San Antonio With Kids : 14 Fun Things They Will Love

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Discover the best things to do in San Antonio with kids.

San Antonio is the destination for many when it comes to vacations. It is one of the most visited cities in Texas. Though it is known for its historical and cultural heritage, there are other adventurous and fun things to do in this beautiful city. However, anytime we plan for a family vacation, it is difficult to discover a place so joyful and creative that it can hold the attention of kids for each age group. When it comes to San Antonio, you do not need to worry about it. There are tons of places for a fulfilling family vacation time in this wonderful city.

Below we have narrowed down the absolutely fun filled family activities to ensure that you can have the very best time when visiting San Antonio with kids.

Things To Do In San Antonio With Kids

1. San Antonio Zoo

Visit San Antonio Zoo - Things To Do In San Antonio With Kids
Visit San Antonio Zoo – Things To Do In San Antonio With Kids

Kids love animals and there is no place for them to meet their new friends like zoos. If your kids love pets or are begging you to have pets at home when you consider that too much of a responsibility, it becomes imperative to give them a little trip to the San Antonio Zoo any holiday season. The wide collection of animals at the zoo as well as the lovely interactive environment specifically made for kids makes it a fun visit. The zoo is designed following the protective guidelines to make sure that the fun doesn’t stop. The sessions for families and kids that are organized now and then offer a wholesome experience during your visit.

Get your tickets for San Antonio Zoo here.

2. The DoSeum

The DoSeum is a museum specifically made for kids. It is one of the best places to visit in San Antonio with kids. In a 2-story building, kids find a plethora of apparatus made of basic physics theory, optical illusions and interactive corners to transport them into a different world of creativity and fun during learning. According to the motto of DoSeum “Create, learn and Explore”, it offers regular camps as well as family entries, thus building a healthy environment for the children to interact and learn more things from around and among themselves. The tickets for the museum can be bought online and make sure you have an ID for verification purposes when you reach there.

3. Science Mill

If your kids identify themselves as little tesla, Ada Lovelace or Marie Curie, then a visit to Science Mill would be the most delightful surprise you can give them. The interactive sessions and the colourful yet soothing environment are appropriate for both kids and adults. You can plan an entire community tour for the kids nearby to the mill. There are 50 hand exhibits, a 3-D Theatre and a café for your leisure. The little lessons spread across the centre demonstrating the presence of science in everyday lives will make the kids see the world through a new lens.

4. Aquatica

See Penguins In SeaWorld - Things To Do In San Antonio With Kids
See Penguins In SeaWorld – Things To Do In San Antonio With Kids

Exploring Aquatica in San Antonio would be adventurous for kids. It is a whole different world with fun rides and friendly animals to spend your time with. Aquatica and SeaWorld in San Antonio are one at the same. If you are planning to go to Aquatica and enjoy all the fun rides in the water. If later you decide to go to explore the marine life as well, you can always upgrade your tickets to SeaWorld and have the fun of both Aquatica and SeaWorld.

While Aquatica is a more fun, adventurous and zealous place filled with fun rides, water sports and family adventure things. Sea World offers a more learning and interacting environment for the kids. You can spot dolphins, fishes, rays, sea lions and other sea animals that would be loved by your kids.

5. Legoland Discovery Center

A lego set is something that every kid has and they love to play with it. Parents also love to teach their kids to make different things from an entire lego collection. However, transporting them into an entire lego world to do whatever they want and have all the fun would be magical for them. Legoland in San Antonio would provide a similar experience for your kids. There are almost 10 themed lego zones at the discovery center, accompanied by two rides and a 4D cinema. You can prebook your tickets for Legoland Discovery Center online here.

6. iFly San Antonio

Your kid might want to fly like Superman or Iron man but gravity always holds their dream to touch the sky. You might also afraid that they would get a lot of cuts and bruises while acting like Buzz Lightyear on their journey to Infinity and Beyond. But not anymore, iFly in San Antonio is the adventurous and safe place to have that gravity less free-falling experience to have as a family.

The iFly centre offers you and your kids a wind tunnel where you can have a skydiving experience. You can go for an hour and 45 minutes on the ride. All the instructors and trainers are available on the site so you can send in your kids for this ultimate experience worry-free. Get your tickets for iFly San Antonio here.

7. Urban Air Adventure Park

Children are so active at their age that it becomes difficult to contain their energy in the four walls of the house. At the same time, it also becomes important to give a fun direction to their activities. Urban Air Adventure Park is the place that you were wishing for all this time to fulfil the objective. It is also a great option if you are looking for things to do in San Antonio with kids.

There is so much to do at this park and everything without getting any harm. There is a huge trampoline, foam-filled fighting pits, hangers and slingers. Apart from all the physically exhausting playgrounds, there is also a virtual reality segment where kids can explore their creativity, the way they want to. There are different packages for different activities, that range from the platinum ones worth $30.99 to Deluxe attractions worth $20.99.

8. Witte Museum

Every time your kid goes out, they love to find new things buried in the earth. This hobby can be motivated as you visit San Antonio at the Witte Museum. It is a heaven for kids who dream to be a palaeontologist. This historical museum has been designed in such a way that children would love it. The giant skeletons of T-Rex as well as different discoveries of his friends would keep the kids entertained and intrigued all the time.

There are different sections for kids of different age groups. As the museum is old and was first built in the 1930s, the range of findings and additions is as humongous as dinosaurs here. Get your tickets for Witte Museum here.

9. Kiddie Amusement Park

The Kiddie amusement park as the name suggests is a fun place for kids to enjoy different rides and have a fun time along with their families. It is the oldest amusement park in San Antonio and was first built in the 1920s. If you are a native of the region, you must have had a lovely time here in your childhood as well. You will find all the traditional rides and games here in the park. While you can relive your childhood days, you can also watch your kids make their memories in the park.

10. San Antonio Aquarium

Your child might wonder at times, about the unknown world of The Little Mermaid or where do SpongeBob and all his friends live? Visiting San Antonio Aquarium is the best way to introduce them to the lovely underwater world and the vast variety of water creatures who reside there. It is fun to observe and witness the creatures as they thrive in their environment. Unlike other such learning and discovery centres, the touching of animals is permitted. Hence, this could be a learning and memorable experience for the kids. Get your tickets for San Antonio Aquarium here.

11. Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns is considered a site to be explored by adults. However, it is safe and proves to be fun for kids as well. The limestone natural caves beneath the ground of San Antonio transports kids to a different world. As the local guide entertains kids to explore the caves by telling them different stories, children love to excavate new things from different rooms and corners of the cave. There are zip-lining tours available at the cavern. You can simply organize a gem-mining competition among the family. That sounds like an adventurous vacation.

Prebook your guided tour to Natural Bridge Caverns here.

12. The San Antonio Botanical Garden

San Antonio Botanical Garden - Things To Do In San Antonio With Kids
San Antonio Botanical Garden – Things To Do In San Antonio With Kids

Pandemic has made kids enclosed in the surroundings of their homes where they simply fix their eyes either in the books or on the screens. During any vacation time, you would want to offer your kids an open, green, fresh environment to play in so that they can just run and explore the surroundings. San Antonio Botanical Garden is one such place for you to visit with kids. The botanical garden is so wide and has beautiful shrubs, herbs, flowers and plants spread all across its region, the kids would love to explore more in this place.

13. Morgan’s Wonderland

San Antonio is home to several theme parks. One of them is Morgan’s Wonderland. A theme park spread across 10 hectares filled with huge water rides, eateries and fun games. It is a perfect place to spend some family quality time. The different kinds of rides available here are Whirling Wonder, Wheelchair Swings, Off-road adventure ride, Wonderland Express and Depot along with a carousel. This theme park is also known for being world’s first theme park designed keeping people with special needs in mind.

14. San Antonio River Walk

RiverWalk - Things To Do In San Antonio With Kids
RiverWalk – Things To Do In San Antonio With Kids

San Antonio River Walk is a perfect spot for an entertaining family outing. You can go on boat rides, walk through bridges, enjoy Texan cuisine and visit nearby museums. This area is also a very picturesque place in San Antonio. Many enjoyable festivals, events and parades are held at the River Walk throughout the year.

If you are looking for a perfect place for staycation in San Antonio with kids, we highly recommend the La Cantera Resort & Spa. They have fun activity clubs, amazing pool areas and a golf course.

Finally now that you know about all the fun things to do in San Antonio with kids, we are sure you will have an amazing time here. Let us know which of these family friendly activities do you look forward to the most in the comments section below.

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