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11 Unmissable Things To Do In Frankenmuth, Michigan

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Are you planning a trip to Frankenmuth in Michigan? We have got you covered with all the best things to do in Frankenmuth. We are sure you will enjoy indulging in the liveliness of this charming Bavarian styled city.

Frankenmuth is a small city in the state of Michigan. German history, baroque style architecture, the Cass River view, interesting museums and opportunities of exploration of the woods around the city attract many visitors throughout the year. The events, the festivities and the communal gatherings of Frankenmuth are also some of the exciting things to look forward to during your trip. There is a bit of everything in this city. No matter what age group you belong to, you are sure to find something in this city that you will love.

Below we have compiled a list of the absolute best things to do in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Frankenmuth's Covered Bridge - Things To Do In Frankenmuth, Michigan
Frankenmuth’s Covered Bridge – Things To Do In Frankenmuth, Michigan

Things To Do In Frankenmuth, Michigan

1. Visit The Michigan Heroes Museum

One of the first things to do in Frankenmuth should be getting introduced to it through its museums. You will find a very unique and different perspective of a community coming together and commemorating their past.

By visiting Michigan Heroes Museum, you would realize how closely this city keeps its history and its memories to itself. This is the museum filled with remembrance of those people who sacrificed themselves in war from the state of Michigan. It has over 140 displays and a collection of over 850 individual exhibits and story depictions about 16 astronauts, 31 individual Medal of Honor recipients and Michigan’s Governors.  The museum also has the nation’s largest number of medals of honor on display.

Visiting this place can make you feel prouder and more nostalgic. It would also give you a deep understanding of the spirit of people who come from this state.

2. Step Back In Time In Frankenmuth Historical Museum

Moving on from the state to Frankenmuth city, it has its historical museum here. In 1905, this former hotel property was converted into a city gallery where art, craft, memorabilia and a lot of other things related to the city have not only been kept but also been preserved through time. With various interactive exhibits, the Frankenmuth Historical Museum promises to provide the best entertainment in town. Plus, it has a gift shop where you can buy a range of things and find a comfortable area for relaxing as well.

3. Spend An afternoon At The Heritage Park

Heritage Park is another classic destination in the city. It is home to a lot of festivities on the busy and fun days in the state. Apart from that, this green wide area is available for club meetings, sports and picnics for many families. You can roam around this green estate. An afternoon under the green trees is one of a kind in this city. You can find a lot of families to socialize with during good weather and the spring season.

Warm afternoons are also much appreciated by the locals during winters. No matter what season you visit the heritage park, it would welcome you with green arms.

4. Join A Tour At St. Lorenz Lutheran Church

St. Lorenz Lutheran Church in the town is the most famous church for the visitors and for all the right reasons. From the outside, it might look like a general hometown church but white-washed walls and the long colorful-glassed windows make the galleries of the church extremely unique in the area. Above that, the aisle of the church is extremely angelic in sight.

There is a dome-shaped roof above the aisle with paintings of Jesus in white and blue which makes the frescoes picturesque and divine.

Visiting Hours : The church remains open from 08:00 am to 04:30 pm.

5. Explore The Covered Bridge

Another one-of-a-kind thing that you are going to witness in this town is a covered bridge. The covered bridge is also known as Holz Brucke covered bridge and is a sight to visit especially at night. During the evening or night, the bridge is completely lit and displays its beauty. The bridge is a wooden structure but has been standing strong for decades. It was once considered a passion project and had $ 1.1 million invested into it.

There are many inscriptions and paintings inside the bridge that you can explore and take pictures of. It stretches 239 feet across the river Cass. So, you can enjoy the captivating views of the river as well.

When you are looking for things to do in Frankenmuth at night, the covered bridge is a great place to start.

6. Celebrate Christmas All Year Round At Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland

Yes, you can celebrate Christmas, throughout the year, when you are in Frankenmuth, at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. It is a retail store in the city and is considered the world’s largest Christmas store. The store is spread at 7.3 acres in size. It has a giant Christmas tree planted in the middle of the store. You will find all the decorative materials, toys and goodies that you can think of about Christmas.

Visiting the retail store is like bringing your childhood back. It is like Santa works here all year long along with its elves to provide gifts to the kids on Christmas. The lights, the glitterati and the colors are going to leave you asking for more fun.

7. Spend Some Time At The Silent Night Chapel

Meditation and silence may not have been your thing lately. After all, it requires the perfect environment, the perfect surroundings, the perfect lifestyle and the perfect silent mind. But what if we tell you that there is a place in the city where you can get the perfect everything, so you can simply bring your mind to still and concentrate on your breathing for a while. The name of the place is the Silent Night Chapel in Frankenmuth.

Historically, it is a replica of the Austrian chapel where the Christmas carol was first performed. The landscape around the chapel as well as the grounding vibes as soon as you set your foot there would already start making you feel light. The chapel, inside, is as minimalistic as possible, thus making it a perfect place to meditate. The dome-shaped structure and high walls would supplement your concentration.

8. Have A Chicken Dinner, The Frankenmuth Style

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant is one of the best places for food in the town. It is also famous for its juicy chicken dinner. The restaurant has this special chicken recipe, once you taste this lip-smacking recipe, you would end up craving more. There are other restaurants in the town as well that would serve you in the best way possible. Oma’s restaurant and Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth are some of the famous and top ones in the town.

9. Taste The Beers From The Finest Ranked Breweries In The State

Frankenmuth has one of the oldest beer breweries in the state. Hence, if you consider the experience and time that these people have put into making the beverage and mastering the art of it, you wouldn’t find that taste anywhere else. They not only know the best ways to make it but are also aware of the finest ways to serve it. The 150-year-old Frankenmuth Brewery makes sure to serve you the finest harvest in outdoor surroundings with a river view or during your tours. If we talk about the top-class hospitality of the community, this place is a must-visit.

10. Shop At The River Place Shops

Consider it a place for window shopping or simply a town central to spend some time among the local people. River Place Shop is a perfect place to be, especially during the evenings. There are several shops that you are going to find in this center and the best part of this place is that it feels like it’s out of a winter landscape from a movie or a novel. It was built by the Zehnder family about 20 years ago and has been a major shopping complex for people ever since. The building has been made into a German-style complex and there is an entire arcade where you can have a cup of hot chocolate and have fun.

11. Spend A Cool Afternoon At The Zehnder’s Splash Village Hotel And Waterpark

This is one of the most fun things to do in Frankenmuth especially if you are here with your family. So far, you must have been aware that the Zehnder family is big in the town and has made the small city of Frankenmuth a fun and exciting tourist center. Another addition done by the family is the Splash Village Hotel and Water Park.

If you are planning to stay at the hotel, the water park is going to be a leisure place for you. Though a winter visit would not be the best season to explore the water park, in summer you can have fun in the water. The staff is really friendly and you can enjoy your favorite eateries after having a swim or simply while sunbathing.

So there you go! These are the most unmissable things to do in Frankenmuth. If you are looking for a great place to stay in or around Frankenmuth, below are some of our best recommendations;

Budget (Below $60) : Accommodation in Frankenmuth is quite expensive. For budget travelers, the best way to save a few bucks is by staying in Birch Run which is a nearby village. Americas Best Value Inn & Suites is just 10 kms away from Frankenmuth. This motel is also very close to eateries like Subway, KFC, Starbucks and Halo Burger. The rooms are very well equipped and the property also features sauna and hot tub facilities for guests.

Other popular facilities provided by the motel includes free WiFi and free parking access on site. Click here to book Americas Best Value Inn & Suites or to check its availability.

Hotel with indoor waterpark ($150+) : The Bavarian Inn Lodge is undoubtedly a fun and amazing place to stay in Frankenmuth. It is centrally located, has an indoor waterpark, an 18 hole miniature golf and family activity center with over 150 arcade games. It also houses the Oma’s restaurant well known for the delicious food served there. The rooms are beautiful, spacious, well furnished, decorated in a European theme and perfectly equipped for a very comfortable stay. Because of its central location, many major attractions including the River Cass, can be easily reached by a short leisurely walk.

Free Wifi, free parking and accessible shuttle services are few other perks for guests who stay in Bavarian Inn Lodge. Click here to book the Bavarian Inn Lodge or to check its availability.

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