8 Best Places To Visit In Poland In Winter

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Looking for places in Poland that are perfect for a vacation during winters? Check out these best getaways specially to enjoy staying in Poland in winter.

From snow covered mountain retreats to city-escapes, Poland is a treat to visitors during winters. Except for the Christmas and New Year holidays, During most of the winter, you can enjoy the picture perfect top sights without the crowds. You can also choose to venture to many of the skiing areas for some great snowy fun. Here are the amazing destinations where you can enjoy the best of Poland in winter.

The Best Places To Visit In Poland In Winter

1. Warsaw

Warsaw – Poland In Winter

One of the best destinations to visit in Poland in winter is the capital of Warsaw. A great activity you can do in winter is walking through the Old Town. This is always fun to do, but in winter the place becomes even better with all the lights and Christmas decorations you can see everywhere. Another great thing to do is going to the Royal Garden of Light at Wilanów Palace. During the colder months of the year, you can see many beautiful lights here that are shaped in the form of plants, which is very beautiful to see.

Furthermore, there are many museums and lovely cafes to keep you warm. Also, it can get quite cold during winter in Warsaw, so it is more convenient if you don’t have to travel that much when you are exploring the city. Therefore, if you are travelling to Warsaw in winter the best place to stay is in the city centre (Śródmieście) as almost everything can be found here. If you’re going to visit Warsaw, you should also check out these best things to do in Warsaw.

By Dymphe of Dymabroad 

2. Wisla

Wisla - Poland In Winter
Wisla – Poland In Winter

There are so many amazing winter destinations in Poland that it is hard to choose just one but Wisla should be high on the list. Located in Southern Poland it has always been a very popular skiing town in the winter with local Polish people and it is now becoming known to tourists who flock there to enjoy the skiing.

At Wisla, you will find many different ski runs for people who are advanced skiers and for the beginners. At a fraction of the cost of some of the other ski resort towns in Europe, it is a wonderful place to spend your time on the slopes.
Plenty of people opt for the ever-popular Air BnB for a stay in Wisla to get easy access to the ski slopes. If you are not a skier then there is plenty more to do here. You can visit the toboggan runs with the kids (or by yourself!), watch the ski jumpers at the famous Malinka Ski jump, spend some time walking through the snow-covered mountains or take a magical horse-drawn sleigh ride in the snow.

Wisla also has a small local market that sells clothes, amazing lambswool slippers, table cloths, souvenirs and cheese! The smoked cheese is an acquired taste but it is one you should really try. You can find some amazing things here which is only a short walk to the main town square. Here you can have a look at the Christmas lights on display and get your self a cup of Grzane Wino (mulled wine) from one of the small stalls there. If you are adventurous you can try some Grzane Piwo (mulled beer) to warm up as you wander.

By Bec of Poland Travel Expert 

3. Zakopane

Zakopane - Poland In Winter
Zakopane – Poland In Winter

Zakopane, the best winter destination in Poland, is the perfect place for those dreaming of a White Christmas. Well-known for its ski resorts, this town has more to offer than just winter sports.

Located in the heart of Poland’s highest mountain range, the Tatra Mountains, it is impossible to miss the majestic, snow-capped peaks as it is visible from any part of this quaint town. Add the well-decorated wooden shops, restaurants, and pubs of Krupowki Street and you shall find yourself soaking the Christmas magic straight out of a snow globe.

There are many amazing things to do in Zakopane Poland. In the daytime, take a carriage ride through town and make sure to include Koscieliska Street in your itinerary. With its 19th century architecture set amidst the Tatra Mountains, you will indeed feel like you have wandered into a winter wonderland.

Another place worth visiting is the peak of Gubalowka Hill, where a magical funicular ride brings you a breathtaking view of the peaks of the Tatra, the Gorce, the High Beskid, and the Pieniny. While you are there, make sure to enjoy the local cuisine from one of the exotic restaurants on the peak as well as snow park with its ice skating rink and sculptures.

You can also take this incredible Tatra hiking trip for a chance to experience Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains at its best.

Finally, do not miss the thermal spas of Zakopane. It’s always the perfect ending to a day of sightseeing and walking.

By Karolina Klesta of Travel Poland Tours

4. Czocha Castle & Karkonosze Mountains

Karkonosze Mountains - Poland In Winter
Karkonosze Mountains – Poland In Winter

Hidden in southwestern Poland, Czocha Castle is Poland’s equivalent of “Hogwart’s” castle. Built as a stronghold the castle has fascinating histories, from fires, to opposing armies taking over during World War II to refugees living there during the 1950’s. The story of the ghost in the castle is a well known story told during the castle tour.  Hidden walls, doors and compartments inside the castle made the castle the setting for the College of Wizardry which dubbed it as the “magic” castle.

The area has plenty of do anytime, but the beautiful Karkonosze mountains in the area provide opportunities for some amazing hiking and skiing opportunities. Several resorts in the area provide for a vacation getaway in the winter. Besides skiing, the ever popular ski jumping and hiking to some of the tallest peaks is a popular winter sport.  Booking in advance is a great idea, particularly as it is a popular destination for people from both Poland and the Czech Republic.

By Diana Of Travels In Poland

5. Kashubia

Kashubia - Poland In Winter
Kashubia – Poland In Winter

There is no more scenic environment than the beautiful region of Kashubia, which is described by many as a little Switzerland. The area is blessed by the natural beauty of forests, lakes, and pre-industrial rustic architecture. It is the Kashubian people’s home, a Slavic ethnic group, and they speak a mix of polish and german language.

When you plan a winter stay in the Kashubia region, you cannot miss enjoying the winter spirit embodied in Christmas’s seasonal market. This market has a picturesque historic center as a backdrop. You can visit the Christmas village, which offers intricate decorations and streets filled with treats galore, woolen scarves, and socks. You can purchase handmade jewelry, children’s toys, and cheap gifts for outdoorsy people.

On the other hand, once you make an entrance in a Polish hotel, you will be greeted as you belong to a member of royalty. Poland’s people believe in their famous saying, which makes having guests in the house equals having a God in the place. You can choose a variety of options for your stay. One of the best hotels in the Kashubia region is Hotel Różany Gaj Family & Friends, located near the beach.

By Paulina Of Paulina On The Road

6. Krakow

Krakow – Poland In Winter

Another destination you shouldn’t miss in Poland in winter is the wonderful city Krakow. Already great to see during other seasons, the Polish city becomes even more attractive to visitors when the streets are decorated with Christmas lights and mulled wine smell is in the air.

One thing not to miss is undoubtedly the Christmas market at the main square. Located right in front of the Saint Mary’s Basilica, it’s one of the most beautiful markets in Krakow. There you’ll find mouthwatering gingerbread, handmade decorations and different jewelry. Do you want to have some fun after eating enough sweets and drinking hot mulled wine? Head over to Galeria Krakowska where you’ll find an ice-skating rink outside of it. The mall is also the perfect place to buy some last Christmas gifts!

For accommodation, it’s the best to choose one in or near Krakow’s old town. Also don’t worry about your budget, there are great and affordable options for everyone!

By Alina of World Of Lina

7. Sopot

Sopot – Poland In Winter

Sopot is a popular beach town located on the Baltic Sea in Northern Poland. As the home of one of the few beaches in Poland, Sopot is a popular summer destination. In fact, summer in Sopot is a little overwhelming. The white-sand beaches are to walk on without stepping on someone and the bars are filled with drunk guests you can’t even breathe. While some travelers do prefer an atmosphere like that, it can definitely be stressful for most.

That is why Sopot is such a good winter destination in Poland. For once, the Sopot’s beach reclaims its beauty. Travelers can walk along the expansive stretches of soft sand beach and admire the swans that live in the area. Winter is usually too cold to swim in the Baltic Sea, but travelers can enjoy themselves on the Sopot Pier, the longest wooden pier in Europe. After enjoying the beach, don’t forget to visit the cafes, bars, and the interesting Crooked House!

If you are here during the Christmas season, this magical tour will help you see the most beautifully decorated places in Sopot.

By Sean Lau of Living Out Lau

8. Gdansk

Gdansk - Poland in Winter
Gdansk – Poland In Winter

Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia located in the northwestern part of Poland and are more commonly referred to as Tri-City is a popular vacation spot along the Baltic Sea.

However, it is also a popular destination during winter. While Gdansk is known for its old town with carefully restored architecture, many museums, and rich history, Sopot and Gdynia are known for their spa resorts. You can take a trip to Sopot and Gdynia from Gdansk after sightseeing around the Old Town, and learning about the role that this city played in world history. The best way to do so is by visiting the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk or the European Center of Solidarity.

Some of the must-see spots in Gdansk Old Town are the Town Hall of the Old City, Zielona Brama (the Green Gate), Dlugi Targ (Long Market), The Royal Way, and the Long Waterfront (Długie Pobrzeże). Also, don’t forget to check out the Crane (Zuraw), Zlota Brama (Golden Gate) and the unmissable highlight of the Old Town – St. Mary’s Basilica. Climb to the top of this Gothic church to get a birds-eye view of Gdansk and the surrounding area! Here is a fun way to explore Gdansk old town.

The easiest way to travel between these cities is by train. Take a train from Gdank’s train station called Gdańsk Główny to Gdynia and from Gdynia, continue to Sopot where you can relax at the beach and walk along the long pier.

By Daria Bachmann of The Discovery Nut

So here you have got many choices of destinations to enjoy visiting Poland in winter. Let us know which one is your favorite and where would you be heading to.

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