10 Top Things To Do In Milford PA (Poconos)

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Looking for things to do in Milford, Pennsylvania? We have got you covered on that. Read on to discover the best things to do in this historic town of Pennsylvania.

Milford is a quaint and simple small town located in the eastern part of the Poconos in Pennsylvania. Lots of greenness, a picturesque river area, rich historical center, Victorian homes, gorgeous waterfalls and great hiking trails are what you get to see in Milford. This town sits on the banks of the scenic Delaware river, which is the longest un-dammed river east of the Mississippi.

Milford is an enjoyable place to visit, if you are looking for a more relaxed, laid back and far from city kind of a destination. If you are on the adventurous side, you should go for hiking through one of the town’s scenic trails or go for kayaking on the Delaware river. Here are some of the best things to do in Milford.

Best Things To Do In Milford PA

1. Visit The Grey Towers

Grey Towers - Things to do in Milford PA
Grey Towers – Things to do in Milford PA

The Grey Towers is a beautiful French chateau-styled home where the family of Gifford Pinchot (the first chief of the US Forest Service and two-time governor of Pennsylvania) resided. His family had a major contribution in the field of conservation by leading educational, awareness and youth programs. The Grey Towers is a site itself filled with amazing forest trails, gardens and wildlife. Located atop a hill, this mansion also overlooks the Delaware river. Visitors can take a self guided tour around the stunning mansion.

You can also go for a guided tour of the mansion which takes you through the fascinating tales related to the Pinchot family and their efforts towards forestry and conservation. Exploring the Grey Towers is one of the most intriguing things to do in Milford.

  • Entrance Fees : Adults – USD 8 per person, Seniors – USD 7 per person
  • Opening Hours : 9 AM to 7:30 PM everyday

2. Admire The Raymondskill falls

Raymondskill falls - Things to do in Milford PA
Raymondskill falls – Things to do in Milford PA

The Raymondskill falls are the highest waterfalls in the Pennyslvania state. With a combined height of 150 feet, these spectacular cascading waterfalls are just 4 feet shorter than the popular Niagara Falls. There are two platforms that provide enchanting views of the waterfalls. The lower platform is perfect for watching the waterfalls while you can also climb up to the upper platform for more breathtaking views. These waterfalls are located on Raymondskill creek and are a part of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. You can also explore other major waterfalls in the area that include the Dingmans Falls, Bushkill Falls and Shohola falls.

Sit back, walk around or go on a hike. Visiting these waterfalls are one of the best things to do in Milford for nature lovers.

  • Opening Hours : 6 AM to 8:30 PM everyday

3. Explore The Columns Museum

The Columns Museum - Things to do in Milford PA
The Columns Museum – Things to do in Milford PA

The Columns Museum is a fascinating site with history. It’s collection includes many notable Civil War artifacts, vintage costumes, posters, books and remarkable archives from the past. One of it’s most famed exhibit is the real blood stained flag on which Abraham Lincoln’s head rested after he was shot at the Ford’s theater. The museum gives a good peek into the historic events of Pike Country and is a visit here is one of the unmissable things to do in Milford for history buffs.

  • Entrance Fees : Adults – USD 5 per person, Students – USD 3 per person
  • Opening Hours : 1 AM to 4 PM on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

4. Relax At The Milford Beach

Delaware River - Things to do in Milford PA
Delaware River – Things to do in Milford PA

The Milford beach is the best place to explore the town’s riverside. Though it’s a grassy beach, visitors can enjoy swimming in the river, having a picnic on it’s gardens, fishing, boating, canoeing or walking around adoring the waterside from the pavilion. Lifeguards are on duty during summers which fall between June and August. This time of the year is permissible for water activities on Milford beach.

You would need to stay vigil about the changing conditions of the water due to strong currents during off season. Otherwise it is a great place to enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable time with your loved ones on the grasslands at the Milford Beach.

5. Go On A Hike Along The Delaware River On The McDade Recreational Trail

The McDade Recreational trail initiates from the Milford beach and offers great panoramic views of Milford. This trail is the most popular one for hiking in Milford and is filled with scenic landscapes. The trail takes you through well groomed lands, uneven terrains, a steep hill, a beautiful farmland before you reach it’s end. You can go hiking or rent a bike to ascend through the trail.

If you are an active hiker, biker or just want to enjoy some amazing natural beauty; the following the McDade Recreational Trail is one of the most fun things to do in Milford for you.

6. Ascend Through The Knob Trail For Amazing Panoramic Views

The Milford town offers some fantastic hikes. One of them, the Knob is the best bird’s eye viewing point of the entire landscape of the town. The hiking trail towards the Knob is filled with a mix of wild flowers, shrubs and tall trees. The elevation is of about 400 feet and would take about an hour to complete. At the end of your hike, you will be rewarded by wonderful aerial views of the surrounding hills, the Delaware river, farm fields, forests and the historic architectures that form the town.

Make sure to put on comfortable hiking shoes and pack some snacks and water for refreshments.

7. Go Kayaking On The Delaware River

If you are seeking some adventure and want to explore the Delaware river, kayaking or canoeing would be a great way. The stunning sites of the Poconos mountains and the Delaware Water Gap are an amazing treat for the beholders. There are many companies that provide this experience with camping too. You can check out one here.

8. Enjoy The Milford Music Festival

Milford hosts many festivals throughout the year. The Milford Music Festival is one of the best events held in the town. This festival takes place in the month of June, is free and is celebrated at various locations in the town. The exploration of the town becomes more enjoyable with the vibrancy and live music organised at almost all the streets.

There are also many eateries that offer drinks, ice-creams and snacks along the way. It would be good to say that the one of the best times to visit Milford is when the Milford Music Festival is held.

9. Visit The Golden Fish Gallery

The Golden Fish Gallery exhibits a collection of jewelry, antiques, souvenirs and unique artworks. The gallery is also known for promoting the work of local artists and craftsmen through various events. Owned and managed by Longendorfers, the Golden Fish Gallery is a perfect place to purchase and take back a unique memento from Milford.

  • Opening Hours : 12 PM to 5 PM everyday

10. See The Upper Mill

Another great example of America’s history is the water-power gristmill, the Upper Mill. This 24 foot long restored and operating waterwheel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built between 1804 and 1837 by James Burton, the Upper Mill gives you glimpses of life in rural America. This site is open for visitors who can take free self guided tour and see the process by which waterwheel works. It is also home to a cafe bakery and bar, where you can have some snacks or drinks while watching the Upper Mill through it’s glass walls.

Where To Stay In Milford PA?

If you are looking for a great place to stay in Milford, check out some of our best recommendations below;

Budget : If you are looking for an affordable option, the Rodeway Inn would be a good stay. With basic rooms and close proximity to Milford’s center, this motel is a convenient pick for budget travelers. Click here to book your stay or to check its availability.

Best Hotel In Milford PA : Hotel Fauchere offers world class services and luxury stay to it’s guests in Milford. Located close to the Delaware Water Gap, the hotel has beautifully styled rooms with amazing views, cozy interiors and modern amenities. The hotel also features a day spa, a gorgeous garden, a private conservatory and a restaurant offering distinct dining options. All the attractions in Milford are located close to Hotel Fauchere, that makes it a favorite and popular choice of stay for visitors. Click here to book your stay or to check its availability.

This charming and quaint historic town will surely surprise you with it’s beauty. Navigating through the town is easy as all the top things to do are easily reachable from the town’s center. The hiking trails are easy and much recommended to all types of travelers. It would take you close to nature and you would have some fun memories to take back with you. For a more convenient reference, we have rounded up all the top things to do in Milford in a list below. Let us know if we have missed anything.

  • Visit The Grey Towers
  • Admire The Raymondskill Falls
  • Explore The Columns Museum
  • Relax At The Milford Beach
  • Hike Along The McDade Recreational Trail
  • Ascend Through The Knob Trail For Amazing Panoramic Views Of Milford
  • Kayak On Delaware River
  • Enjoy The Milford Music Festival
  • Visit The Golden Fish Gallery
  • See The Upper Mill

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