11 Awesome Things To Do In Seattle In Summer

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Looking for fun things to do in Seattle in summer? There are plenty of them!

Summers in Seattle are blissful, pleasant and even better. This lovely city that originated from Alki beach has the perfect summer vibe in its soul and incomparably gorgeous landscapes. There are various fresh and fun outdoor activities to look forward to in Seattle. The city’s iconic Seafair festival is also held in July or August for a month-long celebration of the season. You can indulge in various concerts, parades, food fiestas, aerial shows and boating events.

From lush green spaces, gorgeous beaches to impressive structures and wildlife attractions, you will find something for everyone to enjoy the beautiful summer season of Seattle. Head on to the list below and see for yourself some of the most blissful and wonderful things to do in Seattle in summer.

Best Things To Do In Seattle In Summer

1. Admire The Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass - Things To Do In Seattle In Summer
Chihuly Garden and Glass – Things To Do In Seattle In Summer

Do you fantasize about greeneries and cool waterfalls in the summer? If you do, you are going to fall in love with this place. The Chihuly garden is filled with the colors of nature. The rarest species of plants and flowers spread in the garden would make you feel as if you have been transported into a different world. And do not forget about the glasshouse. The species of plants inside it thrive through the greenhouse effect but it is more beautiful and looks like a world within a world. A trip to Seattle would be incomplete without visiting these stunning gardens. You can get your ticket to the Chihuly Garden and Glass here.

2. Picnic Time At Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park - Things To Do In Seattle In Summer
Gas Works Park – Things To Do In Seattle In Summer

The Gas Works Park welcomes thousands of visitors every month. Its history and the old gas plant structures that have been abandoned in the area make for a perfect adventure ride. If you are visiting with family, you will find a children’s play area to let them have an active playtime. There is an open shore location at one end. So, if you get bored of the land you can stare at the sea for as long as you want. It makes for a beautiful sight to spend your time at.

3. Ride The Elliot Bay Water Taxi

Having a ride on a water taxi is an experience in itself. Though it is generally used to carry passengers and their luggage to the ships, you can also enjoy a much shorter ride from one part of the city to downtown. Through these water taxis, you can take a quick ride across Elliott Bay. And if you are planning to do it at twilight or in the evening, the experience would be better.

The taxi operates year-round, between Seacrest Dock at the edge of West Seattle’s Alki Point and Pier 55 on Seattle’s downtown waterfront at the foot of Spring Street. It leaves every 30 minutes in busy hours or 1 hour in the middle of the day.

4. Take A Walk Along The Green Lake

There is nothing like walking along the cool water bodies during summer. Though the city has an entire side to the sea, being along the lake waters is different. They are calmer and more grounding to everyone who chooses to visit them. That is the reason Green Lake in Seattle remains the place visited by both locals and travelers during the summers. The cool air combes the water’s surface when it touches the green grass on the land nearby. This picturesque part of Seattle is located just 10 minutes north of downtown. Its 2.8 mile loop is popular amongst locals for walking and running.

You can also spend a pleasant time at the East Green Lake Beach. Take a rented boat from the Green Lake Boathouse at the East beach to sail over the Green Lake and enjoy the calmness of the surroundings. Kayaks, paddleboards and water bikes are easily available on rent too.

5. Spend A Night At Alki Beach And Dine At Salty’s Restaurant

Night View From The Alki Beach
Night View From The Alki Beach

When Lana wrote, “Hot summer nights mid-July..”, she must have been thinking about this beach in Seattle. Alki beach might be the land from where the city was born, but now it is the most crowded destination for adventure seekers, especially during the summers. Like every other place in Seattle, Alki beach also has a secret and perfect time to visit it. The beach at night is the perfect place to be at. Clear skies with countless stars and it would be a cherry on the cake if it would be a moonlit night.

The calming sound of the water waves and a lit city in the background is more beautiful than you can imagine. Enjoy a wonderful dining experience at the Salty’s restaurant while soaking in some unparalleled views of the city across the waters.

6. Relax At The Waterfall Garden Park

Waterfalls are a bliss in summer. Seattle arranged that too. The Waterfall Garden Park is like an oasis in the middle of Pioneer Square when you are bored with the heat of the sun. The trickling sound of the waterfall works like an ASMR and suddenly you would feel that place as a wonderful retreat. Apart from that, the green and cozy environment in Garden Park is beyond beautiful and offers more reasons for you to visit it. Visiting it is free of cost and simply one of the best things to do in Seattle in summer.

7. Visit The Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium - Things To Do In Seattle In Summer
Seattle Aquarium – Things To Do In Seattle In Summer

One of the most fun things to do in Seattle in summer, especially for families, is getting up close to the marine life at the Seattle Aquarium. Kids would be delighted to know about the existence of their favorite sea animals while they accompany you. At the same time, you can know more about the world beneath the sea. The touch pools filled with vibrant fishes, the glass ring with luminous jellies, the glass see throughs that reveal the mysterious marine life and the underwater domes are some of the major attractions you will see at the aquarium. The different species as well as the friendly staff of the center make the experience extremely fulfilling.

8. See Wildlife At The Woodland Park Zoo

Missing rainforests and woods during summers? You don’t need to worry anymore. Woodland Park Zoo is at your service. Since we are talking about the world beneath the sea, let’s not leave the land creature behind. The zoo is the perfect place to know more about the different types of animals there as well as spend some time among them. The best part is they have various Asiatic species that are rarely seen in any bio reserve or zoos in the entire country. Other species that you will find here are otters, orangutans’ cheetahs etc.

You will also find Zoomazium, a fun kid’s play area which has a magical tree which they can climb up. Get your tickets to the Woodland Park Zoo here.

9. Enjoy Watersports At UW Waterfront

This is one of the best things to do in Seattle in summer for adventure seekers. What is the point of summer if it is not filled with water sports, right? Seattle has the right arrangements for you. If you love watersports, UW waterfront is going to be your heaven. You would not only get to participate in a lot of sports and adventure activities in this square, but you would also meet some of the most amazing and thrilling people here. They not only love sports but their energy brings a different vibe to the place. During the summer season, canoeing, kayaking, boating and other competitions are some of the activities that you can participate in.

10. Visit The Pioneer Square

When you are exploring the Waterfall Garden Park, you would realize that you are already in a cultural vicinity. But that is just the atmosphere of the place. It is a bit old, and a bit rustic but contains a lot of stories and a cozy place for you to spend a peaceful summer afternoon. If you might like, it can be extended to a glorious evening.

Pioneer Square is a heavenly vibe separated from all the urban and concrete Seattle that you can imagine. As you know the city was first built separately and a new modern city was built over it. This is the place that has been there for years and hasn’t changed its personality till now.

You would find old shops, old buildings, their architecture and some renaissance-styled neighborhood that makes you feel you must have been in a time machine. Don’t forget that this is the perfect place to take some aesthetic photographs and enjoy some wines. The food at this place would remind you of those old recipes from your nan’s kitchen book.

11. Visit The International Fountain

International Fountain - Things To Do In Seattle In Summer
International Fountain – Things To Do In Seattle In Summer

Located at the busiest location in Seattle, the International Fountain is not just another place to relax or to enjoy those tiny water droplets that come with the breeze at you. It has a profound history and deep designing work has gone into that. It was first built in 1961 and was again renovated in 1995. The reason to make this fountain was to denote the exploration of the unknown worlds that thrive in outer space.

Apart from a large fountain, there are musical programs conducted here. These shows are not only enjoyed by travelers but by the local people as well. An evening spent here listening to Beethoven’s 9th symphony feels heavenly.

Where To Stay In Seattle

Seattle being the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, has a variety of accommodation options for you to choose from. It might seem a bit overwhelming to decide where to stay in Seattle. We would recommend you to stay in the downtown neighborhood. This will make your stay more convenient and fun as Seattle Downtown is the heart of the city. Below are some of our top suggestions for best accommodations to stay in Downtown Seattle.

Budget ($) : If you are a backpacker or looking for an extremely convenient budget stay in Seattle, you will love the Green Tortoise Hostel. It is located just across the popular Pike Place Market and near the Seattle Art Museum. The hostel has a dormitory set up.

Alternatively if you are looking for more privacy, you can opt for the Arctic Club hotel which is a heritage hotel in the heart of downtown Seattle.

Mid Range ($$) : Hotel Theodore has modern decor and spacious rooms. It is centrally located in Downtown Seattle. It has a well equipped fitness center, an American restaurant and a convenient 24-hour reception. It is also very close to all essential Seattle tourist attractions. Click here to check the availability or to book your stay at Hotel Theodore.

Luxury ($$$) : If you are looking for a splurgeworthy and magical stay in Seattle, then it has to be the Lotte Hotel for you. This charming and stylish property offers all the luxurious facilities for its guests. The rooms are elegant, spacious and comfortable. The windows and balconies of the rooms are breathtaking views of the city and the lake. On site you will find a wonderful spa, fitness center and restaurant where you can enjoy your time before or after embarking on your Seattle itinerary. Click here to check availability or to book your stay at Lotte Hotel.

Seattle is one of the coolest cities in Washington state. Being home to fine arts, world famous structures like the Space Needle, thriving center, diverse cultures and delicious cuisines, this city will never let you run out of options or get bored.

Did we miss any of the best things to do in Seattle in summer? Let us know your favorite Seattle summer tips in the comments.

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