Self Care Essentials That Every Traveler Must Carry On Their Trips

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No matter how much your wanderlust is putting you on your feet, you must make sure that your wellness is not ignored. I have been carrying these easy to pack and legit self care essentials during my travels and I am sure you would find them useful too.

Self care is a very essential and empowering practice that every individual must involve in their daily routines. In a way it refreshes our mind and broadens our perspectives on the activities we may get involved in for the day. While we are traveling, we often forget or ignore our self care routines in the chase of exploring our respective destinations. The below self care essentials are everything you need to get your self ready to travel.

Must Have Self Care Essentials For Your Travels

Sanitizing and Disinfectant Wipes

Sanitizing Wipes are the most basic essentials that you should have in your carry bags while you are going traveling by flights, trains, buses or your own convince. Public toilets  specially in remote areas, picnics spots or camping places do not have proper sanitary wipes, soaps and tissues. These wipes come handy at such places and make sure you have kept yourselves protected from germs. Use wipes that are alcohol free to avoid drying out of your skin, as drying out of skin may lead to easy entrance of viruses. Opt for Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and CareTouch Hand Sanitizing Wipes that come in very travel friendly packaging.

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Comfortable Shoes

City walking tours, trekking, hiking, strolling on the beaches and promenades are more enjoyable if your feet are in comfort. Make sure you pack comfortable shoes and flip flops so that when you are enjoying your trip or come back to the hotel, you don’t have those painful and uncomfortable shoe bites on your feet.

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Meditation Apps

Meditation not only refreshes our soul positively but also broadens our perspective of seeing the world. It is an essential practice that we should involve in our daily lives. While traveling, we somehow forget or ignore doing meditation. Some apps like Headspace and Calm make it easy and timely for us to meditate. Download any of these self care essentials apps and use them. I assure you, that you won’t regret.

Sleep Eye Mask

A good sleep is a necessity to keep your mind fresh and boost energy for the activities you have planned for the day. Either you are on a flight, train journey, suffering from jet lag or have puffy eyes, a good sleep eye mask that blocks light and is comfortable would be an ultimate solution for you.

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Portable Water Filter

It’s very important to be hydrated while you are traveling. You cannot always rely on the availability of packaged or bottled water. There might be some conditions when you may have to drink from tap water or from the riversides. It is always necessary to keep yourself prepared for such situations. A portable water filter such as LifeStraw comes to rescue at such times. It’s filtration process makes sure that the water is clean and safe for drinking without causing any harm to the environment.

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Soothing Essential Oils

You must never forget to pack at least a pair of good essential oils. These oils have amazing calming, medicinal, stress busting and soothing properties to help you have a relaxing sleep. You wont need to worry about bed bugs, headaches, sun burns or even motion sickness if you carry the right kind of essential oils with you. My most preferred essential oils are Lavender and Ginger by Healing Solutions . These essential oils are true multi takers and ensure that you are at ease.

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Dry Shampoo

Travelling somehow makes the hair quality all dried up and weak. Dry Shampoo proves to be a lifesaver when you are feeling exhausted enough to go ahead for wet washes. Even in cold destinations when you are lacking a hair dryer or need few gaps between wet washes, dry shampoos become really handy. You can easily manage to have picture ready locks after using a dry shampoo. The All Natural and Vegan Dry Shampoo from Handmade Heroes has been my perfect find, you may try it out too.

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Lip Balm

A good moisturizing lip balm is one of the most basic and important things one must carry while traveling. Chapped and dehydrated lips are very common traveling effects that occur no mater what the climatic condition of your destination is. Moisturizing and hydrating lip balms will keep you smiling all the way long.

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Shower Tablets

Shower Tablets are great alternatives to have a spa retreat yourselves after a long day of exploring and indulging in travel related fun activities. These tablets are a perfect combination of in shower aroma and  distressing therapies which would definitely leave a calming effect on you.

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Face Sheet Mask

Face mask sheets have proven to be highly effective and hydrating, when it comes to quick remedies for having a good facial skin. The ease to use them make you capable of getting that evenly nourished glow and freshness on your face. Do carry these face mask sheets with you on your travels, I bet they will become your BFFs too!

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are for those who get easily disturbed by noisy surroundings. These are very useful while you are traveling through flight, train, bus or any other convenience and do not want to struggle with any noises. It’s also really effective when you want a peaceful good night sleep.

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Facial Wipes

Facial wipes are a great way to effectively cleanse and exfoliate your face while you are on the go. Carrying them makes it easy to take care of facial skin that can be affected by the dust and pollution while you are traveling. You can also use these travel friendly facial wipes to remove or before applying any facial make up.

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Rose Water

Rose water is highly effective in hydrating and refreshing facial skin. You must include it in your daily skin care routine for the extra love your skin deserves. A small spray bottle is very easy to carry in your travel bag. Make sure to spray some rose water mist before you go for a good night sleep.

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Do include these wellness products in your self care essentials kit while you pack for your travels. I assure you, these will make your trips enjoyable, stress free and fun.

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47 thoughts on “Self Care Essentials That Every Traveler Must Carry On Their Trips

  1. Great list and I’m happy to say I use most of the things you have listed. I absolutely cannot live without wipes both for sanitizing or as make up removals. Gone are the days I lug cleansers and toners around in my luggage. I keep giving the sleeping eye mask a go but it never works and I have concluded that I don’t like the feeling of something on my face. Sunscreen is big on my list of things to carry too. I spend so much time outdoors when I travel that I have to make sure I am well covered daily.

  2. Some of these are definitely essential for me. I always have wipes and disinfectant handwash. I don’t own any shoes that aren’t super comfortable! And the idea of essential oils is great, I usually pack a small travel candle if I have space. Toiletries including great moisturisers, are essential. I’ve not tried dried shampoo, but sounds like a great option for times when you can’t access a hot shower.

  3. I couldn’t agree any more! I try to apply most of these tips during my travels but in everyday life as well. My most needed essential are the noise-cancelling headphones- I simply can’t live without them anymore 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post, mainly because I have many of the items you list! Dry shampoo is a real life saver, especially as I don’t wash my hair everyday. Also, the essential oils are great for helping me sleep on flights – which isn’t an easy thing to do!

  5. Great list. I feel like you looked into my suitcase when you wrote this (other than the dry shampoo). I have been exploring buying a portable water filter and I appreciate the suggestion. Essential oils and meditation apps are a must!

  6. A very useful post for all female traveller.s Sanitary wipes are so critical in road trips where you don’t always get very clean and hygenic tolets. Dry shampoo is awesome!

  7. This is a great list! I actually bring most of this stuff with me when I travel, so it sounds like I’m doing something right 🙂 I had not heard of the shower tablet before, very cool idea.

  8. I also bring face sheet mask when I travel. A must-have to keep our skin hydrated! A good idea to bring sanitizing wipes. It is super useful when on the plane.

  9. That’s a perfect list. I almost have it all except a few. I should really invest in a portable water filter.
    One more thing that I’d add to this list is the FUD (Female Urinary Device). Its a blessing when the public toilets are a bit miserable!

  10. Awesome list! I would add tea bags as well. They are great for relaxing and centering yourself at any point during your trip or help with puffy eyes post a long haul.

  11. I keep almost all of these items in my carry on bag when I travel! The sanitation wipes are especially important, because not all countries provide soap in the restrooms.

  12. Great tips! Especially the portable waterbottle filter. I’d actually rather use this and save money, rather than buying a bunch of water bottles anyway.

  13. These are really useful suggestions. Before my family and I travel I always make a list and pack for everyone else but then I completely forget about the things I need to care for myself! Gotta love being a mommy sometimes.

  14. I love rose water toners and face mists! They smell wonderful and do wonders for the skin. 🙂

  15. Sanitary wipes is the one thing that I’ll make sure always to carry, other than that I can’t step out without my lip balm. But there are a few other things that you have mentioned in your blog that I should carry while travelling. Thanks a lot for this amazing blog and wonderful tips.

  16. These are important items to carry while traveling. They come in handy when you least expect it.

  17. Every essential that made it to the list is 💯. I have almost all of these and use them to keep my sanity in check. I’m yet to try out essential oils but I can imagine how soothing it will have one at hand when life throws me punches. And that comfy shoes? Aye👐

  18. This is a great list of travel essentials, I take wipes everywhere I go. I would have never thought to be bring a portable water filter. I bookmarked this post, to use a checklist whenever I begin traveling. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips!

  19. Such a great tips, and these is exactly what i wilk be bringing wuth me when got to start traveling.

  20. Those were a great essentials while travelling. I can never leave without Sanitizing Wipes since i always travel with my kids.

  21. Having these essentials is really important when you are traveling. I always make sure to bring Sanitizing Wipes everytime I travel.

  22. I really loved your lists and everything you’ve mentioned is so important to have by any travelers. Dry shampoo and shower tablets are new for me to try, I am going to check that out!

  23. This is a very useful list of travel essentials. I always carry face wipes and antibacterial disinfecting wipes too.

  24. Disinfecting wipes really do come in handy when you’re traveling and can really help while visiting different hotels/places to stay.

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