12 Most Romantic Things To Do In San Antonio For Couples

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Traveling to San Antonio with the one you love or are you looking for some date ideas? Lets get to know about all the most romantic things to do in San Antonio for couples.

San Antonio, a city in Texas is best known for its history and heritage. Throughout the years, this city has understood the importance of developing and preserving creativity and love for celebrations and joy. Exploring San Antonio is nothing but falling in love all over again. Hence, it is the best destination to plan a romantic holiday with your partner.

Stroll Along San Antonio RiverWalk - Romantic Things To Do In San Antonio For Couples
Stroll Along San Antonio RiverWalk – Romantic Things To Do In San Antonio For Couples

So, if you are thinking of visiting this charming city with your significant other or are looking for date ideas, here are the most romantic things to do in San Antonio for couples.

Romantic Things To Do In San Antonio For Couples

1. Spend A Carefree Day At Pearl Brewery

Away from your normal Saturdays that you spent after a weekday of stress and work at your home would be San Antonio’s Saturdays at Pearl brewery. A historical place when it comes to cuisine and hospitality. People love the happiness and vibe here. Plan a date with your partner around the institute that is the newest branch of the Culinary Institute of America.

Whether you or your partner are a foodie or not, you would love this place. The people at pearl brewery understand the valuable attributes like ambience, taste, health and craft of making the delicacies to their best. Post your culinary experience, walk hand in hand along the RiverWalk extension. It’s a peaceful haven with lots of greenery on the river side.

2. Go For San Antonio Riverside Walk & Cruise

Hold the hand of your partner firmly and go on for a riverside walk under lavender skies until it doesn’t turn starry or moonlit. This is certainly one of the most romantic things to do in San Antonio. The beautiful street lamps would be lit to guide you or to provide that romantic feel along with soft music and the smell of the salty-buttered popcorn from the nearby stores. When you are with your beloved here, all you can think of is singing “So, this is love….”. If you fancy going on a romantic night cruise make sure to book your tickets in advance because they sell out pretty quickly.

3. Enjoy A Beautiful Sunset From The Tower Of The Americas

Tower Of The Americas, San Antonio
Tower Of The Americas, San Antonio

Visit the Tower of the Americas with your partner during the sunset hour. It is truly one of the most romantic things to do in San Antonio for couples. Gaze together at the mesmerizing view of the setting sun over San Antonio from the interiors where you can enjoy a meal with your partner along with the tastiest wines available. The scenic views, lip-smacking food and stunning surroundings are perfect for your date and also for that special proposal. Tower of the Americas is a place not to be missed and a date night here is definitely one of the best romantic things to do in San Antonio for couples.

4. Gaze The City’s Skyline On A Helicopter Tour With Your Love

A helicopter tour over San Antonio’s skyline can be thrilling as well as mesmerizing for you and your partner. See San Antonio Downtown from a different perception while sitting close to your loved one. Swoon around the Tower of the Americas while soaking in the breathtaking views of Alamodome, La Villita neighborhood and San Antonio River. A helicopter ride would be a perfect surprise for your partner as it would make for a delightfully romantic day in San Antonio.

5. Plan A Relaxation Session At FLOAT

A dream of leaving all the worries behind and just being lost in the gravity-less environment can turn true with FLOAT. Though it is a wellness spa, apart from other wellness facilities, it is exclusively known for floatation therapy, massages and Infrared saunas. You can book a relaxing afternoon for your partner here for that unforgettable experience. The floatation therapy goes for as long as 60 to 90 minutes in the tub and it is perfectly safe so you can go without any worries.

You can book a session or go for membership for regular visits. As the spa approves, FLOAT offers rejuvenation for your body, mind and soul. This is going to be magical for you. This activity is perfect for a romantic date in San Antonio.

6. Plan A Memorable Staycation At Hotel Emma

The charming Hotel Emma is a perfect romantic getaway in San Antonio for couples. This boutique hotel is located along the riverside in Pearl Brewery. The decorated interiors, historic aura and incredibility create a very calming ambiance for the guests staying at the hotel. It is a visual as well as a relaxing retreat which is perfect for a romantic date for any couple.

The hotel also has many leisure facilities which include a swimming pool with view, picnic area, sundeck, spa services, fitness center, breakfast in the room and recreational activities. Planning a staycation at Hotel Emma is one of the most wonderful romantic things to do in San Antonio for couples.

7. An Evening At Tobin Center For Performing Arts

If you and your partner enjoy the dramatic and intimate genre of performing arts, a date at the Tobin center for performing arts would be very wonderful and memorable for both of you. The grand structure of the hall and the red aesthetic, surrounding the walls of the stage gives the auditorium a royal and elegant view. It would be charming to watch something romantic portrayed by some of the finest artists on the stage, thus transcending the love of art to your partner and you.

8. Challenge Each Other For A Game At Cool Crest Miniature Golf Course

Out of all the historical places that reside in San Antonio, Cool Crest Miniature Golf Course is the most notable one. The golf course has not loosened its charm and has maintained its natural surroundings and creative art decors. Here, you can have a friendly match with your partner challenging them to have more scores than you.

The food sold here in the small food trucks is delicious and the staff is super friendly. The opening hours here are indefinite. It has been suggested to check the timings beforehand if you plan to visit the place for a wholesome experience.

9. An Open-Air Movie Night At Mission Marquee Plaza

San Antonio offers you starry nights with chilled beer and your favorite movie all in one package, at Mission Marquee Plaza. It is an open space with a big screen and a huge ground with relaxing chairs on it. The grassy lawn gives you a picnic feel and you can lay down with your partner while watching the movie. The plaza does not only run at night but is also open during the day. It is also a welcoming ground for various artists and events where the community interacts with each other, creates and celebrates on various occasions.

Get ready to be surprised with your beloved one here. You can always check their website for the show timings, the events or community gatherings and can book your tickets accordingly.

10. Plan A Movie Date In Alamo Drafthouse

Your regular movie date corner could be around your neighborhood but if you are in San Antonio, you must visit an old theatre that has run the classics and is running the new ones too. Alamo Drafthouse could be your chance to steal those magical moments with your partner that you really wish for in your daily life.

It could be old but all the facilities and the quality of service that the Drafthouse offers are new and refreshed. The ambience, the food and the staff would love to give you that experience that you wished for in this old building. A secret of Alamo Drafthouse for that perfect steal on a date is the offers on Tuesdays. The tickets are for 5 USD, for the entire day, along with the Tacos.

11. The Koffee Kup Company: Music And Snacks

Dates have always been special for you and your partner in crime and so you want to remember every single moment of it. You want that perfect weather, with perfect music and the ambience. Offering you similar and more sombre vibes is the Koffee Kup Company in San Antonio.

The locals would suggest to you that this is a place to be at. Especially, during evenings when the artists and regional bands play their best creations, along with coffee of your choice at the table, these are moments that need to be savoured to the fullest. Though coffee could be its speciality, the menu still goes a long, long way with different kinds of shakes, snacks and other beverages. If you are tired of visiting high-end places, this is a place to be for a little grounding, yet peaceful experience.

12. Have A Lot Of Fun At Bowlero San Antonio

All those romantic comedies where the romantic couples come closer on a peppy montage have one thing in common. That is their trip to a bowling alley. If you want something like that or are simply planning to go for a gaming spree. Plan a date with your partner at Bowlero San Antonio. As the name suggests, it is a bowling alley, but you would find a lot of other games here if bowling doesn’t suit your taste. The fun mixed with snacks, music and a colourful ambience makes the experience complete.

The joint remains open from 4 pm to 1 am, for the entire week, except on Sundays when it is open from noon to midnight.

With so many romantic things to do in San Antonio for couples, we can say that this city is an ideal destination for couples getaway in Texas.

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