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11 Romantic Things To Do In Malibu For Couples

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One of the most beautiful places to visit in Southern California, Malibu is also incredibly romantic. Lets get to know about all the wonderfully romantic things to do in Malibu for couples.

Malibu is known for its long empty roads sidelining the beaches all along the way. The lovely coast and the luxury living is what defines this city at its best. Adorable beaches, distinctive architectures, amazing wines and incredible eateries make Malibu a fantastic place for a romantic getaway or week long vacation in California. Being home to multi-millionaires, celebrities and luxury-seeking people, Malibu has always been a place that is on the bucket list for many couples.

The posh status of Malibu still makes it one of the most magical places in the world. So, if you are seeking a special way of celebrating your love or want to rekindle the feelings that bought you both together years ago, then this is the place to fall in love all over again.

Beach In Malibu

From enjoying the charming outdoors to spending endearing time with your loved one, these are the most romantic things to do in Malibu that will certainly make your trip memorable.

The Most Romantic Things To Do In Malibu For Couples

1. Experience The Magic Of Getty Villa

Getty Villa - Romantic Things To Do In Malibu
Getty Villa – Romantic Things To Do In Malibu

Travelling with your partner is all about making sweet memories. The places where you make such memories must also be perfect and incredible. Malibu has one such gem, called The Getty Villa. Located on the easterly end of the Malibu coast, it’s an architectural wonder. Walk arm-in-arm as you explore this remarkable landmark of Malibu. The red walls from the outside give the villa a soft, yet peculiar outlook.

On the inside, the entrance welcomes you with a geometrically distributed garden with a pool appropriately placed in the middle to adorn the beauty of this magnificent creation. You will get inside the golden walls with frescoes that have numerous antiques from Greek, Roman and Etruscan heritage.

The beauty of this museum and education centre can leave you speechless. Moreover, the history of its making and why it is called The Getty Villa is way more interesting.

2. A Romantic Evening Stroll At The Malibu Pier

Malibu Pier - Romantic Things To Do In Malibu
Malibu Pier – Romantic Things To Do In Malibu

A long romantic evening walk with your boo has always been on your bucket list. A time when you can forget all the worries in the world and just be with each other, for each other forever. If you had these plans pending for a long time then Malibu Pier allows you to live that and make time stop just for your love.

Malibu has always been famous for its beaches. But, at twilight, Malibu Pier gives you lavender skies with stars and the mild shine of the moon to add a pinch of salt to your romance. The long wooden shaft from the beach to the middle of the water gives you a long way to walk just depicting your path of life. The mild lighting and cold sea breeze set the mood to have a peaceful love talk. I won’t be surprised if you fall in love with the experience as well as your beloved all over again.

A leisurely stroll at the Pier one of the most romantic things to do in Malibu in the evening.

3. Let The Love Flow At Malibu Divers

Adventure of life with your soulmate keeps you going on in life. If you are in Malibu, add one more adventure to your list and his time planning something below sea level with your partner. The wonderful Malibu Divers is a company who not only train you for a safe and wholesome experience underwater but would also make sure that you get the most out of it as per your taste and experience.

You may have planned a lot of dates with your partner. However, witnessing a new ecosystem all together with your partner can change your life once and for all. This one can leave you astonished and asking for more.

4. Gazing The Sunset At Zuma Beach

Sunset At Zuma Beach - Romantic Things To Do In Malibu
Sunset At Zuma Beach – Romantic Things To Do In Malibu

There is something about sunsets that makes you want to catch a breath and feel the moment as it slips by like sand from your fists. At these moments when you realize that you need to take a moment to feel the moment which becomes a memorable one in your life.

Sunset gazing at the Zuma beach is one such experience with your partner which will offer you the chance to stop the time and have that all by yourself. Zuma Beach offers you that quite time away from the hustle of the city and to feel the moment as it slowly trickles in front of your eyes.

You won’t even realize when the sun will slowly climb down from the sky and dive into the horizon. But living those moments with your partner will be one such memory you will hold dear to your heart perpetually.

5. A Luxe Lunch At Nobu Malibu

Malibu has been giving luxurious treatment to all its visitors and native people. The culture of California is varied and Malibu has not remained untouched from the cultural mix. Nobu Malibu is another place where you can plan a date for your bae in the Malibu styled beachfront but more of a Japanese content of the food.

Nobu Malibu is a Japanese Restaurant, Bar and lounge in a modern beachfront space at Malibu Beach. It is one of the high-end restaurants and you can witness many celebrities and millionaires enjoying their favourite sushi in the restaurant. Because it is situated near Carbon Beach where many Hollywood celebrities reside, please don’t be surprised if your little romantic date coincides with some celebrities or you witness some power couples walking down the beach.

6. Go On A Wine Tasting Tour

Wine Tasting In Malibu
Wine Tasting – Romantic Things To Do On Malibu

Another one of the best romantic things to do in Malibu is to go for a wine tasting experience for a little romantic retreat. Considering the high-end luxury culture in Malibu, it is bound to give you the world-class treatment which your beloved and you deserve. And even if you do not count yourself as a foodie. The Wine tasting experience in this Californian state is one of a kind. If you want to enjoy the wine tastings around Saddlerock Ranch Vineyards, here is an incredible wine tour inclusive of the wine tastings, snacks and take home wine.

7. Shop At Malibu Country Mart

If you are on a romantic vacation in Malibu, you cannot turn back without doing some local shopping. Malibu Country Mart, located at the heart of Malibu is a lifestyle centre and boutique mall. You can find anything from haute couture to multiple brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Fendi etc. in the mall. You better be ready to treat yourself when you are set on the road to the Country Mart.

The local food shops on the ground floor can take care of your taste buds and appetite while you shop the best of the best for your wardrobe. Don’t forget to buy a loving souvenir for your partner.

8. Enjoy A Delicious Meal At Duke’s Kitchen

There is no shortage of restaurants in this beautiful city when it comes to dining out. Though Nobu’s restaurant is famous for its location and Japanese food it is mainly limited to Japanese cuisines. But there is yet another location called Duke’s Kitchen which is famous for its seafood and other snacks, the Californian style. Celebrities, vacationers, visitors and native people head out to this shackled place for Ocean views, Hawaiian cuisines and Umbrella drinks. If luxury at Nobu is too much for you then Duke’s kitchen staff and the place will provide you lip-smacking food with a homely feeling.

9. Learn Surfing With Your Beloved

Adventure lovers when falling in love, their life becomes a buffet of little adventures combined to make a tale to be told and a life worth remembering. If your partner and you live by the same philosophy then riding on the huge tidal waves can be something that you love to enjoy together. There are many surfing schools in Malibu where you can book a program according to the convenience of your partner and yourself to learn to surf.

The best part of learning Surfing at Malibu is the big tidal waves of the Pacific Ocean never disappoint. You can book a private Surf lesson or learn along with other members; your package would be exclusively designed as per your will. Learning together and growing in life is the biggest gift that you can give to each other.

10. Visit Adamson House (a.k.a Taj Mahal of Tile)

The best out of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, in India has always been “The Symbol of Love” and an inspiration for many, across the globe. But if you are on a romantic journey alongside your beloved in Malibu, there is a place that can make you fall in love with itself as well as with each other.

The Adamson House, also known as The Taj Mahal of Tile is a historic house and Garden in Malibu. The reason it is widely known as ‘The Taj Mahal of Tile’ is the colourful tiles across its walls and ground. The house is a magical ride from the point of entry to every single corner you turn to see it.

Tiles of all colours at the bathhouse and the Peacock fountain can leave you under a magical spell. The rainbow beauty of Adamson House under the bright Malibu sun can amalgamate many other colours in your romantic life along with the colour of love.

11. Some Fun Times At Circle X Ranch

Driving through the long roads of Malibu alongside the Malibu beachline is romantic but if you are a person who would like to experience the view of the city from a mountain top. You are most welcome to the Circle X Ranch enclosing the Mountains of Malibu. What once was a spot for the camp for Boy Scouts is now a recreational area and offers a buffet of activities to make your adrenaline rush one mile at a time.

The services which are offered in the area are Hiking, Mountain Biking, Picnicking, Climbing, Dog Walking, Horseback Riding and Dog walking. You can choose the activity of your choice or simply surprise your partner on the vacation. Doing physical activity can give you a sense of combined achievement when you will finally see the beautiful view of Malibu from the Mountain top.

Spending some enjoyable time at the Circle X Ranch is certainly one of the more less touristy and romantic things to do for couples who love adventure.

Romantic Stay In Malibu

For a fully romantic experience, stay in one of the most romantic hotels in Malibu for couples. After spending your day exploring the city, a beautiful rooms awaits for you to share your cheers at cherished times together. Malibu Beach Inn and Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club are our top picks and quite splurge worthy.

The hotels can be very pricey, so make sure you make your bookings few weeks in advance to get the best deal. Alternatively you can also stay in the nearby towns. If you are on a budget check out Good Nite Inn in Calabasas and Best Western Plus in Thousand Oaks. These hotels are located only at a distance of around 20 kms from Malibu.

These are hands down the best romantic things to do in Malibu you should not miss out. From sipping delicious wine at one of the incredible vineyards to soaking in the charming beaches, you will quickly fall in love with this city.

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