Sedona Itinerary : Perfect 2 Days In Sedona

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Looking for an ultimate Sedona itinerary for 2 days? Scroll down to discover the best things to do and explore with the below 2 days in Sedona itinerary.

Sedona is an adventure heaven. The metamorphosis of red rocks that blankets this region makes it a wondrous destination for visitors. The breathtaking and unique landscapes of Sedona have the capability of transporting you to another world. Exploring this place is not an easy job and there are so many things to do here. But if you are short on time, here is a 2 days in Sedona itinerary to help you plan your visit. It is difficult to offer you a wholesome Sedona experience in two days but the exclusives listed here can’t be missed.

Read further to find some general information that will assist you in planning ahead of your trip. This information includes convenient accommodations for all budgets, necessary things to pack, mode of transportation and the best time to visit the city.

Sedona Itinerary : Top Things To Do In 2 Days

DAY 1 : The Grand Canyon or Hiking/Biking/Jeep Tour

Spend A Whole Day At The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Day Trip - Sedona Itinerary
Grand Canyon Day Trip – Sedona Itinerary

Most travelers visit Sedona because of the Great Canyon. Hence you can spend your entire first day exploring it. While you can stay at Sedona, you can go on a 2.5-hour ride to the Great Canyon, and spend an entire day there. You will find a plethora of things to do here and will be fascinated by the location and its geographical attributes. The changes that have been done to this place in the last 250 million years have led to the formation of The Great Unconformity, by nature itself. It is evidence of how time and nature turn things into beautiful creations that are worth marveling over.

The Mather Point and the Yavapai observations are the best places from where you cannot only take some time to relax but also enjoy some of the most pleasing views of Arizona.

There is no doubt that this place has generated wonder and curiosity among people for generations. The great architect Mary Colter, loved the desert views here and hence made a watchtower which is open for you too, to enjoy. Though there are many state parks and natural reserves in Sedona the experience that the Great Canyon will offer you is one of a kind. It is also suggested to spend an entire night at the national park to enjoy the starlit night.

If it is a no-moon night, you would love the specks of stars spread in the entire night sky. Consider yourself part of the small galaxy in the big universe while you spend some time under this sky. It is going to be an unforgettable experience for you.

Click here to find an easy Grand Canyon day trip for Sedona. It is inclusive of park admission fees, professional guide and hotel round trip transfers.

If a breathtaking sunset hour fascinates you, here is a Grand Canyon Sunset tour from Sedona. This tour is inclusive of admission fees, guide, hotel transfers and dinner.

Go On Hiking / Biking/ Jeep Tour

Bell Rock - Sedona Itinerary
Bell Rock – Sedona Itinerary

If you are not up for the visit to the Grand Canyon National Park and are the adventurous kind. There are great opportunities for you in Sedona. The tough trails, hiking paths and the formation of the centuries-old red rocks offer you varied ways of exploring the heights of experience. There are difficult, moderate and easier paths for you to hike and bike. Some of the most known trails are the Devils’ Bridge, the Cathedral Rock and the Bell Rock. Though, these are the most famous and notable sites in the region. You can choose them accordingly at your convenience.

The Bell Rock is the shortest trail and gets completed in 45 minutes. Next comes Devil’s bridge which takes 2 to 3 hours and the last one is the Cathedral rock which takes 4 to 5 hours to get completed. These are mostly available for hiking but there are some biking tours as well. For the information, guides and gears, you can head over to a spot in Uptown Sedona where you will know all about it. Jeep tours or they should be called pink jeep tours, also start from the Uptown part of Sedona. The guides take you to different locations and will tell you tales surrounding the region and the locations.

Jeep tours are the best way to exert less physical stress and explore more of Sedona in a lesser period. As the guides are regionals, they are already aware of the paths as well as the most beautiful spots to take pictures of and the timings of every location. You can rely on them to give you the best first-day experience at Sedona. You can also take an open bus tour for sightseeing of the most incredible places in Sedona.

DAY 2 : Holy Cross Chapel, Amitabha Stupa Peace Park, Tlaquepaque, Sedona Heritage Museum, Montezuma Castle National Monument, Uptown Sedona

After spending a Sedona-styled adventurous day on Day 1, your second day must also be jam-packed with some special sites because Sedona does not only offer adventure but also peace, art, culture and community.


Visit The Chapel Of The Holy Cross

The Chapel Of The Holy Cross - Sedona Itinerary
The Chapel Of The Holy Cross – Sedona Itinerary

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is not only a religious place but also an architectural wonder. The way the glass screen is made on the cliff and the cross is made to divide the chapel into two geometrical halves makes this chapel one of a kind to visit in the entire state of Arizona. The aisle in the church set against the clear blue skies is a sight to see. There is a small souvenir shop, outside the chapel from where you can buy a small rosary, coloring book and native jewelry.

Find Calmness At Amitabha Stupa Peace Park

Your second destination on Day 2 of your Sedona itinerary, should be a morning walk to the Amitabha Stupa Peace Park. The park remains open all the time and as the monks would be chanting Buddhist affirmations, you will find yourself at peace here. It would only take you 30 to 45 minutes to explore the entire park as well as Stupa.


Spend An Hour At Tlaquepaque

A small part of old Mexico is in Arizona. You wouldn’t believe it at first but to know it you have to visit it. The most creative part of Sedona is the art and craft village called Tlaquepaque. And it is no coincidence that it is made in the old Mexican style but was planned in this way by Abe Miller who decided to establish the village. The area surrounded by the cobbled streets has many small shops with handmade jewelry, home-décor items, paintings, sculptures and other objects that will make you ask for more. The colors, the designs and the experienced hands of the people here make some of the finest items for you to take with you.

Visit The Sedona Heritage Museum

Sedona is a very fascinating city. Centuries of history, and tribes who once lived here. How did these rocks turn into such interesting shapes? There must have been a conspiring process through which Sedona underwent to be a scenic paradise and a joint to take pictures at the golden hour. All of it can be defined and explained on the walls at the Sedona Heritage Museum. So, if anything about Sedona intrigues or fascinates you, do make a visit to the museum and learn more about it. You will find pieces of old tribes and how the Arizona river dramatically changed the geographic history and location of this town.

Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle National Monument - Sedona Itinerary
Montezuma Castle National Monument – Sedona Itinerary

Montezuma Castle National Monument is a historic site. Sedona is a city made of ancient land and thus not only has rare geographical significance but has historic importance as well. 900 years ago, Sinagua people lived here. The monument is another site made on a cliff and it would be interesting for you to know what remains of a culture and a tribe that once lived here. The walls of the monument are about 20 stories high. You would simply wonder how they make such high walls on a sharp cliff. No wonder, this is considered a treasure of Arizona.


Go On A Shopping Spree At The Uptown

You are going to find many places around Sedona to buy a lot of souvenirs for yourself. But uptown is the place for shopping and hanging out at the end of the day. You can spend some time at the cafes and restaurants here in Sedona uptown. Most of the community gets together here and if you visit the city during the festive season, you might get to know more about this community than you already know. It would be a perfect wrap-up after your entire trip to Sedona.

General Information

Where To Stay In Sedona?

There are a number of wonderful places to stay in Sedona. If you are looking for a lively area then you should go for Uptown or West Sedona. For calmness, more natural beauty and accommodations away from the city vibes you can stay in Oak Creek, which is located 10 kms south of Uptown Sedona.

While in Sedona, we highly recommend you to stay in Uptown. It is a central location and you can have easy access to many attractions of the city. You will also find many restaurants, cafes, bars and boutique stores to navigate through whilst your stay in Uptown Sedona. If you are planning to travel during the peak tourism season (spring or fall months), make sure you book your accommodation ahead of time.

Budget (Upto $150) : Star Motel is a great budget accommodation centrally located in Uptown Sedona. At the motel you have access to facilities like free Wifi, outdoor picnic area and the free parking area. Also the rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable. Click here to book your stay in Star Motel or to check its availability.

Mid Range ($150 – $250) : Matterhorn Inn is one of the best hotels to stay in Sedona. It is very family friendly and a short distance away from restaurants, stores and bars. The rooms are modernly designed, spacious and comfortable. There you will have access to facilities like swimming pools, patio, sun terrace, free Wifi and free parking spot. Click here to book your stay in Matterhorn Inn or to check its availability.

Luxury ($250+) : L’Auberge De Sedona is a fantastic hotel for those seeking luxury in Sedona. With stylish interiors and outstanding services, the hotel provides you a splurge worthy stay in Sedona. The suites have a gorgeous fireplace, a cozy sitting area, a relaxing hot tub and a beautiful balcony showing off some of the best views of the city. Some of the facilities available at the hotel are swimming pool, free WiFi, spa services, restaurant, bar and free shuttle services. Click here to book your stay in L’Auberge De Sedona or to check its availability.

Best Time To Visit Sedona

The best time to visit Sedona is during the fall (October-November) and the spring season (March-May). The weather during these months are pleasant and very favorable for venturing on outdoorsy adventures. The hotel prices might be at the higher end as maximum tourists visit Sedona during spring or fall. We recommend you make your reservations in advance to avoid the high rates of hotels and tours.

If you are looking to avoid the crowds and if you are ok with the heat, consider planning your trip during summers. You will also find the hotel prices to be comparably low in summers.

What Are The Essentials To Pack For Sedona?

Comfortable Walking Shoes : Wearing comfortable and sturdy shoes are a must while exploring the attractions in Sedona. It will avoid your feet getting dirty by the sandy locations plus provide you proper support while walking through uneven surfaces. When it comes to supreme comfort, Skechers shoes never go wrong. The Skechers GoWalk Evolution shoes are our favorite.

Sunscreen : To keep you safe from the harsh UV rays coming from the sun. Sun Bum is vegan, reef friendly and an efficient option for a good sunscreen.

Tripod : Sedona is a very picturesque destination. Tripod will be extremely useful for a handsfree photography for you to click pictures with amazing backdrops. You can find a 3 in 1 selfie stick tripod here.

Portable Charger : To ensure that your phones do not get discharged while you are exploring Sedona. Need help in choosing an efficient Portable Charger? We highly recommend the Anker PowerCore high speed portable charger.

Waterbottle : Pack a refillable water bottle to ensure that you won’t get dehydrated. This leak proof and insulated Iron Flask water bottle is our favorite.

Sun Glasses : A must to protect your eyes.

Wide Brim Hat : A wide brim hat that covers your entire face will also protect you from any direct contact from the heat. Not sure where to find wide brim hats? Here is a wide brim hat with UPF 50 rated protection by Furtalk.

Hand Sanitizer : To keep the germs away.

Bug Spray : To spend more time enjoying the scenic locations instead of swatting bugs. Our favorite pick is the family friendly and long lasting Sawyer 20% Picaridin bug repellent. It is made from natural ingredients which makes it safe for application on skin and clothes.

Daypack : A good daypack will be very handy for longer hikes. You can easily place all your essentials such as water bottle, extra snacks, first aid kit, camera, binoculars, hat and tripod in it. The daypacks from Osprey are lightweight, sturdy and easy on shoulders.

Sedona is a destination that will give you calmness as well as a sense of adventure at the same time. Its cultural center, mountainous landscapes and bestowed natural beauty will amaze you. Going as per our 2 days in Sedona itinerary, we are sure you will enjoy exploring the town as much as we did. Happy Travels!

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