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Bogota Itinerary : Top Things To Do In 3 Days

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Looking for a perfect 3 days in Bogota itinerary? You have come to the right place. Read on to know about the places you should not miss out visiting plus some practical tips that will help you plan your trip.

There are a few places in South America that can pride themselves as a perfect blend of history, culture and creativity with modern art. Bogota is one of those places. The capital city of Colombia has an exceptional history and is rich in culture as well. Nature has carefully bestowed the amazing beauty on Bogota and hence it is rich in flora along with the century-old history of colonialism and then the struggle for freedom has imbibed in its air. There is so much to see in Bogota and know about that you might get confused about where to visit and what not to visit.

Therefore, here is a list of the most unparalleled places in Bogota to visit to have a complete taste of this Colombian wonder. With this 3 days in Bogota itinerary you will find out what’s worth visiting and some general tips and tricks for your visit.

Bogota Itinerary : 3 Days In Bogota

Day 1 : Begin Your Bogota Itinerary By Exploring Its Historic Center And The Salt Cathedral Of Zipaquira


Plaza de Bolivar - Bogota Itinerary
Plaza de Bolivar – Bogota Itinerary

Get Amazed At The Gold Museum (Museo del Oro)

One the biggest museums in the world, the Gold Museum in Bogota is a one-of-a-kind place to visit. It constitutes six floors and over 55,000 pieces of Gold from Colombia’s major pre-Hispanic culture. The Golden walls, the gold jewellery, the gold artefacts and other treasuries not only blind your eyes with beauty but also take you on a historical journey of building an entire culture.

The museum reminds us that minerals, ores, metals are not just things but what we make of them is what makes a symbol of human civilizations.

If you want to visit the Gold Museum, I highly recommend booking a skip the line ticket online, by clicking here. This will be inclusive of a private guide and hotel transfers.

Opening Hours : The Gold Museum remains open from Tuesday to Saturday at 9 AM to 7 PM. On Sundays it is open from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Stroll Through Plaza de Bolivar

Plaza de Bolivar is located in the centre of Bogota and is also called the heart of the city. It is just across the Gold museum. You might want to spend a lot of time in this neighbourhood because there are a bundle of historical locations in this area to explore.

In the north, you will find the concrete symbol of the constitution of Colombia in the shape of a palace of justice. In the west and south, you will find the 53m long building of the Lievano Palace which narrates the history of Colombia and envelopes the history of how it was being made as well as the Colombian political building called National Capital and its famous murals, respectively.

Finally, in the east, you can visit the primary Cathedral of Bogota to seek the blessings of the Archbishop of Bogota who sits here in the old building.

Know About Colombian History At The National Museum of Columbia

The National Museum of Columbia, located in downtown Bogota, not only gives you a sneak peek of the place from where the old Bogota was born. It is also one of the oldest buildings in South America.

The museum has over 20,000 objects and has a collection of paintings, mummies, artefacts, sculptures and historical documents. The stone and cement enclosed structure made in the Greek prison-like fashion has different cells categorizing the different historical periods. Roaming the halls of this museum provides a short tour of different phases of how a nation was built from a pile of rubble.

Opening Hours : The museum remains closed on Monday but is open from Tuesday to Sunday from  9 AM to 5:30 PM.

Afternoon – Evening

Visit The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira
Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira

The Salt Cathedral is another unique destination that you will find only on the lands of Bogota and nowhere else. It is a marvel of Colombian Architecture and is also known as “The Jewel of Modern Architecture”.

Built by the Bogota architect Roswell Garavito, the history of the Cathedral goes back to the times of miners and slavery. The Cathedral is simply a new addition to the cave structure but what makes it different is the effort and creativity of the people who contributed to making it a masterpiece.

The cave-like structure and the blue aura with the cross, in the end, provide a surreal feeling. A journey of mankind to reach a higher power.

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is located one and a half hour outside the city, so make sure you make the necessary bookings ahead of time. Click here to book an easy two way transfer. Alternatively, you can also book a guided tour of the Cathedral here.

Opening Hours : The Salt Cathedral remains open all three days of the week from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Day 2 : Take A Fascinating Day Trip To The Colonial Town Of Villa de Leyva

Morning – Evening

You can easily hire a car for a day trip to Villa de Leyva, a beautiful city consisting of colonial, Spanish architecture and wonderful sceneries. It is just a 3-hour distance from the main town of Bogota and you can hire a guide for the entire tour.

Villa de Leyva
Villa de Leyva

Wander Through The Sceneries

If you think Bogota is beautiful as a town. Wait till you see the beauty of Villa de Levya. All of the Colombian greenery and the up and down mountain pastures are spread across as long as you can see the scenery. The blue sky and the colder weather from the Bogota region make it more soothing. The mornings and evenings are generally cold but it becomes warmer in the noon.

Boyaca Bridge

As you pass the outskirts of the city, you will find the Boyaca bridge which is a part of the battle of Independence in Colombian history. By crossing through the bridge, you will witness the monument made to commemorate the independence of Colombia and five other nations namely Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia.

The flags of the five nations along with the statue of the Great Simon Bolivar, also known as the Liberator in South America will make you aware of the struggle for freedom in these lands.

Pozos Azules or the Beautiful Blue Wells

On your tour, further, you will reach the water body in the emerald colour. The blue skies, green surroundings and the water provide a lovely tale of what nature can build along with men in a melodious amalgamation.

Throughout the time, humans living around this area constructed wells to derive water. Hence, seven wells have been made in different points of time and in the end, nature took all the ingredients, combined them all and gave a precious emerald waterbody filled with water that contains various minerals like sulphur, selenium, copper and other minerals. Hence, the indifferent colour.

The breeze making the scales on the surface of the water, the surroundings and the sceneries offer you a transcending experience.

The Terracotta House

Terracotta House
Terracotta House

If you have loved the art of making pottery via clay and different designs. You need to jump into one of the clay structures yourself. The Terracotta House gives you just the right space to go inside the clay house and experience how it feels like to be inside a gigantic clay pot.

The house is just like any other house. It has a kitchen, workspace, bedrooms, living room, terrace, balcony and all the things which you will require to live in the house. The maker of the house, the great ceramist Octavio Mendoza Morales used to live here. At the same time, constructing the biggest pottery structure in the world.

But noticing its magnificence, people started visiting it more often and since then the ceramist left the house and made a separate home for himself. It still has bookshelves, chairs, kitchenware, furniture etc.

Paleontological Museum

Further, in the day, you can visit the Palaeontological Museum filled with astonishing fossils of all the creatures that made the earth their home. The different kinds of dinosaurs, the creatures which once inhabited the sea and now are extinct centuries ago. The huge snail, the longest snakes and pythons are all staggering to see.

A huge part of Columbia was under the water for many years, hence the excavation in this corner can only leave you wide-eyed. You will keep wondering about the years earth spent way before humans start fighting over it.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor

The main attraction of Villa de Levya is Plaza Mayor. It is the largest stone-paved square in South America, spread within an area of 14000 square metres. In the lap of green mountains, the white walls of the widespread buildings adorned with red roofs and a little fountain in between are the establishments preserved by the time since the colonial era.

In the wide range of buildings, there is the gorgeous church of the Lady of the Rosary which was built by the Spanish rulers here and is still covered with wood and gold through time. The other houses have balconies and special mentions that signifies the status and nobility symbol.

By taking your time and roaming in the arena you can easily imagine the life and living of the rulers who lived there in the colonial era.

Book a day trip to Villa de Leyva from Bogota here. It is inclusive of hotel transfers, an expert guide and entrance fees to the attractions mentioned above.

Day 3 : Get Adventurous At Mundo Adventure Theme Park, Enjoy Street Art And Delightful Nightlife

Morning – Afternoon

Mundo Aventura Theme Park

There is nothing better than having a light day after 2 heavy days of travelling and visiting an adventure park is just the thing you want. It is a fun place and a hub for around 40 attractions suitable for all age groups. There are all kinds of rides.

Some food stalls and small souvenir item shops. If you are lucky enough, you may find some cultural events happening in the theme park. It can give you a slight taste of Colombian culture and a few of its traditions and heritage.

The rides are safe for all age groups. There are old rides such as Bumper Cars, Roller Coasters, A Carousel and A Mini-Wheel. The Tornado, The Double loop and The Screw are other rides for your adrenaline rush.

Just beside the park, there are The Children’s Museum of Bogota and The Maloka Museum to visit. So, you can’t be bored here.

Adore And Picture Bogota’s Street Art

After spending your mornings at fun, you might want to visit some artistic lanes of Bogota. Hence, you can book a street art tour. The tour might take 2 – 5 hours but would give you a wholesome experience of the streets and corners of the city through which the likes of Pablo Escobar passed once.

These are some roads where the meetings of drug-lords and criminals used to take place. But now, as history has been forgotten. The creative and artistic regionals have given it a colourful touch to every brick which will be a part of your tour.

These tours have been exclusively made to surprise you with the art and amalgamation of colours which are also a symbol of the struggle of human evolution and civilization through various phases. These street arts contain stories and tales. You may find yourself in a fable here.


Enjoy Night-Life in Zona Rosa

The real culture and lifestyle of a community can only be witnessed once you visit the cultural or economical hub of the city. Zona Rosa in Bogota is just the kind of place for you. Being famous for its nightlife, Zona Rosa has lounges, bars, eateries and drinking places.

Most people here prefer the Colombian style. It is located near the two shopping centres and hence the reach for the native people as well as the tourists is quite easy. All you gotta do is to wear your party clothes and be a part of the nightlife here.

General Information : Bogota Itinerary

Where To Stay During 3 Days In Bogota

The best and safest place to stay in Bogota is the Chapinero district. At this centrally located area you will find all kinds of accommodations serving to any budget. Below are our highly recommended places to stay in this supercool neighborhood of Bogota.

Hostel (upto $25) : Wondering where to stay in in Chapinero on a budget? Search no more, this one is perfect for you. Hobu Hostel has budget friendly dorms and family rooms that are very well equipped and comfortable. Each room has a tea/coffee maker while selected rooms have a good seating area, fridge, kitchen and minibar. The hostel also provides facilities like airport shuttle, laundry services, walking tours, bike tours, indoor play area, BBQ station, packed lunches and free WiFi.

This hostel is not only perfect for backpackers, it is an amazing budget friendly option for families too. Make sure to book your stay here in advance, the rooms fill in super-quick at this hostel. Click here to book your stay at Hobu Hostel or to check out its availability.

Budget Hotel ($25-$50) : Casa Prada Bed & Breakfast is another great choice for budget travelers who want to stay in one of the best neighborhoods of Bogota. Rooms are spacious, clean and very comfortable. This modern BnB has everything you will need for a pleasant stay in Bogota. Click here to book your stay at Casa Prada or to check out its availability.

Midrange ($50-$70) : GHL Hotel Hamilton is an elegant and stylish hotel centrally located in Chapinero. If you are someone who wants to stay close to lots of dining, shopping and nightlife options, then this is the place for you. The rooms are very well equipped with modern amenities. Free WiFi, an on site restaurant and minibar, hearty breakfast and laundry services some of the facilities provided by this hotel. Click here to book your stay at GHL Hotel Hamilton or to check out its availability.

Luxury ($70+) : Located close to Zona Rosa, Hilton Bogota is an excellent hotel that offers a luxurious stay in Chapinero. It is just 2 blocks away from many of the city’s dining and entertaining venues. The hotel has modern and spacious rooms, outdoor swimming pool, on-site spa and fitness center, cozy dining area, restaurant and bar, and a huge lounge area. What more can you wish for? This hotel is a great pick for a leisure stay in Bogota. Click here to book your stay at Hilton Bogota or to check out its availability.

Getting To Bogota

By Air : Bogota is well connected from many national international destinations via El Dorado International Airport. It is also known for being the largest airport in Colombia. You can easily use Kiwi to find best value flights to Bogota. If you are going to stay in a hotel, ask for a private shuttle sent by the hotel itself. It will become very conveniently and cost effective. If not, you can also book a ride from the El Dorado International Airport by clicking here.

By Bus : Bogota can be reached by bus from any city in the country. You just need to be mindful about the distance and time the bus ride would take to reach Bogota. For eg; a bus ride from Medellin to Bogota may take upto 9 hours while a flight from Medellin to Bogota will be a 1 hour journey. Check bus routes here.

How To Get Around Bogota

Transmilenio, Bogota

Getting around Bogota is pretty easy and inexpensive. Use the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) known as Transmilenio. It is the public bus transit system in Bogota that interconnects many neighborhoods and attractions. You will have to buy a Transmilenio card from any Transmilenio station and you are good to go with it.

Taxis are also a very convenient and cheap way to get around the city. These taxis are yellow in color and can be hired from anywhere.

Make sure that you do not hire private cars from the streets, they might scam you.

Best Time To Visit Bogota

The best time to visit Bogota is between the months December to March, when the weather is pleasantly cool. The summer months between July and August are also good for a visit. Bogota has an unpredictable weather in the months April, May, October and November, when it may tend to be rainier. So, make sure you pack in an umbrella and rain shoes if you are visiting Bogota during these months.

What’s The Currency Used In Bogota?

The currency used in Bogota is Colombian Peso (COL$). $1 is equivalent to Col$3946 (approx).

Essentials To Pack For Bogota

Is Bogota Safe For Tourists?

Yes, Bogota is safe for tourists. But you need to be vigilant and mindful as you would in any other city. Avoid going to ATM or carrying any valuables such as lots of cash or jewelry at night. Do not ride a private car, they may scam you.

And that wraps up this 3 days in Bogota itinerary. This city amazes its visitors with with a mix of history, culture, diversity, nightlife and great food. So we are sure that you are going to have a terrific time there.

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