Travel Essentials List : You Must Never Leave Home Without

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Your ultimate travel essentials list.

Short weekend trip, business trip or a long vacation, from making reservations and bookings to packing all the essentials you would need, there is a lot to be taken care of. It can be very confusing about what to keep and what not to keep when you are travelling. Instead of worrying about it, check this travel essentials list as it has been carefully made for you to make sure that you enjoy your trip fully and more importantly safely. It is always helpful to have a list of the things you would need handy.

travel essentials list

Travel Essentials List

1. Phone Charger / Portable Charger

One thing that you would not want to worry about while enjoying your travelling is getting your phone charged. Apart from the camera, you will be using your phone for multiple apps like Uber, Google Maps and GPS. This makes a portable charger a top necessity in your travel essentials list. Also, a portable charger would always come in handy, if you have any other gadgets that need charging like earpieces, headphones and tablets. The portable charger from Anker PowerCore is the most reliable out there. It provides high speed charging to upto 3 devices simultaneously. If you are looking for a good and dependable portable charger, you must definitely check it out.

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2. Earphones / Headphones (Noise Cancellation)

If you are planning to travel alone, music can be your best buddy. But if you are travelling with your buddies, music can help you bond over things you didn’t know you had in common. It would also be a different experience to witness your favorite location with the playlist of your choice. Plus, with good quality noise cancelling earphones/headphones can make your long haul flights or train journeys more peaceful.

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3. Eye Mask

Everything can turn too bright for your eyes, especially when you are jet-lagged. Or what if you want to take a nap between two outing sessions in your hotel room during the day. Therefore, an eye mask, a huge pair of sunglasses or anything to protect or cover your eyes becomes essential whilst you travel.

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4. Travel Blanket

Whether you plan to go to a colder region or the hottest point on the planet. A cozy travel blanket can be your comfort partner throughout your trip. Travel blankets are very lightweight, compact and easy to pack. BlueHills have the best quality travel blankets that are made from premium soft micro plush material that provides you maximum comfort and keeps you warm and nice. It comes in a soft carrying case that has a hand luggage belt so that you can attach it with your suitcase or hand luggage. A good travel blanket can turn out to be one of the most essential travel items for you.

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5. Comfortable Clothing

You might have been planning all of your outfits to go to different places as per your itinerary but you might require some pieces in your bag that are more comfortable than anything you wear throughout your entire trip. Hence, don’t forget to keep a few pieces (pajamas specifically) that are not only comfortable but can offer you a luxurious sleep time, so you can have your best vacation time.

6. Glasses / Contact lenses kit

Whether you wear regular glasses or reading glasses, you can only enjoy your entire trip if you have them with you. It is always better to have your eyes checked, before travelling so you can have the right pair of glasses before you leave home. Always have an extra pair of glasses with you, if one breaks or gets damaged due to any reason whatsoever. And if you wear contact lenses, make sure they are carefully soaked in the cleansing gel and are always well preserved.

7. Skin Care Kit

When you travel, it is your skin that bears a lot during that time. Either you go to different regions (hot or cold) or travel through different altitudes, you need to take care of your skin accordingly. Be aware that your regular skincare routine might not work when you are travelling. A touch of Vitamin C when you are travelling to hotter places and a splash of more moisturizer when you are travelling to colder regions might increase. You can always customize your travelling kit accordingly or have it dermatologically approved.

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8. Sunscreen

A good sunscreen is a basic requirement and yet we always take it lightly when we are travelling. Apply it and it will keep you protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It will also avoid burns, rashes or any kind of skin issues caused by the heat. Make it a part of your travel skincare regime, your skin would be grateful to you for the entire time, while you would be enjoying your trip. The travel size sun care kit by Sun Bum provides optimum protection from the damaging effects of the UV rays. The products in the kit are reef friendly, water resistant, paraben free and vegan.

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9. Essential Medications

Whether you are diabetic, have blood pressure issues, migraine problems, anxiety or have prescribed regular medications without which you cannot imagine yourself for a single day. Please make sure to keep all these essential medications with you. Though you can keep the prescription or an extra refill. But do not rely on the medical system in the place that you are travelling to because the drug availability and drug laws are different as per the place, specifically the country.

10. Book or Kindle For Reading

You might want to finish that book you have been avoiding for a while or just a novel that was half-read, but could be your favorite. A travel journey could be the best time to complete it. A book would reduce your screen time too. Look back at your reading list. Make sure, you either have the hard copy, a paperback book or simply a kindle that you can keep with you, your entire travel time.

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11. Download Movies Or Shows For Entertainment

Everyone has this fantasy to watch their favorite show, a movie or simply stream something new away from their regular life while they are on a vacation. Or maybe you do not want to miss the latest episode of the Marvel series during your time on vacation. You can always check on the subscription and make sure that you have your shows or movies downloaded to your trustable device.

12. Refillable Water Bottle

A water bottle can be another travel mate especially when you are in a different country. You can have water supplies here and there but if you want to buy a complete water bottle, you might face some problems. Hence a water bottle can be another necessary item that you can add to your travel essentials list. From collapsible water bottles to self cleaning water bottles, there are many types of travel friendly water bottles you can choose from.

We highly recommend the Philips Self-Cleaning Smart Water bottle. It not only self cleans and eliminates any odor, but also purifies water. This makes it good for you and the environment by lowering your carbon footprint by reducing your use of disposable water bottles.

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13. Steripen – Your On The Go Water Purification Device

If you do not have a self cleaning water bottle, a Steripen would be a necessity for you while travelling. This mini water purifier is reusable for upto 8000 liters of water. It eliminates all kinds of over 99.9% bacteria, viruses or protozoa from water filled from any source, to provide you with safe drinking water.

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14. Snacks

Keeping some sugar friendly snacks or protein bars is always a good idea while you are travelling. It helps with sudden hunger or fatigue specifically, if you plan to go for any physically stressful activity like hiking, cycling or any other adventures.

15. Insect Repellent

When you travel to a different place you do not realize the different unexpected, unwanted friends that you might come across there. Hence, you might want to keep some insect repellents like lotions, patches or bands to keep with you so it doesn’t hinder your travel fun.

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16. Comfortable Footwear

A pair of slip-ons, flats, beach sandals, or mountain boots as per your travel destination needs to be there in your pack. Even when you are not outside you must have something to have on your feet like a pair of bathroom slippers or simply a comfortable pair of socks.

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17. Waterproof Phone Pouch

Just like unexpected rainy days in your life, you might have some rainy days during your travels as well. If you want to safe-keep your phone, please make sure to pack a waterproof phone pouch.

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18. Local Cash

Though a currency exchange counter is always available at the airport where you land, please make sure you get enough in local currency so that you don’t face any issues later during your travel.

19. Don’t Forget Your Id’s

Your passport is a must but your other IDs are also very necessary when you are travelling. Just to make sure that you do not face any challenges in a different place, you need to have age proof, name proof, proof of citizenship etc. Please check details as per the country or place that you are visiting.

20. Camera

Your phone camera may be enough but just in case your creative juices flow during travel, make sure to keep a good camera with you. You can have a tripod and extra batteries for your camera as well.

21. Personal Towel

A couple of towels that you carry with you, either it is a hand towel or a bathing towel will always help. Make sure that you carry some towels with you and do not rely on the towels available at the venue.

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22. Toiletries

Your shampoos, conditioner, lotions, serums etc. must also be with you when you are away from your home. Make sure to carry your toiletries when you decide to travel. Do invest in a good toiletry bag so that you can keep everything well organized.

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So, there you have it – a travel essentials list with all the necessary things you must pack for your trip. Do you have any other essential travel items that you always carry on a trip? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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