Zurich Itinerary : Top Things To Do In 3 Days

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Looking for a perfect Zurich itinerary? While there would be plenty to explore in the city for much longer, here’s how you can spend 3 days in Zurich and make the most out of your trip.

Zurich in Switzerland is a city that has a remarkable amalgamation of history in the most artistic form and natural beauty preserved at its best. High end shopping streets, the delicious fondue, interactive museums and wonderful architecture also charm visitors coming to this paradise. The calming atmosphere, scenic landscapes and the snowy alps will keep you enchanted throughout your trip. There are plenty of things to do in Zurich no matter what time of the year you are visiting it. It is difficult to determine how to explore a place that has so much in such little time. So, here is a 3-day Zurich itinerary to make sure you meet the true soul of this Swiss city.

Zurich Itinerary : 3 Days In Zurich

Day 1 : Visit To The Churches, Giacometti Murals, Kunsthaus, Cabaret Voltaire & Bahnhofstrasse

Exploring The History: The Old Zurich

Switzerland is rich in history and don’t be surprised if you find some roots of it in Zurich. Before becoming the trade and commerce center of Swiss land it was also the center of the history of these lands and the birth of free land. You will find some remarkable places to explore in the old Zurich which is a must-visit.

Visit A Congregation Of Churches


Grossmunster - Zurich Itinerary
Grossmunster – Zurich Itinerary

Start your exploration from a Romanesque styled protestant church in old Zurich. Grossmunster is one of the oldest buildings in Zurich. It was made during the time period of the 11th and 13th centuries. As you witness the architecture and marvelous designs of the church, you will understand why it took a couple of centuries to complete a masterpiece that still stands tall on the background of a Swiss mountain and clear skies.

Fraumunster Church

Fraumunster Church - Zurich Itinerary
Fraumunster Church – Zurich Itinerary

At five minutes, the distance from Grossmunster is Fraumunster church. It has also been said that Grossmunster was first made as an answer to the beauty of Fraumunster Church which is a beauty in itself. Though now the church comes under the Evangelical Reformed Church of the canton of Zurich it was first made on the remains of a former abbey for aristocratic women.

There is an entire tale behind the making of the church and why it was being made at the location it was, but you need to discover it after visiting the church. The church not only stands as a historical monument but its grandiose structure is jaw-dropping.

Church Of St. Peter

Church Of St. Peter - Zurich Itinerary
Church Of St. Peter – Zurich Itinerary

Moving further from Fraumunster is St. Peter’s Church. It is the oldest parish church in Zurich. The tall clock tower at St. Peter’s church is its identification but it must also be noted that it is the tallest clock tower that still stands in entire Europe. The church went through a lot of renovation from its first building but the last renovation was done back in the 17th century when the church was reinstated under the Protestant rule. This gave it a new design and time appropriate architecture.


Out of the four main churches in Zurich, Predeigerkirche is the last one but it is not short on beauty. The history of the church is equally astounding as that of the other three churches. The high walls, the tall frescoed ceiling with circular structure and arched galleries are the ones that will leave you astounding. Just a five minute walk away from Fraumunster church, this one is also worth visiting.

If you prefer to try a guided tour, check out this cool walking tour of Old Town Zurich that takes you through the churches and Bahnhofstrasse.

Giacometti Murals

Just a short walk of 5 minutes from Predigerkirche is the Giacometti Murals. This place is actually the entrance to the police headquarters in Zurich. Locals and visitors love to bask in the red light of the arched ceiling and the red murals made on them. Intrinsically, they depict the flowers and people at work.

You can visit the murals from 9 AM to 11 AM and from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Have Lunch

There are many high-end restaurants in the old town that serve food in a traditional way. The quality of food and drinks offered in these places would make you crave more. Some notable mentions that you must try out are Steakhouse Old Town, Bindella and Zeughauskeller.

Kunsthaus Zurich (Museum Of Fine Arts)

Your first day in Zurich would be incomplete if you do not visit some place that already has collected the history of the place and its making. For such purposes, Kunsthaus is the perfect place where you can spend some time as you will slowly tread from one exemplary creation to another. The architecture of the fully marbled building is what will welcome you. Inside, the huge halls, galleries, and murals on the walls enhance your experience. The museum prides itself in the collection that has been added throughout the past many centuries.

Cabaret Voltaire

What can add the cherry on the cake and make your Swiss evening even more memorable than the visit to one of the oldest cafés/bars in town with the name Cabaret Voltaire? You can enjoy your evening snacks here while vibing to the jazz music, surrounded by artistic creations all around you on the walls.

As you visit the café, you will be surprised to know that the history of the café goes back to the First World War and how this café was the spot to bring in the revolution.

Shopping In The Old Town

Bahnhofstrasse shopping avenue in the heart of the old town is one of the world’s most expensive shopping avenues. There are many boutique stores, jewelry stores, luxurious fashion brands, Swiss chocolate shops and cozy cafes where you can splurge on. If you really want to visit Milan, Paris or London for big brands, then you must give this place a chance as it will have anything and everything that could have been added to your Wishlist. You can shop your heart out in the old town or simply walk through the cobbled streets imagining yourself as a part of a rom-com spending a memorable evening.

Day 2 : A Day of Adventure

One Day Trip To Jungfraujoch

The beautiful landscapes and snowclad mountains in Switzerland attract a lot of adventurers or simply people who are looking for an escape. Jungfraujoch is at a distance of 101 kilometres from Zurich and there are constant trains that are available to help you reach there. Now, what you will find there will be beyond your imagination. First of all, your train ride would be one of a kind as you will find a lot of picturesque views throughout your ride.

If you are visiting the place during the cold part of the year, you will have glaciers and snow all around you. Hence you can participate in a lot of adventure activities like skiing, paragliding or a tramp tour around. Many movies are shot at this place so you can visit all the locations.

You can enjoy the view of the surroundings from the Harder Klum viewpoint which would be at its best during summers. You can enjoy the aerial cableway or simply go hiking at the Panorama Trail. You can also go sledging or visit the mountain top that is famously known as “The Top of Europe”. You will love each and every moment of your day spent in this Swiss heaven.

Click here to book an organized day trip to Jungfraujoch. This tour is inclusive of cable car and train journey, plus a professional guide.

Day 3 : Swiss National Museum, A Boat Ride Through Lake Zurich, Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum, Roman Irish Spa Ritual

Swiss National Museum

Swiss National Museum - Zurich Itinerary
Swiss National Museum – Zurich Itinerary

Did you know that Switzerland has 2000 museums? The Swiss National Museum in Zurich is one of the most valuable buildings in all of Switzerland. The architecture of the Swiss National Museum could be old but the different spectrums of time can make you walk through the journey of different revolutions and phases of the country. How everything in the world influenced this little corner is beyond imagination.

You will be astounded by the collection here that includes the neolithic era, through to the 20th century.

A Boat Ride Through Lake Zurich

As you enter Zurich, you would already know how gorgeous it is. The place where you choose to stay might have some exceptional views for you. But if you do not go for a boat ride, through any rivers around or through river Limmat that makes up most part of the city, you would miss out on something really memorable.

A boat ride, a ferry ride or simply swimming on a summer day, through the lake Zurich would give you the refreshed feeling of being on a Swiss holiday and that never-ending desire to go back to your work life. Depending upon the season during which you visit the city, it can have a cold calm, golden autumn, refreshing summer or colorful spring effect on you.

Don’t forget to click pictures as you tour around. You can prebook a boat tour here.

Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum

The Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum is an unmissable part of your Zurich itinerary if you are a chocolate lover. This interactive chocolate museum has a 30 foot chocolate fountain. Pick samples of chocolates you would like to taste. You will find all variations of delicious Lindt chocolate that have been created ever. This chocolate museum is also famously known to be the world’s biggest Lindt chocolate store.

Learn about the origin of Lindt chocolate and its making process. You can also indulge in making your very own chocolate bars in the Lindt Chocolateria section. Click here to book your entrance tickets for Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum in advance to avoid the long waiting queues.

Roman Irish Spa Ritual

A soothing, tranquil end to your visit to Zurich is a must. Hence, a roman- Irish spa becomes mandatory. You can book your sessions for the same online or at any spa house near you. And thereafter enjoy dinner at your nearest restaurant. Because after all it is a day of lavish treats.

More Fun Experiences In Zurich

If possible you can squeeze in the below activities to your Zurich itinerary for a memorable time.

FIFA Museum

The FIFA Museum in Zurich is an amazing place for visitors who are interested in learning about the FIFA sport. With over 1000 exclusive exhibits and memorabilia, the museum creates an incredible aura for football lovers. You also can test your sports skills and footwork at the giant pinball machine. Get your tickets for the FIFA Museum here.

Swiss Cheese Fondue and Wine Tuk Tuk Tour

A trip to Zurich is incomplete without tasting the traditional and authentic Swiss fondue. The best way to try out the Swiss fondue is through a guided tuk tuk fondue tasting tour.

City Highlight’s Tour Through Ferry, Cable Car And Coach

This is a fun way of seeing the best of Zurich in a limited time period. This 5 hour tour begins with a walking tour of the Old Town’s landmarks. Soak in the beautiful views of the Lake of Zurich from the harbor before proceeding for the ferry boat ride. Following this would be an aerial cable car to Felsenegg where you can enjoy the marvelous views of the dreamy snow covered alps.

General Information On Zurich

Where To Stay For 3 Days In Zurich

There are lots of accommodations in Altstadt or Zurich ‘s Old town. And what’s better than staying in the cultural heart of the city. Below are some of our best finds in Zurich categorized as per budget;

Budget (<180) : Hotel Bristol is the best budget hotel option in Old Town Zurich. It is just a 5 minute walk from Zurich’s train station. The rooms are clean, spacious and very comfortable. Family rooms are available too.

Mid-Range (180 – 250) : CitizenM Hotel is a four star hotel property located in the heart of Old Town Zurich. Convenient facilities include heated rooms, an onsite restaurant and bar, delicious breakfast, coffee house and express check in/check out services. The rooms are cozy, clean, modern, comfortable and have beautiful views of Old Town Zurich.

Luxury (250+): Widder Hotel is the best luxury boutique style hotel located in Old Town Zurich. It is just 200m from the Bahnhofstrasse shopping street. The hotel is decorated in contemporary style with works by Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Adolf Loos. The rooms are gorgeous, spacious, ultra luxurious and decked up with all modern amenities. Staying at Widder Hotel is an experience in itself. The hotel also houses an award winning restaurant, bar, wellness center, Yoga classes, spa and fitness center.

How To Get Around In Zurich

zurich tram

Zurich has a very convenient and efficient public transport system. You will find tram stops throughout the city. You can also ride the public buses if that seems easier. If you have a Swiss Travel Pass, you can have access to any of the public transportation systems free of cost.

Alternatively you can also use Uber and Lyft apps for booking cabs for an easy way of transportation in Zurich.

Currency In Zurich

The currency used in Zurich is Swiss Franc (CHF). You can also use Euros in many places such as hotels, departmental stores and restaurants. You might receive Swiss Franc as a change, so it is always advisable to carry Swiss Franc to avoid any currency exchange losses.

So here you have your Zurich itinerary. We hope that this 3 day Zurich itinerary would help you in exploring everything this city has to offer.

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