The 11 Best Places To Visit In Sicily

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Sicily is truly a treat to be able to visit. Here’s a list that will help you discover some of the best places to visit in Sicily during your trip.

If you identify yourself as a beach person and prefer sunlit coasts or simply a civilized piece of land floating on the waters, naturally built to provide you the best time of your life then Sicily is the best choice for you. It is the largest Mediterranean island in the province of Italy. The lavender mornings gradually turn into sunlit blue skies with occasional clouds making the Sicilian landscape worth watching. The on-lookers hold their breath on the constant fight between the heavens offered by these ancient lands which have Greek, Roman, Arabs and medieval cultures combined in one and the skies that never have the same colours in its palette. 

Though the whole region is worth exploring, there are a few places that are particularly good and shouldn’t be missed. So, here’s the list naming the best places to visit in Sicily. It is certainly going to be an experience of a lifetime for you.

Best Places To Visit In Sicily

For A Spree, Back In Time

The land of these beautiful islands unfolds its history in the form of Roman Theatres, churches from different periods and temples as old as the folklore themselves. You will find history in the streets and stories at every corner. Sicily feels like a time machine and it will take you back in time. Some must-visit places to have a taste of Sicilian culture are as follows.

1. Palermo

Palermo - Best Places To Visit In Sicily
Palermo – Best Places To Visit In Sicily

Starting the Sicily journey with Palermo is the best idea as it is the cultural capital of Sicily which makes it a must-visit. Palermo has its own airport but one can take a train or a car if they are already in Sicily. Finding yourself in this city will make you feel like standing on the doorstep of the modern world evidently with the food, graffitied modern walls along with fine wine joints in the city on one side and the other side lead the staircases to old frescoed ceilings and mosaic floorings at Cappella Palatina, Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo Cathedral with Galleria Regionale della Sicilia.

Do not forget to entertain yourself at the Teatro Massimo, a 20 years old opera house where you can feel the history in making.

2. Cefalu

Cefalu - Best Places To Visit In Sicily
Cefalu – Best Places To Visit In Sicily

If Palermo wins the race of the capital city, Cefalu is no less of a city when it comes to its historical heritage. In Cefalu, you can settle yourself in the Mediterranean style budget hotels and while exploring the city you can be between the rustic walls of the Cathedral, among the collection of the paintings, sculptures at Museo Mandralisca along with the Tempio di Diana, made of stones, dedicated to Greek goddess Diana. 

Or you can immerse yourself among the high statues and golden walls supporting them at Chiesa di Marta and Osterio Magno. If by any chance your visit to Cefalu is in early September you are in for a treat at witnessing the annual festivity of the birth of the Virgin Mary at Gibilmanna.

3. Taormina

Taormina - Best Places To Visit In Sicily
Taormina – Best Places To Visit In Sicily

A visit to Taormina, a celebrity favourite and the city situated around the French Riviera can only be enjoyed via a minibus which will take you throughout the city. As you enter the city you will be welcomed by the huge stone gate of Porta Messina built by the Arabs themselves. Later your eyes must behold the beauty of picturesque Mount Etna or Volcano Etna from this city.

The church of Duomo di San Nicola is a must-visit at Taormina for its sunlit outer walls and rich golden internal designs. The ancient Greek Theatre of Taormina must make the top of your bucket list.

This hilltop town, Taormina is one of the most incredible places to visit in Sicily.

4. Catania

Catania - Best Places To Visit In Sicily
Catania – Best Places To Visit In Sicily

If there is Palermo at one side of Mount Etna, Catania, being the second largest city after Palermo, stands on the other side. It is surrounded by beaches and offers soothing warmth to its visitors. Yet historically it brings Catania Cathedral, Piazza del Duomo which is also known as the heart of the city and the Elephant’s fountain which stands strong as the emblem of Catania city.

At the southern end, the city offers an architectural enigma in the form of Piazza dell’ Universita and the Palazzo san Giuliano. The Catania Roman Theatre provides you with a feel of history along with Ursino Castle for visiting and the rocks of Cyclops which are in the waters for sight pleasing.

Though everywhere in Sicily has its own unique beauty, this part of the region sure is a stand out.

5. Syracuse

Syracuse - Best Places To Visit In Sicily
Syracuse – Best Places To Visit In Sicily

Though Syracuse can offer you various historical places like other major cities, it can also offer you an entire island of historical significance called Ortigia. It’s covered by aquamarine water on the outside and historical landmarks on the inside namely Fountain of Arethusa, Piazza Archimede along with Cathedral of Syracuse.

Leaving the island, you can visit the intriguing and stunning views of the Roman Theatre. Ear of Dionysius is another natural magnificence that has found its home in Syracuse. Michaelangelo named it as such because of its shape in form of a human ear but as you visit you will know that it is more of a waterfall than just a huge stone carving. Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo deserves a special mention here as the biggest principal museum in entire Europe.

If history and traditional looking towns intrigues you, Syracuse is one of the best places to visit in Sicily for you.

For Adventure Enthusiasts

What makes these beaches and islands of Sicily different from any other islands is the rich culture and luxury offered by them. Sicilian beaches and islands are one of a kind. They are breathtakingly beautiful yet offer sports which can make you feel fresh and full of life. Some best places to visit in Sicily for those who are looking for adventure are as follows,

6. The Scala dei Turchi

Scala dei Turchi - Best Places To Visit In Sicily
Scala dei Turchi – Best Places To Visit In Sicily

For adventure enthusiasts, The Scala dei Turchi is a nature’s marvel. It fits perfectly on the definition of a beach but its milky white limestone mountains on all sides can make your jaw drop to the ground at one sight.

This beach in Sicily offers numerous adventure sports including water sports. And is a hub for the various luxurious villas which you can make your temporary homes in while sipping the freshly delivered white and red wines.

7. The Aeolian Islands

Aeolian Islands - Best Places To Visit In Sicily
Aeolian Islands – Best Places To Visit In Sicily

The constant eruption of the volcanoes from time and time again makes it an attraction point for many adventurers around the world. Though everything is safe the natural occurrences have only added to the beauty of the islands. The mouth-gaping sceneries and various adventure sports offered on the island makes it a favourite home for luxury seekers as well as adventurers who prefer to live life on the edge.

The summer season is considered the best season to visit these islands where you would find the regional flora and fauna in its bloom. Stunning landscapes, fascinating heritage and lovely villages that the Aeolian Islands offer to its visitors make it one of the most memorable places to visit in Sicily.

8. The Egadi Islands

Favignana - Best Places To Visit In Sicily
Favignana – Best Places To Visit In Sicily

The Egadi Islands are a group of three larger islands called Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo and this chain of islands amidst the water offers the fun-seekers water sports like deep-sea diving, snorkelling, and regular water visits through small boats or yachts.

Tuna fishing is another unique sport that this group of islands offer. It is known as the “Island of goats” by the locals. It’s astounding beauty and rich vegetation made it a marine reserve in the 90’s.

9. Cala Rossa (Favignana)

Sicilian islands can offer you all kinds of sports activities, adventure sports and wildlife visits which this regional land can offer you. Cala Rossa, a shy beach located on the island of Favignana can offer a perfect match of man-made structures combined with deep natural waters.

It is a perfect place for surprise seekers. The long walls of the castle made in history provides a perfect shaft or an edge to jump into the deep waters only to taste the best out of life on a trip. The regular swimmers love this place for its activities.

The Hunger Fest At Sicily

The capital city of Palermo offers a lot of options of fine dining in its provinces during your visit here with numerous wineries on the slopes of the nearby Mount Etna and other food joints along with the city. But Sicily has several other hidden gems in small cities which are appropriate according to your tastes. Some honourable mentions are as follows,

10. Caffe Sicilia In Noto

For all of my readers who have got a sweet tooth. I have got a treasure chest for you at the Caffe Sicilia, where you can quench your sweet thirst with finely baked bread and cakes covered with soft cream.

The century-old shop does not restrict its ingredients to cakes and loaves of bread. This place prides itself with freshly whipped coffee and a variety of creams and cake toppings and other eateries. A rare strawberry that is soon to be disappearing from the surface of the earth can be found only at this place preserved by the owners themselves.

11. La Contea In Modica

Though Modica as a town is a haven for food lovers, La Contea serves the best pizzas in the native Italian style. The range of pizza toppings here is untold. A few to be named are Parmesan, Ham, Prosciutto, Sausage along with tomato, olives and pepperoni. The menu here is filled with over 40 delicious delicacies including French fries, Pasta, Salads, Sardines, Hot Dogs, Shrimps, Anchovies etc. 

Sicily is such a beautiful region to visit in Italy, so we hope that this list gives you some ideas on where you should definitely be heading to. If you are still deciding on whether to go or not, just do it! You will love experiencing this incredible destination. Let us know which of these best places to visit in Sicily you would be looking forward to seeing the most in the comments section below.

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