11 Fun Things To Do In Miami In Summer

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Summers offer an enjoyable way to experience the vibrance of Miami amongst the warmth of the sun. Read on to discover the most fun things to do in Miami in summer.

Miami is one of the best holiday destinations in Florida visited by millions of tourists yearly. The stunning beaches of this city offer indulgence in plenty of enjoyable activities such as rollerblading, kayaking, volleyball and more. Along with these fun activities, people also have access to the upbeat and vibrant party vibe at various beachside bars and night clubs. Coming to Miami will also bring you close to experiencing culinary excellence through many incredible restaurants.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing time by the beach or an adventurous holiday, Miami would be a great choice for your summer vacation. Here are some of the very best things to do in Miami in summer.

Things To Do In Miami In Summer

1. Get On A Cruise

One of the first things to do in Miami has to be sailing on a soaking soaking in all the beauty of the coastline and the city from the sea. The Bahamas is not much far from the city, so it also gives you the tropical destination feel. If you are in for the ride, then, Miami has a lot of options where you can rent a private cruise. All you need to do is to pack your summer essentials and just get on the ride. Some of these exclusive packages are not very expensive either. Click here to find the best cruise tour in Miami.

2. Explore Wildlife Through Zoological Parks

Seaquarium - Things To Do In Miami In Summer

Miami might be known for its beaches but there is much more to the natural beauty of Miami than just beaches, waves and sunshine. There is a whole lot of flora and fauna on this land that you would love to explore during the summers. The unusual number must have been the reason that Miami has five zoos.

Starting from the Monkey Jungle, the 30-acre zoological park is filled with greenery. You will get to see many monkeys swinging on tree branches in this semi natural habitat. The Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami is an attempt to preserve and serve the species of land creatures that are on the verge of extinction or are on the endangered list. You would find multiple animals here, living in their natural habitat. It is an appointment only zoo.

The Seaquarium has all the sea beings to be friends with. Jungle Island is another eco-adventure park where different kinds of parrots are the main attraction. And then comes the Miami Zoo, which is spread over around 750 acres of land and is the fifth largest zoo in the Country.

3. Water Sports in Miami

When you think of summers in Miami, the first picture that crosses your mind is people riding huge waves on a colorful surfboard. But, is surfing the only watersport that Miami offers? The answer is no. There are several other water sports that you can participate in. And if you are afraid or have no experience, the instructors here are super friendly and will teach you like a beginner. You would not only fall in love with the sport but also with the experience of learning it throughout.

Paddle Boarding, kayaking, tube riding, flyboarding, windsurfing, and parasailing are some sports in which you can participate. Click here to find one of the most popular jet skiing and pontoon boat ride activity in Biscayne Bay.

4. Kayaking in Oleta River

Apart from all the beach activities listed above, kayaking is an activity that can be done in silent waters away from crowds and beaches. So, if you don’t like highly crowded beaches, Oleta River State Park is the right place for you. It is a paradise for outdoors seekers. A family-centric place filled with greens, white sandy beaches and a silent river flowing through the place. In a park spread over 1043 acres, you would find a shady tree to have a picnic under with your friends or family. Kayaking rentals are easily available in the park.

Apart from day outings, night-stay cabins are also available at the park. All the facilities are available at the park, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Here is an interesting kayaking tour that takes you through the Oleta River State Park.

5. Snorkeling In Biscayne National Park

If Oleta River Park is only famous for Oleta River, here comes Biscayne National Park. The park does not have one thing to its name that makes it famous. It has a range of historical things that happened here. People visit the park for its scenic view, endless horizons and the stories of the history that happened here. The park has evidence of over 10k years of human history, the time before human civilization, the history of trade and invasion and much more.

It is one hell of a ride here and you can explore the park on a bicycle or a tram. You can also indulge in various water sports in the park. Snorkeling is a popular and memorable activity in Biscayne. It is also one of the most fun things to do in Miami in summer. You can find this activity here. During the golden hours, it makes for a perfect place to take photogenic pictures. It has the world’s third-longest coral reefs. So, don’t mind if you meet Spongebob here.

6. Spend A Sunny Day At Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool - Things To Do In Miami In Summer

There is a sea-green retreat covered by a rock-solid boundary and a small waterfall falling from these rocks in Coral Gables located nearly 8 miles from downtown Miami. Inspired by old Venetian grottos, Venetian Pool is a unique place to visit near Miami. Having the capacity of upto 800,000 gallons of water, it is fed by the spring water from an underground aquifer. Hence it is safe to simply jump into the water and enjoy your time under the sun and clear blue skies.

7. A Rooftop Dinner in Miami

The gorgeous rooftop restaurants in Miami serve an entire experience to their visitors. Sound of the crashing waves on the shore, the cool breeze, dim lighting and solemn music. A range of delicacies is served to you. From Greek Salads to Mexican sauces, from Italian pizza to Lebanese hummus. And add a range of cocktail drinks to your 5-course meal, since no noon goes without drinks in summers.

Miami has a range of restaurants where you can have it all and more. Some of the known rooftop restaurants are Level 6 Rooftop, Terras, MILA, Cebada Rooftop and Juvia.

Food tours through the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami is also one of the most popular activities for those who want to indulge in authentic Cuban cuisine.

8. Indulge In Art On A Segway

If you remember a couple of people riding a Segway going through Miami roads or sidelining Miami beaches, you are right on your part. And if you are wondering where they are going? They are regular tourists in Miami and they are exploring the city in the best way possible. Segway offers a cool way to explore a part of the city that remains hidden from the famous and glamorous headlines about Miami. Limited to 8 people in one go, the guide takes you to some art galleries in the city that would mesmerize you with their art.

You too can book these Segway tours where the local guide will take you instead of just touching the famous spots that are filled with tourists in the summers. Ocean Drive Segway Tour, 1-hour Segway Glide, Miami Millionaire’s Row Segway Tour and Star Island Segway Tour are some of the places where you can book an experience for yourself.

9. Have A Big Laugh At The Villain Theater

Miami is known among stars and celebrities. Hence, the event calendar of Miami remains pre booked with concerts, entertainment retreats, conferences etc. There is one more thing that you are going to fall in love with in the city. And that is laughter. The Villain Theater is the area filled with laughing clubs where different comedians and artists come over to show up their talent and to make sure that you have the time of your life. You can always catch up with your favorite comedians here or simply discover a new favorite one.

Some of the other best places for comedy events in Miami are The Comedy Inn, Gramps Bar, Just the Funny and Miami Improv.

10. Explore The Spanish Monastery

Summers are filled with scorching heat and dry weather but it could be of zen feeling as well. There is a Spanish monastery at North Miami Beach where you can relax for a while. The thick ceiling, carved walls and long corridors immediately give you an idea about the Spanish architecture of the building. Closeted in greenery, surrounded with flowers and a fountain you would witness the beauty of the monastery at first glance.

There is a running chapel as well. So, you can visit the church. You can either meditate there or simply appreciate the architectural beauty and design of the chapel.

11. Groove At The Miami Summer Events and Festivals

There is no denying that Miami has not one, but multiple events lined up in summer. Some of them are Ultra Music Festival, South Beach Jazz Festival, Miami International Beach, Miami Music Week and Florida Supercon. All you need to do is to check out the Miami events calender and book your tickets for the events that are happening when you are in town. Attend and enjoy!

Where To Stay In Miami

When you are looking for a fun time in Miami during summers, you will simply imagine staying on a beach side accommodation that will make your vacation more wholesome. The South Beach is the most popular neighborhood in Miami known for its lively vibes. Below are our favorite picks that will impress you with a wonderful stay in South Beach Miami.

Budget : The Viajero Miami is a great steal deal for those who are looking for pocket friendly accommodation in Miami. It is centrally located right opposite to the beach and close to many restaurants and bars. There are a variety of room selections available at the hotel. You can choose to stay in dorms or private rooms. Family rooms are available too. Complimentary tea and coffee is available for 24 hours in the hotel lobby. Click here to book your stay at the Viajero Miami or to check its availability.

Luxury : The Betsy Hotel is an incredible hotel with direct beach access, a rooftop pool and a stunning courtyard. As a guest you can enjoy the sea views, swimming pools, wellness spa, sunrise yoga, private beach access, library access and sun loungers. Luxury knows no bounds at the Betsy hotel. The hotel also has two restaurants where you can indulge in Continental and American cuisines. Click here to book your stay at the Betsy Hotel or to check its availability.

Now that you have ideas for the things to do in Miami in summer, you are sure in for some amazing fun. Do you have any more fun Miami summer tips to share. Share with us in the comments below.

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