10 Best Places To Visit In Michigan In Winter

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Planning a visit to Michigan in winter? Here are some of the best places in Michigan you should visit during your winter trip.

Michigan is a state that lies in the mid-western area of the country and is surrounded by a large number of lakes throughout its area. Because of its geographical location, it becomes snow heaven during winters with most of the cities experiencing snowfalls up to 200 inches. So, if you are planning to make a lot of snow angels in the coming season, you can plan to explore the following wonderful places to visit in Michigan in winter.

Best Places To Visit In Michigan In Winter

1. St. Joseph

If you are planning to spend winters in Michigan, St. Joseph could be your heaven. In this city, the winter starts around November and lasts till March. But, if you are hoping to see the winter beauty of this place at its best, December would be the best month for you to visit St. Joseph. It is during December when this city experiences the best snowfall. The mountains surrounding the city get snow caped and the lake gets covered with snow. It is then you would realize that the time has come to a stop for a city like St. Joseph.

Though, you can enjoy several activities throughout the year in the city, but some of the activities that can keep you entertained especially during winters would be cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, winter hiking, boat paddling etc. Tubing, sledging and ice-skating are available for you. Apart from the adventurous ones, you can get involved in some other fun activities like star-watching, appreciating the ice and sand sculptures, toasty warm indoor activities, special holiday events and other winter festivities.

The annual festival Light Up The Bluff that is held in Lake Bluff Park commences from the first week of December and ends in February. As a part of community tree lighting, the whole park is decorated with a million of lights.

2. Frankenmuth

Frankenmuth Cristmas Decor - Michigan In Winter

Frankenmuth is the definition of holiday fun throughout the year. Winters in this city have many surprises in store for visitors. It is absolutely one of the best places to visit in Michigan in winter. The biggest one is an indoor water park namely, Zehnder’s Splash Village and Waterpark that remains open during winters as well . It offers all the kinds of fun that one can imagine. Apart from that, there are many museums that you would love to explore in the city. The city becomes the most beautiful around the festive season of Christmas and New Year’s. It is when the center of the city gets decorated and snow adds to the fun.

There is an open rink in the main market of the city where you can stroll, do some shopping and enjoy your time in the snow while gazing at the colorful lighting that lights up the whole space.

Holiday Winter Village is a retirement community in the city, so, if you want to spend some time with older members of society, you can have a gala time at this center. Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is another place that you are going to love when you visit the place.

3. Fenton

Fenton Ice Climbing - Michigan In Winter

If you have been a fan of rock climbing and bouldering, ice climbing is the next challenge that you should look up to. All you need to do is know for now, that there would be a wall of ice that you would need to climb. And the perfect place for this kind of adventure would be Fenton. Peabody Ice climbing is the best thing in Fenton. The staff is really friendly and you would always have moral and technical support at your service whenever you want. It is going to be worth remembering later.

Take a leisurely stroll through the scenic Fenton park and you will be delighted seeing the Christmas tree decorations. Visit the Fenton Fire Hall for the winter igloo outdoor setting and delicious food.

4. Muskegon

Muskegon is no strange name for a traveler. It keeps itself busy entertaining a lot of tourists throughout the year. Its freshwater lakes and other tourist destinations could be a reason people visit it so often. This city becomes more special during winters. With a snowfall of 76 inches every year, it offers a wide variety of snow sports during the winter season. The snow caped places and lakes become a place for ice-skating and snowboarding. Frosted Trails, Ice-hockey and Luge Adventure Sports Park are other things that remain unique here.

Apart from all the fun activities, Muskegon is known for its friendly community, people who love to dine together and their love for art. You are going to find many museums and local shops with unique shops and local artworks. And don’t forget that people here would make sure that your taste buds remain delighted with the cuisines that they offer along with some special drinks. You can also reserve a heated igloo for an amazing winter dining experience in the Hearthstone Bistro.

5. Marquette

Presque Isle Park - Michigan In Winter
Presque Isle Park – Michigan In Winter

Marquette is another snow-cladded town that is a tourist favorite all around the year. In this you will find thick snow on the surface during the winter months, especially during late December and early January. This certainly offers some scenic views as well as a lot of playgrounds for snow activities.

For adventure time, Presque Isle Park in Marquette will always welcome you. Apart from that, you can look forward to a lot of snow fun like snow-shoeing, fat tire biking, skiing, surfing, ice-fishing, snowmobiling and sledding. Presque Isle is a sight to behold, during winters. You can surround yourself with crystallized ice by visiting Eben Ice Caves near Marquette.

An exclusive event that you must catch up on during your visit to Marquette is the UP 200 Sled Dog Race. Trenary Outhouse Classic Race that takes place in the month of February is another event where you can have a lot of fun even when you do not want to participate in it.

6. Munising

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore - Michigan In Winter
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore – Michigan In Winter

Munising experiences heavy snowfall during the winter season. The average snowfall always ranges to 140 inches but the maximum goes up to 200 inches in total. That could be one of the reasons that this city welcomes a lot of visitors every year. Apart from the regular snow sports like snow-shoeing in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, sledging and snowmobiling, you can witness the frozen lake which attracts a thousand visitors every year. The sight of the ice formations on Wagner falls and Munising falls are a stunning sight to behold.

If you want to go for something indoor instead of outdoor activities, you can opt for ice skating on Alger Centennial Ice Arena.

7. Lansing

Michigan State Capitol, Lansing - Michigan In Winter
Michigan State Capitol, Lansing – Michigan In Winter

Apart from the snow-capped views, and white powdered roads and trees as far as your eyes can go, Lansing has a lot to offer. If you are planning to visit Lansing during the winter season, then you need to get ready for a lot of winter festivities that the whole city participates in. The 58-foot Christmas tree is the pride of Lansing during the Christmas season and you can’t imagine the number of ornaments used to decorate it. Visiting Potter Park Zoo can be another place where you can enjoy a light show as well as get a lot of goodie bags.

If you want to know about that one place in Lansing where you can have a lot of fun in the snow, that place would be Hawk Island. Activities like sledging, tubing etc are all available there. You can do a lot of shopping at the local business stores as well as REO Town Market Place’s Holiday Bazaar where you can expect to buy a variety of holiday-exclusive things. A tour of the Michigan State Capitol building is also a must do for any visitor to Lansing.

8. Escanaba

Escanaba is a comparatively quieter and more secluded city in Michigan. It remains filled with heavy snow from December to the first week of March. The forests and landscapes around the city make it more appealing and beautiful. Because of its location being situated on the shores of Little Bay de Noc, it remains a hub for a lot of snow sports. Snowboarding and snowshoeing are common sports in Escanaba. This city offers many nature trails for hiking as well. Cross-country skiing and tubbing will give you the experience of the perfect adventure.

Great Lake Ice Racing and Ice fishing are two sports that you can participate in and can enjoy the most while spending time in Escanaba.

9. Midland

Midland is known for the midland city forest and the city park. This is the area which attracts travelers to the city throughout the year. Once filled with snow, during winters, it offers a perfect place for children and adults both for several fun activities. In the park, there is a 7.5-mile-long snow trail. Midland City Forest Park becomes a center for various activities like cross-country skiing, sledging, snowshoeing and tobogganing. There is also an outdoor skating rink which you would love as you would skate under an open sky.

10. Jackson

If you want your winter vacation filled with something new, exciting and fun, then you must head towards Jackson. Jackson is another city in Michigan which blooms its best during winters. It’s situated just in the center of the state. It has many museums and a planetarium which makes it a perfect place for anyone to explore and learn more while on vacation. There are regular academic seminars, and educational events held at Jackson which could be enlightening for you.

It is also home to hundreds of lakes which become more beautiful during winters. And if you are feeling chilly then you have the Chateau Aeronautique Winery to your rescue. If you are a nature lover, then you would love to witness Dahlem which is Jackson’s own natural space filled with a lot of trees and wildlife.

What’s your favorite winter activity in Michigan? Share with us in the comments section below.

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