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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Flying With Emirates Airlines

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Flying with Emirates Airlines has always been a pleasure. While working in Dubai, I was introduced to it when I booked my first solo travel to India. I had heard a lot about their world class services and in-flight comfort that they have been consistently providing to their passengers. Since then, Emirates Airlines has been my first choice and I have always been looking forward to traveling with them. Being an extremely satisfied and frequent flyer on Emirates Airlines, here I have all the reasons that would make you prefer flying with Emirates.

Emirates Airlines

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7 Reasons To Fly With Emirates Airlines

1. Emirates ICE Entertainment System :

ICE stands for Information, Communication and Entertainment. It’s an award winning in-flight entertainment system that keeps passengers busy even during long haul flights. With more than 2000 channels available in a variety of languages, you would be able to browse through your favorite movies, TV shows, cartoons and much more. These channels are regularly updated with the latest content and so you would not need to pick up your tablets or smartphones for passing your time in the flight.

Additionally you can also keep a check on the live flight status and stay connected to your near ones by sending messages or making calls through the ICE system.

2. Spacious Legroom and Comfortable Seats :

Emirates Airlines offer the most comfortable seats not only for business class or first class passengers but also for economy class passengers. Each seat has a cushion, easy reclination and is big enough with an adjustable headrest. The leg rooms are extremely spacious that allow you to rest your legs without feeling any congestion between the seats.

3. In-Flight Dining Experience :

The in-flight food is not always fresh, filling and delicious on flights as we all know. But if you are flying with Emirates Airlines, you will be served with a completely different culinary service that is prepared by international chefs. The meals are prepared according to the destination you are traveling to and you are also provided a menu to check on all the options. In addition, you can also opt from a variety of meals online before your flight. The food is served hot, is very hygienically packed and the taste would never disappoint you.

4. Pleasant and Helpful Cabin Crew :

The Emirate’s cabin crew very pleasantly accommodates, understand and help the passengers. This is the same case whether you are traveling in business class or economy class. You ask them for anything and they are there to help.

Emirates Airlines

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5. Flights Connectivity To Many Destinations :

Emirates Airlines has a very broad network and covers more than 150 destinations from it’s hub Dubai. It has flights to almost all major cities across the world so it is really easy to book flights with Emirates Airlines while traveling. You may also have a stopover in Dubai depending on your destination, where you can enjoy it’s airport lounge facilities and shopping too. For long stop overs you can head out to tour the beautiful city Dubai and enjoy all the must dos in the city.

6. On-Board WIFI Connection :

Making phone calls and sending messages from the flight has always been a service provided to the passengers of Emirates Airlines. You can also stay connected through WIFI internet service offered in-flight. You can use the first 10 MB for free and can buy 500 MB more for just $1 which is really cheap.

7. Other In-Flight Services :

All the passengers receive a waterproof kit consisting of in-flight essentials such as tooth brush, tooth paste, fold-able comb, eye mask, ear plugs and long socks. Also to keep your kids entertained they provide you coloring books and puzzles. They also provide a hot towel before serving meals to your seat. These little things count too and make the journey even more satisfying.

With such world class facilities and in-flight services, Emirates Airlines provides you a comfortable experience unlike any other flights. Choose Emirates Airlines to enjoy world class services and facilities. If you are considering booking flights with Emirates, don’t think further and just go for it. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

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Anjali Wadhwa (cheerfultrails) is a travel consultant and enthusiast who has traveled to 15+ countries. She shares about her explorations through her writings. You will find detailed itineraries, best travel tips and well experienced recommendations for food, transportation and hotels on her blog.

12 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Be Flying With Emirates Airlines

  • Meredith

    Emirates Airlines sounds lovely! I’m impressed they include a small amount of free Wifi, and then additional data for such reasonable prices. I wish they would fly out here in the S Pacific, but I guess that means I need to travel closer to Asia 🙂 Great review!

  • I have wanted to fly Emirates because i hear so many good things. I actually booked a flight with them to Dubai but it turned out to be a code share and the plane was Quantas. I like Quantas but I was looking forward to trying Emirates. Hopefully, soon.

  • I have never flown Emirates but I have only heard good things so far. I love the idea of having WiFi and from your photo the cabin looks beautiful and modern. I hope I get to try them out soon.

  • Emirates Airlines sounds like a great airline to travel with! Especially with having a good amount of leg space. The internet is so cheap and would definitely make it easier to keep busy on long flights. I haven’t had a chance to fly with them yet but will be keeping this in mind.

  • I flew with Emirates from Paris to Tokyo a few years ago and it was a great journey. So I wholeheartedly agree with all the points you made! I would love to fly with them again!

  • I flew Emirates before from England and it was a nice experience! Plenty of room for my long legs!

  • Emirates no doubts looks amazing.i haven’t travelled by it as yet..but after reading about your experience.i will surely book one soon

  • Ketki Gadre

    I had got an amazing deal on emirates when i flew to Europe. After that I’ve been on so many flights and the closest who has come to Emirates is Singapore airlines. The class is so much apart for others. I was it was a tad bit cheaper so to choose for all destinations.

  • I’ve never flown Emirates before but have only heard good things! I work from my laptop, so I’m someone who always buys in flight wifi on long flights so I can get some work done, and I can’t believe how cheap the wifi is! Dubai is on my list, and I’d love to fly Emirates there.

  • justchasingsunsets2017

    OMG I just met a former Emirates flight attendant and she LOVED it. She told me how awesome it was to work for them and fly them! I’ll have to book a flight soon 🙂

  • I totally agree. Emirates Airline services are the best. They also give free or discounted Wi-Fi throughout your flight depending on your membership tier. The person can enjoy the travelling or the businessman can continue there work. That’s why love to fly with Emirates.

  • Mary Pino

    Since I travel a lot for work, this is normal for me. Usually, when we fly to another city with colleagues, we rent a minivan or choose a car rental for 12 passengers. Then to the hotel, then to work. And after the working day, we go to see the city. Only by combining work and rest can you stay in harmony with the world around you. By the way, we were just in Florida when we read this article.


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