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12 Essential Tips To Beat The Heat While Traveling in The Summer Season

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Vital tips for summer travel.

Having summer travel plans and don’t want the heat of the sun to disturb you when you are out and about? Then, you must keep certain tips and tricks handy so that the ever-increasing heat of the sun doesn’t spoil any of your fun. Below are some essential tips that you should consider before you plan a summer outing.

Summer Holiday - Traveling In The Summer Season

Tips To Beat The Heat While Traveling In The Summer Season

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

The first and foremost thing you should take care of is keeping yourself hydrated. I know, I know these are the basics and you are already aware of it but among the many places that you plan to visit, this is most likely to slip off your head quickly. Specifically, when you forgot to carry a water bottle or energy drink with you. When you travel to a different place, it is most likely that you do not like the taste of water. In such situations carry glucose solution, vitamin-c drink solution and other powdered solutions with you.

Make sure you avoid aerated drinks while travelling in the scorching heat of the sun and rely on your old friend, that is, H2O. When you are traveling make sure to pack an insulated and leak proof water bottle such as the Iron Flasks Sports Water Bottle. The insulation property will keep water cold for a longer period of time.

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2. Temperature Balance

You sit in an air-conditioned restaurant for hours and then suddenly step out in the blazing sun without any protection. Though your body is very much capable of adjusting to the temperature of the environment surrounding you. But frequent or extreme temperatures are tough to adjust to, especially when your body is not in the habit of the same. Make sure to cool down your body from the inside and then step into the sun.

For this you should eat fruits like watermelon and bananas that have a cooling impact on your body. Coconut water and lemonade also cool down your body internally. Some travelers also complain about blood secretion from their noses due to sudden heat. Contact any health practitioner if you face such issues.

3. Indulge In The Goodness Of Citrus Fruits And Greens

Drinking water and juices are not enough during summer travels. It is also necessary that you eat light and healthy during these summer days.
Considering most of the places where you will go will design their menu as per the season, but one can never be too cautious. Instead of carbonated drinks, you can go for tasty mocktails. Instead of fried food, you can replace them with lighter salads and juicy or citrus fruits. These food contents in your meal would not only keep you rejuvenated but also will keep you energized and fresh.

4. Use A Good Sunscreen

More, more and more sunscreen. Whether it is a beach or mountain, Sahara Desert or lanes of Venice, this is the shield you cannot avoid. And I am aware that most of us love those tan lines and a little bit of natural bronze on our skin from time to time. But there is so much that our skin could take. Dermatologists recommend the best quality of sun screens for such situations. Make sure that your sunscreen is of correct SPF, it suits your skin type and it has the correct UV protection ingredient.

If you are looking for a good sunscreen, check out the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunscreen lotion. It is a powerful sunscreen that’s light on your skin and absorbs quickly Apply the sunscreen as many times as you please, on your entire body or to the open portions. Your skin would thank you later for that.

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5. Give Some Extra Attention To Your Skin

You have a strict skincare routine that you religiously follow. However, when you are travelling in the sun, your routine might not suffice. During these times, your feet, your face, your hair and any part that is in direct contact with the harmful sun rays need extra care. But you might wonder when are you going to get the time to do that extra care when you are so excited to cover all the places in a small amount of time? You can do it in the morning before stepping out or at night, before dozing off as you are tired.

Do that hydration face mask or go for a manicure/pedicure by yourself. Jump into the cold shower and stay cool while you go from one place to another.

6. Wear Breathable Summer Outfits

Light coloured, breezy, pastels, mostly shades of white or pink are best suited for travel during summer days. Though you can always go for layering to protect yourself from the all-day increasing heat. Pay some attention to the quality of clothing as well. Pure cotton and airy fabrics instead of polyester and synthetics would let your body breathe air while you can focus on the fun.

7. Wear A Lightweight Scarf

Yes, whether to cover your face, neck or head, a scarf can be used in any way possible. It has been suggested to invest in a good quality travel scarf that protects you from the heat. You can buy one and match it with different outfits as you go along travelling to different places. Bind it around your head to have a regal look or simply convert it into a tie for a more formal, museum visiting look. A scarf is your most adaptable friend. Take a look at this sun protective scarf from Coolibar. Its fabric is soft, breathable, light and provides UPF 50+ sun protection.

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8. Keep A Sanitizer : Your Protection Shield

People sweat profusely during summer. If you are one to travel by public transport, you must be aware of it. When you visit a travel destination, you come in contact with a lot of people from around the world. Hence, sanitizer becomes a must during these times. It is not okay to use alcoholic sanitizer again and again on your skin but also make sure to use it when it is most necessary, or if you visit or touch something that is being touched by the crowd. For example, when you go for rides, touch door knobs etc.

9. Make Advance Bookings To Skip The Queues

A decided itinerary is a must for you when you travel and going by the plan is your top priority so you can enjoy all parts of your vacation. I would simply suggest you to go a step further and to pre-book your tickets before reaching the places to explore. Most of the museums, zoos, fun centres etc. offer ticket booking on their websites. You can always have your tickets to avoid queuing up in the direct heat of the sun.

10. Keep A Good Bug Repellent With You

Summertime is not the only time when you want to step out and explore the places. It is also the time when some other living creatures want to step out and explore, probably in the same places where you visit. Apart from rashes, redness etc. due to heat, insect bite is another problem that travelers face. Therefore, you must pack a good insect repellent with you when you step outside. An anti-inflammatory cream, ointment or anti-fungal cream can go a long way in supporting you on your travel plans. You can save yourself from many infections in this way.

11. Don’t Get Lost In The Sun

Travelling to unknown places is a task in itself. It is not easy and realizing that you are in the middle of nowhere and not sure where to go further when the sun sucks the minuscule energy left into your body is a scene you don’t want to imagine. Hence, being aware of all the routes, and having a GPS or a map can help you avoid that situation at all costs. Being aware can save your energy and you from exhaustion.

12. Wear Big Sunglasses

You must be daydreaming about all the places that you will see during your time out in the open. But also remember that irritation, redness, and pain in the eyes are a primary occurrence in summer. Though big, thick and quality sunglasses are good to go while travelling but keep an eye drop on yourself while travelling in the heat. A few drops can save you from all the infections and can give you a clear view and lots and lots of memories to keep.

Here you have it. All the much needed tips to beat the heat while traveling in the summer season. So, don’t let the scorching heat limit you from the joys of travelling. Do you have any summer travel tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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