10 Top Things To Do In Saugatuck, Michigan

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Wondering about the things to do in Saugatuck for your visit? Here are the top things to do in this gorgeous beach town of Michigan.

Saugatuck in Michigan is everything that you can expect from a countryside town and more. The picturesque beaches, tall-grassed dunes, a river that adds to the beauty of the town and a community that loves and shares creative ideas among itself. Saugatuck would offer you that time that you could only see in period dramas and read about it in novels. It is an ideal getaway for families or couples who are seeking a rejuvenating vacation away from crowded tourist hot spots. With something for everyone, there are a lot of things to do in Saugatuck that you will absolutely love.

Sunset At Oval Beach - Things To Do In Saugatuck, Michigan
Sunset At Oval Beach – Things To Do In Saugatuck, Michigan

Here are some of the amazing things to do in Saugatuck that you can indulge in while visiting the town.

Things To Do In Saugatuck, Michigan

1. Climb The Mount Baldhead

Mount Baldhead is one of the most famous locations in Saugatuck. It is known for its 1-mile loop which is considered ideal for walking, running, and bike riding. The climb of the mountain via wooden stairs takes around 40 minutes in total. Lush green trees with the backdrop of Lake Michigan along with a beautiful lighthouse are simply out of the most scenic landscape. People visit the mountain to unwind themselves along with capturing the picturesque views that they get there. On the quieter times of the day, it feels like heaven to spend some time around the Mount and the cool breeze from the river will leave you refreshed.

2. Take A Walk At The Oval Beach

The Oval Beach is one of the most visited places in Saugatuck. This beautiful sandy beach on clear days attracts many people for swimming, sunbathing or simply relaxing. It becomes a friendly neighborhood, but that is not the only best part about the beach. A walk along the dunes during sunset with lavender skies on top or around golden hours is the best thing about the beach. It is named among the 25 best shorelines in the world by Conde Nast.

3. Spend Adventure Time At Dune Rides

Have you been missing those wildlife adventure rides? If you are planning to visit Saugatuck, you can get a glimpse of the same while you explore the dunes around the town. The golden sunlight on the dunes along with greenery and wildlife is always a sight to watch. You would not know the next surprise that you will see on this tour. The guides would let you know about the different aspects of the city and the stories surrounding the places that you are going to see on the tour.

This is one of the most fun things to do in Saugatuck that you can partake in. It becomes way better if you are visiting the city with your family.

4. Go On A River Cruise

This is one of the most memorable things to do in Saugatuck. River cruise is an experience that you should be excited about while visiting the city. Star of Saugatuck Boat Cruises would be responsible for your unique experience in this 35-minute tour. To get the best out of these lavish tours, you should either take the early morning rides or the evening rides at sunset. At these times, it would give you the best views of the city.

The staff at the cruise takes care that you have the best experience of Lake Michigan and its surroundings in the most luxurious ways possible. As Saugatuck is known for its art of wining and dining, expect some of the best wines and delicacies while being on the cruise line. There are special themed cruises around holidays or special events like a pirate cruise or Halloween cruise. Though online ticket booking is closed at the moment, you can buy the tickets on the spot or call them for pre-bookings.

5. Visit The Douglas History Museum

Douglas History Museum is the most significant in the area and contains the work of over 300 artists in the building. These artworks belong to the artists who have lived in the area for many decades. While visiting the museum, you can understand the artistic perspective of the Saugatuck community. The exhibits and events conducted by the museum would help you know more about the community of the city and the experts that reside in the town. Here, you will not only find the current state of the city but would also explore the history of the city and the area.

The perfect blend of colors would not only be pleasing to your eyes but would also serve as a perfect storyteller for you. This is another unmissable part of the town.

6. Some Shopping At The Butler Street

Butler Street in Saugatuck is known for its stores and has become a center for locals to roam around and shop. Here you will find all kinds of stores that you can imagine. The best part of the street is you can visit the place at any time of the day. During the day, you will find the street covered with shades of trees on both sides.

The walking path has benches in front and sides of the stores, so you can enjoy some window shopping and appreciate the warmth of the day. At night, the beautiful lighting and hustle of the street make it one of the liveliest streets in the entire town and you would love it if you are an extrovert and want to meet some local people of the city. You can buy memorabilia from the gift shops, or buy some local fashion and home accessories to add a piece of the city to your home.

7. Spend Time At The Quaint Kalamazoo River

While you are cruising through the Kalamazoo River, you would desire for the quaint surroundings of the river. You must have dreamt to spend a countryside afternoon near the river in the lush grass among chirping crickets and under the shade of a tree. And by the sides of the river, you can fulfil that desire of yours. Set yourself afloat over the river on a paddle wheel boat ride or a cruise to enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

You would love to spend some time at the sides of the river with the cool breeze and butterflies. You can arrange a picnic with your family and friends around the river or simply grab a basket with eateries and your favorite book to spend some ‘me’ time with yourself.

8. Explore Art At J. Petter Galleries

The community of Saugatuck is an artistic community. Saugatuck is a town filled with residents who not only create art but know how to preserve it. And, you are going to see it in every single aspect of the town. Apart from the art school and other art exhibits, there is one place that has a unique collection of art and is known as the J. Petter Galleries. Apart from the art collection that has over 1000 unique pieces in it.

You are going to find a perfect blend of luxury that you are not going to find anywhere else in the town. And, that is wine and art together. The Gallery not only preserves art but also sells wines and being a part of Saugatuck society, the collection of wine here is splendid.

9. Go For Wine tastings

In Saugatuck, you will find drinks in different forms. There is a beer brewing company in the city and winemakers as well. One of them is Saugatuck Brewing Company which is also the oldest craft brewery in the town. So, you will find freshly brewed beer and age-old white and red wines which would be perfect for your tastes. There are different wine tasting exhibits that you will see throughout the city and you can attend any of them.

But apart from luxurious wine, you will find a lot of stories and tales from the local people of the city. The friendly neighborhood of the town makes it easier for travelers to blend in and they would welcome you with warmth and compassion.

10. Arrange A Picnic At Coghlin Park

Coghlin Park in Saugatuck is another place where you can arrange a picnic. The river flows at the side of the park and the infrastructure gives it a promenade-type look to the place. You will find benches where you can just sit with your beloved and spend some quality time. Apart from that, the evenings are the best at the park as the lit lamps around the river provide it with a scenic view. You can do fishing here or simply look at the sunset on the horizon. Thus, making it a memorable moment.

These are the top things to do in Saugatuck, Michigan that would make your trip very special. If you are looking for a great place to stay in Saugatuck, here are some of our best recommendations;

Budget ($100-$125) : Best Western Plaza hotel is a great budget hotel in Saugatuck that offers a very comfortable and convenient stay to the guests. Rooms are well furnished and equipped with modern amenities. The hotel is also very close to the beaches, dune rides and art galleries in Saugatuck.

Boutique ($125+) : Set in a beautiful historic mansion, the Belvedere Inn & Restaurant is a favorite pick for visitors coming to Saugatuck. The elegant architecture, lovely decoration and European style interiors of the hotel are very admirable. The rooms are vintage styled, spacious, cozy and comfortable. Plus there is also a fine dining restaurant with captivating views.

Which of these top things to do in Saugatuck do you look forward to the most? Do let us know in the comments below.

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