11 Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas In Summer

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Planning a summer trip to Las Vegas? Scroll down to know about the best things to do in Las Vegas in summer.

The truth about Las Vegas is that this sinful city never gets cold and empty as the Weekend said in its song. Millions of visitors come to Las Vegas for many good reasons. Fun casinos, entertainment hubs, booming food scenes and the eclectic vibes of this sparkling city makes it a great escape for people from their daily hustles. Days can get pretty hot and humid during summers, but don’t let that deter your plans. There are plenty of amazing things to do in Las Vegas in summer.

So, if you have been planning to spend your summer in Las Vegas, you better do it the right way. Head over to the list below to know how.

Things To Do In Las Vegas In Summer

1. Visit The Shark Reef Aquarium At Mandalay Bay

Shark Reef Aquarium - Things To Do In Las Vegas In Summer
Shark Reef Aquarium – Things To Do In Las Vegas In Summer

Aquariums are heaven in the summer. No matter if they are small or life-size like this one in Vegas. Shark Reef Aquarium is one of the most visited places in the city and the blue world welcomes you to be friends with it when the scorching heat of the sun troubles you. It is located right in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. Here, you will find the tube tunnel, so you can enjoy the world from as close proximity as possible. The stingray fish is the main attraction as you can touch them and try to be friends with them. They are friendly and there is no way that they will sting.

Sharks, whales, jellyfish and other deep-sea creatures can easily be spotted here as they have been living in a natural environment as much as possible. This dark, blue world offers you an escape in the summer. Walking through the underwater tunnel which is filled with sharks is one of the most unique things to do in Las Vegas in summer. The staff at the aquarium is truly friendly and you would love to spend time here as they make the experience extremely smooth. Make sure to book your skip the line tickets for the Shark Reef Aquarium in advance.

2. Visit The Neon Museum In Las Vegas style

Neon Museum - Las Vegas In Summer

You already know Las Vegas as its rock and roll culture and how this culture has paved the origins of this city through the beginning. If you want to dive deep and look into it a little more, you must visit the Neon Museum in the city. It is one of the coolest things to do in Las Vegas in summer. The grandeur of the Neon Museum is one of a kind in the entire city, as much as you would be amazed by the lights and the giant structure.

You would love to click a lot of memorable pictures here. Every corner, every board and every light of the museum speaks parallel to the soul of the city. People often dress up in the old Hollywood or Rock and Roll style to get their pictures clicked here. Everything here is huge and you are going to love this place during twilight when the structures come to life. Also, if you want make your visit to the Neon Museum more special, you can get on a helicopter and admire its glitzy views. Click here for more details.

3. Take A Pink Jeep Tour Around Las Vegas

Speaking of tours, if you are a little short of time, you can always opt for the Pink Jeep tours that would take you to the most significant places with the groups at one go. You would see the city through experienced eyes and get to know more about its history, culture and how the city was born and how it turned into the sinful city it is right now.

The tour will take you to all the major landmarks of Las Vegas including the Las Vegas Strip, Bellagio fountains, the Mirage, the Wedding Chapel Row, Linq Promenade and the High Roller Observation Deck. Going on a Pink Jeep Tour is a must do activity for anyone who is in Las Vegas and wants to have a fun time seeing all the glamorous hotspots of the city.

4. Spend Some Time At The Resort Swimming Pools

The most luxurious swimming pools surrounded by tall palm trees make for a perfect amalgamation of nature and human pleasure. And when you are in Vegas, you would love this kind of experience while sipping on your favorite drink. Be ready to get tanned in the sun and jump deep into the pool when and where you want to.

These experiences are pure pleasure and heavenly when you are at the right place and at the right time. Head over to the Circa Resorts and hotels or the Bellagio Resort to spend your time in the city’s most extravagant and best pools.

5. Have A Staycation In Aria Las Vegas

Aria Las Vegas - Things To Do In Las Vegas In Summer
Aria Las Vegas – Things To Do In Las Vegas In Summer

If you want to experience the true essence of the city’s lifestyle and the magic of its present-day Amenities, you need to visit the ARIA Hotel and Casino. This beautiful property offers amazing pools, luxurious suites with the lovely view of the Las Vegas strip, indulgent spa experiences and many great restaurants. There is a casino as well as various clubs and bars for those who would love to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

The Aria Hotel also consists of everything where cultural meet-ups and networking is a common thing. For all the nomads and people who have been looking to witness the true grandeur and celebration of this city, they need to visit ARIA anytime. They would love how culture and modernization have been truly adored here.

6. Enjoy A Cocktail Party At Hakkasan

When you are thinking of partying in Vegas in Vegas style, there are plenty of places where you can spend your time enjoying the company of your friends and the people present. But since we have included the best of the best for spending summers in Las Vegas in this list, we would send you to the best place to clink your drinks at. Hakkasan in MGM Grand has not just been popular among the regionals and travelers but it has also been a celebrity favorite for a long time. The vibe of the place matches the vibe of the city and you would immediately fall in love with every soul that you are going to meet there.

Hakkasan is the place to serve you the best DJs and the best time out when you feel like partying or simply looking for an escape from your everyday life. The range of drinks, no matter the type, is tremendous here. It is located in the MGM Grand Las Vegas and one thing is for sure that you will have an experience of a lifetime in Hakkasan.

7. Catch Up With Some Entertainment At Las Vegas Comedy Club

There is nothing more entertaining than comedy. The comedy clubs in Las Vegas are no ordinary places. This city has a range of clubs that are always packed with shows ready to entertain and make their audience laugh. You might be familiar with many big names in the comedy circuit. And if you are lucky you can catch up on live shows here. Moreover, you would discover some names that might be new in the business but make the room cackle with their talent and wit.

One of the most Fabulous comedy clubs located on the Las Vegas strip is Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club. All you need to do is to check the shows and book your tickets.

8. Hop On And Hop Off Tour Bus

If you have been on the open roof, red double-decker bus, the picture could not only be of London and New York, it could also belong to Las Vegas. The Hop On and Hop Off bus tours are the most famous tours in Las Vegas. The big bus tours would take you to the most famous places in Las Vegas. You will see the city through a guided tour and listen to a lot of stories about celebrities, rock stars, millionaires, celebrities and how models come to various places to celebrate every weekend.

9. Party To Your Heart’s Content At Marquee Nightclub

The thrill never stops in Vegas. When you are bored, all you need to do is to put on your party dress and jump right into a club. Marquee Nightclub is the most famous and happening club in Vegas. The area of the club, the lights, music, food and most importantly the crowd can dim any party and celebration in front of it. If you are going to live through the night, you better make it lively here.

10. Spend Some Time In The Wild At The Zion National Park

Zion National Park
Zion National Park

There is no better way to spend your summers than spending them in nature. When you are in Las Vegas you must visit Zion National Park for the same. It is about two and a half hours from Utah. Though it can be a bit far from the city if you are looking for some private and quality time in nature among the stars and the gorgeous cliffs, this must be at the top of your Las Vegas itinerary. Zion National Park will take you to Zion Canyon and the forest trail that goes along the virgin river.

On your exploration, you would find various water pools and waterfalls to jump into. It is one of the most liberating experiences around the canyon. And if you are planning to stay in the night make sure to experience the cold that this area showers. Jeep tours and group tours are available for the entire National Park.

Where To Stay In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an extremely popular city of California which is visited by millions of tourists throughout the year. If you are visiting as a tourist in the city, we would recommend you to book your stay way ahead in advance. Hotels and resorts in Las Vegas charge a fixed resort fee for each night you stay at the property. While you are booking a room online from any website you would be able to see the room rates, tax charged the resort fee in the breakdown. Depending on the hotel, the resort fee ranges from $20 to $60 per night.

Below are our best finds for an ideal place to stay while on a vacation in Las Vegas;

Budget ($) : The D Las Vegas is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a budget friendly accommodation in Las Vegas. It is located at the east end of the popular Fremont street promenade. All rooms are clean, spacious and well equipped with modern amenities. This lovely resort has a swimming pool, free parking space, free Wifi, restaurants and more. Click here to book your stay at D Las Vegas or to check its availability.

Mid Range ($$) : Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is a beautiful hotel located right on the Las Vegas strip. It is one of the best value for price hotels in the city and with all the amenities there you are simply going to enjoy your stay alot. The hotel has swimming pools, hot tubs, entertaining activities, live shows, spa services and great dining options. The rooms are very spacious, comfortable and clean. Click here to book your stay at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino or to check its availability.

Luxury ($$$) : The Palazzo at The Venetian is for those who are looking for an incredibly luxurious place to stay in the heart of Las Vegas city, the Las Vegas strip. Staying at this hotel is a must have experience in itself. The hotel features a full service spa, an outdoor pool overlooking the strip, a state-of-the-art casino and over 40 restaurants and bars to choose from. Rooms are beautifully decorated and filled with luxurious amenities. Click here to book your stay at Palazzo at The Venetian or to check its availability.

Now that you know about all the best things to do in Las Vegas in summer, we are sure you are going to have an amazing time there. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments below. Happy Travels!

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