10 Top Things To Do In Sarasota, Florida

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Looking for fun things to do in Sarasota, Florida? Here are the best Sarasota attractions and activities that you should not miss out!

Sarasota has been home to many cultural exhibits and an eventful place for performing arts for years. It is also one of the best destinations in the United States for those who are looking for a relaxing getaway. Located on the west coast of Florida, the city has 35 miles of coastal stretches offering beautiful white sandy beaches. Many tourists visit Sarasota mainly to enjoy the city’s warm weather and its beaches.

If you have ever heard about the famous Ringling Brothers Circus, then it would be interesting for you to know that Ringling Circus Museum and Ringling Brothers Mansion are located in the city. Apart from these, there are a range of amazing things to do in Sarasota and so you will never find a dull moment here.

John Ringling Causeway - Sarasota, Florida
John Ringling Causeway – Sarasota, Florida

Wondering what else does this heavenly place have to offer? If you are also pondering about the same then here is the list of top things to do in Sarasota that are sure to make your trip very memorable.

Things To Do In Sarasota, Florida

1. Have Fun At Marietta Museum of Art And Whimsy

If you pass by an enticing pink building in Sarasota, you can immediately understand that it is the Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy. It is going to be the coolest museum you have ever visited. Pieces of art are displayed in the most fun manner that they are not only going to give you information about how they were made but you would be in awe with the beauty of them.

It is the lightest and most fun way to start your trip in Sarasota. The paintings on the wall and the crafts hung from the ceiling would leave you wondering about the creativity of humans. The perspective shown in the works of art in the pieces is both astounding and spellbinding.

Different exhibits and creative seminars that take place in the museum are also great ways to indulge yourself in your creativity and make something of your own. Get creative or get inspired, this is going to be a lot of fun.

2. Get Artsy At Village Of The Arts

After visiting the museum, if you are already feeling inspired to create something of your own, then you must head towards the Village of the Arts. The best part about this place is that it is not restricted to fine arts, crafts and ideas. But you can indulge yourself in all forms of art like music, performing and meeting the artists as well.

An entire community of artists and pioneers of creativity resides in one place. What could be better than that? Dining, painting, cooking, music, health and wellness centers, there is so much that you can explore in this hot spot for tourists and surprise yourself with what you are capable of.

Monthly art walks and live music is something that can be soothing and memorable to you once you visit here. You can never know if one of your art pieces could be a part of any art walk. You can check out their online calendar to know about any events being held on the day of your visit.

3. Get Excited About The Turtle Watch

Do you remember Crush from Finding Nemo? Who doesn’t? If you too have questions about turtles like Marlin had, you need to head over to do some turtle watching at the Longboat Key Turtle Watch. Unlike the places that are shown on Discovery Networks, it would feel real and perfect. You can watch baby turtles hatching from the eggs and swiftly moving toward the water to start their life.

If you are planning to visit Sarasota with your family, this place could be the best for kids to know the nature around them. The season to witness the magic starts from May 1st. It is the summer season when most of the turtles’ head towards the beach to lay eggs.

If you want to see the beauty for yourself, you need to be an early riser and be at the beach during the sunrise. The scene that you are going to see would be so beautiful that it is going to be etched in your memory forever.

4. Unwind At The Lido Key Beach

Sunset At Lido Key Beach - Things To Do In Sarasota
Sunset At Lido Key Beach – Things To Do In Sarasota

Florida is known for its white sandy beaches. And Sarasota is no exception from that. If you want to spend some time at the beach and just admire the waves and the blue horizon, then this is the perfect place for you. Very often compared to Siesta Beach which is very popular among tourists, Lido Key beach provides better amenities and lesser crowds. So, if you are looking for some peaceful time among a small number of people then it would be the perfect spot for you.

The most common activities that you can do here are sunset watching, sailing, fishing, dolphin watching and some cruise rides. Paddleboarding through Mangrove tunnel is also a fun activity at Lido Key. So, if you want to leave the white sands and turf the blue horizons, all you need to do is go ahead and explore more.

5. Find A Part Of Ancient Florida At The Historic Spanish Point

Only 17.7 kilometers away from Sarasota, in a place called Osprey, where you would find a part of ancient Florida. The architecturally beautiful and nature-nourished arena in Osprey is called the Historic Spanish Point. The history of Florida has been carefully curated and preserved in this small location by the famous Webb family. They came to this place in 1867 and settled on this bay in Sarasota.

There are tourist buses that can easily take you there and you can have the most enlightening time knowing about the lives of people in Florida approximately 5000 years ago. You would also get to know about their passion and trades around ceramic pottery and much more.

If you are in Sarasota for a short trip, here’s a fun and interactive sightseeing trolley tour that takes you through the all the must see attractions of the city.

6. Go Vroom… At The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum in Sarasota has more than 100 vintage cars. The museum is spread over approximately 60000 square feet of ground area. We would not be surprised that at one point you find yourself lost in the parallel universe of Cars. From the birth of automobile engines to the latest models. The famous cars that you have seen in the movies, driven by the gangsters to the favorite models of Hollywood superstars. You will find everything here. And it might make you reconsider the money that you are going to put on your next vintage investment. The museum remains open from 9 am to 6 pm every day of the week.

7. Catch A Performance At Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

If you are bored of the same old movie-going experiences at your nearest INOX, then this is the best place to revive your love for theatre and performing arts. Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall is not just known for the praiseworthy performances displayed on its stage but also for the gorgeously designed building where these performances are being conducted.

The architectural building is a piece of art in itself. It is built a little bit secluded from the town but it would offer you everything that you can imagine from a new generation performing centre. The theatre is spread across 80,000 square feet of land and has the capacity of acquiring 1,741 people at one time in the hall.

The seats are strategically placed to give you the best viewing experience. You can check their websites for upcoming events, and seating arrangements and also buy tickets online.

8. Get Mesmerized By The Performances At Sarasota Opera House

The Sarasota Opera House is another place where you can enjoy astounding performances and have a fun time. The result of the vision of A. B. Edwards, the first mayor of Sarasota, the building has 3 floors and has 3 entrances. It has 8 shops on the ground floor, 12 offices on the second floor and 12 furnished apartments on the third floor.

The theatre even contains an orchestral pipe organ. You might have only watched it in classic movies. The range of performances showcased here is varied. From the complexities of historical dramas like the Roman Empire to contemporary and modern dramas like the Secret Wedding, you would find the best of the best here.

Check the event calendar, seats and tickets before you plan to visit the Opera house on their website.

9. Catch A Live Baseball Match At Ed Smith Stadium

A spring training home for Baltimore Orioles, Ed Smith Stadium could offer you the experience of being seated in the stadium. What once was a training site for the Cincinnati Reds has now been given to the Baltimore Orioles. You would find minor league football teams here like the Sarasota White Sox, Sarasota Reds and Sarasota Red Sox. It might not be as happening as the Yankees going against the LA Dodgers but it would be gritty and exciting. You may never know if it might give you that nail-biting finish.

10. Witness Some Flamingos At Sarasota Jungle Garden

Sarasota Jungle Gardens - Things To Do In Sarasota
Sarasota Jungle Gardens – Things To Do In Sarasota

You can’t deny that flamingos offer the most majestic sites against the green background of their habitat. If you are wondering, can you witness it in person? You are most welcome to Sarasota Jungle Gardens where Flamingos would welcome you to hug them and feed them and you can click pictures too.

Sarasota Jungle Garden offers the quaintest environment to relax in nature. And who would be a better companion in nature than some pretty pink flamingos? And that is not it, you would love the botanical plantings, bird shows and other animals here.

These are the best things to do in Sarasota, Florida that would make your trip very memorable. If you are looking for a great place to stay in Sarasota, here are some of our best recommendations;

Budget (Upto $150) : Regency Inn & Suites is just a short walk away from Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota Jungle Gardens and the shores of the Indian beach. Being located near the beach, the Regency Inn & Suites is an ideal choice for a budget stay in Sarasota. The property boasts facilities like an outdoor swimming pool, free parking space and family rooms. Check rates & book your stay at the Regency Inn & Suites here.

Mid Range ($150 – $250) : Kompose Boutique Hotel is another affordable and wonderful accommodation located close to the shores of Indian beach. The hotel features an outdoor heated swimming pool with sun loungers, a fitness center, a sun terrace and a private parking space. The rooms are beautifully decorated, spacious, clean, comfortable and filled with modern amenities. The hotel staff is very friendly and helpful. They also serve delicious breakfast to the guests. Check rates & book your stay at the Kompose Boutique Hotel here.

Luxury ($250+) : The Lido Beach Resort offers something you cannot get in a modern high rise. Located on Lido Key, the resort has 91 m of private beach that is fully accessible by the guests. The resort also features 2 beachfront pools, a beachside tiki bar, 3 hot tubs and a fitness center. The fantastic location, incredible views, impeccable staff and spacious suites make the Lido Beach Resort a perfect resort for those looking for a luxury experience in Sarasota while also having access to the beach views that not every visitor to the city gets to. Check rates & book your stay at the Lido Beach Resort here.

Whether you are seeking a relaxing vacation or a sporty getaway, there is no better city to visit than Sarasota in Florida. Do let us know which of the above best things to do in Sarasota you are looking forward to the most in the comments section below.

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