The Ultimate Worry Free International Travel Checklist

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An International Travel Checklist ensures that you have a well planned and smooth international trip. Happy Travels!

So you have booked an international trip and are all set to go on your voyage. Exciting times are ahead for sure. Seeing interesting places, meeting new people, knowing about different cultures, trying out the local cuisines and having many new experiences adds up to all the travel related enthusiasm. There is always a need for preparing a checklist to ensure that you do not forget anything the very last minute that may bother you throughout the trip. Our international travel checklist is here to help you stay sorted, well planned, organised and prepared for your trip.

International Travel Checklist

International Travel Checklist



Passport is the most important document when you are traveling abroad. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months (as required by most of the countries), so that you are not turned away by the airport authorities the very last minute.

Keep at least 3 copies of your passport – one for yourself, one to leave with a family member or friend and one to be saved in your cellphone or email.


Visas for some countries are attached on the passport pages while for some they are provided as a soft copy. Double check the validity date and keep a hard copy handy in your passport bag or luggage. If you are unsure about the visa requirements for the country you are traveling to, check here. Visa is a very essential document in an international travel checklist.

Travel Tickets

Whether you are traveling by flight, train or cruise you should carry all the travel tickets with you, both as hard copies and soft copies. If you have already acquired an online boarding pass, keep a printed copy on hand to in case you get to avail an upgrade at the gate or face any flight cancellation situation.

Personal ID and Diving License

Make sure that you always keep your Personal/National Id and Driving License whenever you are traveling.

Travel Insurance Information

Check your local health insurance if it covers your bills if needed during an international trip. If it doesn’t, get a travel insurance done. This may save you a lot of bucks if you are in need of any medical emergency abroad.

Trip Itinerary

It’s always good to prepare an itinerary for a trip ahead so that you do not miss out any attractions or places you have been wanting to visit. It’s not necessary that you have to manage visiting places as you have set in your itinerary, you may tend to spend some extra time at particular places or just need a time to relax. But, an itinerary always gives you a rough sketch of all the places that you should be visiting on your trip.

Banking And Currency Exchange

Notify Your Bank

Inform your bank about your travel dates and destination so that they don’t deny your international purchases done by your credit cards. Inquire about the ATMs available at the destination you are traveling to that would charge no extra transaction fee. Some banks also issue overseas credit cards that are easier to use and deduct no extra fees on international transactions. Also, ask for any emergency contact numbers, online chat bots or email ids to contact the bank in case of any urgency.

Bank Cards (Credit Cards, Debit Cards)

Check the status of your cards to make sure that they are active. Keep them safe in your travel wallet.

Currency Notes

Keep some local currency notes of the country you are visiting, safe with you in your wallet as well as in your luggage. Don’t depend completely on the credit cards. You can make payments through some handy cash if your hotel or cabs do not have the facility of transaction machines and digital transfers.



If you are on any medication, update the stock of your medicines as prescribed by the doctor and add them into your luggage. Also, if you wear contact lenses or glasses, keeping an extra pair of them would be very useful.


Book an appointment with your doctor to discuss about any essential vaccinations you might need to take before traveling to a destination. You can also check CDC Traveler’s Health website which has a list of countries with recommended and required vaccinations. Cross check about them with your doctor and get the vaccination if necessary. It’s always better to stay protected than at risk.

Electronics / Gadget

International Travel Checklist

Cellphone To Stay Connected

In today’s time it’s impossible to forget our cellphones, but still we have it on our checklist as good reminder.

Contact your network provider and inquire about a suitable international plan. You would be able to notify your family and friends when you reach your destination. Use WI FI connections whenever possible to save your roaming plan charges.

Fully charge your electronic devices before you leave for your trip

Charger, Universal Adapter and Portable Battery Charger

Ensure that you have kept your phone and camera chargers in your luggage. Also, pack a Universal Adapter if you are unsure that the power supply switch would be compatible with your chargers in your destination country.

A Portable Battery Charger is also recommended so that you can charge your electronic devices when you are on the go without any power supply.


Create a playlist of songs in your phone, download books on Kindle and some movies or series via Entertainment apps to keep yourself entertained during long transit trips.

Travel Apps

Downloading travel apps such as Google Maps, Uber, City Mapper and Google Translate can help you in navigation through the city you are visiting. You can also do some research on important apps that work in your destination country and download them to help you ensure a worry journey. Carrying paper maps detailing the routes between the cities and places you want to visit can also be very helpful. You can either download these maps online or get it from the nearest tourist information centers.

Research Before You Leave

Being well informed and mindful about the country you are visiting can make your trip more enjoyable. Read about the country’s weather, appropriate clothing, ongoing festivals, customs, important places to visit, hidden gems, shopping areas, specialties, restaurants and local cuisines through online resources such as tourism boards, blogs, guides and packing lists.

Learning a few words and basic phrases such as “Hello”, “Good Day”, “Yes”, “No”, “Please” and “Thank You” makes communications easier and shows a good gesture to the local people. Note down these words and phrases with translations into a notepad for reference whenever needed during your trip.

Double Check All The Important Reservations

Making important reservations such as hotel bookings, tours to major attractions, cruise trips and dinner at popular restaurants is always a good idea specially if you are traveling during the peak season. Double check the dates and timings of all the reservations you have made, save copies of them digitally and print them out if needed. You can make any corrections on the reservations if required before you leave for your trip to save time and hassle.

Check Luggage Restrictions

Rules keep changing always. So, it’s better to check for any bag size, weight or luggage restrictions imposed by the airlines. This will avoid any kind of inconvenience or payment of extra fees for your luggage. Take a picture of your packed luggage to help you easily recognize your bag in case of any mix up or loss.

Travel Sized Toiletries

Pack a travel sized kit containing your toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, wipes, shampoo, soap and sanitary napkins in case of any emergency for ladies. You can add all the your basic daily needs and self care essential to the kit. Read about self care essentials for travelers here.

Last Minute Household Checks


Clear and pre-pay all your bills. You can also set any upcoming bills to auto-pay settings with your bank and service providers.


Notify the post office about your travel dates and set them to store your mails in your assigned post box. Set an auto-responder for all the official and work related e-mails.


Wash and dry all your laundry in advance. Clean, empty and unplug all the kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, microwave oven, grillers, water purifier, heating tools etc. Also make sure you have switched off and unplugged other appliances such as television, washing machines and water heater. Turn off the water taps tightly too.

Planning and preparing for an international trip is very exciting. Here’s a roundup of the international travel checklist containing of all the items with a few extra essentials so that you do not forget anything;

  • Passport and Visa
  • Travel Tickets
  • Personal Id/Driving License
  • Travel Insurance Information
  • Trip Itinerary
  • Bank Cards and Currency Notes
  • Medications and Immunizations
  • Cellphone
  • Charger, Universal Adapter and Portable Battery Charger
  • Entertainment Apps/ Navigation Apps, City Maps
  • Important Reservations and Luggage Restrictions
  • Earplugs, Noise Cancelling Headphones and Sleep Mask
  • Anti Bacterial Wipes
  • Kindle or a good book
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Travel Sized Toiletries
  • Last Minute Household Checks

Do let me know, if we have forgotten to list anything in this international travel checklist. Following this we are sure you are going to make the most out of your trip and stay worry free. Wishing you a safe and fun trip!

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