10 Stunningly Beautiful Cities To Visit In Italy

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Looking for the most beautiful cities to visit in Italy? Look no further! This article is your perfect guide to all the stunning cities you should not miss out in Italy.

Italy is a dream destination of many travelers around the globe. With mesmerizing surroundings, lakes, towns, landscapes, architectures, cultural sites, cathedrals and museums, Italy has been winning hearts of millions of tourists who come to visit it each year. Of course there are plenty of gorgeous places to visit in Italy, but we will narrow it down to the 10 most beautiful ones that you should not be missing out.

10 Stunningly Beautiful Cities To Visit In Italy

1. Rome

Rome - cities to visit in italy
Rome – Beautiful Cities To Visit In Italy

Legendary marvels, vibrant streets, iconic structures, romantic vibes and the lively piazzas places Rome on top of the wish list of every tourist who is visiting Italy. As you wander through the streets of this picturesque city, make sure you keep your cameras ready to capture all the wonderful architectures you would be witnessing here. The Colosseum, Trevi Fountains, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Vatican, Arch Of Trajan and St. Peters are namely a few attractions in Rome. This city is also a foodies haven offering delicious Italian food and Gelato of course at many piazzas.

Moreover the city gets beautifully illuminated during the evenings leaving that enchanting effect on all the amazing architectures.

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2. Venice

Venice Beautiful Cities To Visit In Italy
Venice – Beautiful Cities To Visit In Italy

Venice is a fantasy land and the most loved city in Italy. This city is built of water, hence having lots of over water bridges and canals. Taking a gondola ride on the canals and soaking yourself in the mesmerizing surroundings is a must do in Venice. One of the other major highlights of Venice is Piazza San Marco where you will find many wonderful cathedrals, palaces and museums. The most notable of these attractions are the grand Doge’s Palace and Basilica of St. Mark.

Visiting Venice may result to be a bit heavy on your pockets, but would be every worth of it.

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3. Florence

Florence - Beautiful Cities to Visit in Italy
Florence – Beautiful Cities to Visit in Italy

Florence, known to be the Renaissance capital of Italy is a fascinating and artistic city. There are numerous art galleries, museums and architectural wonders on every corner of Florence. The Uffizi gallery exhibits the masterpieces by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Giotto. While you are touring the popular cupola of Duomo, make sure to climb the 450 steps (no lift) towards the top of it to get the most amazing panoramic views of Florence. Wander through Piazza Della Signoria which is Florence’s most gorgeous piazza having lots of statues including the famous Michelangelo’s David (a replica of the original one). For the original statue you will have to visit the Accademia Gallery.

Also don’t miss out taking strolls at the banks of the picturesque river Arno, shopping at San Lorenzo and spending some pleasant time in the Boboli garden.

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4. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast - Beautiful Cities To Visit In Italy
Amalfi Coast – Beautiful Cities to Visit In Italy

The Amalfi Coast is amazingly beautiful with spectacular scenes of the wide mediterranean coastline, pastel shaded homes, lush greenness, flower blooms and rough cliffs. The Amalfi Drive is one of the world’s most scenic routes. Located just an hour away from Naples, Amalfi Coast is a perfect getaway for a real Italian feel and atmosphere. No words can describe the beauty of this place. The very picture perfect Positano & Amalfi are simply the best towns along the Amalfi coast. Sorrento is another stunner and serves you with the region’s best wines. Mount Vesuvius offers breathtaking views of the southern part of Italy.

An exploration tour of the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii which is a UNESCO World Heritage site gives you a peak into the ancient city life.

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5. Lake Como, Lombardy

Lake Como, Lombardy - Beautiful Cities To Visit In Italy
Lake Como, Lombardy – Beautiful Cities To Visit In Italy

A visit to Italy is incomplete without a visit to it’s most beautiful lake, Lake Como. This huge lake has many shores for exploration and is surrounded by gorgeous hills some of which are great viewing points. You could go for a hike or take a funicular ride up to the hills to enjoy the magnificent views of the nearing towns and seascapes. The charming town Bellagio is located on the middle of the lake and is popular for it’s gardens, grand hotels, lake side restaurants and flower lined streets. Villa Carlotta located in the town of Tremezzo, is an awe inspiring botanical garden with beautifully laid and exotic plants and flower beds while the Villa itself has a collection of sculptures and paintings.

Villa del Balbianello located in the town of Lenno is known for it’s terraced gardens, gorgeous landscapes and movie features such as Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and Casino Royale.

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6.Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre – Beautiful Cities to Visit In Italy

Cinque Terre is a must visit place in Italy and the most beautiful as well. You just can’t miss it if you are visiting Italy. Cinque Terre is made up of five fishing towns along it’s rocky coastline. The narrow streets, ancient vineyards, pastel shaded houses on the cliffs, pretty harbors and the gorgeous Mediterranean seascapes are truly magical. Cinque Terre is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can do a lot of things while you are in Cinque Terre. You could explore the vineyards in Manarola, take a hike to Vernazza for stunning views, catch sunset views from Stella Marina beach at Monterosso, go on a kayaking tour from Monterosso, dip into the sea from the harbors, take a boat tour and savor on some delicious Italian cuisines.

Manarola and Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre are perfect for setting base in while you are exploring it.

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7. Capri

Capri - Beautiful Cities in Italy
Capri – Beautiful Cities To Visit in Italy

Capri is a small paradisaical island located in the Bay of Naples. This island is all about whitewashed villas, turquoise waters, glamorous lifestyle, stunning harbors, scenic surroundings, sea caves, lush gardens and an amazing nightlife. The Blue Grotto sea cave is one of the most amazing sights wherein a natural sea cave gets fascinatingly illuminated by blue lights. The panoramic views of Capri from Anacapri is and unmissable thing to do in Capri. The picturesque port of Capri, Marina Grande is also a great place to spend time at. There are many hiking points in Capri as well offering great views of the island, one of the best being hike up to Monte Solaro from Anacapri.

Gardens of Augustus is another attraction in Capri with beautiful views of the cliffs and the sea.

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8. Genoa

Genoa – Beautiful Cities to Visit in Italy

Genoa is one of the most charming cities in the Liguria region of Italy. This port city is an interesting amalgamation of the beauty of its Mediterranean coast and architectural excellence. The Piazza de Ferrari is a marvelous open square at the center of the city home to many Italian architectures such as the Palace of Doges, Carlo Felice Theatre, a dramatic statue and a bronze fountain. Genoa has many wonderful cathedrals the most notable one being San Lorenzo, a Romanesque church having gorgeous interior inclusive of intricate details and amazing frescoes. Genoa is also home to the largest aquarium in Europe showcasing the history of the port city and about 15000 sea animals.

Taking a tour of UNESCO World Heritage site listed palaces at the magnificent Palazzi dei Rolli is also a must do in the city.

Recommended tours in Genoa :

9. Verona

Verona - Beautiful Cities to Visit in Italy
Verona – Beautiful Cities to Visit in Italy

Verona is a beautiful and romantic city that became famous from the fictional love saga of Romeo and Juliet by the famous Shakespeare. It’s really fascinating to actually visit the places based on the story such as the homes, Juliet’s balcony and even tombs of the fictional characters. There is a lot more to this fairy-tale city. You could find many ancient remains and castles in this city due to which it has been been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Soaking in the beautiful sunset views from St. Peters castle on the hill is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have in Italy. The Roman amphitheater which is the third largest arena in Italy puts on great opera performances during the evenings. Also, the famous Italian lakes Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore are very easily accessible from Verona.

Being centrally located between Venice, Milan and Bologna, this gorgeous city is a must visit in Italy.

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10. Milan

Milan – Beautiful Cities to Visit in Italy

Milan has the most magnificent and stunning cathedrals in the world. It is a city that is ignored most of the times and considered as a more of a business hub in Italy. But that is not true. Milan has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful sights and great things to do. The marvelous Duomo Cathedral is a sight to explore and behold. The views of the city from the top of this cathedral are awe inspiring. The Sforza Castle, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper, Sempione park and Arco della Pace are some of the major highlights of the city.

Milan is also a paradise for shopaholics and fashionistas. Quadrilatero, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and Corso Buenos Aires are the best places to find fashion wonders.

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These were the most beautiful cities in Italy you should make sure to include in your itineraries. Share with us about your favorite cities in Italy in the comment box below.

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