2 Days In Quebec City : The Ultimate Quebec City Itinerary

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2 days in Quebec City is an ideal amount of time to explore its historic lanes and architecture. Here’s an ultimate Quebec City itinerary to help you make the most of your short trip.

Quebec City gives you the feels of a fairytale town filled with incredible history and fascinating culture. The oldest church, cobbled streets and the beautiful palatial architecture overlooking the city, brings together an old world charm to the center of the city. Moreover, the gorgeous St. Lawrence River adds more to the charm of Quebec City. Undoubtedly the city is also one of the most prettiest places to visit in Canada in winter season. For your 2 days in Quebec City, let us take you through the city through our experiences, so you can see the best of this fantastic city.

Quebec Itinerary : Top Things To Do In 2 Days

Day 1 : Place Royale, Notre-Dame de Quebec, Chateau Frontenac, Dufferin Terrace, Petit Champlain

Morning – Afternoon : Place Royale, Notre-Dame de Quebec, Chateau Frontenac, Dufferin Terrace

Walk Through The Historic Square Of Place Royale

Place Royale - 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary
Place Royale – 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary

Start off your 48 hours in Quebec City from the origins of the city on your first morning. Place Royale is a historic site also known to be The Cradle of French North America. Here Samuel de Champlain, the founder of Quebec City, built the first permanent French Settlement in the Americas in the year 1608.

Place Royale has an ancient stone church, Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, which is said to be the oldest church in Canada. You would be standing at the point where you would witness the evolution of the place from what it was when it was born to what it is right now in the age of technology. Every era that has passed through time has touched this square in one way or the other.

You will also see multiple-storeyed houses here. They are made of stone like old houses but have been renovated later with glass and new wood to open cafes, shops and restaurants for leisure. Just a stroll in this square would make you feel that you belong to this place and this should be your perfect beginning to explore Quebec City.

See The Basilica Cathedral Notre-Dame de Quebec

Notre Dame de Quebec was destroyed by natural calamities and war. It was rebuilt adding multiple new features and sections in the building. The main designs of the building to get smitten by are the neo-classical façade with its two asymmetrical towers and stained-glass windows. The cathedral has also been designated as the National Historic Site of Canada for its wonderful architecture.

There is also an entire chamber where the bishops, archbishops and cardinals are buried. The crypt has 900 people buried in it including the 4 Governors of New France. As they proudly note ‘it is the most extensively expanded and transformed structure in Canada’s history that is still dedicated to its original purpose.’

Visit The Iconic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

Château Frontenac - 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary
Château Frontenac – 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary

Your next stop is the upper east side of the town towards Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. A hotel very unique in all the aspects that you can think of. It is a marvel of architecture and design. It is also considered extremely unique in Quebec City because most of the buildings of this kind have taken inspiration from Italian architecture. The hotel has a Victorian and Gothic touch to its design.

Every aspect of this hotel is picturesque and the rooms of this magnificent piece have served as a home to many celebrities including Celine Dion herself. But this is not your only destination around here. If you are interested in the battle history of Canada and the British Province, you can head towards the promontory of Quebec to learn more history around it. On the North, you would find a stoned city called Saint Louis and, on the South, there is a more open countryside called Mount Carmel. A guided tour of Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac would be a very convenient way to explore this heritage.

See The City From Dufferin Terrace

Dufferin Terrace - 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary
Dufferin Terrace – 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary

If you are visiting Quebec during the pink winter months, you are going to look back on this moment spent here. Your next stop is Dufferin Terrace located at the foot of Chateau Frontenac. It is a sidewalk near the St. Lawrence River and is one of the best sightseeing places. You already know that a lot of history occurred on these shores and witnessing what it has become in this moment is a realization that brings goosebumps. After all, a governor-general fell in love with Quebec at this place.

Today, you will not only find waves crashing on both sides of the wooden walk but can also entertain yourself with small eateries around the area that not only serve delicious snacks but offer slurp-worthy smoothies to drink.

Bonus – You can opt for a guided walking tour to all the above attractions. Click here to know more.

Evening : Funicular & Petit Champlain

Ride The Funicular

Funicular - 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary
Funicular – 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary

To make the evening of your first day here more interesting and fun, there is a fun ride on a Funicular. The main entrance of the ride is from Dufferin Terrace. It is not just a ride but rather it is an experience. You would overlook the St Lawrence River and Lower Town as you would be going from down to up and vice versa, that too at a 45-degree angle. This ride is the tourists’ favorite and if you are not afraid of heights, this is a must-do thing in your Quebec City itinerary.

From the eagle’s view, you can see the stark contrast of the city. On one end there is nature and on the other end, there are buildings and human civilization. It looks like they are lovingly embracing each other.

Take A Leisurely Stroll Through Petit – Champlain

Petit - Champlain - 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary
Petit – Champlain – 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary

As you will come down from the thrilling ride, you can visit the commercial district of Petit-Champlain. Here, the cobbled roads and the stone buildings would make you feel like you are walking in a fairy tale. As the streets light up by the evening, the place looks unbelievably beautiful.

The soft aroma that comes out of the bakery and the restaurants will surely captivate your senses. The hustle and bustle of these streets make it feel more alive. If you have the time, you can visit the church nearby. And yet, the delicious food would be waiting for you to return. The delicacies here are the best to taste. While you appreciate the aesthetic of the environment that you are dining in, the cuisines would line up in front of you to keep you busy. That would mark the perfect ending of your first day in your Quebec City itinerary.

Day 2 : Citadelle de Quebec, Chutes Montmorency, St. Lawrence River Ferry Fide


Go Back In Time At Citadelle de Quebec

Citadelle de Quebec - 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary
Citadelle de Quebec – 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary

Just like any Citadelle, the Citadelle of Quebec also served a strategic purpose at the time of war. But today, you will see a star-shaped building that stood like a fortress for almost two centuries. It is also known as the home of the 22nd regiment. It served as an active military base housing the headquarters of the only French-speaking regiment in the Canadian Army. In the present, it is the largest active fortress in Canada.

Certain areas of the giant building are open to exploration for visitors. There is also a museum where you can learn more about the structure as well as every regiment that has stayed and protected this country from any enemy that thinks of harming this beautiful place. Apart from that, you can learn more about the wars that have been fought here and the stories of many soldiers who took part in them.


Get Adventurous At Chutes Montmorency

Chutes Montmorency - 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary
Chutes Montmorency – 2 Days In Quebec City Itinerary

After exploring the Gibraltar of America, your next stop is to dive deep into the Quebec nature at the Chutes Montmorency. It just takes 15 minutes to reach the waterfall from the city and it is a spectacular sight to witness at. Though Niagara Falls is famous worldwide, as you would see the size of Montmorency Falls which is 83 meters tall and 30 meters wide, you would feel that Niagara Falls is quite overrated and this waterfall is the real deal.

To see the breathtaking views of the fall, you can choose among the 2 options. You can either take the 487 steps to the vantage point and then feel the cool breeze at the top. Or you always have the option of taking the cable car. You can get your two way cable car ride and park entrance tickets here. No matter what you choose you have both the options throughout the year. Make sure to take pictures because this is going to be one sight of wonder.

You can indulge in ziplining activity at the Chutes Montmorency Parc during the summer season.


Cruise Ride on St Lawrence River

Since you are visiting every place around the river, why not go sailing on the river for once? You will get the ferry from the Quebec-Levis crossing that connects the North and South shore of the river. It is not just about sightseeing on the cruise, but the hospitality is so good that you would enjoy every minute of the ride. The guide will keep educating you about the city as it passes by. Also, many fun activities happen during the ride. And you can always take pictures of the breathtaking moments that keep happening around you.

Here’s an amazing Quebec City sightseeing cruise tour that you must surely check out for an enjoyable time on board a cruise.

Where To Stay For 2 Days Quebec City?

Staying in Old Quebec is an experience in itself for travelers. You will find many historical landmarks located in the old town. It also transports you to a French era where you can understand and indulge in various cultural aspects of the city. Here are some of our favorites which we found during our stay in Quebec City.

Budget (upto $150) : Manoir Sainte Genevieve is a steal deal for those looking for a pocket friendly hotel. It is located in the heart of Quebec City, just 90 meters from Dufferin Terrace. This makes it super close to many attractions which is a bonus for those traveling on a tight budget. Rooms are clean, spacious and very comfortable. Make sure you book your stay at the hotel well in advance, because it gets occupied quickly.

Mid-Range ($150 to $250) : Hotel Terrasse Dufferin is a brilliant place to stay in the old town of Quebec City at a very reasonable price. It is next to Governor’s Garden and offers a stunning view of the St. Lawrence River. The rooms are comfortable, nicely decorated and clean. Whilst your stay here, it would be calming to wake to the views of the river.

Luxury ($250+) : Hotel Le Priori and Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac are the most luxurious hotels in Quebec City. The services at the hotels are outstanding. Both the hotels have historic architecture. The rooms are beautifully decorated, comforting and filled with luxurious amenities. Hotel Le Priori has rooms with a working fireplace and stylish art decoration.

We hope that this article helps you in exploring Quebec City in 2 days. Nevertheless, we are sure that you will have a great time in this lovely city. If you have any questions or recommendations, let us know in the comments section below.

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