15 Amazing Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas

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Looking for fantastic San Antonio day trips? We have compiled 15 of the best day trips from San Antonio – some of them are only an hour away.

San Antonio, Texas is known as a vacation destination by many around the world and thousands of people visit here every year for holidays. There are many hidden gems around this famous destination where you can spend an amazing time and make wonderful memories. Amongst quaint towns, state parks, adventure spots, cultural hubs, wineries and nature reserves from our list of day trips from San Antonio; you will find lots of places that are worth your time.

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Best Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas

1. Austin

Distance From San Antonio : 79.5 miles (128 kms)

Austin - Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas
Austin – Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas

Austin is not a hidden gem of Texas; it has been globally famous for its beauty and its mention in various movies. This makes it a compulsion to explore more and to know more about this heaven. The first place that you will find astoundingly beautiful in McKinney Falls State Park. Exploring the Lady Bird Lake would add to your adventure. A sunset boat tour on Lake Austin must definitely be on your checklist of things to do in Austin on a day trip from San Antonio.

You can go to Bullock Texas state history museum to take a deep dive in Texan history. Visit Zilker Metropolitan Park which is also known to be Austin’s most loved park for some rejuvenation. UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum and Texas State Capitol are other must see attractions in Austin. Located in Covert Park, Mount Bonnell is a 781 feet highest viewing point from where you can enjoy breathtakingly beautiful views of the lake, surrounding hills and the city.

Tourists love going on interactive Pedicab tours which is a unique way of sightseeing of all the attractions in downtown Austin. An Austin Mural tour is also recommended for those who are looking for best postcard worthy picture spots.

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2. Castroville

Distance From San Antonio : 25.4 miles (40.8 kms)

One of the top short day trips from San Antonio is Castroville. This city near San Antonio is your ideal countryside place with the best sceneries and landscapes around the place. It is located on the Southern edge of Texas Hill Country. The sunlit pastures and stone-walled infrastructures around the city are pleasing to the eyes. It only takes an hour and a half to reach here and there are a lot of things to explore around.

You can admire the beauty of Steinbach Haus which has its historical importance. The unique and captivating structure of Steinbach Haus will catch your attention for admiration. You will find the influence of Alsatian architectural styles on many homes and complexes in this small town. Next, you can head to the Haby’s Alsatian Bakery which is famous for its cinnamon rolls. For some adventurous strolls in nature, you can visit Camargo Park, Castroville Regional Park and Landmark Inn State Historic Site.

3. Johnson City

Distance From San Antonio : 64.5 miles (103.8 kms)

Johnson City is specifically known for the place that became home to the 36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson. He was born here and most of his significant years that later led to shaping his political career were spent here. Visiting the city, you can be ready to visit the boyhood home of the president, the national historical park built in his name and also the Texas White House.

Apart from exploring the history, there is a science mill for the kids, Texas Hill Country wineries for a Wine tasting session, and an Texcetera Art Gallery that exhibits amazing pieces of art that include ceramics, sculptures, jewelry , paintings and more. The Westcave Cellars Wineries & Brewery is another place you must visit for a delicious Texan wine tasting session in Johnson City.

4. Dripping Springs

Distance From San Antonio : 74.4 miles (120 kms)

Dripping Springs - Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas
Dripping Springs – Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas

Dripping Springs is at an hour and a half distance from San Antonio and is one of the quaintest places surrounding it. It is also one of the top places to visit near San Antonio. Though Dripping Springs is known for the venues for weddings; Hamilton Pool Preserve and Wineries here are also notable places to visit. The distilleries around and the tasting room makes it more of a taste bud adventure. If you get tired of tasting wine, you can visit The Salt Lick to taste some BBQ.

Visit the Tuscan inspired mill house, Texas Hill Country Olive Company. This olive press and tasting room is an amazing place to get more insights about their award winning olive oils and balsamic vinegar. You can also enjoy balsamic lemonades, wines, snacks such as Muffuletta and salads in their bistro.

5. Schulenburg

Distance From San Antonio : 102.4 miles (165 kms)

Though Schulenburg is just an hour and a half distance from San Antonio. However, there is so much to explore in this place that a day is not enough. But one thing can be assured that there is something for everyone. Starting from St. Mary’s Church which is a state of art in itself. Further, there is a Schulenburg historical museum enlightening you about the birth and growth of the city.

The Garden Co. MarketPlace and Café would be at your service if you get famished and Majek Vineyard and Winery to quench your thirst. Pick from a wide variety of Pecans from Potter Country Store and enjoy some music at Polka Music Museum.

6. Fredericksburg

Distance From San Antonio : 69.5 miles (112 kms)

Fresh Lavenders, greeneries and sunlit skies are generally the signs of the panoramic Fredericksburg. It is a 1 hour 9 min drive from San Antonio and there are a lot of places that you can visit here. There is a Pioneer Museum complex that can transport you from one era to another, along with the National Museum of Pacific War.

Shop through the picturesque Magical Mile street. There are many cute boutiques and shops where you can buy good quality one of a kind home goods. For a musical evening, you can visit the Rock box Theater to enjoy some lighting shows and live entertainment. You can also visit the local theatre company to have a touch of drama in your entertainment. Visit the Wildseed farms to soak in the views of the beautiful flowerbeds of wildflowers.

Take a tour of the city’s best landmarks on the Fredericksburg trolley. It will take you through the shopping district, historic district, museums, churches and many other attractions. A boutique winery experience is also a must do in Fredericksburg.

7. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Distance From San Antonio : 86.7 miles (139.5 kms)

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area - Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas
Enchanted Rock State Natural Area – Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas

Looking for adventurous day trips from San Antonio? If you are a pure adventurer then you would love a good place to go on an adventure. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area could be your heaven for hiking. There are a bunch of activities that you can enjoy doing at the Natural area that includes Park camping, picnicking, 8.4 miles of hiking trails, a natural trail, interpretive exhibits, rock climbing, cave exploration, watchable wildlife and a park store.

8. Lockhart

Distance From San Antonio : 69.3 miles (112 kms)

When you are in Texas, barbeque is a must. If you agree with me then welcome to the “Barbecue Capital Of Texas” called Lockhart. Keep your rumbling tummy ready and a lot of fascination for this place. There is the Southwest Museum of Clocks and Watches along with Caldwell County Museum for that sneak peek in time.

Make a visit to Caldwell County Courthouse, it is one of the most beautiful buildings to see in Texas. Kreuz Market or Smitty’s Market are delightful places where you can have your meals during your day trip. There are many BBQ restaurants around the block but Black’s BBQ is the most notable and famous place in all of Lockhart.

9. Canyon Lake

Distance From San Antonio : 44.1 miles (71 kms)

Canyon Lake is another beautiful place to plan a day trip around San Antonio. It has been a popular spot for getaways from San Antonio. The Canyon Lake is situated around the Guadalupe River which provides plenty of opportunities to let that heat off of your mind for a while.

You can go for a deep swim, camping, rafting, or trekking around the lake as the beauty surrounding this place is astounding. Clear blue skies, turquoise water surface and summers, all you need is a summer playlist and a swimsuit and you are good to go. The Canyon Lake and its surroundings are so dreamy that you might end up wanting to stay there. And if you do, the lakefront Holiday Lodge will be your best bet for a comforting stay near the shore of Canyon Lake.

10. Guadalupe River State Park

Distance From San Antonio : 38.2 miles (61.4 kms)

Guadalupe River State Park - Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas
Guadalupe River State Park – Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas

Located less than an hour from the city, Guadalupe River State Park is another great day trip from San Antonio. Guadalupe River State Park is a scenic and fun place near San Antonio, Texas. The park is open from 8 am to 8 pm. It is less than an hour away from San Antonio. There are a lot of adventure activities that you can participate in here at the park. You can indulge in activities like river rafting, tubing, kayaking, canoeing, camping and fishing at the gorgeous park. It is also one of the best camping places in Texas. Bird watching too can be enjoyed at Guadalupe River State Park.

For all the nature lovers there are trek paths and trails spread across the park. Interactive exhibits are also available at the discovery center for some local wildlife and nature exploration.

11. Cascade Caverns

Distance From San Antonio : 28.1 miles (45.2 kms)

These are over 140 million years old caverns that have survived the evolution of the Earth and still fascinate humans from around the world who visit them by standing tall. People wonder what they can find in these caverns. If you find yourself adventurous enough to explore this place that is as old as time, you can never know what you will find here. Explorers and adventurers from around the world find this place most interesting and astonishing to visit.

12. Garner State Park

Distance From San Antonio : 91.5 miles (147.2 kms)

The landscape and beauty of Garner State Park have the ability to transport you to a different world. The backdrop of mountains, the reflection of clear blue skies with patches of clouds here and there on the water surface and forests on the other side of the river is an unexplainable beauty.

You can visit the park to relax, for hiking or simply for a freshwater swim in the natural water. It proves to be a rejuvenating experience for the visitors. You can set up a camp on the bank of the river and enjoy a long weekend stay here at the park. There are small gift shops and other shops for instant food requirements.

13. Pedernales Falls State Park

Distance From San Antonio : 76.4 miles (123 kms)

Pedernales Falls State Park - Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas
Pedernales Falls State Park – Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas

Pedernales Falls State Park offers you a landscape that is straight from the Lord of the Rings. There are a lot of activities that you can do there. The state park offers camping, hiking, mountain biking, picnic, geocaching, bird watching and horse riding. So, if you are planning to visit the park you better have the soundtrack of LOTR on your phone to ride horses. You will feel being a part of Fellowship riding to Middle Earth.

14. Lost Maples State Natural Area

Distance From San Antonio : 98.5 miles (158.5 kms)

When you see an artistic creation and you simply wonder whether this world exists or not or is it just a figment of imagination? Sometimes, it is not. Lost Maples State Natural Area is a creation out of a painter’s painting. Especially when you visit it in Autumn or summer when the dried leaves of the trees showered in the sun rays spread gold tones all around the park. The little brook in the middle of the park adds to the beauty. You can drive through the park or go for a hike or two. Both ways you would be able to enjoy the beauty of the park.

Lost Maples State Natural Area is easily one of the best day trips from San Antonio.

15. Luckenbach

Distance From San Antonio : 62.3 miles (100 kms)

Luckenbach - Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas
Luckenbach – Day Trips From San Antonio, Texas

With a small town charm and a hub for country music, Luckenbach is a great place for a day trip from San Antonio. It is an hour and 5 minutes away from San Antonio. Here it is much more fun than you can expect.

The people here are in love with music hence it has a music and dance hall where you can visit and celebrate the art of melody to its best. For people who visit places to indulge in community and culture, this is the best place to be at for that authentic Texan vibe. Luckenbach is the smallest town in Texas but it has a big heart and you would know it once you visit it.

There are so many interesting places to visit around San Antonio. These are our favorite picks for spending a great time outdoors in the area. Which of these day trips from San Antonio caught your attention the most? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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