerald R. Ford Museum and Van Andel Arena.

Being the second largest city in Michigan, Grand Rapids gives you all the reasons to fall in love with it during winters. Let us know which activity you would enjoy the most during winter in this lovely city. Write to us in the comments section below.

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