10 Top Things To Do In Seattle With Kids

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Looking for family friendly activities in Seattle? Do not miss these amazing things to do in Seattle with kids.

Seattle is a big city with culture, fun, rock and art. But does the city have any places for your family vacations? Would the kids remain engaged at all the places you choose to visit? Or would your kids get bored in the new city you have been planning for vacations? If these are a few concerns that you have and the city that you have been planning to visit is Seattle, then do not worry anymore.

Follow the list below to check out some of the coolest things to do in Seattle with kids, irrespective of their age group.

Top Things To Do In Seattle With Kids

Note – The below attractions like Seattle Aquarium, Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle Art Museum and Woodland Park Zoo are included in Seattle CityPASS savings, if you have one.

1. The Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle Great Wheel - Things To Do In Seattle With Kids
Seattle Great Wheel – Things To Do In Seattle With Kids

The Giant Wheel should be the first place visited by the kids and for all the right reasons. It is the symbol of Seattle and the way it shows the entire city, this is going to be the most exciting ride for kids. Safety and precaution are the second names for the wheel. All the sections are covered with giant glass walls. So, you can witness the entire city and be sure that kids would enjoy the same.

The Giant Wheel is located on Pier 57 and once you have completed your ride, head straight to the Wings of Washington. It is a one of its kind flying theatre in Seattle that will take you on an adventurous flight over America’s most gorgeous places. This fascinating ride feels no less than a Disney ride. Pier 57 has many family friendly attractions including a waterfront carousel. Fun and entertainment is non stop here for kids and adults alike.

2. Seattle Children’s Museum

Yes, there are specific museums for children in Seattle. It is not only filled with fun stuff but also is a great way to educate and make children aware of a lot of things surrounding them. The motto of Seattle Children’s Museum is where Imagination comes alive. It is one of the most fun places to visit in Seattle, especially for kids under the age of 10. There is also a special play area for toddlers.

When you visit the center along with kids, you will get to know the different modes of learning and creativity with which the center tries to entertain the young ones. The colors, the different sections and the activities brought together make for a perfect environment for the kids to engage with the toys as well as each other and to learn more. Kids can easily spend an entire day at the museum while exploring all the fun activities.

The best part of the museum is the exhibit keeps changing either every week or every 15 days to make sure that the kids never get bored. You will also find a food court with a variety of kid friendly food options that you can check out if your child feels hungry. If you are still thinking of what to do in Seattle with kids, start your journey here.

3. Pacific Science Centre

If you have young and teenage kids who are interested in science and its different miracles then Pacific Science Centre in Seattle is the best place to take them. The different types of shows, pools and apparatus available here make for a perfect place for children to get amazed. It is the environment and the type of apparatus that it has in its vicinity that makes it a perfect place for children to tingle their brains. Also, the different concepts introduced here fill them with more and more curiosity and imagination.

The butterfly house, virtual reality experiences, planetarium shows, laser dome shows are some of the major highlights of the Pacific Science Centre. Different sections are appropriate for children of different age groups from preschoolers to teenagers. So, if you are planning a field trip somewhere in Seattle, this is the perfect place. The last entry closes at 4 o’clock in the evening. The centre remains open till 5 o’clock. The Pacific Science Centre is a host to some of the best things to do in Seattle with kids. Do check out the show timings on their website before visiting.

4. Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo - Things To Do In Seattle With Kids
Woodland Park Zoo – Things To Do In Seattle With Kids

Moving from the sea creatures to the forest animals. If you are in Seattle, you can meet and greet all kinds of animals. Take your kids to the Woodland Park Zoo so that they can be friends with the animals who are friends of Mowgli and Tarzan. It is the place where most of the fun things to do in Seattle with kids lie just around the corner.

The best part about the Woodland Park Zoo is its representation. You will witness the model of the Rhinoceros and Tigers at the park entrance and many others. Such models among the greens excite all the kids. Apart from the wooden models, get ready to visit African Savana, Ambassador Animals, Assam Rhino Reserve, Australasia, Molbak’s Butterfly Garden, Humboldt Penguin Exhibit, Living Northwest Trail, Temperate Forest, Tropical Asia and Tropical Rain Forest.

There is nothing less exciting here. You can easily prebook your skip the line tickets to the zoo here.

5. Museum of Flight

Museum of Flight - Things To Do In Seattle With Kids
Museum of Flight – Things To Do In Seattle With Kids

If you have an older kid who is interested in flying planes or aeronautical engineering in any shape and form, this could be the best place that can excite them. The Museum of Flight in Seattle not only has model airplanes but it has Boeing planes that were used and now are old. The area of the museum is massive. Hence, it makes sure that it has a large hanger to park all the planes for your viewing pleasure. Children get excited at the sight of colorful and huge planes. This place would enlighten the kids about the aircraft but in a fun and jovial manner.

The museum remains open from 10 am to 5 pm. It is a popular site, so make sure you prebook your tickets for the museum online.

6. Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium - Things To Do In Seattle With KIds
Seattle Aquarium – Things To Do In Seattle With KIds

There are more powerful and beautiful creatures that live in the underwater world. If the idea of getting upclose encounters with the underwater world excites you, or your kids, head towards the Seattle Aquarium to get your questions answered. The round-bowl-shaped structure of the building incites fascination in the visitors. It’s like diving deep into the blue world where you can see everything and every creature from the bottom. You will see a variety of fishes and some rare creatures on your tour here.

Different sections would allow you to know them more and be friends with them. Visiting this masterpiece aquarium is one of the best things to do in Seattle with kids.

7. Museum of Pop Culture

Museum of Pop Culture - Things To Do In Seattle With Kids
Museum of Pop Culture – Things To Do In Seattle With Kids

Right next to the Seattle Space Needle is a strikingly beautiful building named the Museum of Pop Culture. You might think that this place would be only for pop culture enthusiasts who are high school students or adults. But no, there are animated shows, video games and hands on instrument play areas that excite younger kids as well.

You can introduce them to giant guitars and other musical instruments that are the soul of pop culture music in the country. The shows keep changing. The Museum also exhibits many interactive exhibits from time to time. Once you have explored the Museum of Pop Culture, head to the Artists at Play playground which is located outside and be sure that your kids are going to have a fantastic time there.

8. Theo Chocolate Factory Tour

Every kid loves chocolates but only a few wonder about where the tasty treat comes from and how they are made. If your kid is also curious about the same, you must take them to Theo Chocolate Factory Tour for a day. This place in Seattle is no less than Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. The tour is as interesting as you can imagine. Any guide that you get, takes you smoothly from one section to another, slowly explaining the process.

Virtual cooking and bakery classes are also available in the factory. But spending an entire day in the factory counts for a different experience and it is unique. The tours quickly fill in so make sure that you book your session in advance.

9. Golden Age Collectibles

For elders, it’s nostalgia and for kids, it’s a world filled with superpowers and multiverse. No, we are not talking about Marvel movies. We are talking about comics based on which the movies were made. Golden age collectables is a shop where you would find all the comics and a dedicated section for different editions and comics.

You can differentiate them based on when they were released or who wrote them. The shop was established in 1961 and is heaven for many comic book lovers. The shop also has autographs, film scripts, and Japanese and Vintage toys. You can find multiple Mangas as well. The shop is at Pike Place Market and is a must-visit. You can have so much fun here.

10. Seattle Art Museum

Olympic Sculpture Park - Things To Do In Seattle With Kids
Olympic Sculpture Park – Things To Do In Seattle With Kids

There is nothing like art that participates in the healthy growth and upbringing of kids. If you agree with the same sentiment, the Seattle art museum is the perfect place for you and your kids. It could also be the place to introduce kids to a different culture and their origins in the entire world.

The Seattle Art Museum has different sections where different cultures and their history has been displayed along with their origin story. Regular exhibitions and multiple tours add to your experience when you visit the museum. You can also be a part of the family fun workshop in the museum. One of the best parks of Seattle, the Olympic Sculpture Park is also a part of the Seattle Art Museum. It is a great place to take a stroll with kids while admiring various contemporary art sculptures.

Which of these family friendly activities in Seattle would your kids enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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