The 7 Best Places To Enjoy Fishing In Florida

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Looking for great populated spots for fishing in Florida? Here is a list of the best places for a nice fishing trip in Florida.

The Sunshine State is the nickname of Florida. It is the most populated state and is more attractive for its beautiful sandy beaches and warm climate. But from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic, it is also the best area for salt and freshwater fishing. This article introduces you to more favorite fishing spots in the state. Here is an inclusive list just for you to help you plan an easy fishing trip to Florida.

Best Places To Enjoy Fishing In Florida

1. Destin

Destin - Best Spots For Fishing In Florida
Destin – Best Spots For Fishing In Florida

Destin is a famous world-class fishing town and the best area for fishing in Florida. It is also known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” Destin is a perfect place for inshore and offshore fishing, an amazing combination for fishing journeys.

Destin includes something different for everyone. Whether you are a professional or beginner-level angler, this area is ideal for anyone. Here are hundreds of charters waiting to pick you up on a hunting adventure. Just take a charter and enjoy your fishing expedition even 600-feet below sea level. You can target from big Grouper to Snapper Species or Amberjack aside with Tuna, Wahoo, or Billfish for the whole day.

This place will give you a wonderful chance to enjoy Crab Island with sunset sight in the afternoon. Before finishing your day, you can take an opportunity to crab using the best electric crab pot puller.

2. Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay - Best Spots For Fishing In Florida
Tampa Bay – Best Spots For Fishing In Florida

Tampa Bay is Florida’s largest open water and world-famous inshore fishing destination. The area of this 400-square mile holds an active fishery and is ideal for visiting and residential anglers.

It is the finest spot for fishing with temperate climates, the Gulf of Mexico, plus freshwater feeds. This area contains huge numbers of Red & Black Drum, Spotted Seatrout, and Sheepshead with many options. The amazing fact about this shore is that you can go there to fish every season. Every corner of the bay, like the cities of Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or St. Pete Beach, crowds some hot spots. Those areas offer you to do everything from fly fishing to bottom fishing. If you decide to spend the whole day here, you won’t be disappointed at all. With many options, you feel like coming back to this place several times to vacate everything this state has in this store. Prebook a charter for Tampa Bay Inshore fishing here.

3. Miami

Miami - Best Spots For Fishing In Florida
Miami – Best Spots For Fishing In Florida

Miami is a real Mecca to the fisherman. For great weather, a nice beach, and amazing nightfall, it is called the Magic City. Most people like to visit this seashore for those reasons, and many people prefer the beaches as the best fishing area. Experienced fishermen know it is one of Florida’s most exclusive fishing places. You can catch huge fish from shallow flats to the open ocean without visiting more areas. From famous hundreds of Sailfish Alley, big pelagic fish, tuna, wahoo, to mahi are available in Miami’s offshore waters.

The deep-sea anglers also offer more lovely opportunities for anyone, which is the main attraction of this fishing place. Tarpon is the king of the shallow area that is very hard to catch and challenge. But Miami is the perfect place to enjoy fishing this silver king crown and give a taste of your skill. Lake Tarpon, you can catch grouper, swordfish, and peacock bass easily. Prebook a charter for deep sea fishing in Miami here.

4. Naples

Naples - Best Spots For Fishing In Florida
Naples – Best Spots For Fishing In Florida

The next wonderful fishing spot in Florida is Naples, situated in the center of Florida’s paradise coast. It is not only a popular active beach for family camping but also popular with anglers for fishing. The turquoise water makes it an amazing fishing destination. Naples is the best destination as a fishing area for easy access. It is the historical and prime target for anglers of all ages and skill levels. If you have no previous fishing skills or come here without any planning, you can reel in sea trout, pompano, and much more.

If you love to spend challenging times fishing, this place is ideal for you to fill your bucket. The deep-sea charters can pick you trolling for Tarpon, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Snook, Permit, and a lot of other coastal species. Prebook a deep sea fishing charter here.

5. St. Johns River

St. John's River - Best Spots For Fishing In Florida
St. Johns River – Best Spots For Fishing In Florida

The St. Johns River is a gem in the fishing world known as “the liquid chameleon.” It is famous for its crystal-clear waters and blackwater streams with 3,000 lakes. This area is perfect for anglers or fishing journeys with so many characteristics. If you have a big list of giant fishes, this area is great. Select the mouth in Mayport, Jacksonville, for the perfect fishing skill or Lake George when you want to visit this river. Wait for a cityscape with the Atlantic and a wonderful river on another side.

The highlighted characteristics are bass, catfish, and shell crackers. Here you can catch fish using the boat, charters, kayak, and foot. Before going here to this area, you need to purchase a fishing license. For a stiff of water, this river contains many multitudes so you can choose this high-ranking fishery spot. Prebook a charter for inshore fishing from Jacksonville here.

6. Cape Coral

Cape Coral - Best Spots For Fishing In Florida
Cape Coral – Best Spots For Fishing In Florida

The next destination of the best fishing spots in Florida is Cape Coral, and the nickname is “Waterfront Wonderland.” It is just like a neighbor of Fort Myers, and it is the perfect combination of a relaxing vacation with exciting anglers. This area is more popular for many activities like hiking, fishing, cycling, and bird watching. The Cape Coral is ideal for redfish, Tarpon, Snook, and even spotted seatrout. You can go fishing by boat, shore and kayak. There are a lot of charters available; you can use them where you need.

For more adventure for fishing, you can choose the Rosen Park boat Ramp, Caloosahatchee River, Lake Kennedy Park, Rotary Park, and the Matlacha pass. Cape Coral offers a sandy beach, hot weather, and sunny days. Most anglers will be more interested in visiting 400-miles of canals. Prebook a Cape Coral Inshore Fishing Charter.

7. Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach - Best Spots For Fishing In Florida
Daytona Beach – Best Spots For Fishing In Florida

Florida boasts so many best fishing spots globally, and Daytona Beach is no exception. For saltwater fishing in Florida, Daytona Beach is an amazing place. If you want to get planning for fishing by trolling offshore on a charter, endless options are available in this spot. For a great skill and experience for a fishing adventure, you can think of this destination for your next journey.

Daytona Beach is full of a mixed bag of fish. You can target huge large-size fishes in inshore and offshore waters at a time on this beach. Redfish, spotted seatrout, Tarpon, Pompano, and largemouth bass are the most popular targets. There are various ways for offshore fishing like charter, party boat fishing, pier and surf fishing. Some spots are preferable for targeting Bull Redfish or Gator Trout, like Ponce De Leon Intel or Sunglow Pier. You should get a license or maintain rules and regulations for good fishing. Prebook a Daytona inshore fishing charter here.

Here you have it, the 7 best places to enjoy fishing in Florida that are more favorite and popular among the anglers in the state. It is up to you which destination will be ideal for your fishing spot. Let us know which of these would be your favorite spot for fishing in Florida in the comments below.

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