15 Best Travel Gifts For Couples – The Ultimate List

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Trying to find an ideal gift for a couple who loves to travel? Here’s an ultimate list of best travel gifts for couples that will help you figure out a perfect present for your dear ones.

While you are on a hunt for a travel friendly gift for a couple, you would want to make sure that it is useful to them and does not get stuck in their cupboards. The most ideal gift for couples who are bound by wanderlust is something that is packable, easy to carry, practical and functional for their trips. If you are figuring out a gift with these attributes, you need not worry. Check out this wonderful list that curates the most efficient, handy and advantageous travel gifts for couples.

For the holiday season, anniversary, wedding or any other occasion, you will surely find something interesting here.

Best Travel Gifts For Couples

1. Wearable Travel Blanket

A travel blanket proves to be very comforting and relaxing for anyone traveling via long haul flights, trains or even by car for road trips. Sheet blankets that are available in flights can be very uncomfortable. If you give the couple a good travel blanket, the warmth and cosiness of it will certainly remind them of you. They can also snug into the travel blanket while they are on a camping trip or resting in their hotel room. Travel blankets are one of the most thoughtful travel gifts for couples.

The premium travel blanket from Zero Grid fills in all the aspects of convenience. To assure that they do not slip off on you, these travel blankets feature adjustable shoulder snaps and foot pouches to make them wearable. It is machine washable, lightweight and easily packable, which makes it a great companion on all kinds of adventures. This multifunctional travel blanket can also be used as a back comforter or a pillow when not in use as a blanket. Plus it also has a hidden zipper pocket where you can store your essentials. This travel blanket by Zero Grid is a perfect gift for anniversaries or weddings.

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2. Philips Water GoZero UV Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle

Proper hydration throughout the day keeps energy levels up and is also a key for good health. Having a smart water bottle with less hassle of cleaning on the go would keep the traveling couple at ease. The smart water bottle from Philips utilizes UV-C LED technology to disinfect the bottle and eliminate odour. It automatically activates every 2 hours to keep the bottle clean and odour free.

You do not need to worry about cleaning from the inside of it. Fill the bottle with water from any sources and rest be assured you will have fresh drinking water free of any bacteria or viruses. The double insulation of the water keeps the water cold or hot all day long. The Philips smart water bottle is BPA free and lessens the need of disposable water bottles which makes it an environment friendly option too.

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3. Selfie Stick Phone Tripod

Travel tripod and selfie stick are a must for couples who travel. How about giving them a phone tripod that works well as a selfie stick too? It is a great option to take clear pictures. It also makes it easier to take amazing couple photos without asking someone else to do it for them. The Selfie stick phone tripod from Bluehorn is very user friendly and versatile. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to take pictures from upto 30 feet away. The selfie stick extends upto 40 inches which gives you opportunities to click pictures at various angles. It very easily transforms to a high quality tripod which holds your phone with utmost stability.

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4. Trtl Neck Support Travel Pillow

A comforting travel pillow is one of the most thoughtful gifts on this list. This gift will show that you really care about the couple. The Trtl neck support travel pillow is designed to snug in natural comfort. It also maintains the right alignment of your head while sleeping. This is a scientifically proven feature of Trtl travel pillows.

It does not also seem to be like the traditional bulky travel pillow. Instead it is made of soft fleece with a unique internal support and some extra cosy cushioning to support the position of head and neck. This eliminates any kind of discomfort or struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position while traveling on flights, trains or car. Trtl travel pillow is very easy to pack or attach to the handle of your backpack. It’s super lightweight and machine washable. It is one of the best travel gifts for couples on this list that they will fall in love with.

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5. Portable Coffee Maker

For a quick coffee fix, a portable coffee maker would be a bliss for any traveler. It’s agreeable that there are many cafes out there, but nothing is better than brewing coffee for yourself wherever you are headed to. Plus it’s very cost effective. Compact and durable, it can easily fit into your carry on bags. One such is the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker. It brews hot coffee in a minute while it brews cold coffee in 2 minutes. This impressive press gives up to 3 cups of fresh coffee per press that is flavourful and free from bitterness. Moreover it’s very simple to use and cleans up in seconds.

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6. Foldable Travel Kettle

Travel kettles can come very handy for travelers for sterilising water, preparing tea or coffee, cooking noodles, boiling eggs and more that may need heated water. This makes it an excellent option for you if you are looking for useful travel gifts for couples. It is ideal for those who want to avoid usage of shared items in hotel rooms or while camping. The collapsible travel kettle by Brentwood is very easy to bring around. Its packable and lightweight design saves room in your luggage.

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7. Headphone Splitter

One of the best ways for couples to keep them engaged during long hauls or long journeys is by sharing entertainment together. A headphone splitter will help them to enjoy the same audio together. They just need to connect the headphone splitter to the headphone jack in your tablet, phone or laptop. They can listen to the same audio together from the same device no matter where they are traveling to.

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8. Passport Holder

For travelers, a good passport holder is a necessity for keeping their passport and cards all organised at one place. These days passport holders are available in many styles and custom designs. If you decide on gifting a couple passport holders that are travel themed, one thing is for sure that it would really not end up in their closets to be never used up again.

The stylish looking passport holders, luggage tags and pen set from Deluxy is one of the best travel gifts for couples. This useful gift will certainly gear up the couple for their next adventure. The set of the luggage tags and passport holders are made of the highest quality cruelty free Vegan leather. These are very durable and built to last for the longest time.

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9. Travel Steamer For Clothes

Relying on laundry services to get your clothes perfectly ironed while you are on the go can seem very daunting. Sometimes wrinkled clothes need to be fixed real quick. This is where a travel friendly clothes steamer comes really handy. The iSteam Steamer tops the list when it comes to being portable, lightweight, powerful and affordable amongst all. It works effectively on tough wrinkles and creases. It also eliminates odours and unhealthy agents to keep the fabric fresh. For traveling couples the iSteam Steamer will save them time, energy and unnecessary expenses while they are on their trips.

What’s more? This garment steamer comes with a 3 year warranty which definitely makes it worthy of being gifted.

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10. Travel Themed Jewellery

Twinning with travel themed jewellery for couples would really make them more joyful and bring them closer together. These will also instill more wanderlust and keep them inspired. World map necklaces, compass bracelets, charm necklaces, mantra cuffs and sunshine necklaces will definitely add a lot of natural charm to their journeys ahead.

These lovely jewellery pieces are available in the Vagabond Life store. This brand designs affordable high quality jewellery that are made of hypoallergenic, lead-free, and tarnish-resistant stainless steel so that they can be worn throughout your travels.

vagabond-life bracelet - best travel gifts for couples
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11. Scratch Off Map

A scratch off map on the wall is a visual treat for anyone who loves to travel. This map allows you to mark and trace your journeys. It makes you feel motivated and look forward to your next trip. It is also a great way to keep a track of countries you have already visited. Plus, the happiness and satisfaction you feel when you come back from a trip and get to mark off the place from the map makes it all worth it. We love the scratch off world map poster by Landmass Goods. It’s of high quality grade and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The scratch off map also comes with interesting scratch tools, vibrant water colours and stickers.

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12. Bagsmart Toiletry Bag

What’s better than having all your toiletry essentials organised in an easily accessible bag? It might be awful to not be able to find an essential when needed in urgency. The Bagsmart Toiletry bag is a necessary travel gear that keeps your stuff organized. It features many interior zipper pockets to keep everything in place, front zippers for ease in access, a hook for hanging and a convenient carrying handle. It is made of lightweight, durable and water resistant material with a well padded design to keep all the essentials protected.

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13. Mini Travel Backpack

The one thing that stays a constant on all kinds of adventures is a travel backpack. Not only are they versatile in terms of functionality, they look cute and comfortable too. Mini travel backpacks are easy to carry around while you are touring a city. You can stuff in all your essentials such as camera, ipad, snacks and more in these backpacks. One of the go to mini backpacks for travelers is from Adidas. This bag is high quality grade with has a compact design. It also has a front zippered pouch pocket for ease in access and to store smaller things.

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14. Carry-On Luggage

The superlight carry-on luggage from American Tourister is one of the most useful travel gifts for couples. Its built allows expansion for the utilisation of maximum space and has multidirectional dual spinner wheels for ease in mobility. It also has multiple interior and exterior pockets to keep all the packed stuff well organized. With reinforced corners and damage resistant structure, this carry on luggage has been built to last. To assure you about its quality, American Tourister gives you a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship with this bag.

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15. Customized Travel Key Rings

If you are looking for a unique gift for a couple who loves to travel, consider gifting a traveler keychain with a collection of engraved travel rings. The travel rings from Vagabond Life are a fabulous way of proudly keeping a track of the countries or states you have already been to. You just need to look up for the countries the couple has been to. Based on these countries, make a collection of travel rings and add it to the traveler keychain. There you have it, an enduring gift for the couple that they can carry on their trips. It will surely remind them of many travel memories to cherish.

vagbond life keychain - best travel gifts for couples
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With this list of best travel gifts for couples, we are sure you might have been able to find a fantastic gift for your loved ones. Do you have any other amazing gift ideas for a travel loving couple? Let us know in the comments section below.

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