5 Best Places to Go Camping In Texas

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Going for camping in Texas gives you great opportunities for exploring the vast landscapes, enjoying nature’s beauty and finding aesthetic serenity. Discover some of the amazing and best sites for camping in Texas through our recommendations.

Visiting a campground is sure an excellent way to unwind and have a good time with family and friends, beholding the beauty of nature. You get to do activities that bring togetherness, and you all get to have a great time together.

Although the pandemic has disrupted many things, vacations canceled, businesses affected, holiday plans schedule and many other things. Do you know that you can still make the best out of your free time by going camping but taking all the necessary precautions while at it? Here’s a list of the five best places to go camping in Texas.

Best Places To Go Camping In Texas

1. Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park - Best Camping In Texas
Big Bend National Park – Best Camping In Texas

Big Bend National park is situated in western Texas with an expansive view of mountains and canyons. It borders the Rio Grande River and the US/Mexican border. Big Bend National preserve is one of the largest national preserve in the United States and provides a wealth of camping options to visitors. Three developed campgrounds are operational within the park.

Rio Grande Village campground : The Rio Grande Village campground is the largest campground at the Big Bend National preserve, featuring over 100 sites close to the Rio Grande River.

Chisos Canyon campground : Towards the park’s center is the Chisos Canyon campground, which is surrounded by some of the best hiking trails. This campground is traditional for tent campers that love hiking.

Cottonwood campground : Cottonwood campground is a quiet and relaxed campground surrounded by Cottonwood trees from which the campground derived its name.

A camp store and shower facilities are within walking distance from every campground.

2. Guadalupe River State Park

Guadalupe River State Park - Best Camping In Texas
Guadalupe River State Park – Best Camping In Texas

Guadalupe River State Park is easily accessible with a short drive from San Antonio and Austin’s cities. There are close to a hundred camping areas at the Guadalupe River State Park and gives the perfect experience of camping in Texas with family and friends.

Visitors are faced with the challenge of choosing from the many beautiful and serene environments. Swimming, fishing, canoeing and some ultimate search challenge (geocaching) are some of the activities you can engage in while in the park.

3. Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Palo Duro Canyon State Park - Best Camping In Texas
Palo Duro Canyon State Park – Best Camping In Texas

Palo Duro Canyon State Park ranks as the second-largest in the United States and is described as the “Grand Canyon of Texas” with a display of multi-colored terra cotta, which brightens the deep valleys giving it a magnificent view to behold. The park has a lot of areas for tent camping. Visitors to the camp can go hiking, bird viewing, mountain biking and horseback riding.

4. Big Thicket National Preserve

Big Thicket National Preserve - Best Camping In Texas
Big Thicket National Preserve – Best Camping In Texas

Found in Southeast Texas and the first of its kind in the United States, the Big Thicket National Preserve is someplace you must see if you’re a nature enthusiast, as there are a diverse group of plants and animals found in the preserve.

You can spend your camp time doing activities such as canoeing or horseback riding, and biking. However, the Big Thicket National Preserve does not have a prepared campsite, and you should prepare to make your own and have fun while doing so.

5. Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park - Best Camping In Texas
Colorado Bend State Park – Best Camping In Texas

Colorado Bend State Park is one of the best and biggest outdoors attractions in Texas. It’s a short drive away from Austin and an excellent mix of serenity and enjoyable outdoor activities.

With a 65-foot waterfall, you have the perfect spot to relax and cool off. You can similarly go fishing, paddling, bird viewing and caving in the state park campground.

Camping Preparations And Guidelines

Going on a camping trip is a fun way to spend your holidays relaxing with family and friends, enjoying the beauty of nature while at it. However, it would be best if you made proper preparation to make sure you have a good time and averting any mishap that might ruin the excitement.

This is because the chances are that you may leave behind some camping essentials, especially if it’s your first time. Here are some preparations you should make before taking your camping trip.

Determine Your Activities – Deciding the activities you’d engage in helps you know what you’ll be doing with your friends and family while in camp. This will also help you make the right choice of where to go camping.

Make Bookings – Once you’ve decided on what to do in camp and where to go, next is to book a spot at the campsite. You’d be turned back if you show up without a booking made at least a day before your arrival.

Pack The Right Camping Accessories – You do not want to take along with you things you won’t need while leaving behind some essentials. It might be the end of your trip, even though you just arrived. Here’s a list you should never forget.

Your Tent – Go with a tent that’s able to accommodate your camping members and suitable for the weather.

Food – Go with packaged snacks for the roads or when food isn’t ready, rice, vegetables, etc., whatever you plan to eat while in camp. You don’t want to forget cooking essentials, food facilities are not available at campgrounds, so you’d have to cook your meals. You’d need your camping gas cooker or stove, fire starter to make fire, knife to cut items and the best camping pots and pans.

Safety kits – Safety is vital, and you should go along with your safety kits such as touches or lamps for lightning in the dark, a first aid kit in case of injuries, and weatherproof clothing such as your jackets for cold and light clothing for hot weather. It would be best for you if you did not forget other essentials: your sleeping bags, extra batteries for your lamps or touches, blankets, and the water filter if you run out of water and need to drink from the streams or river.

Camping Guidelines

While in camp, follow all camp rules and regulations and observe all safety measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic further as laid down by the CDC, which include: “not visiting overcrowded campgrounds, staying atleast 6 feet away from people you don’t live with, wear a mask, washing your hands often and don’t share things with people you don’t live with“.


So, if you’re considering visiting a campground with your friends and family, you need not travel far. Texas has got some beautiful campgrounds for your adventure. Be sure to make adequate preparations and follow all health safety measures put in place by the authorities.

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