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Beach Essentials : What To Pack For A Beach Trip

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This season we are all set to make your beach trips more delightful. Check out our list for all the beach essentials you must be having for more cheery beach days.

Spending a cozy and relaxing day at the beach is what we all think of on a pleasant day. After all beach vibes are the best ever! Soaking up the sun, dipping your feet in the sands, exploring the sea or just being a water-baby makes up for a fun day at the beach. To fuel up the fun and totally avoid the annoying times when we realize of missing out on something that could have been very useful for the beach trip, we have jotted down all the necessary beach essentials and some really cool ideas to make your beach trip even more enjoyable.

We have categorized this beach packing list into four sections; general beach essentials, and beach essentials for – women, men and kids

General Beach Essentials

1. Fold-able Beach Mat

A perfect beach mat which is easy to carry and durable is one of the basic essentials for a family beach outing. This beach mat from Roebury is not only compact, but also sand free, dirt free, waterproof and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. It’s way better than those straw mats which are uncomfortable and trap sand particles on them.

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2. Beach Bag with a Cooler Box

You should not miss this very useful beach bag which comes with a cool compartment containing 4 ice packs – where you can easily store cans of drinks and snacks. The cooler compartment is leak proof, sand free, waterproof, lightweight and spacious enough to hold up to 12 cans. On top of the compartment you can pack all your beach items such as towels, beach toys, swimwear and more.

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3. Waterproof Phone Case

This universal waterproof phone case from JOTO is what you need for taking pictures, videos or answering urgent calls while you are spending time near the sea. You can also take great underwater shots using your phone’s touchscreen which is protected under the case’s transparent shield. How cool would that be!

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4. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker from CoolWind is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, unbreakable and extremely durable. Adding on to all these features, it can also be used as a power bank as well. It can play excellent sound quality music for up to 24 hours. What else? This Bluetooth speaker comes with a 60 day money back and 24 months warranty.

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5. Dry Bag

The Dry Bags set from Freegrace comes very handy when you are out for river rafting, kayaking, snorkeling or speed boating. You just need to place all your essentials such as phone, camera, wallet, clothes, etc into it and rest assured all your stuff will be protected from getting wet. This ideal dry bag set is one of our top beach essentials.

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6. Quick Dry Beach Towel

For a day at the beach you need to carry a highly absorbent microfiber quick dry towel. This one from Rainleaf comes in a reusable carry bag, is ultra compact, light weight, germ free, dew free and feels soft on the skin. This beach towel is a must have as you can use it multiple times in a short time.

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7. Sand Coaster

These sand coasters from Turtleback are great for holding snack cans and drink cups on the sand. This will avoid spilling of drinks or snacks on the sand or your beach mat while you are enjoying your time at the beach.

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8. Sand Remover Brush Pack

This essential is often ignored, but is definitely a must have for those who don’t like the sand sticking on themselves. The sand remover brushes also comes handy for brushing off the sand or fingerprints from sunglasses, phone screens and tablet screens. Also before getting on to your car you can remove all the sand from yourself and your slippers after the beach trip.

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9. Power Bank

A power bank is an all time essential. If on a beach outing you are using your electronic gadgets, running on low battery or power offs would be the last things you would want. The Anker PowerCore portable power bank is one of the best powerbanks out there. It offers high speed charging of iphones almost seven times and other phones almost five times. It’s very lightweight and comes with an 18 month warranty.

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10. Fold-able Beach Table

This compact and light weight fold-able beach table has an aluminium top which makes it heat and water resistant. You can even cook a BBQ meal on it. It comes with a convenient carry bag and stays sturdy which makes it supportive of heavy tasks. So, while you are on the beach place all your snacks and beverages on this table to ensure they are not spilled and remain sand free.

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11. Refillable Water Bottle

Keep yourself hydrated all day long at the beach with these curvy shaped water bottles from Healthy Human. These bottles are leak proof and keep water cold for up to 24 hours while hot water stays for up to 12 hours.

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12. Lip Balm

This SPF 30 Sun Bum lip balm keeps your lips moisturized and protects from dryness all day long at the beach. It’s a product made from vegan and natural ingredients that make it rich with goodness of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

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13. Water Shoes

Put on these comfortable water shoes to stay comfortable on sand and protect your feet in water while you swim or go for a water sport. These water shoes come in various designs and sizes to fit kids, men and women. Choose your pick now!

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14. Beach Tent

Although a beach trip means soaking yourself up in the sunlight all day long, but we believe that some timely shade can bring on some respite beneath the bright sunshine. Also, you could set up snacks and drinks on a beach mat within the tent. This beach tent from Pacific Breeze is easy to set up, water resistant, durable and light weight. It also has internal pockets where you can store your personal stuffs.

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15. Sun Bum SPF 30 Sunscreen

Make sure you pack a good sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays while you are spending time under the sun at the beach. We always recommend using Sun Bum sunscreens and face sticks as they are approved by naturalists, are non greasy and water proof. Check out Sun Bum’s travel pack here.

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Beach Essentials For Women

16. Beach Tote Bag

This over sized beach tote bag from Scout is your perfect find for packing all your beach essentials. This trendy open top bag is sturdy enough to fill in all your essentials in place and also has interior key rings to hold your keys handy.

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17. Fold-able Beach Sun Straw Hat

The sun hat from Furtalk is both trendy and useful. It is made of high quality paper straw, has a removable chin strap and is adjustable for a comfortable fit. It does not take space since you can fold it and stuff it in your beach bag. This hat is available in sizes for both women and child. Perfect for an Instagram worthy look!

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18. Swimwear

When it comes to buying a swimwear, look for whites, bright colored or tropical printed ones. They look great beside the turquoise sea. Here are some of our favorite picks;

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19. Flip Flop

These chic flip flops from Crocs are very comfortable, light weight, easy to walk in and durable. They look really adorable on feet and are perfect for teaming up with beach wears.

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20. Sun Glasses

Do not forget to put on a pair of sun glasses to protect your eyes from the sun rays. Sungait has a range of trendy over sized sun glasses with polarized mirror lenses. Make sure to check them out.

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21. Beach Cover Up / Kaftan

This beach cover up is a great alternative to change of clothes after you come out from the sea. You can just slip it on and stay comfortable throughout your time at the beach. It’s light, breezy and looks pretty as well.

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Beach Essentials For Men

22. Swim Shorts & Rash Guard Swim Shirts

These swim shorts and rash guard swim shirts look great, are extremely comfortable, light weight, quick drying and feature UPF 50+ rating to block out sun harmful rays. There are a range of colors and designs for these swimwears available on Amazon. Find your perfect match below;

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23. Sunglasses

These sunglasses from Sungait are a perfect choice for a beach trip. It gives 100% protection from the harmful UV rays, are light weight and have polarized lenses. In addition to this these sunglasses come with lifetime breakage warranty and money back guarantee.

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24. Sun Hat

This straw sun hat from Furtalk is a cool and trendy addition to men’s beach bag. It’s fold-able that makes it easy to carry, has a removable chin strap and is very comfortable.  It also comes with high UPF for that extra protection from sun’s rays.

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25. Flip Flops

These sporty and light weight flip flops from Crocs are everyone’s favorite. They are comfortable, easy on feet and very durable. A must have for your beach and casual trips.

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Beach Essentials For Kids

26. Life Vest/ Jacket

Kids love sea and a life vest is extremely essential for them. With a life vest on, kids can enjoy much more while swimming in the sea and would require lesser support from adults. This life vest from Stearns is US Coast guard approved and comes with an adjustable buckle at the back to ensure proper fit for your kid.

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27. Hooded Towel

You will agree that kids having those cute cartoon hooded towels look very adorable. It makes anyone go aww over them. Get this cartoon printed hooded towel from Athaelay for your kid as well. It’s quick drying, made of soft microfiber and very durable. It is surely going to make your kid more cheery.

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28. Swimwear

These adorable swim-wears have a rating of UPF 50+ to protect little ones from sun’s radiations. They are also comfortable, cute looking and made of skin friendly fabric specially for kids. Do check them out!

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29. Beach toys

Beach toys are a great way to keep kids entertained and these toys also fuel their creativity and imagination. So, do not forget to carry these toys on your beach trips and giggle at your little ones while they are having fun.

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30. Swimming Goggles

Protect those pretty little eyes with these swimming goggles. With features like anti leaking, clear vision, anti fog, UV 400 protection and excellent durability, these swimming goggles are a must have. These are also adjustable, so can be used by both kids and adult. This set comes with two swimming goggles, two nose clips, 1 pair of ear plugs and a 1 Year guarantee.

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31. Flip Flops

These signature style crocs flip flops for kids are an ideal wear for beach trips. They are simple to walk in, highly durable, comfortable, look adorable and are easy on the feet.

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32. Sun Hat

This cute sun hat from Connectyle is made of soft polyster and gives a good coverage to kids featuring a rating of UPF 50+. It also has an adjustable drawstring to help you fit it perfectly on your kid’s head. Totally a must have beach essential for your kid.

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And here we have our packing list of all the beach essentials that need to be in your beach bags. We are sure all these must haves will make your beach trips more pleasant and enjoyable. Do let us know which beach essentials are your favorites or if you have any other suggestions to share with us in the comment section below.

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