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The 8 Best Food in Florida You Can’t Miss

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If you are looking for the best food in Florida, here’s a list that takes you through the ones you should not be missing out on.

Whether it be hopping from island to island by boat, kayak, or swimming in the ocean, nothing beats experiencing the diverse culture and the best food in Florida. The Sunshine State is home to 1,350 miles of coastline as well as different climates zones which make the food scene incredible. From Old Floridian fare such as stone crabs during season found all over to southern dishes underlining cheesy grits to Cuban sandwiches, the food scene in Florida is out of this world.

Whether you are coming to Florida as a tourist for the weekend, to come long-term while working remotely, or to enjoy the sunsets on the beach, there are foods for you.

Key Lime Pie - Best Food In Florida
Key Lime Pie – Must Try Food In Florida

What City in Florida Offers the Best Food?

Local food is an important aspect of any culture, and in Florida, this truth holds especially true. The Sunshine State’s cuisine varies from region to region with some influences coming from Latin America or Southern European countries like Spain. 

In Northern Florida, especially in St. Augustine, you can find lots of good food spilling over. From oysters to succulent Gulf Coast shrimp to conch fritters, you will have a ton of choices.

In addition, in Central Florida around Orlando and Tampa, you will find exquisite ribs, mussels, and street tacos that you will die for.

Last but not least, in Southern Florida, specifically Miami, you will get the chance to taste some of the best ceviche and stone crabs.

As a whole, you will find the best food in Florida around St. Augustine and Orlando in the Northern part of the Sunshine State and is one of the best places to travel in the world.

What Seafood Are Florida’s Keys Known For?

The Florida Keys stretch for more than 100 miles into the ocean. People lived there that came from different places like the Bahamas and Cuba.  People there ate food that had tastes from all over, including fish and seafood and that made what the succulent food in the Keys is today.

The best seafood in the Keys is by far shrimps with delicious pasta dishes and salads as well as oysters with bars serving fresh ones in fall and winter. Apart from that, you will also find the lobster to be excellent in this part of Florida.

All in all, in the Keys, you will find some of the best seafood in Florida that you can’t leave without tasting.

Which Florida Key Has The Best Food?

Key West is a popular place to visit and offers the best food in the Keys. People go there for the sun, snorkelling, and fishing. But what people like most is the seafood.  In fact, in Key West, you can find some of the best restaurants in Florida for seafood dishes. Apart from the incredible seafood scene, you will find some of the best lime pies, authentic Cuban food, and freshly caught shrimps.

As a whole, in Key West, you will have the time of your life whether you come to taste their seafood, their best restaurants, or simply to enjoy the sunsets on the beach.

Best Food In Florida You Have To Try

1. Cuban Sandwich

One of the most popular sandwiches in Florida is not actually from here, but it’s now hard to go anywhere near Miami without seeing a Cuban Sandwich. The sandwich was created by immigrants who fled Cuba after Fidel Castro took over and found their way to Tampa Bay because they were welcomed with open arms.

The Cuban sandwich, also called Cubano, is a popular type of meal in Florida, which has become its unofficial state dish. The Cubano is typically made of ham, roasted pork, melted Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard, all pressed into some warm toasty bread. It tastes incredible with potato chips or fries but you can’t miss the combination with plantain chips.

2. Key Lime Pie

Florida is well known for limes, but they are also famous for the Key Lime Pie. The name comes from a key lime that grows in Florida and has an intense flavour. It combines citrusy tartness along with sweetened condensed milk and egg yolk to create this signature dessert – not all of them taste alike though.

Variations on this dish are found across America with some people preferring pies that use a different type of sugar or salt for flavouring to create their own unique recipe.

3. Conch Fritters

Florida has a lot of seafood restaurants that offer conch fritters as an appetizer, which are like the escargots of Florida. They are deep-fried delicious delicacies that have Southern influences sprinkled all over them with greasy goodness.

Conch Fritters were popularized by fishermen looking for ways to fry up their catch quickly while on boats out at sea; nowadays locals enjoy gobbling down this crispy snack after cracking open some freshly caught oysters or other shellfish found offshore.

4. Minorcan Chowder

Minorcan clam chowder is one of the best food in Florida and some of St. Augustine’s most popular dishes, and it’s simply a dish not to be missed. It has a deep red colour coming from its tomato base mixed with vegetables, clams, and seafood stock. 

Many have tried substituting other peppers but they insist there is no substitute for this sweet-tart citrusy hot taste that can only come from fresh Florida Datils.

5. Ceviche

Ceviche is a traditional dish that has been around for centuries and that was popularized in Florida by Spanish conquistadors and colonizers. Back in the day, they would use limes or oranges to cook raw fish. It’s made with fresh raw fish marinated in lime juice, usually garnished cilantro and salt to season it. The juices tenderize the meat of the seafood while also giving it an acidic taste that brings out flavours like no other cooking method can do.

6. Stone Crabs

Stone crabs are a delicacy and some of the best food in Florida you really can’t miss. They are served cold with tangy mustard sauce for dipping. Essentially, stone crabs are not eaten whole, but their claws can be a delicacy. With a mildly sweet taste and texture similar to lobster meat, stone crabs have become very popular in Florida.

7. Fritas

Fritas, which are a Cuban version of hamburgers, has been an iconic Miami delicacy since it first arrived in South Florida with immigrants fleeing the Cuban Revolution in the 1950s. The standard variation of Fritas is made of ground beef patties seasoned with cumin, paprika, and pepper, all topped off by fried potatoes.

8. Fried Gator Bites

The alligators are some of the most exotic dishes on this list and one of the best food in Florida to taste. And it’s certainly a great option for those who are looking to try something new. The fresh meat can be found in many forms: fried as fritters for the most popular version. Or blackened, in chowders, and even alligator cheesecakes. If this is your first tasting alligator, you will find it tastes similar to chicken.

The best food in Florida is as diverse and delicious as the state itself. You can find everything from authentic Cuban cuisine to southern comfort dishes like fresh seafood on the Atlantic Coast. In conclusion, whatever your taste buds desire, you will find it here in Florida. There are so many cuisines and cultures that make up the state’s culinary scene. What is your favourite?

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