Top Luxury Experiences That You Need To Try In Alaska

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Known to be ‘America’s Last Frontier’, Alaska is filled with many breathtaking escapades and charming places to see. Below you will find some luxury experiences that you must check out for an epic Alaskan adventure.

Millions of adventurous tourists flock to Alaska every year. With nearly half of them arriving by ship, KTOO reports that Alaska’s tourism industry expects to receive 1.3 million seafaring passengers next year. This volume of tourists has a lot to do with the wide range of excursions that Alaska offers. You can hike up the state’s mountain peaks and natural parks, venture out into its pristine fjords and glaciers, or get up close and personal with its richly fascinating wildlife.

And if you’re looking to elevate your trip to the Last Frontier, here are the top luxury experiences that you need to try.

Beautiful Alaska

Best Luxury Experiences To Try In Alaska

1. Go Heli-Skiing In A Winter Wonderland

Now that winter is fast approaching, you simply can’t skip out on braving the Alaskan snow. While we have previously written about Wisconsin’s many winter attractions like indoor water parks and botanical gardens, Alaska prides itself on its stunning views and weather conditions that are perfect for skiing. You can make the most out of the scarce winter daylight as there are various ski destinations to choose from regardless of your skill level.

Less than an hour away by seaplane from Anchorage awaits a premiere heli-skiing experience like no other. While other ski resorts simply provide a ski lift, the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge offers an unmatched outdoor adventure via helicopter ride. You can either stay at its main lodge with rustic Alaskan architecture and a lakeside bar or book one of its private cabins which come with a spacious lounge and a glass fireplace.

2. Explore The Wilderness Of Denali

What’s terrific about Alaska is that its wilderness and wildlife are not at all inaccessible. It houses the Denali National Park and Preserve, the third-largest national park in the United States. At the heart of the national park and perched on a glacial valley is the Sheldon Chalet, and the only way you can reach it is via aircraft from the village of Talkeetna. While aboard the 40-minute flight, you will encounter unparalleled views of mountain peaks, forests, lakes, and rivers.

The place itself promises nothing but splendor and sophistication, of course. There’s a world-class chef that prepares everything from seafood spreads to charcuterie boards, and an in-house sauna to help you stave off the cold. You can also opt for guided winter adventures that include sledding, mountaineering, and glacial trekking. End your day by gazing at the stars (and the Northern Lights, if you’re in luck).

3. Take A Luxury Ocean Journey

If you need a break from all the hikes and flights, then a luxury ocean journey might just be for you. Explora Journeys takes you on an all-inclusive trip so you can explore the islands, coves, and bays in Alaska. You can intimately experience the ice-age remnants through Mendenhall Glacier, as well as observe wild and marine life firsthand from wolves and brown bears to orcas and humpback whales.

Those who want to know more about the vibrant culture and history of Alaska are also guaranteed to sate their curiosities, as the ocean journey also encompasses visits to towns and communities that are otherwise cut off in winter. Once you have immersed yourself in Alaska’s historical artifacts and local cuisine, Explora will allow you to revitalize and rejuvenate onboard through its well-being and fitness programs.

4. Experience Fine Dining At Juneau

You deserve to satisfy all your senses, including that of taste. Alaska’s capital Juneau is known for its vibrant food scene, and amidst its bistros and craft bars, gourmet restaurant SALT stands out. Under the care of award-winning chef Lionel Uddipa, SALT offers modern Alaskan cuisine that utilizes fresh ingredients sourced from sea and land: pan-seared halibut, ginger king salmon, filet mignon, and Mediterranean pasta, among others.

Meanwhile, a more involved and participatory gourmet experience can be found at The Jorgenson House, an elegant family-owned bed and breakfast in downtown Juneau. Beyond its specially catered breakfast spreads and intimate dinners, you can also attend a private cooking class with the Jorgenson House chefs who will teach you how to prepare fresh-caught Alaskan seafood, traditional Italian pasta, and fancy chocolate desserts.

Alaska will never run out of sights and activities for every bold traveler out there. These luxury experiences are made to be enjoyed, be they in solitude or in the company of your loved ones.

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