20 Best Travel Gifts For Women – The Ultimate List

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Looking for the best travel gifts for women? Here you will surely be able to find wonderful gift ideas for women who love to travel.

Finding a perfect gift for your loved ones can be overwhelming sometimes. For travellers specially, you will have to look for something that is useful, compact and easy to carry. It should also be something that they will adore and treasure for life.

This list includes gadgets, accessories, self care kits, organisers and more from which you will certainly find the perfect gift for your dear one.

Best Travel Gifts For Women

1. Travel Themed Jewellery

Minimalist pieces of jewellery will prove to be adorable gifts for your loved ones. World map bracelets, compass necklaces, charm necklaces and mantra cuffs not only look charming but also turn out to be treasured gifts that inspire wanderlust.

The Vagabond Life store designs high quality jewellery that are made of lead-free, hypoallergenic, and tarnish-resistant stainless steel with a thick overlay of 18K gold. These pieces are very affordable. The collection of jewellery is available in rose gold, gold and silver that is perfect for everyday wear.

Vagabond Life Bracelet - Travel Gifts For Women Vagabond Life Chain - Travel Gifts For Women
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2. Travel Blanket And Wrap

One of the best gifts for women who love to travel is a cosy and lightweight travel blanket. She can use it as a wrap, scarf, an airplane blanket, or a lovely fireplace accessory for outside. The incredibly soft travel blanket from Happyluxe is of high quality and comes with UPF 50+ sun protection.

The travel blanket also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, that means if you are unhappy with it, you will get a full refund without inconvenience. Its a perfect gift and will be admired by the one you present it to.

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3. Memory Foam Travel Pillow

A memory foam travel pillow maximises comfort while traveling. It is adjustable, versatile and provides personalised support for neck, back, shoulder, or cervical spine. The soft memory foam in the pillow ensures she has maximum relief from any discomfort while traveling on a train, bus or flight.

The memory foam travel pillow from Dot&Dot is a perfect choice that fits the bill. It is easy to pack, light weight and has a snap button loop so that she can easily attach it to her backpack or luggage. In addition to this, it comes in a complete set which also includes eye mask, earplugs and drawstring bag.

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4. Travel Listography Journal

Travel Listography is a fantastic journal that not only has pages for writing down plans and experiences, but also aspires to travel to new places and see how amazing the world is. The journal features illustrations and prompts that makes it more fun to record memorable travel experiences. She can also write about her future travel goals and things she would love to see while she is on her explorations. This journal is a perfect gift for your wanderlust seeker.


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5. Scratch Off World Map

Imagine when she comes back after travelling and get to scratch off a destination she has visited to. Its a highly comforting experience for a traveller to tick off the bucket list worthy destinations. A scratch off wall map is a cool and fun way of recording places she has been to. It can also be used as a wall decoration that would instantly catch anyone’s admiration.

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6. Bagsmart Jewellery Case

The jewellery case from Bagsmart is compact, well made and is beautifully designed. She can keep her studs, rings, bracelets, brooches and chains neatly organised in this case, and save herself from detangling them or looking out for them in her entire luggage. A jewellery case is a must for traveling women and is a saviour on a busy trip.

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7. Traveller Key Chain

If you are looking for something unique, consider giving a traveller key chain with a collection of engraved travel rings. These travel rings from Vagabond Life, are a great way of proudly keeping a track of countries that have been visited by your loved one. Look up for the countries that she has visited, make a collection of the travel rings based on the countries and add it to the traveller keychain.

The key chain comes in different colours such as icy blue, red, pink, black and brown from which you would certainly be able to find a perfect fit.

Traveller Keychain - Travel Gifts For Women Traveller Keychain - Travel Gifts For Women
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8. Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Earphones

Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling earphones are easy to carry, have high quality sound and effective noise cancelling. They are not as bulky as the headphones and therefore prove to be comfortable to put on during flights or train journeys when she rests her head on her travel pillow.

These earphones come to rescue effectively while staying in hotels with noisy surroundings or while seeking calmness in a crowded space. The Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling earphones are perfect and useful travel gifts for women who travels frequently.

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9. Bagsmart Canvas Camera Bag

The Bagsmart Canvas Camera Bag is a brilliant accessory that provides maximum protection to camera gears. It has a storage space for 1 camera, two lenses, cable, spare battery and other camera accessories. There are different compartments and zipper pockets for the camera gears.

The best part about this bag is that it looks femininely stylish from the outside but is properly guarded with padded interiors. It is one of the best travel gifts for women who love photography.

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10. L’Occitane Green Tea Discovery Travel Kit

You can never go wrong with products from L’Occitane. To remind your loved one of her on the go self care routine, get her the Green Tea collection from L’Occitane. The collection includes travel sized L’Occitane Green Tea Shower Gel, Green Tea Body Milk, and L’Occitane Green Tea Hand Cream in a keepsake limited edition pouch. She would simply love carrying it during her travels.

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11. Sunflora Picnic Backpack

A picnic backpack is a very useful gift for the ones planning a tropical vacation or a camping trip. The Sunflora picnic backpack is highly durable and of high quality. It comes with well organised tableware compartment, insulated food compartment, picnic blanket and detachable bottle holder.

The backpack also includes plates, napkins, wine glasses, cutting board, bottle opener, blanket and detachable travel waterproof pouch where you can put ice or chilled drinks. These backpacks are easy to carry and do replace the need of picnic baskets.

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12. Travel Friendly Garment Steamer

A portable, light weight and easy to pack garment steamer is a must for people who go on frequent business trips, festive trips or leisure trips. Garment steamer from iStream is highly effective as it works amazingly on removing of tough wrinkles. It can also be used for deep cleansing of surfaces and elimination of unhealthy agents from the clothes. The iSteam garment steamer comes with a 3 year satisfaction guarantee that makes it even more worth buying.

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13. Self Cleaning Smart Water Bottle

A good bottle of water that can be easily refilled and quickly cleaned is an essential companion during journeys. What if the water bottle comes with a smart LED technology which disinfects, removes odour and cleans it automatically every two hours? That will certainly save her from any inconvenience and she will be satisfied too that the bottle is free from any bacteria or viruses.

The Philips Self-cleaning Smart Bottle does an amazing job in giving fresh tasting water and eliminating up to 99.999% bacteria and 99.9% viruses. No matter wherever she is traveling to, she will be sure that she is hydrating herself with clean water.

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14. Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

For those who love to create journal of travel photos or place them on the boards or frames in their home, the Canon IVY Mobile Mini Photo Printer would be a fantastic gift that they would cherish.  Connect the photo printer to an Android or iOS devices via Bluetooth and the free Canon Mini Print app to get really cool pictures printed on peel and stick papers.

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15. Travel Pouch Set

A travel pouch set is a saviour for those who struggle with organising things in their bags. These zipper pouches are good to store documents, journals, small electronic items, cosmetics, cards, clothing and more. It will avoid any kind of disorganisation or hassle when she will try to find things in her bag.

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16. Bagsmart Toiletry Travel Bag

Keeping all the toiletries like lotions, shampoos, brushes, eyeliners, toothpaste, skincare products and more, intact is very convenient if done in a right way. The toiletry bag from Bagsmart is water resistant, well padded for protection and has spacious zippered compartments. It also has a 360 degree swivel non-slip metal hook that allows you to hang it over a hook or rack for a greater ease in access. The bag is compact in design and takes up less room in the luggage bag.

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17. GoPro Hero 9

A GoPro Hero 9 action camera is a gear which is high up on any travellers wish list who loves to capture moments in high resolution. Its waterproof feature enables it to take stunning shots underwater or during adventurous water activities. The camera features most advanced video stabilization ever that allows smooth recording of videos.

You can also capture mesmerising time lapse scenes and epic slow motion videos. The GoPro Hero 9 is well worth of having and can be the best gift ever for any travel lover.

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18. Travel Coffee Table Books

Perfect for travel lovers that nurtures their wanderlust, travel based coffee table books are a great pick. It not only provides them a good read, but also inspires and introduces them to many wonderful destinations that they might have not visited. One of our favourite picks are Atlas Obscura that takes readers through intriguing hidden wonders and extraordinary travel destinations.


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19. Travel Cable Organiser

A travel cable organizer is a saviour for those who go on frequent business trips. They have to carry electronic essentials with them during these trips. To keep all the cables, hard drives, power banks, SD cards, earphones and other types of small electronic gears in a protected manner, a travel cable organizer comes up with zippered mesh and elastic loop segments. This ensures that none of the electronic gears get damaged or lost. It is a very practical and useful gift for frequent travellers.

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20. Scented Candles Set

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way of promoting stress relief and calming down after a long day. Travel friendly scented candles comes in a variety of fragrances that include spring, lavender, lemon, and Mediterranean fig. These candles come in small tins, are easy to pack and prove to be a mood lifter any day.

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We are sure you will find the perfect gift for your wander-lusting companion from this list of best travel gifts for women. If you have any other travel gift suggestion or questions you can share it in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

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