11 Top Things To Do In San Andres, Colombia

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San Andres is an exciting and gorgeous tropical destination in Colombia for vacationers. If you are planning a trip or wondering what are the best things to do in San Andres, Colombia? Take a look at the most incredible things to see and do in San Andres.

A piece of land in the middle of the Caribbean Sea can offer you all kinds of adventures and wonders that you can think of. San Andres is the perfect island if you are looking for a similar fantasy in Colombia. It is known for coral reefs, tropical climate, pirate history and a long beach promenade.

San Andres Colombia
San Andres, Colombia

If exploring Colombia is something that is in your head, San Andres would come at the top of your bucket list. As it is an adventurer’s paradise, there is so much to do here that it becomes difficult to follow. To your dilemma’s rescue, below are some of the best things to do in San Andres, Colombia.

Best Things To Do In San Andres, Colombia

1. Parasailing

Parasailing - Things To Do In San Andres, Colombia
Parasailing – Things To Do In San Andres, Colombia

As San Andres is surrounded by water, parasailing makes a great sport in this region. Open skies and water, as far as you can see, will make you lust for the thrill of parasailing. Your sail would be tied to a high-speed boat and be gradually led in the air at the height of over 300 feet. You might start your journey with the bubbly water surface. However, within a few minutes, you will be in the air enjoying the breeze and the scenery. The duration for your parasailing enjoyment lasts for 20 minutes but during this time you would love your experience.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, there is nothing about parasailing that you will hate. It is definitely one of the most exciting things to do in San Andres.

Prebook your parasailing experience in San Andres here.

2. See The Wonderful Marine Life By Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Discover San Andres Marine Life - Things To Do In San Andres, Colombia
Discover San Andres Marine Life – Things To Do In San Andres, Colombia

From being in the air to diving deep into the water, San Andres offers you everything on the list of adventures. The two most prominent water sports that this place offers are Scuba Diving and Snorkeling. Scuba Diving is the main sport that attracts tourists from all around the world to San Andres. Due to the climate, the water remains warm even in the deeper regions of the sea.

People who have claustrophobia or are afraid of dark and deep aspects of Deep-Sea Diving, the calm waters of San Andres welcome them. The rock formation, bioluminescent planktons, coral reefs and colourful fishes will make your experience one of a kind. You can prebook your scuba diving experience in San Andres here.

Snorkeling is another sport that comes into the list of best things to do in San Andres. Just like Scuba Diving, San Andres offers a perfect ecosystem for Snorkeling as well. You can hire or carry your own snorkeling gear. Though you will find a lot of tourists at prominent snorkeling places, you can simply hire a boat to get to some offshore destinations around the island.

3. Go On A Trip To Providencia

Trip To Providencia - Things To Do In San Andres
Trip To Providencia – Things To Do In San Andres

Providencia should definitely be on your list of things to do in San Andres. If you are a private person and avoid going on vacations as the destinations are generally surrounded by tourists and visitors, then, San Andres offers a little island at a distance of 90 kilometres to the north, called Providencia.

You can call Providencia, heaven for introverts. The island is filled with natural adventures and little organic stays where you can warm up in the sun and take open showers. People visit Providencia as an off-beat travel tour. The place is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling and hiking. You can also visit Crab Cay, Mcbean Lagoon National Park and Peak Forestry Reserve here.

The best and quickest way to reach Providencia from San Andres is through flights. Your journey will last for just 45 minutes. Book your flight from San Andres to Providencia here.

4. Explore The Neighbourhood Of San Luis de La Loma

Visiting San Andres might make you feel like a vacation full of Adrenaline Rush, but there is a place where you can catch your breath. San Luis de La Loma at San Andres are villages in the vicinity of the regions. This particular area is the oldest in the place and is also defined as a region that contains the history of the birth of San Andres.

The local rustic houses with sloped roofs and whitewashed buildings have been there for ages. There is an old Baptist church, established in 1847, that was rebuilt from Alabama Pine. These villages are the place where the communal soul of San Andres thrives. The regional café, food, specifically seafood, shops and drinking outlets make these villages lively and worth visiting.

5. Go for Treasure Hunting at La Cueva de Morgan – One Of The Most Popular Things To Do In San Andres

If you are a fan of Pirates and love watching The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. You are in for a treat while you visit San Andres. The Morgan’s Cave is a tourist destination filled with adventures and fun all along. This is a place where you make your inner child come to life.

Morgan’s Cave is an underground cave that has a replica of pirate ships, adventure and signs all along, that you can visit and have fun. As the legend says that a Welsh Pirate named Henry Morgan buried his treasure chest in the cave. You can simply go into the cave to find the buried treasure. The adventure remains open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and costs 15000 pesos (3.94 USD) per person.

Here is an easy private sightseeing tour of San Andres Island. This tour will be inclusive of transport to and from the hotel plus a local guide.

6. Explore The Flowers Of San Andres At Jardin Botanico

San Andres has a hot and humid climate but that doesn’t restrict the floral beauty of this place to flourish. You can’t help but wonder how many flowers and the types of plants you can find in this place. A hot spot for your floral vacation at San Andres is Jardin Botanico. It is a botanical garden where you will find a variety of plants and a trip to a heavenly place surrounded by shrubs, trees and colourful flowers. All the information about the same is mentioned in a hall that is a part of the garden.

A water body in between the park would be just the surprise needed during your stroll through it. On a bright day, the scenery offers an old countryside aesthetic on the land of San Andres. The word magical would be perfect to define it.

7. Kayaking Through The Marshes

If there are water bodies nearby, kayaking is a must-do activity. San Andres is no different. The tropical climate and natural vegetation offer you a deep trip to the nearby mangroves where you can go kayaking and explore at the same time. The old point Regional Mangrove is the best ecosystem. It is a private based company that offers tours through the natural biodiversity through to the mangroves and still waters where you can witness the aquatic life with your own eyes. You can also witness a hatchery for many fishes around you.

The main purpose of this tour is to bring environmental awareness. Hence, you need to get ready to know the pros and cons of tropical life and vacationing.

8. Go Fishing

An entire fishing trip could be the best thing that you can have on your bucket list while you visit San Andres. The different kinds of fishes that you can hunt around for is an adventure. There are many places from where you can hire a boat or an entire guided tour for fishing. The people from these places would tell you the most likely of the places where you can have a successful fishing session.

9. Spend Relaxing Time At The Beach

Relax At The Beach - Things To Do In San Andres
Relax At The Beach – Things To Do In San Andres

If you are a working professional and just want to get away from the urban life and spend some time under the open skies while meditating on the sounds of waves while sand grains rub between your toes, in that case, you can have an entire day reserved to relax at a beach in San Andres. The soothing climate, warm air, water, serenity and solitude are all you would require to rejuvenate yourself and bring your mind, body and soul in alignment. The evenings are the best as you walk around gazing at the sunset, as the lavender skies slowly bring out the stars and moon to light the golden sand.

10. Go Swimming At La Piscinita

Another place to have fun at San Andres is La Piscinita. The crystal-clear water, where you can witness the fishes without even getting into the water, is what attracts the tourists here. You can buy bread here and feed it to the fishes, who are familiar with the people and would love to have it directly from your hand. You can rent some swimming gear and go swimming in the turquoise waters.

There are coconut huts available on the shore for your relaxation. The coconut drinks, beer, fresh juices and small snacks are other things to give you a fulfilling experience here. Though it becomes a bit crowded at times, that simply adds to the fun.

11. Escape To The Enchanting Cayo Bolivar

Another off-beat island to visit around San Andres is Cayo Bolivar. This is a place which is less known to many tourists. Hence, it is the perfect place for that peaceful basking in the sun, lunches and some drinks. The clear water, marine species, baby sharks and turtles are a regular here. If your visit to San Andres is during the summer months and the weather is clear, then this makes a perfect occasion to spend a day at Cayo Bolivar as it is then, when its beauty is at its full bloom.

But before everything, you need to make sure that Cayo Bolivar is open for visitors as the government closes the gates to maintain the natural beauty of this paradise. The island is at a distance of 25 kilometres and it is a road less travelled. You might want to reserve an entire day and be ready for a bumpy ride.

Good To Know – San Andres, Colombia

How To Get To San Andres, Colombia

The only way to reach San Andres is through flights from any of the major Colombian cities such as Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Cartagena. The shortest flight route is from Cartagena (1 and a half hours journey). If you are on a tour through Colombia, you can easily get to San Andres from any of the mentioned cities. Check Kiwi to find the best rates, and book your flights in advance as possible.

Where To Stay In San Andres, Colombia

San Andres is a beautiful island in Colombia that welcomes a lot of tourists. This is the reason why there are a wide range of accommodations available here to choose from. Below are our favorites and highly recommended accomodations in San Andres;

Budget : Republica Hostel is perfect for backpackers and travelers looking for budget friendly accommodation. There are private rooms as well as dormitories for guests. Lounge bars, hammocks, deck chairs, beach umbrellas and a large swimming pool give you a perfect space for relaxation. Airport shuttle, evening entertainment and walking tours are some of the other services provided by the hostel.

Mid-Range : Hosteria Mar y Sol is a beautiful hotel located very close to the Punta Sur beach. It is an incredible place to stay in San Andres, especially if you are coming with your family. It has a picnic area, garden, sundeck, playground, swimming pool, sauna and outdoor play equipment. Rooms are clean, comfortable and spacious. Car rental, airport shuttle, breakfast in the room and free WiFi are some of the other facilities provided by the hotel.

Luxury : For a dreamy vacation in San Andres amidst the gorgeous surroundings of San Andres you should book your stay at Casa Las Palmas Hotel. With amazing spa services, a wide range of comfortable rooms, a swimming pool with lounge chairs and close proximity to the beach, this boutique hotel offers a comfortable, luxurious and relaxing stay to its guests. Airport shuttle, soundproof rooms, rental cars, breakfast in room, onsite entertainment, coffee house, gaming rooms, babysitting services, strollers and a fitness center are some great facilities provided by the hotel.

Don’t Forget Your San Andres Trip Essentials

Steripen for water purification on the go.

A good sunscreen lotion such as this one by Sun Bum. It is a vegan and reef friendly sunscreen trusted by many.

Sunglasses & sunhat


Waterproof dry bag case for phones – These will protect your phones from water.

Bug Repellent

Self Cleaning water bottle by Philips

Collapsible water bottle – If you are looking for a bottle that takes up less space.


Coverup or kaftans

Beach Blanket

Dry Bag – To keep your belongings safe.

Your own snorkeling equipment

Light jacket : For windy evenings

Best Time To Visit San Andres, Colombia

San Andres has a tropical climate and so you can visit here anytime of the year. December till May are ideal months to visit San Andres as these are the dry months and probability of rain showers is less.

Now that you know about the best things to do in San Andres, you will certainly be able to plan better. Have any other questions about what to do in San Andres, Colombia? Let me know in the comments section below.

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