10 Fun Things To Do In San Antonio In Summer

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With an abundance of green spaces, theme parks and the adoring riverwalk, San Antonio is an exciting summer destination in Texas for tourists. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and fun things to do in San Antonio in summer.

San Antonio is one of the most stunning cities in Texas. If you are wondering about the Texas heat during the summer season, after reading this, you might want to rethink your perspective regarding this state and especially San Antonio. There are a variety of things to do in San Antonio in summer. The natural beauty, summer adventures spots and a lot more in the city is ready to give you the most memorable summertime ever. Read further to know more about the best places in San Antonio that you can go to on your visit there during summer.

Things To Do In San Antonio In Summer

1. Explore The City Through San Antonio River Cruise

San Antonio River Cruise - Things To Do In San Antonio In Summer
San Antonio River Cruise – Things To Do In San Antonio In Summer

You can set your exploration through many of the best sights of the city while sailing on the water waves and enjoying the cool breeze of the rivers flowing around the city. All the river cruises have a good narration about the popular sights that you would see along the San Antonio river. The cruise is also a great way to navigate through the iconic spots and to know about the ancient history of the city.

If you are looking for a good overview of San Antonio while sightseeing all its great attractions, you must check out this combination of shuttle and cruise. Even on a hot day, the cool breeze of the river will make your sightseeing way more pleasant than going on walks around the city.

2. See The Marine Life At SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld - Things To Do In San Antonio In Summer
SeaWorld – Things To Do In San Antonio In Summer

A huge water world on the west side of the city, SeaWorld in San Antonio has a mammal park, an oceanarium and a marine life theme park. So, you can know it is not only for exploration but this world opens the door to being friendly with the creatures of the world who belong below sea level. You will find a variety of fishes as well as some notable species that you might have never seen in your life. You would be amazed by the variety in their collection. The systematically designed Sea World has multiple exhibits to make sure that your visit goes smoothly.

Some of the exhibits include Explorer’s Reef, Pacific Point Preserve, Alligator Alley, Dolphin Lagoon, Flamingo Pond, Penguin Encounter, Animal Connection Conservation Center and much more. There are also many thrilling non aquatic rides in the theme park which includes Southwest’s First inverted roller coaster, the Great White. You can buy your tickets in advance here.

3. Explore Wildlife At San Antonio Zoo

After a great time at the aquarium, make sure that you visit the San Antonio Zoo to be welcomed by your land buddies. The zoo is another place, where you would find a lot of peace simply by visiting under the scorching heat of the summer. During summers you can opt for a drive through zoo experience which includes multiple stops for snacks, merchandise and restroom breaks. The natural environment and exploration of different creatures would make you fall in love with this place.

You will witness over 700 species in the zoo. The main attraction would be the different types of Asian Elephants. The zoo’s bird collection is also the largest bird collection at the moment. Some species in the zoo are endangered too. Lory Landing, Hixon Bird House, African Plains, Cranes of the World, Rift Valley, Reptile House, Gibbon Forest, Butterflies, and Caterpillars Flight School are some of the exhibits that you can explore here.

The zoo is a part of the Brackenridge Park where you can ride a lovely miniature train. You can check the timings of the zoo on their website. You can buy the tickets on the website as well as at the entrance.

4. Visit A Local Water Park

While you are in San Antonio, you need not be worried about the heat. Because, no matter where you are staying in the city, there will be a water park around your location. Water Parks in San Antonio are not simply a place to relax or to have fun with your family and friends. You would see the soul of the city in these places. You would see the local life coming alive.

Depending on which park you decide to visit, you would have different rides, pools and other ways to have fun. Some of the notable water parks in San Antonio include White Water Bay, Splashtown, Aquatica, Gustav’s Geysers and Hemisfare.

5. Have An Enjoyable Time At Six Flags Fiesta Texas

One of the most fun and iconic ways to cool off in San Antonio is to head to the Six Flags Fiesta theme park. Visiting the Six Flags Fiesta theme park is one of the most loved things to do in San Antonio in summer. It is not simply a theme park but a fun area spread over acres with huge rides and pools to enjoy your time at. Spread in 89 hectares, you can spend an entire day here and yet not get enough of the fun this place has to offer.

Apart from the rides and pools, the eateries offer lip-smacking food to cater to your hunger in between all the amazing time you are having. If you are looking for a bliss-filled vacation in San Antonio during summers, this must be your go-to spot.

6. Admire The San Antonio Botanical Garden

San Antonio Botanical Garden - Things To Do In San Antonio In Summer
San Antonio Botanical Garden – Things To Do In San Antonio In Summer

It is a small heaven in the city of San Antonio. If you are tired of the crowd and want to have some peaceful, alone time, this is the place for you. San Antonio Botanical Garden has all kinds of flowers and plants but also has a little greenhouse for some of the rarest species available here. Don’t be surprised if this tiny paradise is getting used for exchanging vows or any other private event when you visit it.

You do not have to worry, the park is spread over a 38-hectare area. You will have plenty of space to take a deep sigh and simply gaze at the beauty of the greenery in the garden. There is a 2.5 acre family adventure garden which is a lovely learning and play space for families. If you are craving for a delicious meal, do check out the restaurant named Jardin. It is located inside the San Antonio Botanical Garden and serves Mediterranean style cuisine.

7. Take A Tour Of The Natural Bridge Caverns

Visit the Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio and you can spend hours in the caves under the thick limestone rocks treading from one cave to another following the underground streams of water. The tours are guided and you would have a plethora of activities to do there. Opt for the adventure tour of Natural Bridge Caverns where a guide will lead you through a series of naturally developed caves.

You can indulge in activities like zip lining, exploring the different kinds of cave systems as well as mining for fossils. This is not just a time pass in summers but a full-fledged exploration. You can prebook a tour for the Natural Bridge Caverns here.

8. Picnic At The Brackenridge Park

From getting under the cave to feeling the summer breeze, you can do it all while you are in San Antonio. You might have already heard about this park because it has a theme park as well. But here we are going to talk about a different aspect of it. Brackenridge Park is the perfect place to organize a small picnic on a quiet afternoon under the shade of the trees which is perfect for this place.

The trails spread under the shades of the trees offer a long route for walks as far as you can imagine. The flora around offers a perfect set-up for people who want to ground their spiritual energy and spend some quality time in nature. Entry to the Brackenridge park is free of cost. So, this quality time won’t be a pressure on your pocket.

9. Soak In The Beauty Of Nature At Medina River Natural Area

If you want to go hiking and exploring nature then the Medina River Natural Area is more appropriate than any other place in San Antonio. The area is filled with natural vegetation, the Rocky Mountains and a trail of the Medina River. If Texas is a desert, then this area is 511 acres of oasis with a riverfront. You have a paved path where you can go for a walk. And there is a dirt path as well, which is available for hiking and other recreational use. The area filled with thick greenery won’t let you remember that you came to explore a state like Texas.

Apart from vegetation, the wildlife that you would meet sporadically during your hike sessions is another thing to marvel at. The coolness of this area makes it perfect to explore during the summer. Anyone looking for a perfect place to lose sweat without coming under the scorching heat of the sun must visit the waterfront at least once.

10. Explore The Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden - Things To Do In San Antonio In Summer
Japanese Tea Garden – Things To Do In San Antonio In Summer

A cocktail of two cultures from different corners of the world. As you would know by the name, the Japanese Tea Garden is a unique place in San Antonio where you can relax and be amazed by the natural beauty spread around. The flowers and little beautiful plants aren’t the only things that you would find here. You would witness small structures built in Japanese style along with a waterbody with a Japanese bridge and small idols that are spread everywhere in the garden.

Since the garden is built in an abandoned limestone quarry, the vegetation planted here is of a different kind and is being taken care of accordingly. Visiting the garden is free of cost and would take 1-2 hours to explore completely.

Where To Stay In San Antonio

San Antonio is the coolest place to visit in Texas during summer. It is important to find an ideal accommodation near the riverwalk which includes pools, rejuvenating spas and are located at the close proximity to the main attractions of the city. Below are our top finds in San Antonio that you can consider as your holiday home.

Omni La Mansion del Rio : Located right on the riverwalk, this 4 star hotel is an excellent place to stay in San Antonio. Once you reach this property, its elegant decor will catch your attention immediately. The hotel boasts leisure facilities like an outdoor swimming pool, an onsite restaurant serving Southwest cuisine, a full service spa, gym and a poolside bar. Wake up to the beautiful views of the river from your room. The rooms are beautifully furnished, comfortable and filled with modern amenities.

Comfort Suites Medical Center : This is our favorite budget hotel in San Antonio. Located near the Six Flags Fiesta, this hotel offers a convenient and wonderful stay with amenities like an indoor swimming pool, hot tub facilities and a fitness center. The rooms are bright, spacious and comfortable. The hotel serves American breakfast each morning to help in fueling your energies for your exploration.

So, now that you know about all the best things to do in San Antonio in summer, you are in for some amazing fun. This lovely Texan city won’t disappoint you. If you have ideas of summer friendly activities in San Antonio, do share with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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