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10 Top Things To Do In Scarborough UK (North Yorkshire)

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Wondering about things to do in Scarborough UK? We have got you sorted. Here are the 10 best things to do in Scarborough for an amazing vacation.

Scarborough is popular seaside resort town located on the North Yorkshire coastline. A perfect place for a relaxing getaway, this resort town has a lot to offer. Lovely beaches, a castle, gorgeous surroundings, delicious food options (especially the fish and chips) and a vintage fair museum are the highlights of Scarborough. From serving as a fishing port in the early era to an entertaining resort town, Scarborough has come a long way.

Here we take you through all the best things to do in Scarborough that you should not miss out during your visit.

Best Things To Do In Scarborough UK

Visit The Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle - Things To Do In Scarborough
Scarborough Castle – Things To Do In Scarborough

The Scarborough Castle has a thrilling history dating back to 3000 years. It has served as one of the greatest royal fortresses in England. Located on a rocky promontory that separates the North Bay from the South Bay, the castle offers breath taking panoramic views of Scarborough town and it’s coastline.

Another important part of the castle is the Master Gunner’s House. It exhibits many artifacts, prehistoric weapons, paintings and antiques that give a faint glimpses of the fascinating past of the era that dates way back. The Master Gunner’s House also has a cute cafe that serves a great range of beverages, snacks and cakes.

  • Opening Hours : 10 AM to 5 PM daily
  • Entrance Fee : £ 8.70 per adult, £ 5.20 per Child (5-17 years)

Admire the Peasholm Park

Peasholm Park - Things To Do In Scarborough
Peasholm Park – Things To Do In Scarborough

The Peasholm Park is an oriental themed park that has been frequently voted as one of the best parks in England. The park comprises of beautiful waterfalls, exotic tree trails, bridges, walkways, mystical gardens, pagoda temples and a tranquil lake. You can hire the traditional paddling boats and the dragon boats for a relaxing boating session on the lake in the park. Boating with the beautiful backdrop of the park and the waterfalls makes it a must do activity.

The renowned Naval Warfare show is a must see in Scarborough. It is hosted three days a week in the month of July and August, that are – Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays (may subject to change). The show attracts thousands of visitors each year and is a thing you should not miss out.

The Peasholm Park also has a mini golf course where you can practice your golf skills. The needed equipments are available for a small charge inside the park. Spending relaxing and leisure time at the Peasholm park is one of the best free things to do in Scarborough.

  • Opening Hours : Open 24 hours daily
  • Entrance Fee : Free

Go On A Train Ride At The North Bay Heritage Railway

North Bay Heritage Railway - Things To Do In Scarborough
North Bay Heritage Railway – Things To Do In Scarborough

A round trip train journey on the miniature heritage railway is a fantastic way to see the stunning North Yorkshire coastline. The ride initiates from the Peasholm Park to Scalby Mills along the North Bay. This enjoyable journey is about 30 minutes long. There are more fun activities at the heritage railway that include historic water chute, walking around in the water balls and exploring a sky trail.

  • Opening Hours : 10 AM to 5 PM daily
  • Entrance Fees : Unlimited day passes are priced at £ 3.50 per adult and £ 3 per child

Explore The Rotunda Museum

Rotunda Museum - Things To Do In Scarborough
Rotunda Museum – Things To Do In Scarborough

A haven for history buffs, Rotunda museum is full of fascinating objects and fossils that are as old as the existence of mankind. The exhibits in the museum include dinosaur fossils, belongings from the Bronze Age and more historic treasures that were discovered from Yorkshire’s Dinosaur Coast. With over 5,500 fossils in the collection, this museum is also one of the oldest purpose built museums in the United Kingdom, having opened in 1829.

  • Opening Hours : 10 AM To 5 PM from Tuesday To Sunday. The Rotunda Museum remains closed on Mondays.
  • Entrance Fee : £3 per Adult, no entrance fee for visitors under the age of 18.

Visit The Scarborough Spa

Scarborough Spa
Scarborough Spa – Things To Do In Scarborough

The Spa is a popular entertainment complex that hosts live musical orchestras, theatrical shows and exhibitions throughout the year. The complex has a backdrop of the amazing South Bay seafront which gives visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy the lively events while soaking in some beautiful views of the surroundings. This is truly one of the most distinctive and coolest things to do in Scarborough.

Adore The Gorgeous South Cliff Italian Gardens

South Cliff Italian Gardens
South Cliff Italian Gardens – Things To Do In Scarborough

The stunning South Cliff Italian Gardens are a treat to eyes for it’s visitors. Located at a walkable distance from the Scarborough Spa, these Italian style gardens are an attraction you should not miss out visiting. These gardens are inclusive of a variety of flowerbeds, a lily pond topped with statue of mercury, symmetrical plantings and terraced walkways. It’s an ideal place to relax, wander and freshen yourself away from the seaside crowds.

  • Opening Hours : Open 24 hours daily
  • Entrance Fees : Free

Catch Bird’s Eye View of Scarborough From Oliver’s Mount

Olivers Mount Viewpoint - Things To Do In Scarborough
View from Olivers Mount – Things To Do In Scarborough

The Oliver’s Mount offers the spectacular views of Scarborough which includes the castle and both North and South bay coastlines. It also has an obelisk that pays tribute to the victims of the world wars. Oliver’s Mount is mostly known for it’s motor cycle racing, car rallies and car hill climb events that take place yearly during selected time periods.

  • Opening Hours : 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Entrance Fees : The viewpoint is free to visit. For the racing events, you can check out this website

Visit The SEA Life Scarborough

The SEA Life Scarborough is located at the promenade of North Bay beach. It’s a fascinating marine life sanctuary with 12 themed zones. The up close encounters with penguins on Penguin island and entry to Yorkshire’s only Seal hospital where rescued seals are taken care of are some the most delightful experiences to have at the SEA life. Learn about the hundreds of marine species including turtles, octopus, sharks, sea horses, otters, rays and more as you proceed through the zones. There is also a rock pooling opportunity at one of the zones in the sanctuary.

See The Scarborough Fair Collection

The Scarborough Fair collection showcases vintage locomotives, cars, steam engines, model railways, fairground rides and mechanical organs. Many of these are restored and in working condition. It’s a great place to visit with kids in Scarborough. There are many fun rides including the bumper cars and ongoing events to keep you entertained throughout your visit. In addition to this, the Scarborough Fair collection also organizes afternoon tea dance events on a regular basis.

Opening Hours & Entrance Fees : These are subject to change.You can check out their website here.

Soak In Some Sunshine At The Beach

Scarborough has two stunning beaches, namely, South Bay beach and North Bay beach. The South Bay beach is the busier one due to it’s soft sand, calmer waves, lively promenade, eateries and closer proximity to the town center. You can choose to go for boating, swimming, surfing, fishing and yachting at the South Bay beach. It also has the backdrop of the famous Scarborough Spa, which adds vibrancy to the beach.

The North Bay beach is a less touristy beach, preferred by visitors who want to stay away from the crowds. With rolling waves, it is the beach that attracts surfers. The North Bay beach has many colorful one storey and two storey chalets along it’s promenade that could be rented for spending a memorable time by the sea. If the tide allows, the beach is also great for rock pooling.

So, here you have all the information on the best things to do in Scarborough. Below are some useful general things to know about the town to help you plan your trip.

General Information On Scarborough, UK

Where To Stay In Scarborough

The best accommodations in Scarborough are the ones with great views of it’s huge coastline and located close to all the major attractions the town has to offer. Here are our highly recommended hotels in Scarborough;

Budget (Below £70) : The Leeway Guesthouse is a great bargain in Scarborough. It offers amazing views of the Yorkshire coastline across the North Bay to Scarborough castle. The rooms are cozy and comfortable. It’s also located at close proximity to all the major attractions in Scarborough. Click here to book this hotel or check out it’s availability.

Luxury (£100+) : The Crown Spa Hotel offers luxurious services with great views of the South Bay. The Scarborough town center is located at just a 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel. The hotel is boutique styled and has a modern fitness health center which feature spa, sauna, salon and steam bath rooms. The rooms are comfortable, elegantly designed and spacious. Click here to book this hotel or check it’s availability.

How To Get Around In Scarborough

Scarborough has a well connected network of public transport that includes trams, trains, and buses. The stations are located at walkable distance from the beaches and the castle. For convenience and hassle free transportation, we highly recommend you to take your car. If you wish to, you can check out a convenient car rental here to take you around Scarborough.

Best Time To Visit Scarborough

Scarborough’s peak season is during the summers which fall between June and September. August is the warmest month of Scarborough. During summers, the average high is of 20 degrees while the average low can go down to 10 degrees. However, Scarborough is a also a popular destination to visit during Christmas due to many ongoing events and entertainment activities organised in the town.

With all such wonderful things to do and fun activities, Scarborough is a favorite holiday destination in UK. The gorgeous beaches, exquisite parks, historic landmarks, playful attractions and vintage fairs offer something for all kinds of tourists. Scarborough is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in UK during summers.

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