10 Amazing Day Trips From Bogota For Culture & Outdoors

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Check out one of these wonderful day trips from Bogota for an easy and refreshing getaway.

Bogota is one of the most visited Colombian cities. Tourists from around the globe visit the city because of its natural and cultural charm. There are many fun day trips from Bogota that you would love to explore. These places are discreet and are equally and sometimes more beautiful than Bogota itself. As the city is surrounded by mountains on all sides, it might be difficult for you to imagine the existence of these rare places around the city.

While Zipaquira and Monserrate are the most popular day trips from Bogota, you can look out for more interesting spots where you can admire amazing scenic beauty and embark on a fantastic journey.

Here is a list of some of the less travelled wonders that you can visit in a day from Bogota.

The Best Day Trips From Bogota

1. Zipaquira and Nemocon

Distance From Bogota : 27 miles (43 km approx)

Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira - Day Trips From Bogota
Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira – Day Trips From Bogota

Zipaquira and Nemocon are two different locations. However, both are connected in the spirit of the salt miners and labourers who have worked in these regions for years, before the advent of rulers. Zipaquira is religiously and famously known for the Salt Cathedral that is built within caves. There is a cross at the end of the cave painted with blue hues. Many tourists visit the cathedral because of its fascinating architecture and design. Make sure that you reserve your tickets ahead of time to visit the salt cathedral of Zipaquira to avoid the long queues.

The salt mines of Nemocon have similar hues to that of Zipaquira but it has more colours. It is located at a distance of 30 minutes from Zipaquira. As you will visit these mines, you will feel as if it is a different world to follow through. A different colour at every corner and you can never know what mechanism and a different source will be introduced to you on your visit.

Taking a trip to Zipaquira and Nemocon is very easy through the use of public transport in Bogota. Trains and buses regularly operate to and from these places.

Click here for a guided tour of Nemocon and Zipaquira. This tour is inclusive of transport, admission tickets, lunch and a bilingual guide.

2. Monserrate

Distance from Bogota : 4.3 miles (16.8 km approx)

Monserrate - Day Trips From Bogota
Monserrate – Day Trips From Bogota

This is one of the most enriching and beautiful day trips from Bogota. Visiting Monserrate feels like going on a spiritual path literally. Though there are shortcuts to visit this century-old Church and Monastery, what you are going to find at the end of this path will quench the thirst of the tourist inside you. Once you are there, the breathtaking views of the surroundings will surely mesmerize you. The journey starts from the eastern hill of downtown Bogota and there are three ways through which you can reach the monastery.

It is possible to hike up to the mountain, meanwhile enjoying picturesque views of the city and the surroundings through to the top. The gate for entry at the mountain trail is 05:00 am to 01:00 pm and the return is 05:00 am to 04:00 pm. The second and third method is via a funicular and a cable car respectively. It would take no time for you to reach there but it would cost you around USD 5 to USD 10.

Click here for a guided hiking tour to Mount Monserrate.

Click here for a private Monserrate tour via funicular or cable car. This tour is inclusive of hotel transfers, snacks, guide and funicular/cable car ride tickets.

3. Villa de Leyva

Distance from Bogota : 102 miles (165 km)

Villa de Leyva - Day Trips From Bogota
Villa de Leyva – Day Trips From Bogota

Villa de Leyva is another magical town near Bogota. It is the most visited town which neighbors the city. The history of colonialism by various rulers and the battle for freedom in this region made Villa de Leyva, a hotspot for everything, a tourist looks for. There are whitewashed colonial buildings in the cobblestoned centre of the city and the Lady of the Rosary Church. There is a human wonder called the Terracota House made entirely of mud and then there is the beautiful Lake Iguaque and Paramo Iguaque around which the breeze seems sweetening.

Though it takes about 3.5 hours to reach Villa de Leyva from Bogota, it is a worthwhile day trip. You can either travel by a private car or bus from the Transmilenio station. The bus journey may take longer, so if you are time constrained you can opt for an easy day tour and explore this postcard perfect town.

To book your day trip to Villa de Leyva from Bogota, click here.

4. La Chorrera and El Chiflon Waterfalls

Distance From Bogota : 32 miles (52 km)

The two most visited waterfalls on the outskirts of Bogota are La Chorrera and El Chiflon Waterfalls. This majestic sight is also the biggest waterfall in Columbia. You will have to take a bus ride for around an hour and a half from Bogota to reach the waterfalls. It is on the way to Chaochi and the bus goes all the way there. So, you will have to make a stop and ask the busmen to leave you at the right corner for the waterfall.

As you will hide down the path, you will first meet the El Chiflon waterfall which is a bit small as compared to the biggest waterfall. A further hike down the road you will find the grand La Chorrera. The sound of the waterfall and its freshwater is rejuvenating at once. You can take a bath and will feel energized.

Its best to go on this hike with a local guide. You can check out this easy hiking trip from Bogota to La Chorrera and El Chiflon waterfalls. It is inclusive of round-trip transport, a professional guide, entrance fees and a delightful Colombian lunch.

5. Chingaza Natural National Park

Distance From Bogota : 28 miles (45.8 km)

Chingaza Natural National Park - Day Trips From Bogota
Chingaza Natural National Park – Day Trips From Bogota

Columbia is rich in both flora and fauna. The songs about the natural beauty of Columbia are sung globally. But there are rare incidences when you can witness the marvelous beauty of it with your own eyes, one of them is Chingaza Natural National Park. At a short distance away from Bogota, this National Park has everything that you can imagine.

There are a lot of things that you can do here. There are guided tours available and you can bring in your vehicle that must be in top shape as the roads are not suitable. You can camp and enjoy a night stay in the park. The rare and endangered species of Espeletia (a flower) and other animals like bears, deer, tapirs and pumas are also there.

For more information on day trips from Bogota to Chingaza Natural National Park click here.

6. Guaduas

Distance from Bogota : 75.4 miles (121.5 km)

If you are a person who is enthusiastic about living and exploring different cultures, then to explore Colombian culture you need to visit Guaduas. It is a small town near Bogota at a distance of 3 hours but it is worth every second that you are planning to spend there. Most of the native people here still live in the old Colombian ways.

If you plan to stay and enjoy the natural beauty of this small town then you might want to book a beautiful resort or a raw-natural hotel. An excellent hotel to stay in Guaduas is the Lombok Hotel & Spa. There are some attractions that you can visit within the town like the waterfall Salto de Versalles, Piedra Capira and Museo de Artes y Tradiciones.

7. East Hills Hike (One of the most scenic day trips from Bogota)

This one is for the people who love going for hikes amongst adorably scenic hills. Though everything is conveniently within a reach for tourists around Bogota. There is still something for the visitors who would love to go on a hike in the Colombian hills that surround the city of Bogota. The hiking program called East Hills Hike is the best for that adrenaline rush during your visit to the nearby Colombian city.

The hike is for approximately 5 hours including breakfast and you can have a guide with you to keep you motivated throughout your journey to the top. On the way, the Colombian natural beauty, farmers continuing with their regular work, livestock and other picturesque sceneries will leave you speechless and leave you asking for more.

Needless to say, you would be needing a guide to go on this hike with you. To book your East Hills hiking trip, click here.

8. Tequendama Falls

Distance from Bogota : 24.5 miles (39.4 km)

Tequendama Falls - Day Trips From Bogota
Tequendama Falls – Day Trips From Bogota

On an hour drive from Bogota, there is this mesmerizing place called Tequendama waterfalls that is so pleasant to the eyes that the tourists describe it as it is straight from a movie scene. You can reach the waterfall by bus, taxi or self-drive there. Besides the waterfall there is the Tequendama Museum.

Both the museum, which once was a hotel, as well as the waterfall makes for one hell of a view. You must also visit the falls for the legends, stories and myths that it has left behind after emerging from decades of culture, rulers and times.

Click here for a fantastic day trip to Tequendama Falls from Bogota. This trip will be inclusive of lunch, transport and a professional guide.

9. Jardin Encantado

Distance from Bogota : 37.4 miles (60.2 km)

All of Colombia is filled with natural wonders. There is so much nature in these lands that it is the most difficult task for any tourist to have the taste of nature in one go or visit. But if you want to know more about the flying creatures who tread through the Colombian skies, there is Jardin Encantado. It is a bird watching arena where thousands of birds of different kinds make this place their home for a while.

The bird keepers here have provided several natural structures and a lovely natural environment to attract birds of all sorts. The flowers, trees, and greenery along with little pots of water and food for birds makes it perfect heaven for bird watchers. You can spend as much time as you want here simply to see birds and their fluttering from one branch to another.

10. Fusagasuga (One of the best day trips from Bogota for coffee lovers)

Distance from Bogota : 47.2 miles (76 km)

Coffee Farm In Fusagasuga - Day Trips From Bogota
Coffee Farm In Fusagasuga – Day Trips From Bogota

Fusagasuga is popularly known as the “Garden City of Colombia”. It takes 1 hour 42 minutes to reach there. The name stands true as you will witness the beauty of the city through your eyes. The outer territory of the city is mostly surrounded by farms as that is the main occupation for all the farmers here. That makes the scenic beauty of this town.

But what you are going to love about this city is the Orchid Gardens and the Coffee bean farms. If coffee is something that you need, first thing in the morning then this is the town you will fall in love with. From the birth of the cocoa beans, picking, grinding and finally, the conversion of the coffee powder that you drink would be mind-boggling for you.

Cultural spots, adventure, coffee tours and gorgeous small towns. There is so much to experience and see near this city. So, which one of these day trips from Bogota caught your attention? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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