10 Romantic Things To Do In Montreal For Couples

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Planning a sweet getaway to Montreal? Follow along to discover the best romantic things to do in Montreal for couples.

Montreal is a Canadian hub for art, culture and entertainment. There is not a single corner in the city that people who visit the city don’t cordially love. You will be amazed to find here exceptional cuisines, beautiful neighborhoods, fine hotels and the historical Old Montreal set around the quaint Saint Lawrence River. The cobblestone streets, lovely restaurants, the waterfront promenade and an array of calming landscapes will give you many opportunities to enjoy a refreshing escape from the daily hustles.

If you are planning to visit the city with your partner, you must be wondering what are the things that you can participate in that can make your trip the most memorable one. You don’t need to worry about that anymore. Apart from the generic travel guide, below is a list of some exclusive places that would be perfect for you to celebrate your love.

The Most Romantic Things To Do In Montreal For Couples

1. Rejuvenate At Bota Bota

Bota Bota - Romantic Things To Do In Montreal For Couples
Bota Bota – Romantic Things To Do In Montreal For Couples

Vacations are the best way to relax together. When you are planning your romantic vacation in Montreal, it has to be different and spiritually fulfilling. If you are wondering where you could find such a place? Worry not any more. Bota Bota is the perfect place for you to relax and then begin your vacation in Montreal. It is one of the most memorable and romantic things to do in Montreal for couples.

Bota Bota is an upscale floating spa on a ferry boat docked in the Old Port of Montreal. It has got all the facilities and a hot water pool or jacuzzi in the open under the sky. It could be a wholesome experience for you as a couple. The packages and the prices here are reasonable as compared to the facilities and the service that they are offering. Imagine having a relaxing spa with your partner next to the incredible views of the Saint Lawrence River and Old Montreal.

Bota Bota has five decks that offer a variety of services including a Water circuit, garden resting area, beauty treatments, massages, steam baths, whirlpool baths, sauna, calming yoga and a restaurant (named La Traversée) for you to have something in case you feel hungry between your sessions. So, if you are planning to surprise your partner, this is the perfect gift that you can offer them in Montreal.

2. Take A Stroll Through Old Montreal

Old Port, Montreal
Old Port, Montreal

The moments that you spend with each other are truly divine. While you visit Montreal you can spend those golden moments while walking through the history of the city. And that could only be possible through the historical streets of Old Montreal. The only place where the city’s soul still resides. You can take a walking tour through old Montreal. The tour would barely take 2 to 2.5 hours and will take you through the most significant and historical monuments and buildings.

The best part about joining the tour is, you will get to hear a lot of stories and legends from the regional guide themselves. And that is the only difference between exploring the city on a tour and all by yourself. Your tour will include Places Jacques-Cartier, Place d’armes, Notre-Dame-Basilica and Hidden Courtyards, finally ending at the Place Royale.

3. Indulge In Artistic Scenes At Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts (Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal)

Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts
Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

If you or your partner loves and values art, then you need to spend some time among the creations of the greatest artists who dedicated their lives to art. The only place that can offer you that is the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It is one of the biggest art museums in North America. The museum has the most profound collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, designs and much more. It also holds new exhibitions that have a separate collection of arts displayed by budding and upcoming artists.

Depending upon when you attend the museum, you would be able to see both old and new paintings. There are 35 galleries and there is a distinguishable definition of art in every single corner. If your partner and you are art lovers, then this place is a must-visit and would be a delight for both of you. You can check their website for upcoming events, ongoing events, tickets and entry hours.

4. Spend Time Together At Notre-Dame Basilica

Notre-Dame Basilica
Notre-Dame Basilica

Love and spiritualism go hand in hand. You can feel it as you and your partner enter the beautiful and heavenly vicinity of Notre Dame Basilica. Located in the historic quarter of Montreal, the church is also a world heritage site. You can simply marvel at the architecture and design of the basilica. The high-arched roof, the golden altar and the frescoes are some of the things that you can simply admire. The grandeur of the Basilica is another thing that you can feel while you are in the church. It is also known as the masterpiece of Gothic Revival Architecture.

The original church was made in the seventeenth century and it was rebuilt and restored after a fire burnt most of the significant frescoes on the ceiling. The sunlight showers on the color-tinted windows and smoothly enters the insides of the church. It is pure divinity.

5. Dine At Barroco

Nothing speaks romantically more than a romantic dinner. You might have planned a thousand dinners for your beloved, but when you are in a different city, that too as grand as Montreal, it could be difficult to decide where to and what to eat. Nestled in the heart of Old Montreal is the Barroco restaurant, known for its delicious food and cozy setting.

You can simply place an order for anything on their menu, the quality would remain the same. The best in Montreal. The menu is full of all kinds of dishes and cuisines and their cooking staff consists of chefs who make lip-smacking food. The ones who make sure that you never forget the taste of the food served here. From their famous paella to cocktails, appetizers, salads and much more, the variety here is endless.

6. Get Delighted At Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill

What can define romance more than Jazz? No matter what kind of music you prefer, Jazz is always the perfect music to put you into a romantic mood. And if you are in Montreal, Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill is the perfect place to be with your partner for that perfect romantic evening.

Upstairs Jazz & Grill does not only play jazz music or jazz bands, other bands play at the venue as well. During the time of the fest in the city, many entertainers and bands perform at the venue. You can always check the venue performance list on their website and check who’s performing and at what time. So, you can plan your evening accordingly and spend a romantic evening with your partner vibing with the soulful music.

7. Groove At The International Music Festival

There is not a single soul in Montreal who doesn’t know about The International Music Festival. And more than knowing everyone waits for it and enjoys it to the fullest. This is the perfect time to make friends, enjoy with your partner and indulge in the culture that a city like Montreal offers.

The International Music Festival would be conducted from Sept 27 to October 1st 2023. You better note those dates. Because if you are planning to attend the festival with your partner, you need to get the passes and the tickets before that. Bands like Sunset Rubdown, U.S. Girls, Nicholas Merz and Chilly Gonzalez have confirmed to perform at the fest. So, all you need to do is to get your partner, some drinks and a lot of excitement to just go into the fest.

8. Shop At Jean-Talon Market

Jean-Talon Market
Jean-Talon Market

Since you are already in Montreal, you need to indulge in some Canadian-style Organic markets. Here you will find fruits, vegetables and cereals straight from the farms and nearby orchids. Jean-Talon Market is quite famous among the regional population. If you are not expecting to spend some hefty money around the tourist spots and high-end stores, this is the best way to buy some real farm fresh food.

You can buy flowers, cheese, home-style fruit jams and preserves, baked goods, maple syrup, candies, dried wild blueberries and specialty foods. Some of the shops are from the farm owners themselves. So, the quality of the food is guaranteed. You can simply shop for snacks from the Jean Talon market and head to Lachine canal for a lovely picnic with your partner.

9. Amaze Your Loved One At Montreal Botanical Garden

Montreal Botanical Garden - Romantic Things To Do In Montreal For Couples
Montreal Botanical Garden – Romantic Things To Do In Montreal For Couples

The Botanical Garden is the most heavenly place in the entire Montreal. The greenery, the types of trees, and the little Japanese-style houses is the least beautiful thing about this place but the giant human-sized green structure, surrounded with trees and animal-sized structures are the things that you would be amazed about.

It is a world in itself and maybe the prettiest thing in the entire Montreal. The city is quite famous for its buildings, structures, entertainment, museums, graffiti-painted walls and other things. But this place could be the quaintest, most romantic place on your entire tour.

The greenery here is pleasing to the eyes. You can spend hours amidst nature here. If you are visiting Montreal in fall, the Botanical Garden becomes part of the cultural gest. And since the theme of the garden is Japanese, you would see a lot of puppets and Japanese-styled Lanterns floating on the water’s surface.

10. Go Hiking At Mont Royal Park

Mont Royal Park - Romantic Things To Do In Montreal For Couples
Mont Royal Park – Romantic Things To Do In Montreal For Couples

If you are the kind of couple who are adventure lovers, then there is only one place you must head over to for the maximum fun and thrills and that is Mont Royal Park. If hiking and cycling or fitness are one of the factors that drive your relationship, this is the perfect place for you to be at.

There is a 2.5-mile loop hike that covers the entire route and ends at the top of the mountain. However, there is also a staircase climb that takes around 30-45 minutes to walk up and around 15 minutes to come down. No matter the route you choose in the park. The journey throughout is amazing.

But the real thing to marvel at is the view from the mountaintop. Though you can see a view of the city from the Montreal Ferris Wheel, the views from Mont Royal Park are much more pleasing compared to that. As a couple, you are going to love it.

Romantic Stay In Montreal

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, Montreal
Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, Montreal

For a fully romantic experience in Montreal, you must plan a stay in one of the most romantic hotels of the city. After a full day of city exploration, you both would want to unwind yourselves in a comforting space. InterContinental Montreal and Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth are our top picks and quite splurge worthy. Both of them are perfectly located near Old Montreal and are connected to Montreal’s underground city.

The hotels in Montreal can be very pricey, so make sure you have your bookings done a few weeks in advance to get the best deal. If you are on a budget check out Hotel Ruby Foo’s and Hôtel Le Cantlie Suites. These hotels offer amazing services at a pocket friendly price.

These are hands down the best romantic things to do in Montreal you should not miss out on. From sipping delicious cocktails at one of the Jazz themed restaurants to soaking in the views of the city from Mont Royal Park, you will quickly fall in love with this city.

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