7 Unmissable Things To Do In Batanes, Philippines

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Heading to Batanes in Philippines? Here are some unmissable and best things to do in Batanes on your trip.

Batanes has been boosting its tourism reputation since the year 2017. Batanes is known as The Home Of The Winds” due to its picturesque terrain and constantly blowing by strong winds straight from Taiwan. Aside from that, it is the home of Ivatan Tribes, which have similar cultural and linguistic aspects to Taiwanese people. Batanes is one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines.


Basco is the capital city of Batanes, located on Batan Island. Batanes is the northernmost part of the country. Batanes Island is known to be a typhoon destination in the Philippines. It was the main reason why many Ivatans made their houses of stone and lime with cogon roofs that could withstand the strongest typhoons.

Batanes has a tropical climate. The rainiest month is August; the driest month is April. November to February are the coldest months.

View Of Batanes, Things To Do In Batanes
Batanes, Philippines

In addition, Ivatans still perform their old-fishing tradition, Kapayvanuvanua. They perform the ritual before fishing for Arayu (dolphin fish), a food staple in Batanes, by offering animal sacrifices to spirits of the sea to bless them with a safe and bountiful fishing season. Fishing for this prized fish is only done during summer, between April to May.

Things To Do In Batanes

1. Visit the Basco Lighthouse

Basco Lighthouse - Things To Do In Batanes
Basco Lighthouse – Things To Do In Batanes

It is the most visited lighthouse in the province and the first to light up in the sky. The whole place shows the maritime history in ages during the Philippine history. The location is in Naidi Hills, one of the must-visit natural formations to relax and unwind. Take a short hike of 1.2 km from the Port of Basco. Soak in the views of the seemingly endless rolling hills. The experience will definitely make you wonder how majestic beauty the landscape has.

Nearby Attractions To Explore :

  • The West Philippine Sea
  • Mt. Iraya
  • Basco Town Proper

2. See The House Of Dakay

House of Dakay is also known as the oldest house made from stone, that survived major calamities like earthquakes and typhoons. It is considered the province’s heritage treasure by UNESCO.

Take a look inside. Look for Lola Ida, the granddaughter of the original owner of the house. She is the only living descendant of the family.

Nearby Attractions To Explore :

  • Hotel Marciano
  • Ruins of Songsong
  • Alapad Hills, and Rock Formation

3. Have your relaxed yet satisfactory picnic at Racuh A Payaman (aka Marlboro Country)

Racuh-A-Payaman - Things To Do In Batanes
Racuh A Payaman – Things To Do In Batanes

Racuh A Payaman is located in Mahatao, the next town after Basco. Many domestic and international travellers choose this as their number top favourite attraction spot in Batanes due to its breathtaking view. You can also view the Pacific Ocean on the side. Avid photographers love this place and visit frequently to capture precious images.

To avoid extreme sun heat, you must schedule your visit between 8 am until 10:00 am and 3 pm until 4 pm.

Nearby Attractions

  • Vayang Rolling Hills
  • Valugan Boulder Beach
  • Tukon Church
  • Chawa Viewdeck

4. Ride It All In Cogon-Tricycle Tours

Cogon Tricycle Tour - Things To Do In Batanes
Cogon Tricycle Tour – Things To Do In Batanes, Picture Credits : Ivatan Cogon Tricycle

The cogon-roofed tricycles are a modern yet traditional look of Ivatan tricycles. It can be rented and exclusive for joiner tours around Batanes province, particularly in the North and Southside of Batanes. The usual rate is P200 per hour.

5. Take A Relaxing Dip In Racuh-a-idi (Spring of Youth)

Rejuvenate yourself at the Racuh-a-idi, aka the Spring Of Youth. It is a gorgeous man made spring. Most visitors have seen healing potential for their beauty care and mind relaxation. You can also enjoy the surrounding fascinating views of Mt. Iraya & the Pacific Ocean. Many hikers prefer visiting the spring of youth, believing in the power of healing such as body illness or soreness after a long walk during the hiking session in a day. You can conveniently book an all inclusive tour to visit the Spring Of Youth here.

6. Try Motorbiking Around South And North Batan Island

Motorbiking is one of the most popular experiences among travellers in Batanes. It is possible to mountain bike around the island in a day. The best suggestion to motorbike both areas is to schedule it in two separate days to enjoy your motorbike adventure. The rate of a motorbike is 100/hour which you avail for below 500(rentals) to 1,500(motorbike tours) per day. Another alternative to rent is a bicycle for 300php to 1000 per day to visit scenic views.

7. Dine-In At Honesty Coffee Shop

The Honesty Coffee Shop is a unique cafe you will see in the Philippines. It is always open and delivers one message that honesty is the best policy. This cafe serves whatever you order for and trusts you to pay the right amount in a designated drop box.

This kind of cafe concept shows the impact of having ZERO Crime rate in the whole community. It is a way of practicing the honesty culture of Ivatans around the province.

Alternative Cafes:

  • Café de Tukon
  • Harbour Café

Where To Stay In Batanes

Booking your accommodation alone is quite an overwork. However, you can try to reserve your room at Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant or R&E Bed & Breakfast.

Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant

Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant offers larger rooms suited for group travellers and families. The location is accessible, clean, and has comfortable rooms. Also, they provide free complimentary coffee and Filipino breakfast dishes during your stay. It is at a distance of just 5-minutes away from Basco Airport.

R&E Bed & Breakfast

R&E Bed & Breakfast is the best option for DIY Solo travellers. The place is near beaches within the area. In addition, it is within walking distance of some nearby attractions in South Batan Island and Ivana port. They offer a free shuttle service, a shared kitchen, free drinking water to every guest.

At R&E Bed & Breakfast, rooms include a wardrobe. Each room has air conditioning, and some units at R&E Bed & Breakfast have a terrace. Cycling is the best activity you can get near this accommodation since geography is in the centre of Ivana. Click here to book your stay or check its availability.


Aside from trying out all the fun things to do in Batanes, Philippines, one of the main reasons to add it on your bucket list is that it is considered a Northern Paradise near Taiwan. Also, you will get to see the untouched and unspoiled beauty that has been preserve by the locals.

Such natural attractions right in front of your eyes are all worth it. Aside from that, you will get to experience the uniqueness of its culture. Due to its tropical climate and average humid weather, you will enjoy viewing different sightseeing spots. These unmissable things to do in Batanes, Philippines, will remind you that even a mini island has a lot to offer as a bucket list worthy destination that you will not regret.

Author Bio: Mikhaela Alyssa Adarve is a travel management university graduate, who hails in the Philippines. She is a Freelance Model, Language Translator & Digital Creator who loves to share her insightful travel tips, honest food reviews, the importance of self-love & raising the awareness of sustainable fashion.

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