How To Make The Most Of Your Copenhagen To Malmo Day Trip

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Looking forward to Copenhagen to Malmo day trip for a fun getaway? Here are a list of things to do in Malmo and some important information to help you plan your trip.

Malmo is a coastal city and a hidden gem located on the southern end of Sweden, only at a 45-minute distance from Copenhagen, Denmark. You can have the best of both worlds if you visit Copenhagen and plan a day trip to Malmo. Very few people can imagine this wonderful experience that in one day they can be a part of two different continents. Malmo being a part of Sweden is filled with Swedish culture and history. Just by witnessing its architectural sights, events and the surroundings in this small city can turn your regular boring weekend into a more adventurous and fulfilling one.

Below are some of the top things to do while you are on your Copenhagen to Malmo day trip. So, read on and add a place to your bucket list because this place can have everything which suits your travel tastes.

Best Things To Do On A Copenhagen To Malmo Day Trip

1. Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge - Copenhagen to Malmo day trip
Oresund Bridge – Copenhagen to Malmo day trip

If you will see or shall I say experience the Oresund Bridge as your train passes through it, you can know that you have finally arrived at your destination Malmo. This is the entryway to the city. It is as spectacular as it is beautiful. There should be no wonder as to why it is notable as an architectural wonder for people around the world. The bridge has been made in segments and considering those along with the length of the bridge it is highly appreciated. An artificial island had to be made to ensure the successful construction of the bridge.

Considering the construction of the bridge began in 1993, and it joins Denmark and Sweden. It is a fine piece of Danish architecture. No doubt, it has joined the world and has brought the continents one step closer.

2. Turning Torso

Turning Torso - Copenhagen to Malmo day trip
Turning Torso – Copenhagen to Malmo day trip

One of the highlights of your Copenhagen to Malmo day trip will be seeing the Turning Torso. If going through one architectural masterpiece leaves you asking for more than the next chosen destination would be a treat for you. Turning Torso is the highest building in Scandinavia and would simply make you wonder how it was being made in the first place.

As the idea of making such a building seems abstract, you might be wondering that it might have been left vacant for wandering purposes only. But that is not true. This twisted building like any other building is a home for people, offices, conference rooms and any other thing that you can expect in a building. It has 57 floors in total.

3. Malmo Castle

If you are tired of modern architecture. It is time to give you a sneak peek into medieval architecture. Malmo Castle is the perfect place for that. A lot of history has lived in the walls of Malmo Castle and you can witness it all. The insides of the castle are still intact and can take you back in time. On the outside, the lush green surroundings with a body of water and red walls make it a unique piece of history. And, one pleasing vision to behold.

The entire castle is surrounded by a moat and has a bridge as the only channel to get in. The entire structure is grandiose considering the entire spread of 158.4 km in area.

4. St. Petri Kyrka (St. Peter’s Church, Malmo)

St. Petri Kyrka is another architectural marvel and has a crucial historical significance. You might be aware of the Roman and Catholic Churches around the globe. This church had been built under the history of European culture and thus is a Gothic or Protestant church.

You can find many Protestant churches in this region. However, St. Petri is one of the oldest ones and is spell bounding, both from the outside and the inside. The pointed towers of the church describe its kind at first glance. On the inside, the tall white arched ceiling and wooden flooring bring serenity to the environment. It has been described as “the main gothic monument within church architecture in Skane”.

5. Lilla Torg

Lilla Torg
Lilla Torg – Copenhagen To Malmo Day Trip

Lilla Torg is the regional name for the word ‘small square’. It is the centre of the city and has been a shopping centre for the native people in the city. Once you reach here you can admire the wooden fountain projection with water flowing down from it. If you love to explore the local market, the culture of the region and love the chatter of the local people then this is a place for you. You will find all the household items, groceries and souvenir items from this place.

6. Gamla Vaster

Swedish culture is known for its architecture and culture around the globe. And once you visit it, you will also notice the blissful creativity of the native people. Gamla Vaster is one such place where you can witness how Swedish natives prefer to live. The region is a long trail or neighbourhood of houses whose walls are coloured in every single colour from the rainbow with sloped roofs for shedding the winter snow.

This is one picturesque place to visit and can give you numerous Insta Worthy pictures. Apart from that, you can find many cafes, spas and other small businesses to spend your time peacefully.

7. Folkets Park

If you are planning to visit Malmo with children or you are a person who loves open spaces and parks then the city offers Folkets Park where you can find a new surprise at every single corner. There would be musicians playing the tunes, recreational activities, eateries, small markets and if you are lucky then a full-blown concert.

Considering you are planning your visit during the winter months then you enjoy the experience of ice skating in the park. The park remains open 24X7.

8. Kingsparken or Kings Park

If you consider the central park in New York as the most magnificent one. Then there is another park in Malmo which can change your views. The Kungsparken in Malmo is beautiful in all its definitions. It is a few minutes away from Malmo Castle and thus located at the centre of the city.

The branches of the trees shading the wide paths, the little sculpted projections here and there around the park, the big wind chime, the small fountain and the tiny pond, around which people prefer to spend a lot of time gazing at the changing reflections of the sky. If Folkets Park energizes you with its activities and events, Kings Park can make you feel more grounded and at peace.

9. Form/Design Centre

The form/design centre is an education centre in the city of Malmo. Here, you can educate yourself on the culture of Sweden specifically on the topic of architecture and design. Many experts from the world come here for lectures, workshops and interactive sessions to spread knowledge. The maintenance of the centre comes from the state, city and county. You can also witness various exhibitions here which can last from a few weeks to months.

A small café in the middle of the centre offers you the luxury of keeping you energetic and going, while Swedish dishes and drinks can check some delightful treats for you.

10. Ribersborgsstranden

Sunset gazing is an art form and not every place around the world defines it like that. But here in Malmo, there is a magical place that can certainly be shorter in length but gives you an everlasting magical feeling which stays in your soul, body and mind.

Ribersborgsstranden, which once was a rotting, stanching seaweed area but now is an energetic swimming and leisure area. Though it is a few kilometres away from central Malmo, if you are missing the beach for any reason or simply want a quiet place near the water to spend your time at, this place must be a heaven for you.

11. Sodergatan

Sodergaten - Copenhagen To Malmo Day Trip
Sodergaten – Copenhagen To Malmo Day Trip

Lilla Torg might be the shopping centre for the local people but if you define yourself as more of a high-end luxury brand hoarder then Sodergatan is the place for you. It is one of the city’s oldest streets filled with shops, restaurants, local food shops, and hideouts. The old market offers you some of the biggest brands in its vicinity like Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. So, while you shop for some statement pieces for your wardrobe you will be doing it from a historical place.

General Information : Copenhagen To Malmo Day Trip

Is Copenhagen Near Malmo?

Yes indeed! Malmo is located at a distance of just 26 miles from Copenhagen. A Malmo day trip is a popular excursion to those who are visiting the capital city of Denmark.

How To Get From Copenhagen To Malmo?

Journey by road takes around 50 minutes to reach from Copenhagen to Malmo. It is a scenic drive across the Oresund Bridge and so much worth it. You can book your rental car here through Auto Europe.

The train ride from Copenhagen to Malmo is 45 minutes long. Considering Malmo is close to Copenhagen, a train leaves for Malmo every 20 minutes. To save you from the hassle of making bookings and for a more organized day trip, here’s a tour inclusive of your train tickets, lunch, Swedish pastry and a local guide to take you around the city’s best attractions.

You can reach Malmo by bus as well but they are not as frequent and available as the trains. It will take one hour to reach Malmo from Copenhagen and you can find it at the Copenhagen Central Station.

Staying Longer In Malmo?

If you decide to stay longer in Malmo, there are many interesting accommodations here. Below are our favourites;

Budget : Comfort Hotel is a vey budget friendly option to stay in Malmo. It is centrally located and just 0.2 kms away from the train station. If you are coming by car, the hotel also offers an accessible parking space on site. Hotel facilities also includes free WiFi, breakfast buffet and a fitness center. The rooms are cozy and comfortable. Click here to book your stay or to check out the availability of the hotel.

Luxury : If you are looking for a unique accommodation that also boasts world class amenities, then you should book your stay at the Clarion Hotel. The rooms are beautiful, comfortable and show off amazing views of the city. The hotel has a 25th floor skybar that is just perfect to marvel over Malmo’s gorgeous skyline. Plus the hotel features a restaurant, concert hall, fitness center and sauna. Other facilities include free WiFi, breakfast in the room service, indoor play area, pet friendly services and parking spaces. Click here to book your stay or to check the availability of the hotel.

We hope that this guide is useful to you and keeps you well planned for your Copenhagen to Malmo day trip. With so places to visit and wonderful sights to see, a day trip to Malmo, is totally a must do from Copenhagen.

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